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Halle Berry & Nahla: AllSaints Shopping Spree!

Halle Berry & Nahla: AllSaints Shopping Spree!

Halle Berry carries her adorable daughter, Nahla, as they visit the AllSaints boutique on Wednesday (November 10) in Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old actress picked up goodies at the British clothing emporium with her 2-year-old daughter.

At last night’s AFI Fest, Halle told reporters that Nahla helps keep her grounded!

“Being a mom does that for me,” Halle dished (via People). “It sort of puts things into perspective, and it’s about real life, and life is about people, what we give, what we take, what we share.”

FYI: Halle is wearing a Donni Charm scarf and Marnie Boots by Botkier.

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44 Responses to “Halle Berry & Nahla: AllSaints Shopping Spree!”

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  1. 1
    Tamara Says:

    I wonder how Gabriel feels to have been used, just to father a baby, by Halle. How sad. Halle tried to get Michael Ealy to do it, but he said no. He did not want to have a child outside of marriage, being Halle did not want to get married.

  2. 2
    Jo Says:

    Weird looking kid.

  3. 3
    Pandora Says:

    @ #1 I totally agree. “It’s about life, it’s about people”. In her entire life she’s not known what it’s about to keep people/ a man, sustain a rel’ship. She just wanted a hot looking guy to reproduce with. Very shallow, that one, though she tries to come across as otherwise and say what she things will sound good, make her more genuine. Intellectual lightweights tend to buy into it.

  4. 4
    Buttercup Says:

    Her facial expressions look like…..get the heck out of my face or I’m gonna kick your butt! She looks like a serious little kid. Nothing wrong with that but I wish there were more photos POSTED of her smiling.

    Nahla turns her body almost completely around when being carried.
    Paps everywhere.

  5. 5
    josie Says:

    lol it’s always weird reading comments about Halle, people talk as if they know the woman. wow. get a life people and how miserable do you have to be to be able to post negative comments about someone you don’t know, much less a kid.

  6. 6
    She-whom-shall-not-be-named Says:

    Does this child ever get to test her social skills with kids her age?..look i’m not in Halle’s life 24/7 to judge, but it appears that some celeb moms are all out to show how hands-on they are without actually letting the child breathe on their own in the external environment. Moms like Hwlle, katie Holmes are making a big mistake. Let the kids learn how to handle social relationships and learn that they are not centre of the universe at an early age. They grow up doing more harm to society being narcissist and believing in entitlements..

  7. 7
    ladyretribution Says:

    @Tamara: Gabriel is too old to be anybody’s victim….you celebrity stalkers watch too many soap operas…and certainly need to find a life of your own and get the heck of Halle’s …sad sick wannabees.

  8. 8
    ladyretribution Says:

    @Jo Is that what your mother said about you JO? cause you sound like something found on a doorstep….did she drop you there? What kind of piece of puke talks about a child…who has done nothing to you! Go back under your rock…

  9. 9
    ladyretribution Says:

    @Pandora: What the hell are you sniffing? Halle Berry’s life is not yours to disparage online or anywhere else ….you simple minded idiots who have no life …try to make yourselves feel as though you count, by talking about someone whom you don’t know. And what kind of mother created women like you who must feel so worthless they cannot allow themselves to support another woman? Geez this is the 21st century and we still have women with no self esteem badmouthing another woman about some damn men? Are you people total idiots? Sorry I asked. It is clear that you are some lazy brained trash!

  10. 10
    ladyretribution Says:

    Tamara, Jo, Pandora, buttercup, Josie and Ms. poor grammar “she whom will not be named (aka Dumb bunny)

    You are bunch of ****** poor excuses for womanhood . How desperate you all must be for even the most minimal attention if you would come online and talk about a two year old child. Who does that crap and is able to look at themselves in the mirror? How sick are you people. You read entertainment magazines and visit gossip sites and then get on her and talk about a woman’s life as if human being mean nothing to you but as fodder for your simple minded regurgitation of celebrity bs…you do this because you can get away with this character assassination without anybody being able to see you in your terrible lives. Yes, you must have lousy lives, else who sits around and thinks and says this BS about people they don’t even know. You must be jealous as hell, this woman has worked her butt off and achieved success…somethng clearly none of you have done. A bunch of sad silly women, with no ethics, no character, no principles and no self-esteem. If you honored yourself as a woman, you would never do this to anothe woman. Shame on all of you!

  11. 11
    ladyretribution Says:

    @She-whom-shall-not-be-named: What in God’s name and your mother’s poor parenting skills has you on this forum talking about someone else’s child? Have you people gone stone cold crazy? You don’t know Halle Berry or Gabriel or this child. Yet you are all up in Halle Berry’s life window peeping her fame. But not one of you have the decency to acknowledge what it takes to survive in the film business as a black woman. You and the rest of the ***** stepfordwives on here badmouthing Halle are some sick sistahs…. and if you are white…well then you just stupid jealous biatches.. Take a little and the rest of thel girls go take some classes in Self-esteem…honey, there is not a man walking who I would choose over a woman making her way in the world. As for this child’s socialization…let’s hope based on your sleazy nasty discussion of Ms. Berry’s daughter, that you have no children and don’t plan to have any. You silly twit, you watch Halle Berry from a far based on some PAPs pictures and you think you can diagnose her child’s level of socialiazation and Halle’s mothering skills? …based on your looking at still photos or videos…. ARE YOU MUCKING CRAZY/ Get some help…cause you are one sick person.

  12. 12
    chocolatecookie Says:


    You must also be in your forties with a ton of failed relationships and an ugly kid.

  13. 13
    Sharon Yu Says:

    Halle is aging pretty good, and she is still a hottie.
    I expect to see her more films in the further time.
    My favorite film form her is gothica.

  14. 14
    ladyretribution Says:

    Bravo Halle Berry.
    It takes tremendous strength to survive this long in the film business. The business destroys beautiful women and a beautiful black woman has triple the hassles to stay in the game. Only two percent of the membership of the Screen Actors Guild make a living ONLY by acting…the other 98 have to piecemeal a career together. An actress is only as good as the script and the Director..and the reality is that it is tough to get those scripts. But this isn’t an apology for Ms Berry, she had taken lemons and made lemonade many a time. You make a great living and as do most actors, you are constantly trying to find that project that excites you. Your personal life is YOUR personal life. When when idiots come on her trying to confiscate it for their own sick problems. I say to vile celebrity stalkers, especially the women…when do you ask George Clooney and every single male actor, the same questions they ask Halle about dumping people and poor relationship skills? They don’t say those things to men….guess we have a bunch of women who don’t know who they are if they don’t have a man telling them what to do … and they are clearly pissed that you refuse to have a man in your life that doesn’t understand you own your own life…….Halle, your personal life is no different than zillions of other women, it just got writ large because you are a celebrity…So who are these silly women crying in their beer for Eric Benet or David Justice or that Early guy or even Gabriel? It iso odd to see women dissing themselves (as women) by challenging another woman’s right to walk away from a man and a relationship when it no longer works for her? You keep stepping and kicking those men to the curb when it suits your goals for your life….and when these online harpies start to hassle George Clooney when he dumps his latest live in chick…then perhaps they can have an opinion on your personal choices…but with a little therapy they may all decide they have no business in anybody’s life but their own and they ought to go out there and get a life.

    I just saw clips of your new film and it looks like it could be Brilliant…fingers crossed for you and your gorgeous daughter. And don’t mind these silly twits…They wouldn’t know a great life if it walked up and bit them!

  15. 15
    ladyretribution Says:

    @chocolatecookie: No honey…I am a person who thinks that saying mean things about a child is wrong…and talking trash you have read or heard through gossip about another woman says more about your poor upbringing then it does her. And based on your silly retort, you are your own mother’s ugly child without class or much intelligence…my daughter did her undergraduate work at Stanford and her graduate degree at Harvard. She is gorgeous and lives a great life..,but I was a divorced actress with a small daughter in L.A. years ago. I just don’t understand the kind of instinct that makes women so relentlessly mean toward someone they don’t know And if you are black and bad mouthing Halle, then you are just plain stupid and of course, it is all to clear most of these women on here are jealous!

  16. 16
    ladyretribution Says:

    @chocolatecookie: P.S,…when folks talk about racism in this country…I always say white folks don’t have to do a thing…just wait and black folks will destroy other successful blacks for them…. thank goodness nobody of any worth sees these posts…the vitriolic statements and the nastiness is obscene.

  17. 17
    Nique ta mere!! Says:

    @Ladyretribution does Halle Berry pay you to defend her or something? What the hell get a life you miserable c*nt.

  18. 18
    ladyretribution Says:

    @Nique ta mere!!: Why hey Shaniqua…Nique Ta mere? in your dreams…and hey girl…it take a C to know a C….and since you used it off the bat, you must be called that enough for it to sound familiar.

  19. 19
    ladyretribution Says:

    @Nique ta mere!!: PS…Shaniqua…you silly twit…think somebody has to pay somebody to throw some trash back at you trash talking idiots …puleeze…it’s my pleasure

  20. 20
    ladyretribution Says:

    @josie: Josie, my apologies for including your name with those other smack talking neanderthals…

  21. 21
    lol Says:

    check out the pic that has her back to the camera hahahahahaaha what you all up there have said is really comming back to haunt her…its call KARMA!!! The picture shows the different colours of body face foundation she has on and the face and neck and floppy boobs and chest have it PACKED ONNNNNNNNNNN…

    she is one complete drongo hahahaha so embarrassinnngggggg

  22. 22
    lol Says:

    oh so sorry guys that was meant for her debut in black dress AFI FEST

  23. 23
    sosososo Says:


  24. 24
    josie Says:

    ladyretribution don’t even worry about these crazy people (i have a feeling it’s the same poster posting the same garbage), just pray for these miserable lost souls.
    Seriously, posting hateful comments about a grown up is one thing, but attacking a child!? some people can sink so low :( so sad.
    I’m happy i am not as miserable and cold hearted, i feel sorry for them and i hope they’ll find happiness in their pathetic lives soon.

  25. 25
    FrankRoberts Says:

    I saw a preview of Halle’s movie and it was bad, I think she just don’t get it. Being seen everywhere do not mean you deserve a oscar, her work is horrible, and you will laught because it is so bad. I think halle just don’t get it, looks do not make you a winner nor showing up everywhere. Frankie and Alice is not it.

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