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Pink Sings 'Whataya Want From Me'!

Pink Sings 'Whataya Want From Me'!

Check out Pink‘s version of “Whataya Want From Me”!

Although the song went platinum and was popularized by Adam Lambert, Pink wrote the tune with Max Martin and Shellback !

VIDEO: Adam Lambert Sings ‘Whataya Want From Me’

This version of the song will reportedly appear on Pink‘s new record, Greatest Hits…So Far!!!, on shelves on November 16.

WHICH VERSION of “Whataya Want From Me” do you prefer – Adam’s or Pink’s?

Pink – ‘Whataya Want From Me’
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Credit: Jason Merritt, Jeff Daly; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Milos

    i prefer Pink’s version

  • Leo


  • n_s_23_23

    this is better version of the song. I love Pink.

  • schufly

    Love them both, but love Adam’s version more. His voice is amazing. Not sure what we are really comparing since they are basically the same version, in the same key, with the same arrangement. Wish Pink would have some something different with this for her album.

  • anonmus

    pink is really good but can’t beat adam lambert’s version of this song.

  • Mari

    Adam’s. His vocal range is better than Pink’s.

  • Audrey

    I love both version! Maybe Pink’s is a little better!

  • D

    Pink’s version is way better than that douches

  • MlleF

    The problem is that the song is performed the same way as Adam…each little sound is the same…
    So it will be interesting to know who does it first…

    But there is not a big interest when the versions are such the same.

    I love better Adam’s voice in generally, but here it’s difficult to have an opinion.

  • MlleF

    The problem is that the song is performed the same way as Adam…each little sound is the same…
    So it will be interesting to know who does it first…

    But there is not a big interest when the versions are such the same.

    I love better Adam’s voice in generally, but here it’s difficult to have an opinion.

  • M

    why it’s exactly the same??? how Pink thinks she can do better than Adam if she does it the same exact way and his voice is just better, clearer, more powerful and flexible?

    I LOVE Pink, she has great voice and character, personality, I love her music but why does she put herself in a situation where she lets people see her range is smaller than Adam’s?

    Adam is better all the way. Pink should’ve changed the song. she’s always amazing at giving her lyrics some character and intonation but in this case Adam already did everything Pink can do and did it better. and even more than her. sorry.

  • Margo

    Hmmm, of course, Adam’s version is better.
    Yeahh,Pink sings not so bad, but Aaadam…..omg,his voice is really amazing. I love this crazy boy !!!

  • Just Interested

    both are great :D

  • Button

    I like both. Glad to know Pink wrote it, it sounds like stuff she’d say in her lyrics.

  • Laura


    Pink MADE/wrote this song. So on that principle alone, she preforms it better. It’s more believable from her. That’s also why she didn’t change it at all.. because it was originally created for/by her.

    Both of them preform it well. Adam has more range, but Pink has more attitude. Two completely different styles, despite everything else being the same. It’d be cool to see them preform it together though eh?

  • bae

    I get more emotion coming from P!nk when she sings the song and I think thats in part because she wrote the song. Love her voice


    THE MASHUP IS BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www. V

    Wow they should duet.



  • lol

    so from the 100000s of pics u could have used u used like least cutest one of adam hmmm ;)

    every blogger was posting the mashup yesterday and it’s all over the net today……but u didn’t :( how comes jj

  • Jermaine

    It’s interesting how Lambert’s one beats Pink’s despite the fact that she co-wrote it.

    I was expecting hers to be a bit more……….believable?
    They’re both still good though.

  • RudeBoy


  • Leila

    The mashup video is lovely. They’re voices are sooo nice together.

    Thumbs up :)

  • J-F

    Badass mofos.

  • Luke

    I’m partial to Lambert’s. His chorus was pretty intense and the adlibs were stronger. But kudos to both talents.

  • shakirafan

    P!nk said, “I finally found someone who could sing this better than I can.”

    awwwww lol


    @D: Are you a makeup/gay fearing bigot or something….cause GODBERT is the sweetest person EVER. <3 Why do you think e v e r yone falls in love with him after meeting him.

    I love the mashup thing!!! A duet is inevitable.

  • mary

    I love them both!! But I would have to say Adam, his vocals are more powerfull.

  • sweeeet

    That mashup is actually fantastic. They should do a proper collaboration.

  • Taylor


  • XXXO

    LOVES IT! They must duet. Has Lambert met Pink yet?

    He’s worked with so many great people already! o_O Linda Perry, Matt Bellamy of Muse, Sparro, Paul McCartney’s band, Madonna’s guitarist (Monte Pittman IS his LONGtime friend), Rivers Cuomo….a whole bunch of others.

    I know he partied with Gaga in the studio as they recorded their track-

    ‘I must know—does Gaga wear sweatpants when no one’s looking or taking photos of her?’

    “(Laughs) That’s one of the things that shocked me. There were no cameras around but she walked in the studio wearing this beautiful coat and took off the coat and was wearing this bra top and midriff and this see-through pencil skirt with these crazy fishnet stockings and platform stripper boots. She was on the other side of the glass, egging me on. ‘More! Crazier! Go further with it!’ It was fun. I think we caught the party spirit of the song.”

  • Londoner



    @XXXO: He met her at last year’s Grammy Awards. Not sure if he’d met her before then or afterwards.

  • john

    I am impartial to both of them but i think ADAMS version is better. It has more passion when hes screaming the last few notes.

  • Anne


  • Jay-Z-Britney

    Maybe because I’m used to hearing it or maybe because he sings it so ferosh but I do like AL’s more. He has a really versatile voice, sounds diff in every song but Pink also has a gorgeous tone : )

    The ‘collab’ mash up of both versions is beautiful. Fierceness.

  • Daniel

    Hate to say it Jared but Perez beat you to it and actually posted something worth praising. Should’ve posted the mashup. Both artists are immense performers and vocalists even if their music is not necessarily my taste. They should collab lol.

  • Seth


  • einas Alrefai

    I agree with mary Adams vocal range is much better:)

  • realtalk

    @D: Wow youre an asshole.

    Suddenly theres a gay man whos assertive and confident and at the same time gracious and polite instead of a fancy little harmless twink or a brainless jock you can dimisss. Doesnt shy away from the norm and aint afraid of makeup either so anonymous pressed dumbazzes like u call him names. Everyone knows Lambert is one of the nicest guys in LA, hell one of the few in this business. You have no business projecting.

    The mashup is the best version.

  • WWFM

    WWFM interpreted by Vblogger GLOZELL

    BWAHAHAHA :3 usually she jokingly disses artists (check out K$ & Riri’s vids) but she got distracted. LMFAO!

  • w11

    Both. Total Tie for me. Pink’s has a little bit more of an emotional impact because of the roughness of her voice and the way she articulates emotion with her voice. But Adam’s voice sounds stronger on his version and his adlibs were better and really stand out in his version. I don’t like one more than the other, I love both. Glad she recorded and released her version of the song she wrote. No losers here. They both did a bang up job with this great song.

  • Elle

    Pink’s is waaaay less annoying so I choose hers.

  • Jonte

    I love this song lol

  • HeavyInYourArms

    Damn they are both legit.

    He did an acoustic version, it’s pretty sublime.

    She should do one too.

  • j. ryan

    this isn’t pink suddenly recording the song after the case thinking she can make it better… she recorded this song years ago hoping to put it on one of her albums and it didn’t make the cut… that’s when adam was able to pick it up and it’s just now getting press so people please it’s not like it’s monumental news.

  • kyle_vernor

    The two versions of the song are nearly incomparable. Adam’s rendition had an intensity that Pink’s lacks, but I felt that Pink had more of an emotional connection to the song than the American Idol alum. I’m going to give this one to Pink because she wrote the song, sang it great, AND she’s badass.

  • Jenn

    Adam has a much better voice so I prefer his. Pink and Max Martin wrote the song – which is great, but Adam Lambert made it a smash hit because his voice is remarkable! He has also won best video in Canada and been nominated best Song and Best Video in Germany. Adam is the one that made this song a platinum smash and it suits his voice better. Writers don’t always do a song better.

  • sylvia

    I perfer Pink’s version. I am one of her bigest fans!! She is so edgy, talented and awesome. I like Adam’s version also but Pink wrote it so there you go!!

  • Josh

    Pink never put this song on an Album. She signed it over to Adam Lambert since she didn’t use it and he made it a platinum hit and won an award for it in Canada and has been nominated for 2 in Germany. Pink sang it at her concert in German saying: “I wrote this silly song and then found a cute guy who can sing it way better” end of story…