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Ryan Reynolds: 'Green Lantern' Sneak Peek!

Ryan Reynolds: 'Green Lantern' Sneak Peek!

Check out Ryan Reynolds in action as the Green Lantern!

Entertainment Tonight will have a full preview of the upcoming flick on Tuesday (November 16) but some sneak peek footage is available showing Ryan both stripped down and suited up as the famous action hero.

Also included in the pre-preview: a brunette Blake Lively as leading lady Carol Ferris.

Earlier this year, Ryan dished on his skin-tight costume.

“They managed to find a material that – most would agree – is the most aggravating substance on Earth,” he said during Comic-Con panel. “We’re shooting in Louisiana, which is pretty close to the sun in terms of the hottest place you can find anywhere around. It’s been a little bit difficult running around in a unitard in the New Orleans high summer heat.”

ET Preview of Green Lantern
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  • Will

    Wow, this not looks good. Kind that I expect it a little better.

  • Cristobal

    This looks like something the CW would put together.

  • Hi

    This looks terrible…Blake lively effs everything up with her blank stare aka “acting”

  • Hi

    This looks terrible…Blake lively effs everything up with her blank stare aka “acting”

  • jalicelover

    blake is horrible.. she can’t act.

  • http://yummy yummy


  • Jenny

    This is only a sneak peek, and I’m sure the actual trailer will be better. But yeah this was disappointing.

  • Phoebe

    I don’t know where all the hate are coming from but the truth is I can’t wait for the movie :)

  • Annie

    Let’s face it! You guys are so mad at blake and say terrible things about her because she’s almost perfect. She has the perfect body and she’s POPULAR AND SHE doesn’t act terrible. :\

    While you guys are old, unpopular and bitches!

  • Nancy

    I love ryan and blake!! can’t wait for the movie

  • Zoe

    looks bad and cheesy!

  • 5 cm

    I don’t know…

  • zryson

    its not a good sign when fanmade trailers look better than your product. seems they are playing green lantern for laughs, isnt it cool? i know, etc which hal jordan seen in the comic books is actually one of the more serious superheroes in the dcu. of course, alot will depend on the chemistry between the main actors, as well as if people can buy into the fantasy of what the yare seeing on the screen but if thats the costume its gonna be difficult because each time he is in costume its a turn-off

  • Iffy Miffy

    Looks awful! Shame as I was looking forward to it. Oh well, yet another movie I’ll skip and keep the cash for something else…

  • whoopsi

    Blake the FAKE looks fugly in there!

  • Chuck Bass

    lol Blake didn’t even say anything in the preview. Y’all so crazy.

    The truth of the matter is the fashion world loves and the movie world loves. She’s the perfect example of the sweet all-American girl that people love to hate. Stay jealous.


  • julius

    I’ve never seen this woman act but if Jennifer A can make millions then anyone with limited acting skills can. Surely this woman can’t be as bad as her?

  • M

    omg “Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively”??? seriously???!! they are selling a huge blockbuster on GG’s credibility?……………… btw the sneak peak looks ugly

  • dddd

    everyone realize they’re not even halfway through post production on this thing. So most of the effects aren’t finished.

  • Oh Dear

    Why does the Green Lantern have a funny shape body????

    I know that Ryan Reynolds is hot but the body for the actual Green Lantern looks strange anyone notice????

    Also, this looks really weak. I hope the full trailer looks great otherwise I’m worried.

    Maybe just maybe Brian Austin Green should have got the part afterall. He actually does look like the Green Lantern from the comics.

    Don’t panic until you see full trailer but still worried.

  • K


  • Too young

    Neither are Oscar worthy actors, but that’s not what the material requires. Blake is a helluva lot more attractive than RR. Never got the appeal of this guy.

  • L

    I love ppl who say those who hate blake lively are “haters” no we’re not haters….we’re just intelligent ppl who appreciate a good actor, not one who “acts” with their body

  • JustHonest


    Hahaha…this is why the youth is made fun of these days. You say anyone who hates blake lively is unpopular and old? Good lord, my dear, this is why you should stay in school. That is the weakest insult I’ve ever read. Yes, Blake Lively is beautiful but she can’t act for sh*t. Excuse my language. Your parents probably wouldn’t be too happy that I exposed you to a ‘swear’ word. Run along now…it’s almost bedtime for you.

  • rebecca
  • House of Tokyo

    I try to avoid leaving negative comments on posts, but I have to give my opinion here. As I predicted this film looks awful. When I first heard there was going to be a ‘Green Latern’ film I just knew it would be a mistake and lo and behold, the trailer proves my prediction right.

  • House of Tokyo

    I try to avoid leaving negative comments on posts, but I have to express my view here. This film looks absolutely awful – in the same league as ‘Elektra’ in 2005. When I first heard there was going to be a ‘Green Lantern’ film, I was sure that it would be a mistake – lo and behold, my prediction was proved right.

  • jj22

    Sorry L but that is your dumbass opinion not a fact!

  • Hahaha

    teeny boppers love blake!!!

  • Jokergurl

    I wish Ryan Reynolds would have made Deadpool instead of this.

  • Stephanie

    OMG you guys give it a chance, its not the official full trailer, its probably not even completely finished yet. And whats with all the hating on Blake, she is a good girl in Hollywood who isn’t seen walking out of clubs drunk compared to all of the other young stars with drug problems coming in and out of Rehab.

  • AJ

    Yeah. It does not look good. Don’t you hate it when the same actors keep playing comic book characters? Like Chris Evans, first he’s the human torch and now he’s captain America. It just ruined marvel. The only two people to make superhero movies work for me was Christopher Nolan (because he focuses on realism and acting in his movies rather than special effects and humour) and Jon Favreau (because Iron Man is actually alright), also the Spiderman franchise was good. But I hate it when they turn superhero movies into more comedic films that only focuses on the special effects.

  • greenlanternslight07

    @zryson: I’m thinking they’re going with the “Secret Origin” route and making Hal Jordan the daring and cocky test pilot who acts the way he does because he witnessed his father’s death via plane accident. And as Sinestro told Carol during the Sinestro Corps attack on Zamaron, Hal has always been trying to break free of bonds that are trying to chain him down to a normal life.

    @JustHonest: So far, all I’ve seen Blake Lively in are the “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” movies and “Gossip Girl” and since I do find her extremely attractive, I’ll hold my judgement at least until the movie reviews come out. What I do know is that her character, Carol Ferris, is motivated by love. Her yearning to be loved and her love for Hal Jordan are what caused her to be possessed by the Star Sapphire gem countless times and as we got close to “Blackest Night”, what caused her to embrace the power willingly this time around.

    Sure, Blake Lively can say during press junkets that she’s a “strong, independent woman, being the CEO of a company in a man’s field with all the testosterone around her, blah, blah, blah…” but I would be pleasantly surprised and encouraged to see this movie if she gives further insight than that.

    Besides, I can think of no better breasts to fill Carol’s Star Sapphire revealing vivid violet body suit than hers, so…yeah.

  • nat

    i love blake

  • Matty

    Looks fake….bad effects. The green on the suit is too bright, so it looks unrealistic. Very underwhelmed. Also, it looks cheesy, what with the lame humor and goofy approach. They better do something about the realism of the effects if they don’t want it to be a cartoonish movie, like The Mask (which was appropriate, because that was supposed to be a comedy, which Green Lantern shouldn’t be).

  • zryson

    reynolds is a poor mans tom cruise, but dc entertainment are so desperate for a hit they probably looked at him and thought oh sure – fine. and lively. wow, she has the screen presence of, well im too kind to say. the movie could be a hit but who knows, there are so many variables its hard to say what will happen.