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Angelina Jolie Covers 'Vogue' December 2010

Angelina Jolie Covers 'Vogue' December 2010

Angelina Jolie strikes a pose on the cover of Vogue‘s December 2010 issue.

In the magazine, which hits newsstands on November 23, the 35-year-old actress opens up about raising six kids and her upcoming movie with Johnny Depp, The Tourist.

Some fun tidbits from the interview (via AP):
Angelina calls partner Brad Pitt “extremely handsome and the most sexy,” but says she’s most in love with him when he’s with their six kids
Angelina says her 6-year-old son Pax is a better cook than she is!
Maddox encourages his mom when she makes breakfast by saying “good job!”
– The Jolie-Pitt family has a bulldog named Jacques and nannies who speak Vietnamese to Pax and Cambodian to Maddox
Shiloh recently found a dead bird and wanted to keep it as a pet but Angelina wouldn’t let her

Also pictured: Angelina continuing work on her untitled movie on Wednesday (November 10) in Budapest, Hungary. Brad also dropped by the set.

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Credit: Mario Testino; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Sandra M

    She’s gergeous!!

  • josie

    Beautiful. Such a classic beauty, a rarity in Hollywood now a days.
    I love how she raises her kids to be their own individuals, very free spirited and i have a sneaky suspicion Angelinas mother raised her and her brother the same way.
    And last but not least, I love the way she talks about Brad and you can tell they are so in love with eachother.

  • http://yummy yummy


  • MlleF

    Shiloh must be a funny little girl…a little “punk gothic” style I

    Not in the dress way, but anyway, I’m kidding, she’s too young.

  • france


  • erm

    those tattoos make her look trashy

  • meww

    she’s always look gorgeous..

  • http://none Sara

    What sad, sad people lurking around here! She is obviously beautiful and seems like a much nicer person than 95% of the entertainment business so what’s with all the negativity? Ohh, I remember: envy is indeed an ugly feeling.
    I wish all the best to Angelina, Brad and their family and a life to every negative commenter.

  • sara

    A dead bird as a pet? That seems odd. I’m glad she’s saying they have nannies for each of the kids. Makes her seem more normal. I know if I had tons of $$$ I would do the same.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    I wonder if Zahara speaks “Amharic” (sp) the Ethiopian language. I also wonder where they will adopt next. I think they will wait after the movie is done and they will probably adopt again. Very cool.

  • sara


    I agree that envy is an ugly feeling. I always read nasty comments about her and Jennifer Aniston. How sad that these 2 will forever be linked for banging the same guy. People spend way too much hating these celebrities they don’t even know. Leave these poor people alone. I can’t imagine where this hate comes from.

  • shylola

    LOL little shiloh.. i keep repeating reading disc ” Shiloh recently found a dead bird and wanted to keep it as a pet but Angelina wouldn’t let her”

    she’s sound so innocent n cute <3

  • brad luvr

    WooHoo! First page! Love Angelina and Brad! They’re beautiful people inside and out!



  • http://justjared Fascinated by Angie

    Gosh!Angie is breathtakingly beautiful

  • http://justjared Fascinated by Angie

    In that case all other female celebs with tattoos are also trashy.You just made a fool of yourself

  • http://Adorable! sundus


  • groundcontrol

    Stunning portrait. It captures her feminity and strength.
    Love the stories about the kids.

  • http://joker Top rated

    Thank god, bar is no longer “modeling” for VS,

  • lylian

    Gorgeous photo of Angelina in the Vogue cover.
    Great that Pax and Maddox are able to keep up with their biological mother language. It would be wonderful for them one day when they want to reconnect to their roots. No matter how rudimentary their language skills in their biological mother tongue, I’m sure they will be truly appreciate its value in 10 years time when they visit their biological motherland.

  • -

    she’s really beautiful……………….

  • Bruna

    Angelina is just beautiful. She is really the perfect woman. Perfect body, perfect face, perfect talent, perfect family, perfect partner, she is rich, the haters are just jealous of her. I love the cover of Vogue, she made a fantastic speech with those beautiful eyes, I love her tattoos have a meaning. I love her !!!

  • Lilakoi Moon

    Woah, first time I’m ever on the first page for an Angelina thread lol. The shiloh thing is weird haha but funny. Angelina is SO gorgeous<3

  • ashley

    classic beauty …
    if you hate her juz shut up n get out lol

  • http://http Amor

    super beauty and Shiloh is so funny.

  • busted

    She is lovely..

    Jared thanks for correcting the mistake earlier.. the movie has yet to be titled.. thus Untitled.. maybe the other blogs will correct themselves too..

    But I actually think Angie knows the title and is keeping it secret for now. don’t blame her if that is the case. The fools are looking for any thing to jump on her for.

    Lainey, Celebitchy and others that don’t research at all.

    well this is a sure one that the fans will be buying. She gives great interviews, and it seem that Vogue may have asked some interesting questions. NOT like that Vanity Fair one when the dude was so dumb asking Tabloid questions and rambling on and on..

    I wonder if she will do another Parade interview.. those are usually pretty good too.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Shi is brilliant, outside like her dad, but inside all Angie! Great cover too, she looks gorgeous.

  • Gia

    What a beautiful compassionate classy Lady. She is a wonderful mama and loves to talk about her 6 little ones and her hubby =her life.
    Gotta ove her.:)

  • _

    Ang face is so big, square and masculine

  • mj

    Not!! Ewwww

  • Saras

    Angie and Brad are perfect together. I am so glad they met and fell in love. Talk about Fate.
    Therre six children are all so gorgeous.

  • Saras

    Angie and Brad are perfect together. I am so glad they met and fell in love. Talk about Fate.
    Therre six children are all so gorgeous.

  • Saras

    Angie and Brad are perfect together. I am so glad they met and fell in love. Talk about Fate.
    Therre six children are all so gorgeous.

  • Saras

    OMG! Whoaaaa sorry bout that i don’t rememeber pressing it 3 times but must have.

  • no-class tat

    photoshop,airbrush,mega make-up..the works

  • Dumbestic

    ” Maddox encourages his mom when she makes breakfast by saying “good job!”
    …until he finds out she fried the bacon in the package

  • Sherry

    You see how wrong the tabs and lainey etc. have got their info. They, esp. Lamey make ASSUMPTIONS about things they do not know about, and have no way of verifying as the source of any info has been cut off loooong ago.

    The family pet is named Jacques, not Jack. Some people here are commenting on that little tidbit of info on Shiloh, as if it signifies something bigger than it is. They will always do that. Because they are total losers!!! and always will be.

    Most kids, when they find a bird like that would want to keep it. It’s what kids do. What I find funny is that Maddox is a better cook that she is, and she’s not afraid to say so….. Hey, I make better breakfasts than dinner too. At least ANGE know where her strength lies and she works with what she’s got.

    Also, watch Lamey comment on how Ange’s “gushing” about her love for Brad. Hey, the woman is in love, and she knows how to keep her man, not by demanning and demeaning him, but by praising him for the things BRAD does well. As we all know Ange is a SMART WOMAN, unlike the loser lameys and FTs of this world.

    Way to go Ange…

  • what a mom

    Bad cook?
    Angelina does McDonald’s better than anyone.

  • hopeso

    WOW!!!!! She looks gorgeous as always. I cant wait to get the mag, as a big fan i try to get all the mags to she gives interview to

  • anustin

    @29.masculine in ur vaj.

    and Maniston is the girly with “peen?ejit!

  • NAN


  • wow

    playing with dead birds….Brad’s looks, and smarts too

  • Lazy Joke of a Mommy

    My 3 year old cleans house way better than me.

  • Lara

    Angie look so beautiful, love her. Her happiness just shines through in every photo, she loves her husband and their children so much. Can’t wait to read the full interview.

  • briseis

    I bet all those loser posters making fun of Angie’s culinary skills can’t drive a motorcycle or fly an airplane.

  • teri

    Thanks for the surprise Angelina. I’ll be picking this up for sure. Love everything she’s done and can’t wait to read the magazine. Brad is very sexy when he’s with his kids.

  • dark angel

    And clearly those posters/haters do not have a decent job to do other than spamming this thread.

  • Katrina

    WOW! Her skin is flawless with or without editing, although it becomes a little shiny with editing…. Her lips look GORGEOUS! That color suits her so well!

    I wonder why these green eyed monsters like bi*ching around here, especially about her…. She has done so much for people all around the globe and she’s unbelievably sexy…. wish the best for her and her family!

  • energy sucker

    I love Brad the DNA donor best when he’s babysitting and not tending to his own career. —the Ang

  • bdj

    Beautiful cover. Thanks for posting and excerpts from the interview. AJ is a devoted Mom, Partner, Actor and humanitarian. All six children are adorable with their own personalities. Pa[a Pitt is indeed one sexy man. I am looking forward to The Tourist.