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Rihanna: 'What's My Name?' is Number One!

Rihanna: 'What's My Name?' is Number One!

Rihanna and her boyfriend Matt Kemp leave Mahiki nightclub at 3:30am early Friday morning (November 12) in London.

Rihanna‘s hot single “What’s My Name?” featuring Drake has just went number one on the Billboard Hot 100! This is Ri‘s eighth number one hit!

The 22-year-old Bajan beauty has been spending the last few days in Paris shopping and sightseeing.

Rihanna also appeared on the French show Le Grand Journal and performed her hit song “Only Girl (In the World).”

On Tuesday (November 9), RiRi and Matt arrived back at their hotel after she performed on The X-Factor Italia.

FYI: Rihanna is wearing a sheepskin and wool coat from Marni‘s winter edition 2010 collection.

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna and Matt KempR heading out…

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Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline, WENN
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    she is hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • ahh


  • In The Know

    Nothing against her ……but a number one means nothing in 2010……..ask anyone in the music business…………last week Kesha was #1……next week Jane doe will be #1……………it simply has no ability to drive anything in 2010.

    Why dupe the public at large to believe that it does???????

  • rap

    rihanna sexier than a muphukka

  • afan

    Everyone knows that she is a #1 single’s not albums. She sells singles.

  • yawn


  • Pook

    Go away, tranny.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • celeb spotter

    Enough with the same celebrities all the time. Get us some real celebs!

  • b

    why does this blog always post about this man?

  • deets

    She still looks butch even with the fake hair.

  • burn it!

    Rihanna, burn that wig!

  • vestes

    too much Rihanna. slow it down.

  • lmao*
  • o na na

    WMN is soooo good. I’m glad she’s FINALLY going back to her root!!!

  • ITA

    @afan: True, she does well in selling singles but her albums lag behind.

  • o na na

    ^^^ rootS

  • WTF

    WTF did she do to herself? She was bald before and now she wears a clown wig.

  • Nas

    Riri is such a cool gal.
    Jared you are really beginning to annoy me, why don’t you do anything about the same 2 TROLLS posting the same sh*t EVERY time? U can see everyone’s ISPs, the least you can do is moderate your own site from hate SPAM.

  • Shell

    Does Rihanna have an endorsement deal with McDonald’s?

  • GET IT


  • Shell

    Why is she dressed up as their mascot?

  • G


  • G


  • http://WWW. TT

    Jared, please post the Behind The Scenes of Whats My Name! Drake is corny but him and Rihanna are so cute. Also, extended full tracks of her album have leaked! California King Bed is sooo cute.

  • Sacha

    @G: You realize riri is FRIENDS with trannies? Are you 3? Stay offensive, ignorant and uncivilized as she remains successful, beautiful and rich.

  • American

    @Nas: No, more like the same two stans who post the same gushy comments. It’s pretty obvious this blog gets paid to post about her and they have paid stans posting the complimentary comments.


    @American: Yeah I’m sure she only has 2 stans when her Twitter followers are above 1million. YOU LOOK SO DUMB RN

  • Jealous?

    I love her. She is pretty much perfect. The haters are clutching at straws.

  • myself

    I like Drake but not Rihanna. This song is not that good. The ‘Oh nanah’ is so repetitive and tiring.

  • DownSyndromeMattKemp


  • Lalalove

    8, huh? Music industry is so dead. In all honestly.

  • garbagebitch

    No matter what you haters say, this is actually a huge accomplishment. Lady Gaga, Britney, Beyonce…They don’t even have 8 #1 singles…That’s realy BIG. So haters, continue to hate, because it’s really REALLY WELL! NOT!!! JAJAJAJAJAJAJA.

    Well deserved Rihanna, obviously the music buying public has your back and all the haters who don’t buy your music, but want to have an opinion…WHO GIVES A DAMN! They don’t put food on your table so F them…You are still on top after FIVE years of #1 singles. Congrats Rihanna, can’t wait for this video to blow up like “Rude Boy”…Oh yeah, “Only Girl” is #1 in Europe and The U.K. and it’s going to be #1 on the World Chart too! Rihanna is def the QUEEN OF POP!

  • American

    @LMFAO: I was referring to Here not on Twitter. Demi Moore has over 3 million people following her on twitter. Her last two posts at Just Jared got 20 and 30 comments. A large twitter following hasn’t translated into a huge Just Jared stan base for either of these two. I know some of you stans are not the brightest bulbs but try to at least do the math before calling someone else dumb.

  • garbagebitch

    @In The Know: I’m sure most of the people who put Rihanna at #1 really don’t care about music charts at all…They just want a good pop song and Rihanna just happens to be making great, catchy pop gems…It’s called the pop chart and FYI, the new rules are much better nowadays…Many songs you would think would be #1 long ago, never went to #1 because the format was radio heavy…Nowadays, people listen to less radio and download songs so that’s just how it is these days…But radio is still a HUGE factor if a song goes #1, that’s why Madonna’s “Die Another Day”, “Miles Away” and a copuple others by other artists didn’t go #1…they didn’t have radio support, so it’s not so easy to get a #1 single…And BTW, some random bitch won’t get a #1…Rihanna and Kesha are established acts who are very popular right now, so not just any Jane Doe can get a #1.

  • garbagebitch

    @American: BTW, what is a “Stan”…I read what you wrote, Rihanna just has a LOT of haters EVERYWHERE…But that is to be expected…People always hate the person on top and will try to take them down…It happens no just in the pop world, but in politics, science, business…everything…Rihanna is at the top, so ofcourse she’s gonna have haters everywhere. But obviously, more people like her than hate her…That’s why she’s still popular.

  • welll..obviously

    Rihanna is THE SH*T Whether you like it or not… might as well get used to it. Do something more productive than stalking posts about a celebrity you dislike. Earn a degree. I’m sure you’re local junior colleges will welcome you with open arms. :)

    #np Cheers: Rihanna

  • jdkw

    @garbagebitch: A stan is an obsessed fan. Sure, all celebrities have people who like and dislike them but Rihanna is not popular at JJ and she receives the most posts despite not having half as many comments as more popular celebrities who still receive substantially less coverage. The reason she receives so many posts is because there is some sort of arrangement going on to promote her.

  • maria

    Does anyone know where the jacket is from?

  • tendi

    yes number one means nothin in 2010 but 8 number 1ns so far? woooooooooow

  • bajan


  • opee

    RiRi, I am Surprise that quite your relation with Chris because you were convience by your socalled Fans and Public oppinions. You never love him the way he did. your eyes were still around you will still go back to Chris………ok!!!

  • kayleighkool

    kool video got all the wordsto her song

  • kayleighkool

    kool lol thats kooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool her video is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kool cant belive drake is inti haha niki was with him and they are togther cant belive that sketwould take nikis b.friend lol thats so kool she is a sketsoniki has got compo

  • kayleighkool

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