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Gerard Butler: 'Next Three Days' Premiere with Russell Crowe!

Gerard Butler: 'Next Three Days' Premiere with Russell Crowe!

Gerard Butler attends the premiere of the thriller The Next Three Days on Thursday (November 9) at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York.

The 40-year-old actor was there to support Russell Crowe, who stars in the flick about a man who plans to break his wife out of jail after she’s accused for a murder he believe she did not commit.

On Friday (Novermber 5), Gerry and Russell attended a Haiti fundraiser along with Adrien Brody, who also showed up for the premiere!

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe at the premiere…

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gerard butler next three days premiere 01
gerard butler next three days premiere 02
gerard butler next three days premiere 03
gerard butler next three days premiere 04
gerard butler next three days premiere 05
gerard butler next three days premiere 06
gerard butler next three days premiere 07
gerard butler next three days premiere 08
gerard butler next three days premiere 09
gerard butler next three days premiere 10
gerard butler next three days premiere 11
gerard butler next three days premiere 12
gerard butler next three days premiere 13
gerard butler next three days premiere 14

Credit: Dario Cantatore; Photos: Getty, Fame Pictures
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  • http://JustJared Aqua

    he looks good here.It looks like he’s been busy lately.

  • Sasha

    And…..he’s back. Gerry as Gerry should be.

  • OMG

    I can’t take much more. How gorgeous is this man? LOVE HIM.

  • Shakespeare in love

    What has happened to Crowe? He looks like a beached whale in a big black coverup.

  • DameNana

    Sexay..,,.,…..omg the second pic the hotness is melting the page.

  • DameNana

    What movie will he be in next?

    Will someone in HW give this man a good script to work with

  • Paisley Swan Stewart

    He looks amazing. Perfect body. His hair is gorgeous brushed back away from his handsome face. Interesting how in just a day, the color of his hair looks very different from the AFPJ dinner. This man is very changeable. Not like most men who stick to one look and never try anything new.

  • Sooooo

    Butler goes to another premiere of a friend’s movie…and it tanks? Just joking, but he went to the premiere of Hillary’s new much talked about movie, “Convicted” and it is a humonguous flop in the money market. Yet, she’ll probably get an Academy nomination. Guess no one wants to see good acting. Just cars blowing up and dirty jokes??

    Re Russell: I never liked him. I hope his movie is a flop. I was especially horrendified (LOL) when he took on Robin Hood. Fat old Robin.

  • OK

    I’ve been trying to fight my Butler fever, but I’m throwing in the towell. I just can’t even ……………………………

  • 2 shades darker

    It looks like Gerry got a spray tan. He was death pale a few days ago and now he looks much healthier.

  • passing by

    Good lord. What a gorgeous creature. I looked at the last thread at the artists thing and thought nice but whatever. Dumb hair. I’ve seen a lot of show biz types in my life, but this guy? He’s got it. Yes, baby, he’s got it. (Old song lyrics) But what do we do with him? What the heck is he? Model. Actor. Celebrity. Businessman. Producer? Director? Con man? But, damn, he’s gorgeous.

  • Cora

    Please, no more Adrien Brody on the Gerard Butler threads. :(
    I don’t know what it is, but Brody is such a big turn off. I can’t stand pictures of him.

  • Cora

    Gerry, on the other hand, looks fantastic these days. I love him at this weight and I love the long hair combed back. Perfect.

  • Mona

    @Sooooo: Maybe not so good that he came to the premiere knowing that he looked like some hottie. And Russell looked like that. It should have been RC’s night, but it turned into look at Butler night. But Crowe got himself into that condition. No one is to blame but Crowe.

  • well

    crowe my god! get the number of a good trainer from GB

  • About butler

    I’ve been a fan for a long time. Loved him as Gus. Loved him as Sam. Loved him as Attila. Loved him as Marek, on and on. He is a chameleon as someone said about his eyes. But it’s just about him in general for me. I don’t think there has ever been a more beautiful person put on the place that is this earth. I’m talking about looks. I don’t know him personally, so I won’t go there. Not talking spiritually. Just talking about the outside. I want to clone him.

  • Anastasia

    Another set of mouth dropping pictures of Gerard!
    he seems to be getting hotter by the second!
    i love him and i am glad he is making all these movies

  • About him


  • hellotheregb

    looks great what a guy!

  • Vegas

    @About him: Me too. Good night.

  • juniper & lamplight

    Give Butler a few days – he’ll look like sh-it again.

  • mjkbk

    Russell Crowe has gained more weight this year because he’s been doing what most Hollywood actors can’t be BOTHERED trying to do (because they’d gain weight): He stopped smoking, after something like 35 years of constant lighting up. It’s going to take awhile for his body’s metabolism to catch up. Give the guy credit for doing the right thing, instead of griping about “beached whales”, etc.

  • rose

    @juniper & lamplight: Maybe he will. He’s only human. But right now. He’s just perfect. My goodness, he’s a piece of work. For me, he is the hero in every novel. HE IS MITCH RAPP.

  • Paisley Swan Stewart

    @juniper & lamplight:

    That’s why I like him. Always different. You never know what to expect.

  • Crowe


    In addition to recently giving up smoking, he also gave up caffeine. He stopped the cigs AND coffee simultaneously. He talked about it on the Today show.
    Good for him. Everyone, cut him some slack. I’m sure the weight gain is a temporary result of him white knuckling the caffeine and nicotine addictions.

  • Bonnie Shirley


    He has two coming out next year: Coriolanus with Ralph Fiennes and Machine Gun Preacher. Looking forward to both of them!

    Would love to see him in another comedy.

  • Swansong

    How is Russel Crowes fat ass going to rescue anyone is what I want to know. Could they have used any more make-up? He so ugly he make Gerry look good by comparison.

    Swannie Swan

  • Tampa GAL, GB Supporter

    I read some of your comments from the last thread – why am I a stalker?? I am a supporter of Gerard Butler and his career and his friends and his life – I know a lot about him, so what? I don’t even have to come here – on other fan group and GB support sites we are lightyears ahead of most of your knowledge bases.
    Someone asked how I could know so much about Gerard living in Tampa, FL, I hope that you are joking are you serious? Gerry’S fandom is GLOBAL, dear. All ages and races.
    Check out the conventions and you will find supporters from all over the world. I met someone last year from Australia! G’day!
    After saying what I’ve said, why does it seem odd to want to “follow” a rumored “friend” of his on a social network board?? It’s there for t hat reason and it’s not like I have ever said anything to this woman.
    And its not just me a few GALS, gerry supporters might twitter follow this person because of other reasons not just because of her purported connection with Gerard.
    The man is wonderful. So? We are here to talk about him. Why are you here if you don’t?
    Not trying to start a fight because this board has its good parts, but I feel like I had to explain myself from the last thread.
    Teri (yes, Gerry! Come film your next movie in Tampa!)

  • Kwow

    russ looks fat as a slob he needs geralds drug habit

  • Kwow

    @Bonnie Shirley: i thought he was gunna be a leprakon in somethin@Tampa GAL, GB Supporter:
    your e a stalker

  • Swansong

    @Tampa GAL, GB Supporter: Stalking all of Gerry’s exes on Twitter is creepy. If you are going to do it at least be smart enough to keep quiet about it.
    Swannie Swan.

  • Laurie 3

    People here are arguing too much about phannishness that I don’t think anyone noticed, but Gerry is not ecstatically happy in many of these pix. Here are a couple of example and this one
    I wonder why he looks either unhappy, a bit annoyed, or plainly disappointed. Something must be bothering him about the situation and I wonder what it is. Maybe coffee date with Brody wasn’t to his liking. No photos of them together hugging this time. I’m kidding, but who knows.

  • Mr. Giggles

    If G is grouchy ….. miserable ….. unhappy ….. manic-depressive…. schizophrenic …..or whatever ….. he should not walk the red carpet ….. he can always go thru another entrance to avoid the paps …..

  • Creepy

    @Tampa GAL, GB Supporter:

    And its not just me a few GALS, gerry supporters might twitter follow this person because of other reasons not just because of her purported connection with Gerard.

    Read more:

    Regardless, you started following her and took an interest in her only because she had a rumored connection/relationship with Gerry in the past. You may find other reasons afterwards to peak your interest and keep following her, but it all stems from her connection to Gerry.

    It’s creepy and somewhat stalkerish. Think about it.

  • angelsrock

    @Laurie 3:

    Okay, I’ll look at it a different way. In both these pics he’s in a hallway probably on his way from point A to point B. Does he have to walk around with a huge grin on his face through the entire event? That would be kind of creepy I think. He’s deep in thought about his next project I hope.

  • lilac

    @angelsrock: “He’s deep in thought about his next project”

    Read more:
    Or thinking about how he can get some girl to blow him

  • pay2bhappy

    Awesome!!! I hope to see the movie

  • cindy lu

    Gerard and Adrien two of my favs!!!!

  • peacesister

    A friend of mine once shouted “I want to smooch” outside a club. Guess what? He easily found a girl who agreed. So how much effort whould Gerry have to put into the thought you suggested? Hm? Or just pop the question? “Any volunteer for a BJ?” Good luck to him and all the rest of the human race.

  • Eileen

    Gerard’s okay, but the real hotness here is Russell Crowe. The man just keeps getting better with age. Can’t wait to see this movie.

  • Fritzie

    @Mr. Giggles:
    Right on. :-)

  • Butter_Fly

    I don’t care what anyone says but I LOVED Crowe as Robin Hood. Cannot wait for the next one. Everyone was perfect in that movie, especially Oscar Isaac who played Prince/King John.

  • PsychoB

    @2 shades darker: I think you are right. I was trying to figure out why his neck looks weird. I think he spray tanned then trimmed his neck. Gerry shave the neck trim the beard. But atleast we can see his neck now. Def like these pix

  • CJ

    I love Russell…but when you give up the ciggs you just exchange one oral habit for another…in Russell’s case it looks like lots of cupcakes and beer..he does love his beer..♥

  • ewww

    Russell Crowe is soo UGLY now!!

  • bafugly

    Russell WTF happen to you??!!

  • ..

    looks like four or six Crowe’s fans were here last night gving all the thumb downs to Gerry’s fans because they could stand the contrast between the hot Gerry and the fat Crowe.

  • Where is Ralph Malph?

    Gerard Butler fans (my guess, 2 or 3 of you who make it your mission to appear as more) are fascinating. They slobber over one of the most nasty, spit-slinging, carb-face, womanizing, disease-ridden celebrities there is, and the guy is NAUSEATING! Ugh! Add to that his horrible acting in mediocre films. Another ugh!

  • cubedweller

    @Mr. Giggles: “….. he can always go thru another entrance to avoid the paps …..”
    I completely agree, Gigs. The problem is, Butler is incapable of avoiding cameras. He lives for them. For Butler it would be like fighting a giant tractor beam.

  • anna378

    love, LOVE Gerry and Adrien!!!!!!!♥♥♥