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Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp Cover Entertainment Weekly

Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp Cover Entertainment Weekly

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp grace the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s Holiday Movie Preview issue for their new romantic thriller The Tourist.

According to the magazine, Angelina, 35, and Johnny, 47, met for the first time last November on the set of The Tourist.

“We’re both not that social,” Angie shared with EW. “I don’t think either one of us goes out of our house, especially in France. We’re both locked away.”

“So much has been written about Angie and Brad,” Johnny added. “They’re sort of the Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton of our era. I knew she was a big star, but I didn’t know what to expect…”

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly hits newsstands tomorrow!

Bigger cover inside…

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206 Responses to “Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp Cover Entertainment Weekly”

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  1. 151
    dianad1968 Says:



    XIII, I try not to get into the drama with the megas. I lurk there a lot because they do get the best pics and news, and they get them before Jared. What I do know is that Sharon C is a nut job, and is an ignorant, prejudiced fool, who NEVER has anything good to say about Angie. I would not be surprised if she wears a white sheet. The other poster I am not very familiar with her postings, so I can’t form an opinion. The like Nenufar who used to post at JJ years ago as Andromeda.

  2. 152
    lylian Says:

    @say what?:
    thanks to JJB..

    Florian really wanted to work with her, too. Are you kidding? “Literally,” he tells me in a phone call, “she gets every single script that has a female role aged between eighteen and 40—every script. And she just follows her feeling, holds her own counsel. She’s probably the only global megastar that doesn’t even have an agent—she doesn’t even have a publicist.” Mmm. And that thing of gazing and gazing? “You never lose it,” he says swiftly. “I can tell from the way that Brad looks at her that he never loses it.”
    Thanks to all parties for bringing this quote to the JP fan threads.
    Florian is NOT the only one to notice how Brad gazes and gazes at Angelina. It’s pretty evident from the photographs and videos of Brad on the set in the Bosnian Serb movie that he can’t stop taking photos of his love. I wonder if he is even aware that he is. It’s as if he looks at her and thinks:
    “Whoarrrr there, that’s a good angle, and here’s another and another and another …”
    because, Angelina, just doesn’t have a bad angle.
    The interviewer from vogue wrote that this sort of beauty is a type of power. He/she is RIGHT. We all respond to it.
    But DARE I SAY, the LOSIEs respond to Angelina’s beauty MOST OF ALL. That’s why they keep thinking Angelina stole Brad – because her beauty is POWER, a power they are helpless to resist.

  3. 153
    dianad1968 Says:

    @Untitled vs. United:


    I was reading Lamey’s take today on the Vogue interview, and of course she had her snark and conspiracies going. To understand how badly they want to find something…anything that Angie says to dissect, Lamey has come to the conclusion that Angie is “insecure”, and this is “revelation” is based on Angie’s comments that she knows anything she says will be debated, but luckily she doesn’t read any of it. As per Lamey, Angie is contradicting herself, because how would she know what they are saying if she doesn’t read about it. I suppose she is conveniently forgetting that Brad has said that although they don’t read the lies and slander writen about them, they have friends who tell them who has been especially “trashy” about them. I can now see why Lamey does not encourage comments on her blog…she is a d*mn coward, because she knows people would call her out on her daily c*ap.

    What I found funny today on her blog, she did not comment at all about “her Gwyneth’s” wardrobe at the CMAs, and the ugly blue “pageant” dress she wore that looked like a shark had bitten out piece of her waist. But what was glaring was that the shoes that GP wore last night, Angie wore that same style to Cannes last year, and none other
    than Lamey said she didn’t like Angie’s shoes. However, not a peep today about GP’s shoes. She also criticized Angie’s red dress she wore to the SALT premiere in Russia calling it a “prom” dress, yet nothing about GP’s godawful dress.

  4. 154
    dianad1968 Says:

    ^^^Please excuse all spelling and grammatical errors in my previous posts, I am sleepy as h e l l . LOL.

    Off to bed.

  5. 155
    lylian Says:

    I’d long figured that song with Jolene substituted with Angie’s name is the ANTHEM for lonely emblems of bitterness.

  6. 156
    Untitled vs. United Says:

    I took lamey out of my book marks a couple of years ago. You are correct about her hypocrisy, and she CLEARLY is very jealous of Angie. The stuff you said about her saying Angie is insecure is her projecting her own issues onto Angie. Somebody once said you can e-mail her (contact link?) & you should bc you make EXCELLENT points- the shoes & prom dress thing alone could maybe help her to see the light- or least be a little more aware of her terrible bias which makes her look very bad and loses her readers. And yes, I remember Brad saying that people tell them about the people that treat them unkindly- it’s a very simple yet cogent answer…as someone said upthread (or on the other thread?) the JPs always give hints/tell answers if you LISTEN.

  7. 157
    say what? Says:


    Don’t even bother going to Lainey, seriously you will wonder why you ever did. She’s a flake trying to act like Angelina knows she exists. Angie has no clue who the hell that narcissistic, coat-tailer Lainey is…just another
    user wanting to make money off her and her family.
    Angelina has the right idea, best to never even look at the nonsense. You cannot control what idiots write to make themselves a fast buck but we can
    control from giving them clicks and cutting down on their bucks. BOYCOTT these LOSERS such as LAINEY.

  8. 158
    agree Says:

    So what? is absolutely correct- don’t give your precious clicks to hate site like lamey or any of those sites that insist on printing tab lies about the JPs. Without clicks/attention these sites will die and the world will be better for it.

  9. 159
    briseis Says:

    I also took Lainey out of my bookmarks for about two years now, when I couldn’t stomach her gushing over that snotty Gwyneth (whom I used to like, until she became unbearably uppity). Lainey got so hypocritical about her Angie comments, always with her conspiracy theories. It’s always just the JP’s who are “conspiring”, never FFT or Paltrow. At least that beeyatch won’t get money out of my clicks.

  10. 160
    Re JJB Mega10 Says:

    Another tattoo-gate started by youbetterlikeme. They said that Brad must no longer have his Angie birthday tattoo when that pic surfaced of him carrying Zee, and we could see a bit of his stomach. Of course he has just added to it.
    Now that we can’t see Angie’s inner thigh one in the Vogue pics she has said the very same thing.

  11. 161
    angierocks Says:


  12. 162
    angierocks Says:

    I loved angie since Gia,saw all her films after.Brad and her are just meant to be.I admire their devotion to their kids.She is amazing humanitarian.I wish them all the best!Can’t wait for this movie to come out….

  13. 163
    Fascinated by Angie Says:


    Who is this Lamey?I have never visited her blog,i only read about her here.I for one sure wont be giving her any clicks.She can develop as many conspiracy theories as she wants but in all we know who is living a more fulfilled and happy life.Angie knows she isnot a friend of the tabloids so why even bother to know what they are saying?These people are really funny.Since when did it become a crime for Angie to mature into the woman she is today.When did it become a crime to discover her purpose in life and pursue it.When did it become a crime to contribute in her own little way to help the disadvantaged and the voiceless.Like Marianne Pearl said,’“Celebrities are doing the work that journalists are not. We can’t afford to be cynical about that….Can you really strike out against Angie and Bono?…Sure, there’s an opinion backlash. People think they are doing it for some sort of ego trip. But the people who are expressing that opinion? What are they doing?” (Marianne Pearl).The real insecure ones are the people who write all the crap like Lamey.I feel sorry for all the haters coz good things willnot cease to happen to these family.What a man sows is what he reaps.They are sowing good seeds so they are bound to reap good things.
    I must say the Vogue interview is one of Angie’s best in a longtime.The interviewer was excellent,no craploid rubbish.I hated the VF interview.The interview gave a very wrong perception of her which was contrary to what those who have worked with her have said over the years till date.
    I will not stop saying this’i love the Jolie-Pitt family and may God bless them’.Peace

  14. 164
    angierocks Says:

    @Fascinated by Angie:
    She’s an asian gossip blogger from canada.For some reason she does’nt like angie..

  15. 165
    busted Says:

    regarding the rags.. I can’t imagine any of the fans buying them. I don’t even do People Mag any more. Check out their Covergirl for this week. YEAH they are a Rag magazine just like the others. I for one only buy the legit interviews.. So yes I will purchase Vogue. Haven’t bought one since 2007. YES.. Angie’s last interview.

    I saw Lainey’s site the other day and expected nothing less. She has a soft spot for Brad but she finds some way to snark on Angie. The last time I read her she was lying about SALT saying the film was tracking bad. She never corrected that lie. Thing was Salt was tracking pretty close to Inception. She never acknowledged the success of the film.

    Note she never says a word about the BOMBS her Gwenny has or the fact that she needs this film to be a hit. She has not had one based on her name. Gwenny is in the same boat as Aniston. and I note she never mentions the fact that Gwenny and Chris are MIA nor that Gwenny leaves her kids for weeks.. who is taking care of them. NOT Dad for sure.. but Angie and Brad have both said they don’t read them. I believe that. But what Lainey does not realize from her dumb statement is when they are interviewed the Reporters interviewing them tell them about the rumors or ask about them. Remember that Marilyn Monroe rumor. A reporter asked her about it on the LA Premier RC.. So they hear without reading. But little Miss Logic has no Brain or Logic.

    so this is the way it is. But the funny thing is She nor the other negative bloggers make a difference in Angie’s life. Angie proved she is a true STAR… do you think Angie would have to promote like Gwenny has been doing. Gwenny is an Oscar winner yet she is doing a B/C list star promotion for this film. Going on GLEE.. and hitting the CMA (an event she has NEVER been to) she needs a hit, and she is pimping herself any and everywhere. YET Lamey overlooks that little fact. Gwenny even sat down for an interview with Chealsea Handler.. (WTF) like this is a woman she would usually be seen with. NOT a fan of Gwenny and I will admit.. I hope this movie does poorly.. It will be fun to see Lamey spin..spin..spin..

    I laugh because Angie is a STAR in and of her own. but don’t expect any positive from Lainey without the snark..but ONLY towards the JPs..

    She does this to appease the Haters that read her. She always gives them something.

  16. 166
    Bridie Says:

    I LOVE Johnny, so don’t get me wrong, but his look in “The Tourist” is not his best. Don’t like the hairdo and the beard. Angie looks good though. But somehow I don’t like them together…it’s a mismatch, they’re so different.

  17. 167
    lilly Says:

    Re JJB Mega10, yep you’re right, youbetterlikeme it’s a fake, always starting something and then acts all innocent. She thinks she is funny and clever but big fail.
    Did you read the one she said, that Angelina hugs tight everyone not just Brad?

  18. 168
    karmaback Says:


    I lurk on the megas for pics.. but yeah.. the fans there try too hard to act all PC and they let any crap go. That is not being a fan. Sorry. When they say stupid stuff like that freak Sharon.. and then the others just smile and turn the other cheek. NO they don’t need to censor but seriously do these people not know that Sharon is a racist. A person blind, deaf and dumb could figure that one out. And do you really think Brad/Angie want or need fans that only see 3 of their children as worthy and the others not worth mentioning because they are not white.

    That is disgusting. and regardless of letting everyone speak their minds, when you associate with a racist you are no better then they are.. As they say YOU ARE THE COMPANY YOU KEEP. Some of the fans there may want to take stock.

    And yes that Youbetterknowme or AKA (Anoosha) is a fake. she likes to post crap about Angie then cover like it was just a passing thought. Really on a Fansite.

    another undercover Sharon..and I would not be surprised is either of them were posting here as a hater. They have to get that out somewhere. and they cant’ come full out on the megas..

    Mega 10 real fans need to stop all the PC crap. These people are racist and that to me makes all the ones on that site that sit back and say nothing.. Racist too..

    OH this is JMO. (they should like that. it makes everything OK now.)

  19. 169
    Susan Says:

    @XIII: Maybe they’re, I feel sorry for Nenufur having to put up with the crap they spew, because she seems to be a nice person. Don’t get me started on Miss Venezuela or Miss Entitlement.

  20. 170
    bdj Says:

    It’s been a while since something has really struck me as a shot of the day but that perennial beauty Angelina Jolie always manages to lure me back in just when I think I’m done with my crush that kicked in circa 1998. Here’s the mom of six / seven? – I lost count – looking as lovely, happy and placid as duchess sipping afternoon tea in an English Garden for December’s Vogue.

    Here’s Angie modeling a custom corset by Colleen Atwood and a Club Monaco cashmere cardigan. Who new corsets and sweaters were in?

  21. 171
    bdj Says:

    JAMES NEWTON HOWARD – the tourist

    Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

    Music Composed by

    James Newton Howard

    (Duplicity, Peter Pan, I Am Legend)

    Johnny Depp stars as an American tourist whose playful dalliance with a stranger leads to a web of intrigue, romance and danger in The Tourist. During an impromptu trip to Europe to mend a broken heart, Frank (Depp) unexpectedly finds himself in a flirtatious encounter with Elise (Angelina Jolie), an extraordinary woman who deliberately crosses his path.

    Against the breathtaking backdrop of Paris and Venice, their whirlwind romance quickly evolves as they find themselves unwittingly thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

    James Newton Howard provides a worldly, romantic and exotic score.

    Sony Pictures opens THE TOURIST on over 3500 screens on December 10.

  22. 172
    bdj Says:

    Inferno Entertainment is going to sea with “Ocean Warrior,” a bigscreen biopic about eco-pirate and “Whale Wars” star Capt. Paul Watson.
    Action-thriller will follow Watson’s early days at Greenpeace and his creation of the controversial Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which wages dangerous ocean battles against illegal whaling vessels.

    Inferno, led by Johnson and Jim Seibel, has a busy slate. Last week, the production, finance and sales company announced at AFM tha it’s financing “Cogan’s Trade.” Project reteams Andrew Dominik and Brad Pitt; it was sold to much of the world during AFM based on a pitch by Dominik. CAA is repping domestic rights on “Cogan’s Trade.”

  23. 173
    bdj Says:

    The “Coyle’’ movie was rereleased on DVD last year, and LaFarge says Hollywood director Andrew Dominik (“The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’’) has optioned Higgins’s 1974 novel, “Cogan’s Trade.’’ Both Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck have been mentioned in recent news reports about possible casting. Is there a Higgins resurgence underway?

    “There’s been a real lull, since he died in ’99, of interest in his books,’’ said LaFarge. “One source of excitement for me is this will bring more readers to ‘The Friends of Eddie Coyle,’ which has had a nice run since the paperback reissue.’

  24. 174
    bdj Says:

    Summer may be the busiest time in Hollywood, but this season is the most prestigious.

    Sure, we’ll get our fair share of actioners and romantic comedies in the next couple of months.

    But through Christmas we also will see films with Oscar pedigrees. October already brought us critical darlings “The Social Network” and “Conviction.” That was just a taste. After the frivolity of the hot months, it’s time for a little more class. Here’s a look at the big titles still to come this holiday season.

    “The Tourist”: A mild-mannered tourist in Italy (Johnny Depp) falls for an intriguing and dangerous woman (Angelina Jolie) in this dramatic thriller. Depp and Jolie offer plenty of box office potency; directing and co-writing is Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, whose German film “The Lives of Others” took home an Oscar for foreign language film. Contributing to the screenplay are Christopher McQuarrie (“The Usual Suspects”) and Julien Fellowes (“Gosford Park,” “Young Victoria”).

  25. 175
    bdj Says:
    Have a great day. Check out Megamind

    Constant creation and change is the premise of DreamWorks’s new animated feature, a fine comedy of errors written with inventive wit by Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons, featuring the distinct voices of Will Ferrell and Brad Pitt, and kept on an even keel and at a perfect pitch by director Tom McGrath.

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