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Ke$ha: Bikini Babe in Australia!

Ke$ha: Bikini Babe in Australia!

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!

Ke$ha hits the beach in a black bikini on Wednesday (November 10) in Sydney, Australia.

The 23-year-old singing sensation had her new song, “Sleazy,” covered by Ben Folds at a show in Columbus, Ohio earlier in the week! A concertgoer said that Ben wanted to cover the most popular song at the time, so he went on iTunes and picked out “Sleazy”!

“HOLY S—. dream come true. this is TRULY amazing,” Ke$ha tweeted.

Ben Folds Covers ‘Sleazy’
Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Hogan; Photos: Getty
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  • Annie

    Ugh, that’s a man right?

  • sanoga

    I feel 100% better about my bikini body now.

  • [I n F a m o u s l y C o o L]


  • Jay

    lmao a freaking mess…shes a ghost with a box figure..someone get her a whole piece suit please.

  • blair

    Ke$ha & Courtney Love….separated at birth?

  • WhatWillTheNeigborsSay?

    damn. she has no ass

  • LastWord


  • Kirsten

    I’m not a fan of her but I’m actually glad she’s comfortable in her own skin. Her body is far from perfect but at least she’s being herself.

  • Audrey

    Awful body.

  • Alison

    Guys stop trashing her, not everyone in hollywood should have to be a size 0

  • jkhjhkkhkjh

    @Alison: its not even about that. its her odd square shape , no ass and bad skin.

  • jol

    not a size 0 but at least a well toned body… that’s what they get paid for, not only “music”, also their image… she has the body of a never-exercized-40yr old… and she is only 23… she doesn’t look fit at all… gross

  • amy

    I just vomited all over myself.

  • michelle

    its not about the size, her body looks unhealty.ewww

  • laverdadduele

    Ouch! My eyes hurt! What a horrible sight!

  • smh

    ppl think Gabourey Sidibe has an UGLY body what abotu ke$ha??…In her music videos they make her legs look refined and make her body look polished. Hmmm….Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

    That’s all i am going to say!

  • smh

    iS JUST JARED MAKING FUN OF HER???…It says “Bikini Babe in Australia” is this a joke??…or are they for real??…I am not here to judge like i said beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But her body looks older than 23 years old!

  • Buzz Light

    Omg, guys stop with the nasty comments. If you have NOTHING nice to say then DON”T freaking say it. At least she’s not starving herself, to get the (sickly skinny look)

    Ke$ha is Beautiful and looks amazing in a Bikini : ) :P

  • Anonym

    Im seriously in chok right now :| GOOOOOOOSH

  • sangaya

    hey, not everyone looks like those celebs with tight abs, at least she’s comfortable in her skin

  • O Law


  • Dana

    How many kids has she had???Remember Back in the Day when Pop Stars were Hot.

  • Lalalove


  • Frida

    Please people, I’m the first to say I hate her music/style/whatever but making fun of someone’s body is NOT ok! We all come in different shapes and sizes, doesn’t means something’s better than the other. How hard can it be for people to get that?!

  • sunshine

    She is NOT 23…couldnt be!!!

  • omg

    What’s with the flabs? Too much coronas? She looks older than Madonna!

  • wow

    she left her a** in her other pants

  • ihateph

    these new pop stars get more n more ugly.

  • gawsh

    that woman is not even remotely attractive, no wonder she has to wear all that awful make up to look half decent.

  • Jime

    @sanoga: I feel 100% better about my bikini body now.

    jajajajaja, i felt the same….

  • rupert

    @sanoga: I thought the same!!!! How funny

  • wtfisthat

    That is seriously nasty

    She is 23 yrs old!!! She looks so so so so bad in a bikini OMG

    its not that she is only chubby or pale or celluliite its all of them togethr its awful

  • M

    it’s not that WE are cruel dissing the girl, it’s THE MEDIA (coughJaredcough) posting these unattractive, nasty pictures no one really wants to see.
    if a girl looks great it’s a good thing to post her candid pictures but when she’s BEYOND TERRIBLE it’s the problem of the people who make such pictures public, not of the public saying the pictures (and the girl) are ugly

  • omg

    She’s not fat she’s just oddly shaped! She has no ass and her stomach is weird. Seems like a possible plastic surgery gone wrong and this is what she was left with!

  • Heather

    Wow, you people are cruel.

  • we

    its ashame that we not only allow these people to be untalented but also terrible to look at as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why!!! We are falling off America.

    And that cover is horrible along with her weirdly shaped body.

  • Shurly

    Oy, sorry, but I had to laugh, her body is too funny ! I don’t think we’ll see her again in bikini…

  • WTFrench


  • Rob

    The 90 year – old singing… Ahahahhhhhh

  • Justin

    there is a plethora of douche bags on this site…I could careless what all these comments say I think shes hot

  • lol

    hopefully people realize Kesha doesn’t look her age because she doesn’t dress her age. not that Kesha dresses particularly mature but so many people here are bitter.

  • Deborah


  • vanessa

    Why were they removed?

  • Bruno Alves

    COntinuo fazendo ela mesmo assim…no escuro tá blz

  • we

    this site is so scary! they images were removed lmaoo

  • Jess

    Why the F***CK did the images got removed? We all know she’s disgusting and looks like white trash, a few images being removed are not gonna take away that image of syphilis we get when we see her. Also that pic posted instead of the bikini ones is WAY worse.

  • Jess

    Why the F**CK did the images got removed? We all know she is white trash and looks disgusting, a few images being removed are not gonna take away the feeling of contracting syphilis we get by watching her, so why bother? Also the photo posted instead of the bikini ones is WAY worse. LOL.

  • chocolatecookie


    she looked like spongebob squarepants..

    it is unfortunate the pics were removed because i wanted to show my husband so he could gag..i may start to dislike this site if thats how its going to be..

  • Susan

    Why were the images removed? I saw them and they were not that bad. I’ve seen much worse.

  • Cammer

    The pictures can be found at other blogs. Those that say she doesn’t look bad are blind, she has a pasty, flabby, manly body that looks much older than a woman that isn’t that many years out of High School.