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Zac Efron is 'The Lucky One'

Zac Efron is 'The Lucky One'

Zac Efron stands behind a pickup truck as he films scenes for his new movie, The Lucky One, on Thursday (October 14).

The 23-year-old actor plays U.S. Marine Sergeant Logan Thibault in the film, which is based on the bestselling Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name.

In the story, Zac‘s character does his best to adapt to normal life again after returning home from the Iraq War.

The Lucky One is scheduled to hit the big screen in 2012.

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Credit: Alan Markfield; Photos: Warner Bros.
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  • JustMe

    I would rather watch an average man who can ACT, than some model who CAN’T. Not that he qualifies to be a model ’cause he’s too short. .

  • Kels

    he looks really good with this shorter hair

  • 3niefronhudgie



  • ZanessaFanForever

    loveeeeee him, he is soooo hot :)
    soo excited for this movie :D

  • none

    Well Dang, he looks really handsome and grown here! I like the haircut.

  • Peoplefan

    yeah yeah yeah. He is so gorgeous. Could look at him all day. Lucky Vanessa!

  • Leila

    I just don’t like his face.

  • Lena

    I just don’t understand how he can say he wants to be like Leonardo DiCaprio in terms of choosing quality films, and then go and do a film from the same author whose books were adapted to Dear John, The Last Song and Nights In Rodanthe, especially after the failure of Charlie St. Cloud. He definitely has the most potential out of all the HSM cast, it’s just so frustrating when actors choose such obviously non-beneficial roles in films solely aimed to make money, yet say they want to be like DiCaprio as opposed to going the more “risky” move of doing quality independent or smaller films. What happened to the art of acting?

  • MrJeffery

    he gets better with age!

  • ze

    Is it me or does it seem like his movie picks need serious second glances by his PR team? Poor guy, he reminds me of when Andy Roddick could have been the super boy of tennis but Roger Federer kept cleaning house. Looks like Rpatz is the Federer of acting right now and Efron is Roddick.

  • Imzadi

    Let me guess, somebody is going to die at the end of the movie?

  • :L

    @Imzadi … as far as I can remember no-BODY close to him dies :L

  • hahhys

    No offense, but he really does not suit this act… I’ve read the book and I can never imagine him playing that charactor:/ not in a million years. He’s too commercial good-looking… (if you get what I mean)

  • jaye

    He seems to be a very conscientious young man who chooses projects that are right for him. Level headed and smart. I hope he has a long career.
    If he wants to be like Dicaprio, he has to GROW into that stature, the same way Leo did. I’m sure Efron wasn’t talking about becoming like him IMMEDIATELY. Besides being a very good actor, DiCaprio is known for having a career of diverse roles; perhaps this is what Efron wants to emulate. Some people expect these young artist’s to do everything right from the start. They make mistakes, not that I think Efron has made any so far, and they’re allowed to learn their craft as they go along.
    BTW Leo’s first film was Critters 3, a less than B Sci-Fi film; it went straight to DVD. How you start isn’t necessarily how you end up. Nothing has happened to the art of acting, you can be a good actor in a bad movie. Leo didn’t do real quality stuff at the beginning of his career, but it got him noticed. Sometimes, it’s a matter of being noticed by the right person at the right time. Leo got the benefit of that.

  • obobobobo


  • Helena

    He says he wants to be a serious actor…then he makes schmaltzy crap like Charlie St. Cloud and now a Nicholas Sparks adaptation?!

  • w11

    I do not buy him as a Marine. Sorry, but no. He’s also not old enough to play a Marine Sergeant.

  • somethingm

    I read the book and I am excited to see Zac as Logan.

    He looks good in these pics….definitely older with that facial scruff.

  • smh

    ZAC EFRON will NOT be a serious actor unless he really makes better choices for films. HSM was popular among TWEENS & TEENS!…Seventeen Again was successful but it’s BLAH!…Charlie St. Cloud great story plot but it was a major FLOP!

    He has wayyyy more POTENTIAL htan his GF Vanessa Hudgens her movies are for young teens HSM, the Journey 2!…Geeeeeeezz! u are 21 years OLD pick better ROLES!

    maybe ppl will take u seriously….instead of being a pretty face!

  • Malia

    I’ve read the book, and I think Zac will do great in the role of Logan. He definitely look the part of an ex-marine in these shots.

  • Malia

    Seriously, do any of you complainers know what a marine sergeant looks like? They’re not OLD men. Here is a picture of one.

  • lm

    NO! i loved the book, definitely not who i thought would be a good match for the role…ever since the notebook Nicholas Sparks books hav had TERRIBLE castings

  • Heather

    Not who I would have picked for this role. It’s an emotional role. I hope he can handle it. =/

  • :*


  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …that’s pretty cool. sounds nice. my opinion on him his definitely changing for the better. as long as he stays away from the crapppy kiddie dance movies and continues to do good stuff. too bad his girlfriends career is on the slow track nowhere. ahahahahahahaha guess he’ll be carrying her for a while.

  • birdie

    I trust Zac’s choices in his career and so far he’s doing a GREAT
    job. He looks wonderful and perfect for this. Looking forward to
    his performance.

  • jk

    @smh: Suckerpunch is not exactly kid friendly….

  • @jaye

    Leo’s first movie may have been Critters 3, which is the equivalent to Zac’s HSM. However Leo’s 3rd movie was This Boy’s Life with Robert De Niro, followed by What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Zac did Hairspray, 17 Again, Me And Orson Welles, and Charlie St. Cloud. I’m not saying Zac HAS to be like Leo, it’s just what’s the point in making those aspirations so clear to everyone, and then choosing a movie like this?? Is this a serious movie, aiming to create art? No. It’s a chick-flick for girls to take their boyfriends to, aimed to make money and make him even more of a hunk. And that’s pretty much guaranteed based on the FOUR Sparks movies that preceded this one that have been exactly the same, so he must have known. Plus nearly every comment on this post applauding his choice of role has commented on how good looking he is.

  • http://GOOGLE barbara

    @ inflamouslycool , You don’t know want your are talking about. Even Zac said, in a interview, he wished he had his girlfriends career,because she is doing the type of movies he would like to do.In fact Vanessa was the only actor that didn’t use a stunt person in her scenes, while she has been filming Journey 2.She gets to work with Micheal Caine, who is a famous actor, so far she has the directors from all the movies,saying and praising her work. Zac even said he would give the world the world to work with Vanessa again. Her movies come out next year, 3 of them, so we will wait and see how they come out , untill then you don’t know want you are talking about.

  • Annie

    none of you guys know what your taking about, Zac is growing as an actor and has plenty of time to be ‘Leo’ like, who by the way is only a good actor ‘subjectively.’ Zac has a lot of awesome films lined up for the future and a production company, he is taking his time and will get to where HE wants to go, after all it is his career and his life and goals, not ours.

    As for Vanessa, she is going to be amazing also, Sucker Punch is just the tip of the iceberg for her.

    And FYI, Rob Pattinson is not a good actor. Smoke and Mirrors.

  • http://GOOGLE barbara

    By the way Zac look’s great, and he looks older, i think he do will just find, with the part he’s playing, this is the way he will grow as an actor, and Vanessa will do the same. There taking one step at a time. By the way it helps to work with good directors and the people who suround you make you better,as an actor.

  • Abby

    DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN I for sure WILL be seeing this movie. He looks amazing. <3

  • UKMT1

    What a ridiculously good looking man!

  • GG

    I like Zac. What makes him really cute to me is his personality.

  • tina

    I agree with so many of the comments here. I think Zac at 23 does not have to worry that much about getting the tough guy roles. I think they will come in time. He is working right now which is great because there are tons of 23 year old actors who are not.

  • go sox

    I have not liked Zac’s role choices either, to be honest. But I totally agree, he has time to grow into these adult roles. Nothing can happen overnight. First, he had to LOOK more mature, and he’s definitely getting there. The short hair certainly helped, along with his face maturing. I think he needs to do hip, young movies with good ensemble casts, and not sappy romantic dramas at this point. Like Shia, Chris Pine, even Justin Timberlake. The movies he is planning to do sound FAR better for him than this. Can’t wait for those.

  • observer

    he’s working hard just like any human being would who’s lucky enough to get the opportunity. I wish him well, he seems level headed, down-to-earth, and knows what he wants. He’s serious
    and I wish him well. His parents must be proud. Good for him.

  • Alex


    Don’t hate on Zac. He is new at this and is trying to have range as an actor. Yes he is at his best in his full of life characters, but in order for him to be great at something else he must practice. I’d like to see how many people you can get to the theaters, then we’ll talk. @JustMe:

  • somethingm

    Except for these stills, Zac and the rest of the cast are lucky to be filming in relative peace and without the intrusion of paps and other fans.

    Its great that he can focus on his role as Logan.

    And I thought that this movie will be shown in late 2011, not in 2012.

  • claudia

    Scott Hicks is directing this movie, he was nominated for 7 oscars, including best movie, for his film “Shine”…just want to know something….you think that’s bad for Zac’s career??…weird!

    He looks sooo hoottt!!!!…looove him sooo much!!♥

  • Val

    @Lena: How do you know this will be a non-beneficial role? yeah..that’s what i thought.

  • callmecrazy

    Hey, Jared. Will you please update the pictures in the “Celebs” column? There are so many better pics to post, like this one of Zac. Yummy!

  • Bradley Bobst

    The New Pictures of Zac on the Set of his new movie looks amazing I have read the book & Think that Zac will be great and Fantastic in the Role as Logan, Can’t wait to see the Movie in 2012.

  • florence

    According to Splash Vanessa is getting very friendly with her latest co-star and if so I say good for her, it’s about time he got a taste of his own medicine. After all the gushing he does about his female co-star’s and the comments he comes out with, without giving Vanessa a second thought and how it might upset her.

    And she recently attended a wedding in hawaii without the ring and bracelet that eh gave her, so I’m thinking that their Vegas hook up was a goodbye trip for her anyway.

    You go Vanessa and find someone who rally cares about you and your feelings.

  • Rio

    zexy zexy zexy

    And go away haters

  • BOJI

    Let the young man be for heaven’s sakes. Zac chose CSC for personal reasons and not because it was going to be a sure thing at the box office. If the director/producers were totally dependant on Zac’s clout to bring it to the box office, well fool them. He is a fine actor, yeah the storyline was sappy. Can’t fault his acting and all A-listers as far as I know have done movies that have bombed or not made it to the box office. So what, I think for Zac it is about fine tuning his acting skills. If he wanted a hit each time, he would have stuck to doing another song and dance type movie or an action/thriller/sci fi movie with a hot babe in it.
    I will give credit to Zac in that he is unafraid to venture where others dare not. He is young and if he admires Leonardo, what is wrong with that?. Leonardo himself have made movies that bombed, the BEACH comes to mind.
    Anyway, he looks like a true marine here and he is a perfectionist that much I can say for him. My, he is all MAN.

  • BOJI

    As to Vanessa not wearing her ring and bracelet at the Hawaiian wedding, we mustn’t forget that she’s still in the midst of filming and have kept them away for safekeeping. Being friendly with her co-star Josh looks innocent enough to me, they look like youngsters having fun, nothing wrong with that. Lets not start speculating here and making a mountain out of a mole hill ie. something out of nothing. Both Zac and Vanessa are busy filming. How many pics have we seen of her busy with her iphone?! What does that mean? She’s breaking up with Zac? There is trouble in paradise? She looks perky and upbeat in her candids, so see no trouble in the horizon.

  • tina

    Boji, Great points in both comments.

  • BOJI

    We can critique him all we want but it doesn’t deter from the fact that he has talent plus good looks and a physique to go. Besides, he has tons of personality and any director would gladly work with him. Okay, some of his choices may not be to our taste but for him it is about doing a movie that gives him personal satisfaction, I can’t argue with that. How many actors can we attest to having a clean slate and a good track record? I think you can count only a handful and Zac is definitely above the lot.

  • AddictedtoV

    @florence so what if Vanessa is getting friendly with her co-star whats the big deal about it she’s a very nice person inside and out…. don’t make stories that aren’t true… ZANESSA is Live in Trust, Live in Faith and Live in Love!