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Gerard Butler: Front Row at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

Gerard Butler: Front Row at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!

Gerard Butler gets one of the best seats in the house at the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday (November 10) at NYC’s Lexington Avenue Armory.

The 40-year-old Scottish stud chatted with actress Malin Ackerman and Kings of Leon‘s Jared and Caleb Followill before the show started.

Caleb cheered on his fiancee, VS model Lily Aldridge who walked the runway for the first time in wings. Last year was her debut walk.

Also pictured in the front row: Adrian Grenier and Maroon 5‘s Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, and James Valentine.

At the official after-party held at nightlife hotspot Lavo, Gerry worked the room like nobody’s business.

He chatted up Karolina Kurkova, Jessica Stam, singer Maxwell and director Paul Haggis. (He came out to support Paul last night at the premiere of The Next Three Days).

FYI: Jared and Caleb both wore Burberry. Malin is wearing an Asos dress.

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Wire Image, Getty Images
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  • me

    I love you Gerry.

  • A fan

    Gerry looks tired. Why does he keep going to these stupid events? Go home, get some sleep and pet Lolita in the morning.

  • marq

    Dude, fantastic post. Powerful shots of celebs. This is one of the BIG EVENTS of the year.

  • http://JustJared Aqua

    that man sure gets around.

  • HaHaHa

    What is he wearing? He looks like he is trying too hard.

    Gerry, you will be 41 this weekend. Deal with it.

  • paris

    I love him too. But I worry. Is something off? Maybe I’m just crazy.

  • nyc woman

    I cannot believe I invest so much time in this man. I will never know why. But, since I do, I will say: Margaret, feed him. And, I’m going to run into him one day on the streets of nyc. Yes, I am.

  • yes

    Baby does look tired and bored. And I’d be willing to volunteer to take him home and make it all better.

  • country

    Guess he didn’t stay home to watch the CMA awards.

  • Gracey

    @country: LOL. Yes. That would be so Gerry.

  • BVA

    Is it all clear here? Phewww justsayin’ is poisoning the last thread and the funny thing is some posters are ok with her turning JJ into IMDb’s endless bickering. Go figure.

    He looks a tad tired. This Saturday is his birthday. I wonder what’s in the plan for the day. Parties after parties I am sure. Happy B-day Gerry. Love ya.

  • Gracey

    @BVA: It’s clear for the moment. Maybe pathetic ‘Just’ is nipping at our heels? But in the sane time we have, just want to say, Happy, Happy Birthday, Gerry B. You have made a lot of people very happy by just being you.

  • Gayle

    ew is that a sweaty velvet smoking jacket?? gross.
    he looks bored talking to actress malin ackerman. shes probably wondering why he smells like mothballs.
    hes probably wishing she’d beat it so he can get a better view of selita ebanks

  • Gayle

    ew is that a sweaty velvet smoking jacket?? gross.
    he looks bored talking to actress malin ackerman. shes probably wondering why he smells like mothballs.
    hes probably wishing she’d beat it so he can get a better view of selita ebanks.

  • Gerry

    I don’t love you, me

  • observation

    It’s Just Sayin, PsychB, and a couple of regular posters like Manny and Cora that help her spew her venom

  • Laurie 3

    Agreed; I wrote her a very tough post to bring her back to reality regarding that ridiculous lawsuit she is holding onto like to dear life. I’m thinking of posting it here as well for peeps to understand it has no merit.

  • A Girl for Gerard

    This woman would be so great for Gerard! Constanze Hohzorn

  • A Girl for Gerard

    Google Constanz…i think you agreed with me…

  • A Girl for Gerard

    she is glamour and bikini model…form europe from my country and so beautiful, like a movie star but more beautiful

  • Frances Pyne

    Gerard is BORING. Next!!

  • whip

    I want to take a front row seat on Gerry’s meat. cwutididthere?

  • Mr. Giggles

    No matter how *tired* G looks at these shows …… he’ll keep comin’ back
    G at the VS Fashion show circa 2050

  • wondering

    After seeing those vs pictures  I definately think he needs more bracing walks in the Scottish highlands to put some colour back in those cheeks, and less of those lovely vs models. The poor man is wasting away before our very eyes.

  • wondering

    Just seen a picture of Constanze Hohzorn. Omg she’d crush him to death with her enormous thighs and boobs.

  • georgia

    What Gerard the guys from KINGS OF LEON are smoking HOT no wonder they get to date those Supermodels..i wish i’ve seen only them on that runaway Naked and just for meeeeeee!dreamssss!

  • josie

    Who cares about Gerard!? Move over so i can see the followill brothers! Caleb and Jared are so hot, Lily is so lucky!!

  • sara

    Love him!!! And yes there’s something a little off.

  • justsayin’

    @BVA: Now I’m here to piss you off.

    @Laurie 3: I answered you and proved how wrong you are. Go look. :D

    @Mr. Giggles: Giggles, we can always count on you for a good laugh. Thanks. The phannie army is obviously out in full force. Or should I say that phannie and her socks?

  • nut case

    @A Girl for Gerard:
    I can’t believe you think she is beautiful. she has huge thighs and not attractive and a sluut on top of it. she has pix on adult magazines and websites.
    what kind of crockery is this? go get a life.

  • justsayin’

    Is that Adrien Grenier in the green? He looks terrible and is dressed like a bum. Is homeless the new black?

  • justsayin’

    Just when you think Gerry’s jacket is bad, look at his “guest:”

  • Laurie 3

    WTF are you talking about? did you read what i wrote? i don’t think you understood a word i wrote despite it being in plain English.
    i said no way he will be doing business under a DBA. He’s not running a small business out of his garage.
    So what does it have to do with all your BS that you just wrote and spent half a page of space on the other thread????
    Here it is again for you to read and digest; maybe it will sink in. Your arguments on this issue of the lawsuit is absurd. Stop practicing law, will ya.
    Ok, I had enough of this ridiculous discussion
    Get real; he didn’t register his business as a DBA. Are you out of your friggin mind? What do you think these guys are? amateurs, registering a business out of their kitchen table.
    And for all those that don’t know, there is a big difference between registering an INC., an LTD, or an LLC in any of the 50 states, and registering a trademark. These are two different things. You can only register a trademark on the Fed. level.
    The suit in question is about registering two businesses with a similar name in the same state, nothing to do with any trademark infringements. Since they were allowed to register it, it’s not illegal and the other company can’t do anything about it.
    When you register a business, the state has to approve it. Look at any department of state in any of the 50 states, numerous businesses are registered with similar names such as Evil Twins, Evil Twins Productions, or Evil Twins studios, etc, etc, etc. The same name can be used so long as it’s different enough. If the original business has a trademark, it’s a different ballgame.
    Now, I don’t think any one of these two business entities has trademarked this name.
    I think Manny and Just Sayin need to stop giving law advice.
    Their mistake, though, is they should have realized that since there is another business using a similar name already, their name will cause too much of a confusion, especially because of Gerry’s status –being famous and all. But I suppose he and Alan really liked the name and felt they have a connection with it, therefore they got themselves enticed into using it. They should have realized that they are keeping themselves open to trouble down the road. Gerry is famous and any business of his is open to any type of lawsuit, even one without any merit like this one is.
    Unfortunately in the US, many lawsuits are brought without merit. The other company is suing hoping to make Gerry’s company settle. I doubt this will go anywhere. All his lawyers have to do is show thousands upon thousand of businesses with similar names from the CA Department of State registration website.

    Read more:

  • becca

    oh yuck …. gerry’s guest was ronnie madra ….
    so gerry brought his “model wrangler” with him?
    this is giving me the creeps

  • Jordan

    Yick, can’t stand Levine. Biggest DOUCHE hypocrite ever.

  • peacesister

    OMG, they are both close to a smoking jacket. Dressed to immediately get the girls back to bed?

  • angelsrock

    He’s Gerry’s guest because the caption underneath that pic says so? Some people need to walk away from their computer, walk away, take a deep breath, and try to remember the good old days when we relied on our own common sense and not the random crap written on celebrity sites. I’ll bet the house that this guy was NOT Gerry’s “guest” to this shindig.

  • Liz

    If you take a good look at the pictures, Gerard and Ronnie are wearing identical jackets. The only difference is the color.

  • angelsrock


    That looks like the sport coat he wore on a Ferguson appearance.
    Craig mocked it a bit, said he looked like a sexy fish. LOL
    Gerry then said he was going to walk into the audience so everyone could get a rub. Very funny interview.

  • Liz

    @angelsrock: Take another look. They’re wearing the same jacket. That’s a heck of a coincidence. I think it’s safe to say they came together. Here’s another photo:

  • lolita

    @Mr. Giggles: LOL, that is just so wrong in so many ways. OMG

  • lolita

    Mr Giggles I honestly think Gerry would have laughed at that one. He has a goofy sense of humor like you. You are something else.

  • CanuckOutOfWater

    @angelsrock: Aye tis the same jacket. What a numpty but I’d still hit that lol.

  • debk

    I think Gerry is paid to wear a lot of these cloths, rings, necklaces etc. Actors have limited shelf lives and do a lot of endorsements that we may not even recognize. I think that’s why Gerry’s out every night also. The money is a big call.

  • peacesister

    There are more pics:

  • redOctober

    Indeed Gerry you look tired/too thin in these photos and like needing a vacay …

    Gerard Butler wouldn’t eat a morsel of food at the Cinema Society after-party for the premiere of Russell Crowe’s movie “The Next Three Days.” “He looked starved,” a guest said of the formerly brawny star. “He turned away all the hors d’oeuvres and only drank seltzer water.” His rep denied to us that he’s losing weight for a planned film about poet Robert Burns.

    Read more:

  • peacesister

    Wow, Apple Bob was there too – still in his scrubs:

  • peacesister

    And, hi to RedO!!!

    Hope, you are doing fine, saw a great documentary recently about your wonderful country and thought about you. It’s definitely on my travel wish list. Had to grin about your sweet willingness to try some Portuguese translation. You’re a gem!

  • redOctober


    lol! …thanks ; ) …was the translation too bad? hehe…I’m fine , hope you’re OK as well.

    *hugs back*

  • redOctober


    Wow, Apple Bob was there too –

    They are a merry bunch, eh? …always the same faces at the same parties .