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Orlando Bloom: Bambi Awards with Sarah Jessica Parker!

Orlando Bloom: Bambi Awards with Sarah Jessica Parker!

Orlando Bloom suits up as he accepts an award at the Bambi Awards on Thursday (November 11) at Filmpark Babelsberg in Potsdam, Germany.

The 33-year-old actor and daddy-to-be was celebrated with the Charity award for his work with UNICEF!

Orly‘s award was presented by Sarah Jessica Parker, who wore an empire waist gown with lace bodice and subtle sequin detail by Elie Saab.

FYI: The Bambi Awards recognize excellence in media and TV “with vision and creativity who affected and inspired the German public that year”.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Sarah Jessica Parker at the Bambi Awards…

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Credit: Rentz/Gallup; Photos: Getty
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30 Responses to “Orlando Bloom: Bambi Awards with Sarah Jessica Parker!”

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  1. 1
    Whodunit Says:

    It seems there are more celebs getting awards for charity work than actually doing the work.

    *NOTE: I said SEEMS*

  2. 2
    boston61 Says:

    Sarah honey it’s time to invest in long sleeves. Try the grandma department. Or maybe the equine department.

  3. 3
    ida Says:

    He reminds me of my Ancient greeks Professor with that “beard-mustache, whatever thats called”.:Phe needs to change…..sth!so the same….

  4. 4
    SouthMoon Says:

    {chorus: sidi}

    Dear ‘frayn, I meant to write you sooner but I just been busy
    You said your pregnant now, how far along is you?
    Look, Im really flattered you would call your daughter that
    And heres an autograph for your goldfish,
    I wrote it on the starter cap
    Im sorry I didnt see you at the show, I musta missed you
    Dont think I did that **** intentionally just to diss you
    But whats this **** you said about you like to fuq yourself too?
    I say that **** just clownin dogg,
    Cmon – how fuqed up is you?
    You got some issues ‘frayn, I think you need some counseling
    To help your ass from bouncing off the walls when you get down some
    And whats this **** about us meant to be together?
    That type of shitll make me not want us to meet each other
    I really think you and your waxwork need each other
    Or maybe you just need to treat him better
    I hope you get to read this letter, I just hope it reaches you in time
    Before you hurt yourself, I think that youll be doin just fine
    If you relax a little, Im glad I inspire you but ‘frayn
    Why are you so mad? try to understand, that I do want you as a fan
    I just dont want you to do some crazy ****
    I seen this one **** on the news a couple weeks ago that made me sick
    Some ***** was drunk and drove her bike over a bridge
    And had her waxwork in the trunk, and he had a melted little ****
    And in the car they found a tape, but they didnt say who it was to
    Come to think about, her name was.. it was you

  5. 5
    sara Says:

    yeah, it sure does seem that way sometimes.
    But at least there are people like Orlando who give their time, as well as their money. His being named an Ambassabor for UNICEF last year was proof that he walks the walk, and doesn’t just talk the talk.
    He should be very proud to receive that award.
    And on a shallower note.
    he looks beautiful!

  6. 6
    I'm watching you Says:

    South Moon your the sick one!

  7. 7
    @4 Says:

    More like South-LOON.
    Better make that Delphi-Loon

  8. 8
    Yay! Says:

    Good job Orlando!
    It’s nice to see him being recognized for his charity work.
    He’s such a good man.

  9. 9
    Cleans up nice Says:

    Almost forgot how good he looks when he’s showered and all suited up! He looks quite nice here although I still prefer him without the ‘stache.

  10. 10
    Jayne Says:

    It’s about time he got one, well done he the best and orlando put the work in to.

  11. 11
    Roally Says:

    I met him earlier this week in Barcelona. Good looking man but not that nice, maybe I should I have said i was charity work lol

  12. 12
    Mari Says:


    Or maybe you should have left him alone?

  13. 13
    @Roally Says:

    Do you have more details? I’d like to have a well-rounded picture of him.

    There are occasional reports of him being standoffish or dismissive. On the other hand when he went to Bend to cycle the Mackenzie River last year, there were people saying they’d talked to him without realising who he was, but they were struck anyway by what a nice guy he was.

    So the more information about encounters with him the more it will be possible to put the picture together.

  14. 14
    Jayne Says:

    When i met orlando he was sooooo lovely to me. And he came back to me when he did’nt have to so i say he a nice man.

  15. 15
    sara Says:

    It probably depends on how and when you approach him.
    If he isn’t busy getting somewhere, or in the middle of dinner he is probably a lot nicer than if you approach him when he is obviously busy.
    My favorite “negative” fan encounter was the girl that took a photo of him when he was upset about something, then refused to delete the picture, then got angry when he wouldn’t pose for another shot. She then sold her pic to a pap site, complaining about how “rude” he was. The telling point was how many comments went against HER for being rude to HIM.
    We have many more positive reports than negative, so I am leaning toward him being a super nice guy. But he is also human. He can’t be perfect 24/7/365.

  16. 16
    Mjforever Says:

    Love him the Delphi loons makes me sick.

  17. 17
    yes! Says:

    It’s so nice to see a celeb getting attention for doing something GOOD, instead of for doing something BAD.
    Congratulations, Orlando!!

  18. 18
    Sarah Says:

    I sure miss the wild crazy cool Orlando back in the old mohawk days. I guess he’s matured a whole lot since then. It’s good to see him get involved with charity though.

  19. 19
    @18 Says:

    Yeah, he’s now a mature,responsibe, married man who is about to become a father.
    If he was still the “wild crazy cool” kid that he was ten years ago, I would be very worried about him and his future.

  20. 20
    Congrats Orlando! Says:

    Good for him for giving back to society. Well deserved award!

  21. 21
    Roally Says:

    I do not have details. We just shared a lift, it was me, my partner and him and three people who were with him. He didn’t say ‘hi’ to the elevator operator like everyone else did and when we were up, in a place with no more people and I greeted him and asked for a photo, he said ‘No’ and just turned around giving me his back. I was surprised by that, thought he would be nicer by the interviews. I was not asking for a ‘yay! I would love a pic with you!’ but a ‘No, I’m sorry, I don’t think this is the place’ or whatever would have been better than a harsh ‘No’ and an instantaniously view of his back…

  22. 22
    @21 Says:

    It could still have been time and place. Or maybe you interrupted a conversation, or he was concentrating on something.
    Either way, as has been said, he can’t be perfect 24/7/365.
    The good reports still far outweigh the bad. So maybe you just caught him at a bad time, or he simply wasn’t in the mood to be bothered.
    It happens.

  23. 23
    @21 Says:

    Thanks for coming back with that info. I do agree it would have been polite to say “Sorry, it’s not a good time” or something like that, even if he was trying to concentrate. Maybe he’s tried that and he’s found that people tend to argue?

  24. 24
    Odd Says:

    I agree, doesn’t sound much like the Orlando I’ve always read/heard about. At events (premieres and the like) he’s usually so charming and friendly, and accommodating, but of course at those types of events he’s ‘out in the public eye’ so to speak and oftentimes surrounded by scores of fans (and photographers). His behavior in this case does seem a little surprising and I agree that he could have declined in a way that was still polite and not so dismissive. .

  25. 25
    Roally Says:

    @21 No problem. I just wanted to clearify that I wasn’t some kind of girl running behind him crying from his attention lol People didn’t seem to like my joke on the first comment.
    I agree with all of you, I was surprised by his attitude. But I guess you are right, everyone has right to have a bad day. He wasn’t talking with his people so I didn’t interrupt anything, thought. I have been thinking however, few people recognized him and maybe he didn’t want people to ‘know’ he was there since it was a tourisic crowded place. It was nice seeing him, however.

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