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Elisabetta Canalis: Gelson's Groceries Run

Elisabetta Canalis: Gelson's Groceries Run

Elisabetta Canalis makes a stop at Gelson’s supermarket to pick up some groceries on Thursday (November 11) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old girlfriend of George Clooney also picked up a celebrity gossip magazine to bring home and read.

Elisabetta has been guest starring throughout this season of Leverage, which will have its season finale on December 19th.

ER actor Goran Visnjic will guest star in the two-part season finale as well, according to TV Guide.

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  • JoJo

    Dude needs some mascara and some lip gloss. Yikes!!!

  • JoJo

    Dude needs some mascara and some lip gloss, but I do like the manbag. Verra nice!

  • laverdadduele

    Too bad she couldn’t get her Valtrex at the supermarket.

  • marmot

    Why is this trick newsworthy? She’s a nobody f-lister who barely gets odd jobs in her own country, and she has to trade on Clooney’s name to even get those these days. Her only claim to fame in the U.S. is pretending to be George Clooney’s girlfriend via their publicity contract, which has already expired. I guess she is going to keep pretending to be his real girlfriend until people realize she hasn’t been seen with Clooney since their last staged photo op in September. Canalis is implicated in a cocaine and prostitutes investigation in Italy. I hope she gets caught with coke in the U.S. and has her ill-gotten “work” visa revoked. Mostly, I hope that George has learned something from all of this. Instead of good publicity, all his association with this skank has gotten him is the perception of a man who discriminates against professional actresses in favor of cokewhores who hop on a casting couch. It’s not true, of course, as they never slept together, but that’s the ugly perception this publicity arrangement bought him.

  • PinkBoa

    The most newsworthy part of this is that George Clooney’s girlfriend for hire has gotten caught buying a copy of this week’s Star Magazine that features one of Clooney’s true exs on the cover — Kelly Preston. Other than that interesting tidbit not sure why anybody bothers with this toe sloth.

  • marmot

    LOL @ “toe sloth”


    See what happens when you’re away,George — she steals your pants!

  • what else

    can’t believe that’s her! :D she looks bad. and I don’t like her. Shes not good for George. Sorry!!! Go away cannnnnallliiis.

  • Anonymous

    This is a man, right? Isn’t that a five o’clock shadow?



  • Anonymous

    She insults American women in her interviews, and she and her publicist insult American women in blog comments, yet in spite of that and in spite of having no acting talent, she wants a U.S. acting career handed to her. You think you’re superior to Americans, fine, we never asked you to come here in the first place. Go back to Italy, and don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. Then you and your friends can continue snorting coke together, whoring yourselves out, and telling each other that you’re superior to those silly American women who think it’s better to obtain a nice body and career with hard work and integrity than with drugs and prostitution.

  • http://JustJared Aqua

    wow ! this girl has a name usually she is just known as George Clooneys girlfriend.Not Elisabetta Canalis George Clooneys girlfriend. She’s looking harsh here,

  • Mia

    What’s wrong with you people for throwing all that sh_t at her?

    “Canalis is implicated in a cocaine and prostitutes investigation” ….that’s BULLSHIT !

  • lola


    I’m italian, I live in italy, and there is any investigation about elisabetta canalis…
    I don’t understand why people like you don’t like her, or hate her!
    She’a a very nice girl……..and never do something wrong in your country!
    How many terrible fake acrtess play in any television show in any country?!
    Stop to be jelous and bad for nothing!

  • Ariel

    She’s pretty.

  • marmot

    The publicity liars are here, I see. Yes, Canalis has been implicated in a cocaine and prostitution investigation. Anyone can look up the information. It was reported in Italy’s two main newspapers, La Repubblica and Corriere Della Sera.

  • watcher

    The cocaine and escorts story is true. It was reported all over the Italian press. The only reason it wasn’t reported in the states is the fact that Canalis is not a celebrity here.

  • Gar

    Very manly.

  • Anonymous

    I get a crazy stalker vibe from this chic, like she doesn’t understand the words “no,” “it’s over,” and “go away.” I hope George changed his locks, as even if he didn’t give her a key, she seems like the type that would swipe a key long enough to have a copy made.

  • jealous

    you people are so jealous of her… I think she’s got one of the hottest bodies i’ve ever seen… Leaver her alone.. she seems cool..

  • Anonymous

    She wore a fake wedding ring on several occasions, so yeah, she does seem mental.

  • e

    Not sure what the deal with you, anonymous, but you sound rather pathetic. With the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and the whole lot of silly starlets with no talent infesting the media all over, I think you’ll be better off stfu. Canalis is no better nor worse than what you got home.

  • Anonymous

    Again with insulting Americans, while at the same time expecting us to support her “career?” @e, Canalis makes Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan look like Oscar winners. She’s that bad of an actress. Besides, Paris and Lindsay don’t go to Italy and insult the locals and at the same time take jobs away from legitimate Italian actresses. She wants to be a professional cokeho, fine, but don’t pretend she’s anything but that. Americans hate arrogance, and especially when it comes from someone who has nothing to be arrogant about. She should keep her no-talent delusional Eurotrash arse out of the U.S.A.

  • laurie09080

    Angelina is a co-whore and ugly also. People over look that because she is with brad pitt, who is an alcoholic and pot head. Prefect match.

  • Anonymous

    @laurie, what does Angelina have to do with anything? At least she’s a talented award-winning actress. Are the publicity sleazies out in force to insult any American they can think of? No one wants skanknalis in the U.S., for which she has no one to blame but herself. Did you really think you could trick the American people into wanting her here just by sending out ridiculous press releases and insulting Americans on blogs? She has nothing to offer, no talent, no personality, nothing redeeming as far as the eye can see. She’s done.

  • http://joker jk

    32 yrs old? she looks way much younger than that! very gorgeous woman she is!! is she a model or what?

  • Anonymous

    She looks about fifty. That’s what being a tweaked cokeho does to a person.

  • http://justjared bored

    No coke or hooker allegations? Are you kidding? It got major coverage. She was named as one of the people in the club snorting coke on a number of occasions and that the women in the club where provided to the high rollers as entertainment and to get men to spend money in the club and if they spent enough money, the hookers were offered for the night as a thank you and hopefully, to encourage repeat business. Hell, even E Online wrote a piece about it back in July. It was why they fled Italy at the time. She will be called as a witness at the criminal trial of the people who own the clubs that were shut down over the drug and hooker allegations a few months back.

    She is just another B list model in Italy who used coke when out clubbing (and probably to stay thin) and then “used” her body to get work and make some cash on the side. She is talentless as an actor. Have you seen her acting in Leverage? God, it is bad. Did you not wonder why she has not gotten any more work in the States since then? The George connection gets her coverage but her lack of talent makes her pretty much unemployable as an actress in the States. So therefore whilst the boyfriend (who hasn’t been seen with her in over 5 weeks – splitsville anyone?) is out of state looking for locations for his next film, Canalis is tipping off the paps as to where she is – Mexico, LA supermarket, etc – so she can continue to trade on George’s name until the split becomes public. Then within a month of the announcement, she becomes socially irrelevant just like all the other wannabes that he has bedded and then discarded.

    She was only around to help him promote his films (and for him to get his kink on with) – he doesn’t have a film coming out anytime soon so he no longer has any use for her. She helps promotes him as a movie star, not as a serious global humanitarian that he is trying to be at the moment.

  • marmot

    @bored, I agree with most of what you said. She was never actually a model and is lower than b list as an actress in Italy. The only “modeling” she did before her association with Clooney was in various states of undress and not for the purpose of selling clothing or a product. Clooney’s arrangement with her was a business contract only and did not involve a real relationship or sex. Canalis has continued to see her real boyfriend in Italy, and there have been pictures of them together outside her place in Italy. Canalis’s presence at George’s red carpets did not help with the promotion of George’s movies, even in Italy, where The American didn’t do well even when it opened there. This arrangement also did nothing for George’s reputation, as your own post demonstrates. He is now perceived as someone who needs to “get his kink on,” as you put it, with a skank, rather than as a man who can get an attractive woman and one he doesn’t have to leave money for on the dresser, and as someone who uses the casting couch, and then there is also the perception that he is a gay man who uses these contract girlfriends as beards. None of these perceptions are flattering, but the saddest thing is they’re not even true, and the publicity arrangement helped perpetuate them.

  • happy

    I’m Italian and I live in Italy. I think you Americans should know more things than we Italians do it !!!!! I also know that there is no investigation Elisabetta Canalis, so avoid writing untrue things, and think more about your actresses coming in and out detoxification clinics.
    kisses ….

  • JT

    Ok,she does look like a man,the cocain and escort story is true.
    But what about Lindsay Lohan,Demi Lovato,Charlie Sheen,Mel Gibson and every other actresses and actors in U.S. who are on cocain,other drugs or prostitution.They are all drug addicts and prostitutes,they are all suck.
    Americans are pretty much racists here,huh?

  • lola

    I don’t know why you think that the story about investigation it’s true?!
    In italy she’s not on the list of the people accused!
    If you have this information, it’s a wroooong infotmation!
    Do you know? Sometimes the press LIE!?
    There is an investigation about some vip agent that was accused about this, and she was listen as witness!
    I don’t understand your malice about her or george!
    And, here in italy we don’t know nothing about her that speaks bad about America……………..when? abpout what?!
    But, I don’t think is a good reason to speak in that way about her!
    Your jealous……..!!! Get a life!

  • marie

    Ha ha “manly”???? I guess some people in here miss Maniston. And I don’t like Clooney’s girlfriend either, but she really doesn’t look like a man. Obvious evidence: she really doesn’t look like Chinifer Maniston.

  • mary

    @JT: Really? You are really going to use the racist card? Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one and just because you do not agree with the comment does not indicate the person is a racist. I would be VERY careful about throwing out the racist card here in America. We take quite an exception to that kind of comment. No one is being racist here so either take back your comment or face the wrath of more than just me.

  • winx

    I’m italian and in Italy no one can see her, (only her “staff” ‘s writing lies on the net like her!) she’s only a Hollywood night club’s and she is implicated in drug and ho0ker investigation , major papers reported that in the last summer!
    no one remembered Cocanalis before to see her next GC (her 50° boyfriend after several soccers), she was only considered a Z list coked celeb/escort!
    she’s unatractive at all, she has a lot of cellulite and flabby ass and boobs (see parazzi Hawai photos March 2010 or paparazzi 2009 photos!), with Leverage money she sliconated her boobs and ass, made liposuction ecc. and her recently bikini photos are fake paparazzed and are photoshopped too, I think so!
    I hope don’t see again GC playing a moron man role in the horse-face arms! I hope now finally we can remember Elisacessa Cagnalis only as the worst and ugliest GC’s sl.ut !!!
    it’s evident she has called paparazzi in L.A. too as in Mexico!

  • laurie09080

    This is a free country, so I can comment on anything I want . Angie can’t act, one supporting role 10 years ago,and ruins movies. Angie doesn’t think she is american, thats why she sends so much time overseas living. Angie is as dumb as a brick, she has nothing too offer and uses her kids for press, she is so pathetic.

  • her body

    @winx, if you think Elisabetta has flabby boobs and cellulite than you must be blind. She has a gorgeous toned body. Probably one of the nicest bodies I’ve ever seen… So you are obviously jealous or something is wrong with your vision…

  • her body

    oh poor Elisabetta, she has so much Cellulite, and her boobs are so flabby, how can she walk around like that? LOL her body is beautiful , so if you think she has a bad body than you’re obviously delusional or you have glaucoma ..

  • happy

    @winx: you’re delusional or what?? you have vision problems? an ophthalmologist urgently …….

  • to marmot

    @ 11/12/2010 at 7:51 pm

    i am by no means a fan of elsabetta. yes, she is impicated in this cocaine and prostitution investigation. however, it has yet to be proven. until then she is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. your opinion of her guilt not withstanding. as for george, who knows what he is or not thinking. but i can tell you that the word here in LA is that they are still a couple

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    I know Italian friends who don’t like her (Italians from mainland Italy) – why is this? Anyway, George the hottie could of done better.

  • to anonymous

    i just sent a text to a couple of lawyers i know in italy asking them what they know about elisabetta. if there is still an investigation they’ll tell me.
    as for george, there are people here in LA who ACTUALLY think that he just might marry her. now as to whether they’re thrilled about the idea; well they won’t say. personally, i think the man could do better.

  • marmot

    The lying liars who lie are on this thread like flies on horsesh*t. Canalis and her publicist are so disliked and desperate that the the only help they can get are from a blogger with a personality disorder who posts under multiple IDs on her own blog and others. This blogger pretends to be various people including a doctor and a producer in L.A. It would be sad if Canalis or her publicist were nice people, but they’re not.

  • marmot

    You go right ahead and pretend to send a text, New Kid. As bored said, the story was even covered by eonline. All you have to do is google Canalis cocaine, and you’ll see the stories. But of course you’d rather pretend to text someone, so that you can come back and deny the truth.

  • marmot
  • marmot

    Since you are so insistent on saying she is a nice girl, let’s not forget her role as a stripping nun in a soft porn movie. Many people claim to have also seen her in hard porn, although I wouldn’t know.

  • anonimusis

    My dear, this story is not the culprit Elisabeta. She was just born on lucky star. George Clooney is a sick man who likes prostitutes. George would be great if you visit a doctor. Just remember Sarah and other girls. Elisabeta is a big hit because it is very expensive, Sara was very cheap. George sells himself as a good man, a humanitarian, but has a fetish for prostitutes

  • tasha

    I don’t understand what’s the problem,I can read Italy,US,US,Italy only,Italy gives a job to George (he’s doing publicity for coffee in Italy and other stuff) and US gives a job to Elisabetta.Everyone is happy.What about cokehead celebs and a**holes there are plenty in Italy and in US and like George doesn’t do that stuff either,they probably do it together while you are wasting your time on commenting here about US,Italy,Italy,US,no one is better in the world,everything is same everywhere.

  • JT

    calm down,I’m not taking my opinion back,it’s my opinion and like you said opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one,so learn to accept other ppl opinions without being rude and so defensive,I didn’t say anything to you.

  • jane

    she is always beautiful even with no makeup