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Sarah Palin's Alaska: Promo Pics!

Sarah Palin's Alaska: Promo Pics!

Sarah Palin learns how to climb out of a crevasse at the Alaska Mountaineering School in these new photos from her upcoming TV show Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

The 8-week series premieres this Sunday (November 14) at 9 p.m. on TLC.

Other pics include Sarah heading up the river on husband Todd‘s boat, fishing for salmon, watching fireworks with son Trig, and visiting her in-laws in Dillingham, Alaska.

20+ pictures inside of Sarah Palin on her new TLC show…

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sarah pain alaska promos 01
sarah pain alaska promos 02
sarah pain alaska promos 03
sarah pain alaska promos 04
sarah pain alaska promos 05
sarah pain alaska promos 06
sarah pain alaska promos 07
sarah pain alaska promos 08
sarah pain alaska promos 09
sarah pain alaska promos 10
sarah pain alaska promos 11
sarah pain alaska promos 12
sarah pain alaska promos 13
sarah pain alaska promos 14
sarah pain alaska promos 15
sarah pain alaska promos 16
sarah pain alaska promos 17
sarah pain alaska promos 18
sarah pain alaska promos 19
sarah pain alaska promos 20

Photos: Gilles Mingasson/TLC
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  • MlleF

    Stupid Racist cun.t.

    Stop make fool of women, go back to school or go dancing like your so virgin daughter.

  • zaraaaa


  • idesign

    Looking forward to the series with this great American family. And, she’s not announced that she’s running for president.

  • yassss

    @idesign: great. american. family? seriously? they’re nothing but trailer trash CUNTry bumpkins.

  • Iffy Miffy

    What a giant moron of a woman.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Yup, she can see 12 million dollars and lots and lots of money from her house. Yeah right, she sells herself like the everyday American outsider who does not want to be in a government office but fighting for th epeople! Riiiiiight! 12 million dollars later selling her teen preggers daughter on reality tv and selling herself, her sheep followers still think she is “like them”. lol. what a joke. mediocrity goes a long way. barf.

  • Lady

    Sarah is so beautiful! :)

  • Suritard


    So is Alaska!
    The pix make me want to visit the place in the summer.

  • fat GAY queenie

    From running for VP of the US to getting a reality show, WTF is this world coming to? No wonder the economy sucks kak!!!

  • the devil

    Another republican vulture!

    Let’s profit form AMERICA’s disaster!

    What a great way to “getting it”: Bush sacked the country, but the right-wing gets the spoils!

  • the devil

    Another republican vulture!

    Let’s profit form AMERICA’s disaster!

    What a great way to “getting it”: Bush sacked the country, but the right-wing gets the spoils!

    Palin’s TV show: Way to help solving UNEMPLOYMENT: EMPTY TALKERS!

  • WTF

    Why is JJ featuring this nasty, lying, racist, Muslim-hating b****?

  • Nikki

    I love Sarah Palin! I wish I had half the energy she has. And I wish I would look like her after having had 5 kids!

    Way to go SARAH! I sure will watch your show…. and I’m sure many other fans will!

  • Ana

    This is what’s entertainment now. The world’s going to hell.

  • this woman

    leads the money-grubbing, bigoted old white men around by the dumb stick

  • Luc

    Negros hate her. She must be a good person.

  • Luc

    slamists, gays and negros hate Sarah so much, she must be great person.

  • Gar

    So it’s an 8-week campaign preview. What is it with the right wing and these kinds of women? She’s a new-age Anita Bryant.

  • http://shilparules Rick Patel

    Wonderful pictures of the pioneer princess and her loving family. Thanks for posting, JJ. Can’t wait to see her on TLC. Sarah is great.

  • Helen

    I will not be watching the series.
    And I only wanted to comment about the photos, because I did take a look at them, and I have noticed that she has a lot of jackets

  • dee

    i don’t ussually hate on public figures but there’s just something about her that turns me off. may be her hollier-than-thou attitude, the I’m more America than you crap. or maybe bcuz she’s so whiny, doesn’t admit mistakes instead blames it on evryone but herself…i just hope she goes!

  • Bree


    Agreed. Everything she does only makes her look even more idiotic (if that’s even possible)!

  • anon


    Oh please, run for President. American politics is such a hoot. Besides, does it really matter who is President? Yes, Sarah Palin isn’t afraid of the job because she knows who ever has it is basically little more than a passenger on the good ship America. It’s essentially an idiot-proof job. But the comedy! I can hardly wait.

  • anon


    …while young people, white people, women, the educated, think she is a good money maker for Tina Fey.

  • Luc

    I hope Sarah doens’t go away, Romney wins 2012, President Hussein goes away and Sarah serves in Romeny cabinet as Energy Secretary.

  • Frida

    If this woman ever gets into the White House I’ve lost all respect for America. I hope you’re not that stupid.

  • Luc

    Arn’t Tea Partiers Alien Green people? They were high school dropouts in their planet? May be they are the “blacks” in thier planets, love sing loudly in thier churches, typically illiterate? There are so many of them, the Republicans won….when was that again? I forgot.

  • xrt

    Joe McCarthy in a skirt.


    TLC = Tabloid Lamebrain Crap

  • ilia

    what a clueless c.u.n.t. she is…

  • where

    are the photos of her shooting wolf puppies from a helicopter?

  • Jade

    She has now become exactly what she accused Obama of being during the election campaign; a celebrity. She’s nothing more and nothing less.
    Does she really expect us to take her seriously after whoring herself and her family out to reality TV? Even more since she stated that she rather be outdoors then sit in some stuff politicians office…. She’s constantly contradicting herself and if she does decide to run in 2012, she’ll be the biggest laughing stock around the world.

  • Rainy Day


    Fan? This is precisely the issue with her Nikki. She has fans. She should have voters that have weighed her platforms against the other candidates. But she has fans. It is hard to believe she can still be respected in the political arena. She and her daughter have turned into reality TV people. She ups and quits as governor of Alaska leaving a mess for the person who took over for her. She was the reason many think some of the Republican candidates lost. Took her five years to get thru college with passable grades. And personally I don’t think she has any intention of running for another office. She loves the money her speaking engagements, book, and things like this brings in. She couldn’t care less about the masses and her fans–she only wants your $$$$

  • is that

    Vladimir Putin in photo #9?

  • Luc

    @where: No, but she says she can see Russia from a mountain top. You could rub one off on that one?

  • so funny

    how Karl Rove and Joe Miller are totally dissing her and shutting her out. Arpaio insulted her by giving her a gift of pink panties. Sarah – they are using you and when they are done you’ll be lucky to garner $10 to speak at the opening of a car wash.

  • anon



  • Luc

    @anon:nufin, take it eazy, aight?

  • Luc

    @so funny: Sarah is already worth more than $30 million. She couldn’t make more with a third book because you wouldn’t buy one? Foxnews would cut her contract if you wouldn’t watch when she comes on? possible.

  • tia

    if she was really serious about politics, she would be spending her time on that, not TLC reality shows. I hope she doesn’t run for President, i don’t think she really cares for the role, she just likes the status behind it.
    i think she has charisma, but i disagree with so many of her policies, and i wouldn’t put the fate of an entire country in her hands.

  • Isaw Russia From My house too!

    I wish I lived close to her, I would throw rocks at her any chance I’d get….with a big smile on my face =)

  • Nan

    Publicity ho sells her family for media attention.

  • Luc

    @Isaw Russia From My house too!:
    slamists love to throw stones at their enemies too. if you are not a terrerist sympathizer already, it would be a good fit for you, if you could convert to slam.

  • Luc

    @Isaw Russia From My house too!: Sarah’s neighgor Mcginness has moved out. You could move in, but first change your name to an american one, so you wouldn’t get shot at in Alaska.

  • Luc

    @Isaw Russia From My house too!: Sarah’s neighbor McGinnes has moved out. You could move to that house next door. But first change your name to a typically American one, and speak with american accent. Otherwise, you could get shot in Alaska. Please take precausion.

  • Luc

    @tia: but you have only one vote and you will vote for President Hussein next time. Is that sufficient to possess all that power to “not put america in her hands?” Negros don’t vote for non negro dandidates, didn’t you mom tell you that? Anyway, it would be Romney in 2012.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    She should take the money she made selling herself and her teen preggers daughter on reality shows and donate it to the women and young girls who are rape and incest victims so they can pay for rape kits. Sarah believes those women should pay for their own rape kits. She also believes rape victims and incest victims should keep the baby. Why don’t we send those babies to her? She seems to have LOTS of free time and money. Hypocritical imbecile she is. So are her follower sheep.

  • Luc

    @<a href=”/2010/11/13/sarah-palins-alaska-promo-pics/coR@Ms Bar Jolie Gaga:

    She is a Tea Party Republican. She does not care for a nanny state.
    the rapists belong to the Democratic party. So, rape kits should be distributed by democrats for their people. Incest perpetrators, gays, lebians, bi, transvestites and child molesters also belong only to the democratic party. The Republicans cannot take care of thieir victims.
    please be reasonable.

  • Luc

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga:

    Most of the prison population are Demorats. You can ask your friends and family, they would tell you they are life long Demorats. Regarless of the color of the skin most rapists are Demorats. You can find out for yourself, so I strongly beleive that Demorats should distribute rape kits to their family and friends.

  • Shakira

    I have not seen Sarah’s Alaska and will enjoy this program. It looks great.