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Dita Von Teese: Shopping Trip to Trashy Lingerie

Dita Von Teese: Shopping Trip to Trashy Lingerie

Dita Von Teese drives around with her dog on her lap then heads to Trashy Lingerie for some shopping on Friday (November 12) in Los Angeles.

The night before, the 38-year-old burlesque artist attended the Black Swan screening in Hollywood.

“I like my thrillers best with tutus, heavy stage makeup and feathers, so I quite enjoyed the film Black Swan,” she wrote on her Twitter page.

Looks like Dita has been having some trouble bringing her burlesque show to the small screen.

“Trying to make my show ‘tv legal’ while maintaining the authenticity of classic 1940s era American burlesque! Why is this so tricky in 2010?” she tweeted. “Oh America, why is it ok to dismember a woman on prime time TV but ample cleavage on a living, breathing woman is not? Just wondering.”

WOULD YOU LIKE to see Dita’s burlesque show on TV?

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  • cakeorama


  • From Paris with Love

    Your real lady is a p0rn actress. p0rn actress p0rn actress p0rn actress p0rn actress p0rn actress p0rn actress p0rn actress p0rn actress

  • From Paris with Love

    Here is your lady with ropes in her c_nt. (thanks Annabelle)
    Not to mention this plastic boobed wh0re made a p0rno in which she shares a double ended dild0 with another slot.

  • boston61

    Amazing how such a pretty woman can always looks so ugly. She makes herself looks like a loser male tranny.

  • Lucy

    If she is a real lady than Mickey Maus is the next president of the US. She is a hooker who has done anything, including porn, to get “famous”. I doubt very much that she can do anything else beside sell her body. I wish she would just go start work in a brothel because that is where she belongs.

  • cakeorama

    so what? shes a burlesque performer, that’s what she does for a live. get your own life.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Burlesque is one thing.
    P°rn another one.
    There are many talented burlesque performers that have never worked in strip clubs or done p°rn (actually Dita appears in two P°rn movies and many fetish movies)
    Burlesque and p°rn are different.
    I like her style, glamour…etc she is so feminine and she is the woman that leaded the burlesque renaissance and made it mainstream, I like her elaborated shows, but at the same time I wonder how the press, famous designers, magazines etc can acclaim her, ignoring the past of this woman that probably shoud receive a prize for her “professional services”….
    And say ” Oh I did it for the money” is only a pathetic excuse.
    Compris Dita?

  • Arealone?

    I agree with cakeorama. Why can’t you guys just leave her alone? A woman who has done some soft p0 rn b4 doesn’t mean shes a b**ch, and deserves all the mean words. Besides shes a burlesque dancer( I know a llot of them dont do p0rn), but also a fetish queen.What’s wrong with fetish?! Im also a girl and I see nothing wrong with it, though Im not a fetishlover.
    I never see someone who acts like a real lady these days, well mannered,polite, and nice like dita, which is a real shame for this 21 century… Yes,fyi, dita HAS DONE softp0rn before, but this makes nothing to me to worship her femininity&elegance. So why can’t you start to see the bright sides of people instead of dark ones?

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Don’t get@Arealone?: Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate her.

    “What’s wrong with fetish?! Im also a girl and I see nothing wrong with it, though Im not a fetishlover.
    I never see someone who acts like a real lady these days, well mannered,polite, and nice like dita, which is a real shame for this 21 century”

    I agree with you, but I will never consider her a ” 100% Real Lady” because I think a real ladies do not make money selling lingerie, making p°rn movies etc…
    I like very much the glamouros side of Dita but I don’t think she deserves unconditional acceptance and worship only for this reason.
    She is a sly one that knows how exploit her image and famous boyfriends, and yes she is also a good inspiration for those like me (and you?) that want to be feminine and glamouros and like burlesque & vintage stuff, but nothing more.

  • Arealone?

    @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Nearly everyone has a past thats a littlebit “dark”, i say nearly. If you still mind this much of a persons past you really should look at the bright side now. What I care about her is shes great right now, and btw she faces her past and never deny it. Its not horrible if you have a dark past, what is terrible is you deny it,or take no vredits for it.
    ps: what’s wrong with selling lingerie?!

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Ok I’ll be more specific:
    She is making money selling her own used lingerie.
    I was not talking about the cute wonderbra collection.
    P°rn stars sell/auction their used lingerie and signed pics, that is the same thing that Dita does… what a coincidence….
    And of course it would be ridiculous for her to deny her past since she is still selling her p°rn /fetish movies on her website. With no doubt she knows sales and marketing. So her past is not her past at all and it’s ridiculous when she says “I did it only for the money” and people, dazzled by her beauty, try to defend her al all costs. And then,who doesn’t need money?
    Moreover, her interviews are always “politically correct” and sometimes she is even inconsistent.
    Considering all this, she is not a “real lady” to me. I still like her very much but I won’t idolize her (anymore) and I understand people that complain about her uhm…past.
    I like to see her pics, she’s a good inspiration and example of femininity and grace , I owe all this to her, but I don’t think she’s better than me.
    My humble opinion.

  • Arealone?

    @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: I think you got me wrong. First I wanna say I dont approve all the softp0rn movies she made, but I hold no opinions to the fetish movies.What I really like about her is she takes all credits of things she did (which she needn’t cause shes not THAT famous for people to google her past). Second, I guess she may consider doing a little racy stuffwould be good for a burlesque dancer, so she sells her stockings.No feeling about that. Finally i wanna say I never idolize anyone, especially dita, I can tell shes really clever and… sophisticated, which is obvious.Sophistication is a thing for ladies to learn, no? A lady never tell all the secrets! And I understand people who cant stand her p0rnthings past(like you), for me once again, I dont approve it, but I like her ATTITUDE towards it.
    Shes a lady to me cause thats what she IS right now, I dont want to explore too much of the “dark parts” of someone, whose has lots better things done compare to this. After all, I just wanna say I see all good sides of her for me To Learn,but the past things, i think its her own business, so just leave it to her!
    Excuse my english.

  • Gidot

    @From Paris with Love: when posting a link to prove a point, it’s generally a good idea to avoid links to sites that are run by deranged conspiracy theorists. Unless you were actually intending to discredit your opinion, of course.

    And what’s wrong with p0rn and/or fetish? It’s a 2 billion dollar a year industry, and I’m pretty sure that it’s not just 100 people per year paying $2 million each — that means there are quite a few individuals out there that enjoy it.