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Rachel Bilson: That's A Wrap on 'BFF & Baby'!

Rachel Bilson: That's A Wrap on 'BFF & Baby'!

Rachel Bilson wears a pair of fun wedge boots as she goes to visit her mom on Thursday (November 11) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress finished work on her latest project, BFF & Baby, this week! Rachel shot the project with Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter in a 20-day shoot in Los Angeles.

Yesterday, Rachel was spotted out shopping for jewelry at the Chanel boutique in Beverly Hills.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a C&C California striped tee and carrying a C&C California cropped cable cardigan.

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  • I cannot believe

    Her again?????

  • Jessica

    I never used to mind Rachel Bilson posts cause I liked to see what she was wearing. I think she’s lost it though. Case in point: those shoes. Ugly as hell.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …who?!? …i’m surprised jared didn’t throw this persons name into the last thread, just because. he acts likes she’s a-list.

  • lexy hates bilson

    From A-listers like Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley to Z-lister Rachel Bilson??

  • Alias

    RB doesn’t look any uglier than Natalie Portman does when she goes out, a- lister or z- lister

  • i love her

    she’s so cute :)

  • Ahari

    @#5, Actually she does because she’s such a desperate and transparent fame/attention wh*re. A person is only as attractive on the outside as they are inside.

  • ida

    how long did her “last project” actually last? i dont think it was over a month..what kind of movie is it going to be?!God have mercy on our souls…..! :P

  • Sian

    My goodness, just stop picking on her already. It’s getting really old.

  • F

    Those pics suck

  • lexy hates bilson

    Natalie has talent – she’s an ACTRESS. She doesn’t need to get glammed up to go to the supermarket. She’s not a media whore trying to get attention and going on casting calls – she’s a talented young woman!

  • Oh, brother!

    Finally! We can get on with our lives.

  • George W

    Who cares???????????

  • padme

    WTF?! Only 20 days to shoot this movie? Must be going straight to DVD. Thought it took at least 20 days for Bitchinson to memorize her lines b/c didn’t she admit in one of her interviews that her car accident from several years ago had impaired her memorization skill? Hell, she would use any excuses, but the truth is she is simply stupid!

  • erika

    Her pilot with NBC isn’t a sure thing to become a series.
    The new management of Comcast is taking over NBC soon and the person who gave the greenlight for a pilot starring Rachel and produced by Josh Schwartz may not be around anymore when NBC decides which of the shot pilots will go forward and get a series order.
    It might be a different executive calling the shots by next year.

    Especially since nearly all of NBC’s new shows, which were developed under the soon to be replaced execs, are tanking in the ratings.

  • Ahari

    Don’t let your 14 year old daughters go out drinking and driving and who knows what else with older boys. I read they crashed the car and she went head first through the windshield. She said in an interview she was in a coma for three days and that’s why she has no memorization abilities. So, why on earth did her father suggest she try acting? The whole family must be “challenged.”

  • yanni

    U turn youself into a lame blogger everytime you post this kind of notes about this kind of “”"actors”"”

  • jacinth

    Actually she just shoot that BFF cr@p for just about ONE WEEK! Imagine just 1 whole week for her whole appearance on the said movie while even a one episode of a TV series took sometimes at least 3 days to filmed – jeeez how a damn “serious” actress she really is!?

  • Ahari

    Given the number of reshoots it requires when she’s involved, if she worked for a week, then she must just have one line in this movie.

  • PW

    Rachel never said she had trouble memorizing. She has short term memory loss because of the accident. She forgets details about recent events.

    What she actually said was that “I’m good at memorizing, though. I can look at lines and remember them right before I do them.”

  • crapshack

    Just “Forever A Starlet, Will Never Ever Be An Actress”!!!
    Crapchel is definitely on the D List: Dumb, Desperate, Disgusting, Dense, Defective, Damned, Devious, Dud, Derisive, Dwarf, Disposable & Delusional. Umm did I still forget something? !

  • sterling

    Well given to the fact that Midge(t) very few & limited acting gigs (& most of her speaking lines w/c wont consist like a paragraph) after all this years; it just looks that she really had trouble in memorization. I could even think that she wouldn’t even pass a guest role in “Gilmore Girls” where said show is known for its long, witty & rapid fire dialogues.

  • Jasmine

    That’s a wrap on things no one gives a sh-t about!

  • Brightside

    JJ really needed a post on Rachel Bilson to tell us this – *rolls eyes*. We already effing knew and don’t give a blind man’s cr*p. Another redundant Bilson post from JJ. Like all his posts on Bilson. Completely bloody redundant!

  • total loser

    i hate her..
    ugly b*tch

  • anna

    Now she can go back to being unemployed, her natural state.

  • not saying anything

    make of this what you will,

    still acts like like he does not want her around.

  • Bridie

    Here we go again… *rolleyes* And: The most ugly boots I’ve ever seen on a person!!!

  • @27

    Well, he did not say no.

  • @27

    He acts like he does not want the paps around.

  • dreamer

    Couldn’t hear him at all really, he never ever made statements in the past to dating..if what the his person comment was to other reporters then he stayed friends but thats about the extent of it. Unless he plans on living in LA for good which i don’t see going down nothing between them would really has changed. Seems like he is desperate to work meeting with agent. Plus he was also seen just a week or so ago leaving a hotel at 2am can’t see where that proves he all over bilson.

  • ryansgirl

    Guess this will be the next JJ post of him leaving with his agent from lunch yesterday. Who could hear anything he said in that video all I got was he wasn’t working on anything. Funny Imdb has a load of movies he is s supposed to be connected to or ready to film. He has to know he will be hounded now with press as they want to know if he is or isn’t with RB again where did he think he was escaping that from the press now that her ppl made this comment. Lucky him to think much would change especially him back in la. To bad the wind on the paps mike couldn’t pickup what he said i’m sure shove it was on his tongue.

  • i care

    thanks jj for rachel pix! where is hayden!?!? :) love her shoes!!!
    and she bought this chanel bag at the chanel store on Nov.11.

  • http://twitter annie

    comparing bilson to nat is a big INSULT,nat is a great actress,bilson shops and shops and yes those boots r ugh. nat looks so pretty in the post today. better go find hayden,u need something to do now bilson the smell.

  • S

    He said, he does not want to talk about his personal life….

  • maya

    Honey i really want to see u with hayden

  • listen again

    If you turn up the sound on the video, as S said, you can hear Hayden say “I don’t wanna talk about it”, or something like that. Then the pap says, “alright, alright, I understand”. He did not confirm or deny it, but that is not surprising.

  • Tabitha

    I’m sure he is expecting that to be the main topic of these paps he won’t discuss it and that’s fine really, But he best no he is out to be the center of RB’s so called “Friends” comment more like PR’s and RB’s arranged comment. If he didn’t learn anything from the first time with her then he is a gluten for punishment.

  • Brightside

    Natalie Portman’s portrayal of Nina in Black Swan is already an early Oscar award prediction. Natalie is only a month older than Rachel Bilson but the gulf between their respective careers couldn’t be wider. The only prediction that anyone can have about Bilson is that she fails as an actress simply because she’s no effing good at it. This film is a sure fire cert for a Razzie and the rumoured and hackneyed sounding psychic rom-com TV series sounds as dire in concept as it no doubt will be in reality. She is doomed to remain a struggling d-list desperado, and still so desperate to pimp her relationship (if rumours are true) even before it’s got off the ground. Despicable, really. She’s nothing more than another talentless LA pap wh*re…it’s all she’s ever been and it’s all she ever will be in an industry over-burdened with them.

    A marriage (to anyone) is really the only way forward for her. She’s so mediocre in her life and career that she’s better off being a homemaker and raising children. That might be something she’s actually good at. Even women with little education and intelligence can manage to do that. Providing, of course, that she has a very tolerant husband. On the other hand I can’t see any man sticking her long term…unless they have a really high boredom threshold or choose to live in separate establishments.

  • ATLqueen


    Read your post out loud to yourself and tell me what is wrong with what you posted. And I’m serious. Read it out loud. Now imagine someone narrowing your life down by the one thing they think you can’t do. Sounds silly doesn’t it. Here is an example of what you just wrote with you and your post in place of her and and her career. Your post sucks so I think you would be better off sitting at home in the corner staring at the wall. I mean you can’t do anything else right so you should just do that. Now keep in mind I don’t know you or the things you’re capable of. Your comment comes off so shallow. Think of what you’re saying before you post.

    And who are you to say what man can stand her? Are you a man and if you are do you even know the girl? I didn’t think so. If you have something personal against her that’s fine but just remember you don’t and probably will never know her. Just cause she irritates you (even though for whatever reason you follow her everywhere and know every single solitary thing she does and says) doesn’t mean she irritates every soul around her. She’s got friends, family and even the one man you want that care. So nanny nanny boo boo stick UR head in doo doo! Lol

  • Tabitha

    @ 40

    It’s an option if Brightside’s comment bothers you fine some of her comment I agree with other’s I don’t . But to be fair RB puts her ass out there all the time, showing off for the cameras b/c she doesn’t have much of a career. If you ever look back at the men in her life they have looked as if being with her was painful. Yet it’s their doing if they wish to be with her. I won’t say a man’s career is based on who he dates but again HC’s career hasn’t been successful past SW movies so far. He really will have to push to get it back on track. But truthfully these two have a history of never looking happy or realistic, they seem to do better when apart personally I hope they aren’t dating again I don’t see it’ working.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hey Brightside — I think the Razzie’s are a bit too much of a stretch for Rachel. She’d be lucky if they noticed her!!

  • Fugly Unflattering Shoes Again

    Does she actually think that wearing huge shoes like Frankenstein’s Monster dangling off the end of short short legs in tight jeans actually look good? THEY. DON’T. She always dresses like she’s at least 5’11″ and 80 lbs. She’s 4’10″ and about 80 lbs. It looks like she used to be 90 lbs but she had some of the cellulite vacuumed off those thighs and butt so she doesn’t look so much like a plumbers helper. It doesn’t help very much. She still has very short legs and should never wear skinny jeans and huge monster shoes with long tops. She looks like an anorexic dwarf (with apologies to anorexic dwarves out there, who tend to be much cuter than Bilson is, and none of them as stupid.) I can’t believe this girl is supposed to be some kind of fashionista. She hardly ever looks good anymore .

    It’s great she’s back with Hayden though. I hope they get married. They’re so perfect for each other. We can totally ignore both of them because neither have ever produced anything good while they were together and have annoyed practically everyone with the constant barrage of papparazzi pics of Bilson doing nothing and exploiting the relationship every other day for publicity. He just blows off press and fans alike in an attempt to seem like a serious artiste who can’t be bothered but anyone who saw Virgin Territory and Jumper knows that he is a zero in the acting department. He is however amazingly pretentious, like Johnny Depp but without any discernable talent.

  • ATLqueen


    Who are you captain save a h0e? Brightside can speak for herself.

  • ATLqueen


    And another thing You make it seem like HC’s career is so much in bad shape that all his movies go straight to DVD. He doesn’t suck and he isn’t Jean Claude Van Dam.

    You guys can not deny that this man’s career is not on the rocks. No matter what you say he is here and he ain’t going nowhere. Suck it up! He’s doing better than what you want him to be. And quit saying RB is unemployed cause it doesn’t truly make sense. Every actor/actress that isn’t working is what? UNEMPLOYED! She is of no exception….

  • Tabitha


    Seems you adore her thats great more power to you but, do ppl a favor you seem to believe you must save Bilson from the bad press she is reaping on herself. She is the one calling out the press via management. Show me her long list of credits to prove she is some wonderful actress/ fashionista she ghost writes some column big deal doesn’t make her Coco Chanel. As for HC he was popular for SW since then his career has gone from ok to dryer then toast. I won’t disclaim he can get work b/c we know he can but, he choses roles he is at best ok in to all wrong for. He isn’t a big deal either you act like your his spokes person. He isn’t one of the A-listed actors who have the paps at the door 24/7 he is mediocre and most of the reason he is followed at all is b/c RB’s ppl make sure he is still visible in the public eye. If he has such a lucrative career as you are bitting ppls heads off about then why is it we don’t see the paps camped out at the houses he stays at? Or follow him as they do Rhianna, Pitt or any number of others who’s pictures are paying the paparazzi’s rent. Honestly snapping at the heals of ppl who have an option is sort of grade school. like assholes everyone has one and a right to speak what they feel. If you disagree with who makes a comment then either ignore it or agree to disagree.

  • ATL Queen is in Denial

    Sorry but HC’s career is OVER and you need to wake up and smell the coffee. There are a lot of younger, handsomer male actors out there coming up that can do exactly what he does on screen, less expensively, and he has nothing special to offer anymore. He doesn’t have any hit films or breakthrough performances in the recent (i.e. last year or 2) past and he’s only as good as his last performance. That was in ‘Takers’. It was unremarkable. He isn’t that good looking anymore. He doesn’t have a proven range in the things he can do. He’s proven there’s a lot he can’t do. Yeah there are some actors out there on the fringes that once did films that made money, but if they don’t keep working in things people see and stay current in a positive light in the public eye, they might as well not exist. Judd Nelson was hot once. So was Andrew McCarthy. So was Emilio Estevez. So was They didn’t do Star Wars but frankly the SW films HC was in weren’t his best work and they showed no range at all. He whined and pouted and sulked through two George Lucas films, but he was beautiful while he did it, so it was watchable. What the heck is there to look at now? He looks like every other almost-30 movie actor. WAKE UP. It’s over for him.

  • @ In Denial #47

    @ #47 You don’t like Hayden, that is obvious, and that is fine. It is only your opinion that his popularity is over, and you have been saying that same thing for a few years now. Your posts are always obvious. At the Takers premiere Aug. 4th, on the video, you could hear fans screaming ‘Hayden,Hayden” over and over, no other celeb was called out like he was. He will always have Star Wars fans, and be recognized as “Anakin”, Paul Walker commented on it in an interview about Takers how Hayden was recognized by fans while filming. And if you don’t think he is good looking, fine, but don’t include everyone else in your delusion. He was the 9th sexiest man in the Glamour poll, and if you ever look at twitter, most of the comments about Takers under his name are about how good looking he is. You are in a minority on him not looking good. He does just fine, and there are plenty of fans that are looking forward to the movies he has coming up. Your oprinion is a drop in a bucket!

  • ….

    If everyone hates why give her so many comments

  • ….