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Miley Cyrus & Jared Followill: New Couple Alert?

Miley Cyrus & Jared Followill: New Couple Alert?

Miley Cyrus dons a bindi while leaving her hotel on Friday (November 12) in New York City.

Last weekend, the 17-year-old teen queen reportedly hit it off with Kings of Leon rocker Jared Followill, 23, after meeting at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Madrid, Spain.

Just this past Wednesday, Jared was spotted in NYC to support his brother Caleb‘s fiance, model Lily Aldridge, at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Miley has had a crush on Jared, who’s also from Tennessee, for a while. After last year’s Grammy Awards, she told Rolling Stone that Jared is “pretty good-looking.” We agree!

DO YOU THINK Miley Cyrus and Jared Followill make a cute couple?

Also pictured: Miley out with her mom, newly single Tish, who hid from photographers behind a bag.

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Reba

    I love the Kings of Leon and Miley Cyrus can barely considered a singer. I say Hell No. Keep walking, missy!

  • tk

    i don’t find him attractive

  • Miley’s a hoe

    I hope someone gets that dirty slu*t tested for herpes already. She’s probably already crawling with crabs.

  • sillyme

    I hope it’s not true. Why would a 23 year old man want to date a teenager?

  • Barbara

    this is ridiculous.miley is a kid and i have some respect for jared and KOL so please,jared, dont let me down!!

  • kjadhoijf

    Lol @ some of these comments. Jared is just as big a ‘douche’ as you say Miley is. I didn’t realize relationships were based on who commenters think is the hot one…

  • F@me M0n$t3r

    Go the HELL away Miley.
    She moves on quick, doesn’t she?? she gonna ruin Kings Of Leon’s image now? she be hanging out a concerts and $hit?
    i3itch can’t even sing.

  • josie

    He would never date her, his and KOL’s reputation would be ruined.
    He should go back to Alisa, she is way prettier than that squirrel Miley.

  • Vanessa

    noooooo he is to hott for her Miley is ugly

  • holly

    I’m in love with that jeacket she’s wearing at the moment!

  • Music 101

    What is that thing on her forehead?

  • ale

    awww i miss alisa hope jared doesn’t get involved with super easy miley!

  • Franck

    This girl getting more and more promiscuous.
    If it’s true, Jared is such a pussy. What a 23 years classy man could find to a tranny 17 years teenager who can barely sing.

  • KESH

    They are not dating… they sat next to eachother at an award show. They talk because they have things in common but he thinks she is an airhead. Hes actually very upset over this articles about them also…. SO STOP

  • nicole

    KOL are very aware of how people percieve as of late ie. sell outs.

    They felt the need to let people know that they turned down glee and ugly betty so they could hold onto whatever credibility they still have.

    So, there is no way he is going to date the Disney princess, and risk having his band being lumped in with the Jonas brothers.

    It’s not going to happen. This story is totally made up.

  • carmen

    Fight for this guy Miley he’s such a catch….maybe he gives you some good advices about music…they put killer stuff outthere.. so learn from it even if i am pretty much convinced he’s killing it in other places to …JUST LOOK AT HIM…THAT HOT PIECE OF ASS,! ….what i would do to him…… actually all the female race !HAVE FUN FOR US TO!

  • wake up

    Lol, how is Jared classy? they deserve each other both ovverated.

  • 00000

    He’s got beautiful eyes and i like their music to..yeah she could learn something from it…i think she wants to be seen with him for street cred to ..they are very respected by everybody in the industry …and o fcourse the obvious,, who could resist this guy he’s very handsome!..

  • Gilmore

    When is she ever gonna get that thing off her f*cking head? Every time I see a post about her its always there! Sorry, but for some reason it bugs me a lot.

  • slanted view

    @Reba: Totally agree…noooo!

  • nas

    i love how you guys are pretending like you know them and say how THEY feel, and what they think

  • Chris

    So far, this is just unsubstantiated rumors from a less-than-reliable source. If you read the origional article Just Jared is basing this story on, it said that Miley was seen texting Followill all night and then leaving with him. How would “sources” know who Miley was texting? Their vision must be extraordinary. And they left togehter because they were going to the same after party. So, you never know, but so far, the evidence doesn’t even reach the height of a short stack. In any case, I can’t believe all the people who make such a big personal deal out of it, like it’s going to change the music they like or something. I can think of nothing more idiotic than threatening not to like a musician because of who that musician choses to go out with. Oh yeh, there is one thing more idiotic, that is, hating a star because he or she is going out with your idol.

  • gat0rade

    PRETTY GOOD LOOKING.??????????/..The men is ADONIS and no wayyy they date…. he’s to sopisthicated for that girl…..he wouldn’t resist 5 seconds around her and that music of her … BRRRRR it gives me chills of horrorrrr..but maybe she’s a nice girl who knows?she needs to change her act…and after that i would believe it…

  • Alison

    Ha, KOL try to be so edgy and different and yet one of their own is hitting it of with miley cyrus?

  • ana

    i have such a crush on this guy… he’s physical perfection and very for her why not after all …he looks like he knows what he’s doing ,who doesn’t want to be with a self assured ,talented and attractive person..i know i would. i want to be safe ,protected and entertained…..Finally a step forward for her….

  • Kelly

    Well,i hope it’s not true.He’s TOO cute for her.She’s an ugly troll with bucket teeth,and he’s a very attactive guy.
    And why would he date a minor?Miley is too free,dated only adult men.And why would he ruin KOL’s image dating that ugly troll?
    I just hope it’s not true…she ruined her own reputation with her,and will do it to Jared’s reputation too.And every man that dated her was called by people…pedophile.He’s a good guy and she’s a known s.l.u.t…
    Run away,Jared…

  • mike

    I think he’s just being polite with her if the girl is horny and hot pants what can you do….and she’s got such a big mouth to…i remember when the guys from Radiohead didn’t give her attention she behaved like a spoiled brat ..,,so i think he’s a cool dude just hanging….that’s all.

  • Sophia

    The gossip died at the same day it was made and you bring back?!
    (Btw the same words were used by all gossip Web sites).
    Please!! I think you gave a Ctrl C and Ctrl V on your old news because I read the same thing AGAIN. ¬¬

  • james

    i think if you want to raise money for the hungry you should bring this guy to an event to do some charity stuff like A Licitation of himself for a night or something and they will raise millions …the ladies really seem to love him,…hahaha so you better sell yourself for a good cause JARED..he’s living the life..oh MAN..!and those supermodels!?!what Miley… you think he’s crazy…?

  • MlleF

    No ! Come On ! NOOOOOOOO !!!

    That is not possible ! Members of Kings of Leon are too intelligent !

    Even if Jared got a weak moment, I’m sure his brothers and Cousin will do to him an intervention…lol

  • Maximum Miley Fanpage

    Yeah..Miley has like the group for a while and what gut wouldn’t like her..she is smart,successful and gorgeous.
    All you haters are’s amazing you can read let alone put together a sentence. If you ever met Miley you would pee yourselves..quit being so jealous of her success. I have no problem that you don’t like is people who insult her is the problem..get a life.
    I hope the best for Miley in whatever she does. Happy 18th Birthday Miley(Nov. 23) love you forever:)

  • marissa

    i lovee mileyy, but wants to lookk like an 80`s lady with those short, she want to look like an indie girl and is impossible,

    seriously i realli like miley, but in my opinion she is trying to look like someone she is not

  • http://j ivanka

    why does she keep wearing the bindi?

  • tempted_forever

    JARED FOLOWILL is sooooooooooooo AMAZING LOOKING i can’t stand it….he’s to hot to even exist!!!!!!! i would rip him up to pieces like in that ‘PARFUME’.book …that much beauty is dangerous…no worry i am tame..but he’s hot…..

  • brooke

    They’d be a cute couple! I miss her and Liam though.

  • ashley

    yeah i would love it..but unfortunately two beautiful people in such a complicated enviroment,,it’s impossible to last…..i wish for that i would se their pretty faces more often ..the magazines would eat bread and butter!ther are sweet people!i

  • veronica

    she’s such a pretty girl but with a terrible sense of style..well she has great taste in men JARED is very handsome..and he’s on the dark and dangerous side to.. i think that really gets her going…hope she starts to dress better if she dates him……she needs to!

  • Frida

    No way, like I’ve said before, I would definitely lose respect for him if he started dating Miley Cyrus. Ew.

  • Aylin

    I have read about that rumor on another gossip site a few days ago. I don’t care about neither of them.

  • jimmy

    @sillyme: I can think of a few reasons, allbethey sinister.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly…who cares?

  • vic

    this is just gossip, he’s dating models .
    she’s under age too, he’d never date her

  • AnoukAmiee

    OH MY GOD! That’s like SOOOOO whatever.

  • Sacha,

    he is fugly

  • nicole

    I think they are just friends, but if they were dating i wouldn’t be surprised. Miley is very unpredictable when it comes to her boyfriends. she has no limits. I love her still!!

  • London

    Ugh, I think I’m gonna puke.

  • maria

    Jared is a beautiful person inside and out and a talented artist i think he would be good for Miley even as a friend and people leave her alone she’s growing and learning -she’s only human …

  • Gia

    Miley is such a cutie a real little doll. I think Jared (Kings of Leon)

    should consider himself lucky if him and Miley make a go of it.

    Wishing them both all the best.

  • Alex

    I love Miley and Jared is a real honey. I hope Miley ends up wityh Jared but if not i hope she has a blast like Kate Hudson and all of the other chicks in HW who don’t give a crap what anyone thinks about who they date when where B/C really it’s none of your or anyone elese’s biz what you think of what theses sucessful young women do with their love lives. LIVE IT UP ! HAVE A BLAST!!


  • Sara

    Miley is 18 now and just saying but my b/f and i are7 yrs difference in age and it makes no difference. I know lots of ppl who date up to 10 yrs diff in age and if it doesn’t bother them why does it bother others except for jealous ppl=pathetic.

    Miley and Jared MAUUH..xoxo