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LeAnn Rimes' Ex Dean Sheremet Is Engaged

LeAnn Rimes' Ex Dean Sheremet Is Engaged

LeAnn Rimesex-husband Dean Sheremet is tying the knot with his photographer girlfriend Sarah Silver!

Dean, 29, popped the question to Sarah on Friday morning (November 12) in their NYC apartment, according to Us Weekly.

“They were having a nice morning together and the moment felt right, so he proposed,” says a source.

LeAnn, who recently dispelled rumors she was also getting married, offered her congratulations to the couple via Twitter.

“A little birdie told me the happy news last night. Wishes for a life full of happiness,” she tweeted. “I’m really happy for their happiness. It’s amazing to have that.”

“My congrats is from my heart,” LeAnn also wrote. “I do not need the publicity, I get plenty. Please stop passing judgement [sic].”

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Credit: Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Wire Image
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  • http://j ivanka

    leann sounds fake

  • blair

    Leann IS fake….and fugly.

  • yassss

    so if my karma calculations are correct, his happiness is beginning therefor her happiness shall end soon and misery shall begin?

  • Whatever

    Wait! He’s engaged to a WOMAN???

  • blair

    Congrats Dean & Sarah…..wishing you a lifetime of happiness!!!!

  • Marie

    Funny how it was reported Dean and Sarah was moving in together,then a week later LeAnn and Eddie does the same.A week ago E! news reports Eddie and LeAnn are engaged,now these two are as well.I wonder who will first announce they’re expecting…..

  • Cristobal

    Is it a race to see who will marry first?

  • gewn

    Oh no, DS can’t be stealing WEWE thunder. You know this was
    WEWE big weekend because she is going to be on TV pretending to care about the plight of others as she causes havoc in BG and EC kids life with her constant tweets about BG kids.

    Now let’s, how long after DS engagement will WEWE annouce her engagement to EC?

    Or perhaps we will get another pda makeout fest in front of EC kids.

    This has got to be eating WEWE up because after THREE fake engagements, no one was wishing her and EC well. She just kept getting slammed.

    US Weekly even said that WEWE “fans” were questioning her so called happiness for DS. So you see, no one believes that WEWE is as sincere as she tries to come off.

    It’s only a race in WEWE mind.


    To a…..woman? I’m confused.

  • kablamo

    I’m glad he’s moving on, and is happy. He deserves it. LeAnn on the other hand doesn’t deserve to be happy. She deserves a scorching case of Herpes.

  • blair

    @kablamo….lol! That’s probably what Eddie gave her for their fake engagement.

  • zzzz

    That’s great news, this guy needed a nice woman. As for Leann, no I don’t think there will be a race to the altar, only a run in the opposite direction on Eddie’s part. Sneaky Leann will probably try to trap him with pregnancy so he’d better be careful!

  • kizbit

    Boy, people sure move through relationships quickly. How about taking some time BEFORE getting married to learn who it is you are actually marrying???

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Just goes to show when you are happy you don’t have to publicize or tweet it. Dean probably met a genuine woman to love and not a phony like Leann someone he loves respects and protects that more than Leann has.

  • British Latin American

    So he has decided to remain bearded. Well, if that makes him happy….

  • Shirylgirl67

    So wrong.LOL

  • LadyB

    A little birdie…what does that mean? anybody? Is this a way of saying the guy did not tell LeAnn himself? That says a lot.

  • Whatever

    @Shirylgirl67: Wanna bet? I happen to KNOW he’s not straight.

  • Shirylgirl67

    Oh dear. ;)

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Whatever If you are that sure you must have been his lover.

  • Whatever

    @Shirylgirl67: When he and LeAnn were in their last year of marriage, I met them at Fred Segal in LA. Me and my friend sat and talked with them as she tried on clothes that her husband chose and he “styled’ her. He was beyond flirty with my friend and asked for his phone number when she was in the dressing room. They texted but never actually met up. Sound STRAIGHT to you? Wake up you hillbilly.

  • Whatever

    @betty: And WHO under the age of 74 is named Betty?? Hahahahahaha! Go join Shirylgirl67 and wax your a-s-s!

  • woohoo

    why would dean tell leann that he’s getting engaged? did leann tell dean when he sneaked out of their bed to ride eddie’s teeny pretzel?

  • woohoo

    dean is lucky he did not have kids with ugly leann!

  • Lolzzz

    Good for him! Too bad Leanne felt the need to comment and steal his thunder.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Whatever Well this old ass does not need waxing, Did Dean wax your ass .Since you seem to be in the know.

  • woohoo

    whatever: making up stories? you are such a name dropper. lies. again sounds so much like racy.

  • Tracy Wilder

    This seems FAKE. She looks like a woman who doesnt know men anyway. Who?

  • Tracy Wilder

    Also love how Leann makes this about HER. Why can’t she just GO AWAY and see that NO ONE CARES??? She had her 15 minutes I wish shed GO

  • Seymour

    Why is this even NEWS? His only claim to fame was that he was Leann “horseface/falcor” Rimes jilted gay ex husband.
    Explain why we care he is engaged unless it’s to Adam Lambert.

  • Teal

    Everyone knows Dean is gay. If you think otherwise then you must be very naive and sheltered. I know for a fact that he is ; I used to see him out at The Abbey in West Hollywood years ago without Leanne, but I’ll spare the details. But lots of straight guys spend their nights at The Abbey right? Girl please.

  • Jess

    Judgement is actually spelt correctly. You Americans spell it the wrong way.

  • yep

    i wish them happiness!

  • Sheryl

    I don’t get it, why does she have to tweet him congratulations? Why can’t she call him and wish him well personally? Oh wait, he’s probably not taking her calls. If he’s not talking to her, he obviously doesn’t want her congratulations, so WHY does she feel she needs to congratulate him anyways after the way she hurt him? At least Eddie stays silent after the mess he made, whereas LeAnn is crazily defensive, as if she has to prove a point. The point she is proving is that she is super insecure.

  • daisy buchanan

    judging by dean’s tweets, he sounds stuck up. One of his tweets he mentioned, how he has eliminated the word foodie from his vocabulary which makes him sound more pretentious than the word foodie. There’s just something about him based on his tweets, that makes me think he’s a litle pretentious. But , maybe he’s a really nice guy too. who knows who cares!

  • gwen


    Wow, are you really going to go there WEWE?

    Have you ever noticed that when things are not going well for LR and EC that all these “I know BG and she was …” and “I know DS and he was…” posters come out of the woodwork?

    So now you are going to punish DS for his engagement by spreading these “DS is gay” rumors?

    Talk about cyberbullying? What exactly would Shape mag think when it gets out that you encourage people to trash DS and BG just to make yourself look good?

  • gwen

    Don’t you just love how all these “DS is gay” posters(See posts by teal, seymour, whatever) are showing up out of the blue?

    So why does someone think that they can make LR and EC look like decent people, by bringing down BG and DS?

    Didn’t LR say that she has a lot of friends that are gay, so why then do these “fans” seem to think that dragging out DS sexual orientation is a great way to redeem LR? Don’t you know that you are making LR look even worse.

    The person is that is writing these “I meet DS and he is gay” posts is the same person who writes the “I went to school with BG and she is **** and *****”. How sad for LR that her own way to save herself is to depict BG and DS as the villians.

    You can post under as many different names as possible, it still won’t save LR or make people have sympathy for her and EC.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Teal&others You need to educate yourselves. Men that are sexually attracted to men only are GAY.Me or women that are sexually attracted to both are called bi-sexual and if Deans fiancee does not care and Leann knew and was married him what the H is it to you. He didn’t lie or cheat but still manage to find happiness

  • Piper

    “And since the Falcor of Mississippi lives for a reason to blow the Twitter bird, she Tweeted out her congratulations and also claimed that she’s not trying to redirect Dean’s spotlight on her. ”


  • Tracy

    isnt he gay???

  • gwen



  • gwen

    How odd, now why is that when “RACY” shows up all of these different “fans” pop up.

    And what is it with RACY hijacking the names of other posters and then making a list where she states which other posters she is stalking?

  • Koowie

    Leann needs to get some self respect. She’s seems likes a desperate woman while her ex hubby has moved on.