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Angelina Jolie: 'Love Story' is Moving to Bosnia!

Angelina Jolie: 'Love Story' is Moving to Bosnia!

Angelina Jolie continues work on her directorial debut, United Love Story, on Friday (November 12) in Estergom, Hungary

The 35-year-old actress is set to move shooting of her film to Bosnia, where the film has caused some controversy in the past.

The film will shoot from November 17 to 21 in the capital of Sarajevo and in the town of Vares.

Angelina and Johnny Depp are featured on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly to promote their upcoming thriller The Tourist.

15+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie working on her film…

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  • briseis

    Wow, a new thread. An embarrassment of riches … thanks, Jared. I hope Angie’s shooting in Bosnia goes smoothly ….


    ET has The Tourist Exclusive Wednesday. We are about to go into full promotion for The Tourist in theaters December 10th.

  • chocochips

    Good luck!


    The Jolie-Pitt fans are having the best week ever. Jared keep it coming. Angelina and Johnny look so good on the cover of EW and Angie is simply stunning on the cover of Vogue. I will be buying both magazines. Support The Tourist.

    My favorite quote of the week from the director of The Tourist:
    Florian really wanted to work with her, too. Are you kidding? “Literally,” he tells me in a phone call, “she gets every single script that has a female role aged between eighteen and 40—every script. And she just follows her feeling, holds her own counsel. She’s probably the only global megastar that doesn’t even have an agent—she doesn’t even have a publicist.” Mmm. And that thing of gazing and gazing? “You never lose it,” he says swiftly. “I can tell from the way that Brad looks at her that he never loses it.”

    I could read it a thousand times. Someone actually got to see the Love of Brad and Angelina upclose.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Yeah, new thread!!! I can’t wait for ET on Wednesday.

    OT: If this was Angie, the haters will attack her for being a bad mom.

  • lynn192002

    its annoying how blogs keep on posting UNITED LOVE STORY when in fact it is UNTITLED LOVE STORY!

  • lynn192002

    i mean bloggers

  • briseis

    @lynn192002: No one proofreads anymore ,,, and errors are perpetuated!!!

  • an oldie

    Jared, it’s UNTITLED love story. Please correct your error.

  • ^O^

    vote ~~~~ Angelina Jolie

  • Supernova

    I would like to know she finds the new role behind cameras…..and if she has done some studies for it!

  • busted


    they do this because they all just cut and paste from each other. NONE of them have exclusives so this is why this spreads.

    Anyway.. she is lovely and I for one am so awestruck by her and what she has accomplished. I read the EW interview. Angie had a lot to do with the script and the casting.. NOW how many actresses out there get to steer the scripts they get the way they want them, and get Directorial approval.. NO MANY.. I can only really think of maybe 3 or 4 and that is a stretch.

    Angie is in an very unique class. I know Brad has this status too.. hmmm STAR POWER

  • tom

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  • busted


    I’m willing to bet that when she starts the press junket they will ask a lot of questions about the film..

    But she usually does not like talking a lot about other projects when she is promoting something. RESPECTFUL. I remember when she was doing the KFP DVD release. She was hesitant to even tell about a children’s film she had taken the kids to. Just because she was respecting the fact that she was promoting KFP…

    She is a true professional.

  • shylola

    yeay!! 1st page..
    well, lovin it when she’s still wearing dat same bubble coat .. she looks good in it <3
    love to see her at work

  • Frenchy

    Hellllloooo Alllll!!!!!!!!! Waving to the best fans ever! I have been enjoying the past few threads bout the JP’s . Isn’t it nice? It’s not earth shattering but just what fans want.

    Shout out to Neleh!

  • ro

    Cannot stand her.Why do people act like she’s the second coming…

  • clawson

    nice claws

  • $ shad up $

    I see the payoff has been made

  • b

    where’s my fking comment jared!

  • jane

    Thanks Jared.Love all the precious pictures of the gracious and gorgeous Angelina Jolie.

  • anustin

    the most photograph director.oh well………she’s insanely beautiful.

    and got brad pitt day and nite.

  • teri

    I can’t wait to see her movie!!!! Or shall I say the Tourist then ‘Her” movie.

  • jane

    @ro: Why come here, if it kills you, to see the beauty of Angelina.

  • wacko

    “Why do people act like she’s the second coming…”
    Because they don’t understand that projection does not only mean projecting one’s subconscious negative thoughts onto others but also one’s positive subconscious thoughts onto others. All of the good things about themselves never realized, placed onto an idealized idol who has “people” who are savvy enough to use this as a marketing tool.

  • briseis

    #17 — Sigh, and so it begins …

  • Passing Through

    # 153 dianad1968 @ 11/12/2010 at 1:46 am
    What I found funny today on her blog, she did not comment at all about “her Gwyneth’s” wardrobe at the CMAs, and the ugly blue “pageant” dress she wore that looked like a shark had bitten out piece of her waist. But what was glaring was that the shoes that GP wore last night, Angie wore that same style to Cannes last year, and none other
    than Lamey said she didn’t like Angie’s shoes. However, not a peep today about GP’s shoes. She also criticized Angie’s red dress she wore to the SALT premiere in Russia calling it a “prom” dress, yet nothing about GP’s godawful dress.
    Diana -
    You forgot the funniest part of Putrid’s “prom dress” at the CMAs. The thigh-high slit. Yet another B-list actress who’s worn a dress with a huge slit since Angie at Cannes in 2009. There have been about 20 women I’ve seen May 2009 trying to pull that look off. Putrid’s attempt was especially pathetic because the gown was fug. And the side “cut-out” supposedly bearing some skin was in fact a flesh-colored mesh that merely gave the illusion of showing skin. It’s almost as funny as the blue dress she wore the other day that had criss-crossing gaps across the bodice and you could see the underside of her boobs. Er, I should say her “new boobs” because Putrid quietly got a boob job after the first Iron Man and no one cares about her enough to call her out on it. LOL! The only reason I noticed is because I was at IIRC Cinematical the day the sequel was announced reading the comments about it and some guy made a comment that at least they wouldn’t have to look at Putrid’s saggy boobs in the sequel and pointed out how her boobs were much higher than they used to be – and bigger. Putrid used to be like Kate Hudson pre-boob-job – small and pointy. Teenage boys have bigger zits than their boobs. Now Putrid’s boobs are still small, but they’re round and perky. The new boobs don’t stop the hubby from cheating…but…they do look better than her natural boobs.

  • mary

    to all the trolls, you know who are are. what was that about the Government of Bosnia refusing angie permission to film in Bosnia. how about you all coming out and posting that you were wrong.

  • mary

    wacko @ 11/12/2010 at 10:52 am

    my, such big words used by someone with the intelligence of a flea. tell me, wacko or should i say whamo, how long did it take you to look them up. did you stop to read the definitions. anyway, when will you ever learn that the angie is far superior to you in every way. there is no way you can hope to accomplish one half of what she has. but then we’ve always known that you are jealous; jealous of what angie has and you never will have.

  • Kriss

    Ghost director and megalomania

  • Grandpa freeze

    Shes always better without control freak grandpa freeze telling her what to do. Hasn’t he cause enough damage for her? She even gets to wear the ugly coat that you know he hates. :) keep he control freak where he belongs…. At home catering to Zahara.

  • Grandpa freeze

    Or better yet get the needle
    Out because grandpa needs more Botox.

  • teri

    Wacko I’ve never considered Angelina a saint. She has her faults, not many but her kind heart overshadows them. Really why do we bother you so much? Sitting on an Angelina thread pouting because people adore her is silly.

  • Grandpa freeze

    The only comments I like from Lainey = one time she admitted that brad is the control freak and disciplinarian of the children. Angie is just a big Teddy bear. I love how some of her more outlandish tales are taken for truth and not just her bizarre sense of humor. Or as johnny puts it… Her perverse sense of humor. I have always thought she said certain things just to get people worked up and it always works. I mean do u seriously think she bought Shiloh a taxidermy bird? Rotflmao faRking idiots!

  • anustin

    the cross-eyed lainey is at it again……bahahahaa.

    werz the fcuk is Martin.

  • wacko

    Mary has a lazy superiority complex (masking inferiority),…heeeee…curl up in the fetal position in nearest corner …yuk yuk…while you project,,,,,, and keep that typing hand free

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    OMFG!! The trolls are losing it again.

    The sexiest woman is so in love with the sexiest man. I am so happy for Angie and Brad that they have found each other.

  • teri

    @Grandpa freeze:

    Keep rolling your stupid self on the floor where you belong.

  • Sherry

    (ignoring the trolls)…

    From what I’ve read about her interview so far, the point that impressed me the most was Jolie’s forward planning. Now there’s a woman with a plan. And the interviewer was right, the children follow the same school curriculum all through the private French school that’s located in pretty much all the major cities in the world, and she plans to settle them in high school in the south of France!! How lucky are those kids to have such a smart mum.

    So much so for the naysayers who say she’s “dragging” them off from one location to the next without any thought. I guess this is what Brad meant when he sent they are always ready to go (travel) like a military unit. Let’s hear it for foresight and forward planning. Yeah!!!

    (Now that’s something the trolls sorely lack)….

  • anustin

    bahahaaha….HOLLYWOOD most powerful woman in BIKINI…..Maniston is one.

    zhit of all shi.t!she got nothing to show anyway.


    # 17
    Because they CAN and don’t care to piss the likes of you off un the process. Or do you thiuyght that you and your opinion are important enough to dictate to others who and how they can see and perceive someone else ?
    Don’t flatter yourself, despotic weirdo !!!! You are NOT a SAINT, you are as flawn as anyone else. Drop the huge ego and keep acting like you and your opinion are saintly superior to anyone else’s !!!
    Superiority and saintlihood are a plague in your land, the manistonland where the delusional boohoo sisters and their idole think of themselves as godess in sinlesshood.

  • teri

    After looking at the second pic it looks as if her hands have been photoshopped! It looks like her thumb is backwards and in the wrong place???????

  • Passing Through

    # 34 Grandpa freeze @ 11/12/2010 at 11:29 am
    Somewhere a village is missing its idiot. Will they please come and get it.

  • dark angel

    The trolls are bored out of their skin. Their idol’s threads are all lifeless.

  • true

    Lainey knows nothing about the JP’s.
    She pretends to know everything about
    then ,but she gets all info from Jareds
    and mega4 and then adds her little insults,
    to her blog, she is envious of Angie.
    All ugly insecure women are jealous of Angie.

  • LoriLori

    Letterman did another poor Jen Aniston joke last night the audience loved it.
    AJ looks great can’t wait for The Tourist&Moneyball
    God bless the jolie pitts

  • Weak

    @Grandpa freeze: Only a weak pathetic woman stays with a control freak I guess InTouch was right it says the Needy One made Brad miss LA premiere and broke down so he had to leave NY right after premiere. I guess she is to insecure to be on the set that’s why Brad is there so much. How pathetic!

  • mac

    this thread is scary. full of blind praise.
    if you are aj fans, learn and discuss more about the war so that you can better understand the movie when you actually watch it. after all that’s what angie wants – raising awareness among ppl like you.

  • http://justjared Fascinated by Angie

    This is the EW interview;When Angelina Met Johnny

    By Chris Nashawaty

    Sometimes Hollywood seems like the smallest place on earth. If you’ve ever seen celebrities backslapping on the red carpet or even sat through a season of Entourage, you might conclude that everyone in the movie business knows everyone else. Take Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Between them, they’ve made 70 films. They own homes within an hour of each other in the south of France. And they both live with actors, which you’d think would expand their A-list circles further. But it wasn’t until last November that the costars of The Tourist actually met. “We’re both not that social,” says Jolie. “I don’t think either one of us goes out of our house, especially in France. We’re both locked away.” Adds Depp: “So much has been written about Angie and Brad. They’re sort of the Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton of our era. I knew she was a big star, but I didn’t know what to expect…”

    We take for granted that if two movie stars are big enough–and beautiful enough–they will have instant chemistry on screen. And when the PG-13 romantic thriller hits theaters on Dec. 10, the world will find out whether Depp and Jolie–arguably the biggest male and female stars on the planet–will have that indefinable spark. Until then, though, there’s a story worth sharing. The story of how Angie met Johnny.

    As with most $100 million-plus Hollywood productions, The Tourist took a byzantine path to theaters. It began in 2005 with a French film called Anthony Zimmer–a Hitchcockian import starring Sophie Marceau and Yvan Attal that barely made a ripple on this side of the Atlantic. Still, the pretzel-like wrong-man thriller about a money launderer on the run from detectives and Russian mobsters in sun-kissed Nice was fresh and clever enough for studios to think remake. Zimmer had twists, turns, and double and triple crosses, not to mention juicy parts for two major stars. In no time, Tom Cruise was said to be attached. Then Charlize Theron.

    Over time, a who’s who of six-figure screenwriters tried to blockbusterize the story, which was now being set in Venice: Jeffrey Nachmanoff (The Day After Tomorrow), William Wheeler (The Hoax), Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park), and Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) turned in one promising draft after another. But every time it looked as though The Tourist was headed for a green light, that light quickly turned red. Cruise backed out and went off to make other films. Then Sam Worthington was in. Until he wasn’t.

    Just as The Tourist seemed headed for the turnaround graveyard, Jolie was in New York wrapping the stunt-heavy Salt. She remembers being black-and-blue and exhausted. “I wanted to do something that would be a great vacation for my kids,” she says. “I got a phone call saying, ‘Okay, the film’s shooting in Venice,’ and I said, ‘I don’t know what it is, but I’m going to say yes.’”

    Jolie’s only half-kidding. The actress, 35, admits she’s always had a sweet tooth for action thrillers and was intrigued by the story about two good-looking strangers in trouble in a picturesque European locale. But she also knew the script needed work–a lot of work. It also needed a director, a producer, and a leading man. Still, her mind kept drifting back to a working vacation on the canals of Venice. There are worse places to spend a few months, she thought.

    YOU WOULD NEVER think it thumbing through the tabloids at the supermarket checkout line, where Jolie and Brad Pitt’s globe-trotting exploits are chronicled the way NORAD tracks heat-seeking missiles, but the actress insists that when she and Pitt are not working, they tend to be parked in front of the TV for movie nights, with a heaping bowl of popcorn.

  • Lara

    Fabulous lady hard at work as always, just love the interview with Angie and Johnny. Four weeks from today we can all go and show our support for The Tourist, please all J-P fans make this movie another success for Angie.
    I agree with the posts on the previous thread about the fake fans posting at JJB, for me they are worse than the out and out trolls.