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Sarah Palin's Alaska: Promo Pics!

Sarah Palin's Alaska: Promo Pics!

Sarah Palin learns how to climb out of a crevasse at the Alaska Mountaineering School in these new photos from her upcoming TV show Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

The 8-week series premieres this Sunday (November 14) at 9 p.m. on TLC.

Other pics include Sarah heading up the river on husband Todd‘s boat, fishing for salmon, watching fireworks with son Trig, and visiting her in-laws in Dillingham, Alaska.

20+ pictures inside of Sarah Palin on her new TLC show…

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sarah pain alaska promos 01
sarah pain alaska promos 02
sarah pain alaska promos 03
sarah pain alaska promos 04
sarah pain alaska promos 05
sarah pain alaska promos 06
sarah pain alaska promos 07
sarah pain alaska promos 08
sarah pain alaska promos 09
sarah pain alaska promos 10
sarah pain alaska promos 11
sarah pain alaska promos 12
sarah pain alaska promos 13
sarah pain alaska promos 14
sarah pain alaska promos 15
sarah pain alaska promos 16
sarah pain alaska promos 17
sarah pain alaska promos 18
sarah pain alaska promos 19
sarah pain alaska promos 20

Photos: Gilles Mingasson/TLC
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  • vivi

    @rihanna OOH NA NA What’s My Name? artwork is now up @rocnation

  • Luc


    You, er a demorat? what happened to the midterm elections?
    do you remember?

  • LoriLori

    It’s great that Sarah is raising Bristols first child Trig as her own son
    lets hope SP other daughters show some restraint mommy can’t pretend to be pregnant again!!

  • Luc

    @LoriLori: Sarah takes care of Tripp too. She is a great soul.

    Demorat women would have had six or seven babies by the time they are Bristals age. But the curious thing is Demorat women are so horendous even if you don’t consider the nappy head hos. How do the demorat men do it? Is it true that demorat men take drugs and alcohol to have sex with demorat women?

  • Jokergurl

    I wonder is she can still see Russia from her house or if there’s a giant bear in that way now? Seriously this woman is a national embarrassment.

  • andi

    i’m puking to see this ugly b*tch on here!! why her JJ?

  • PannyCoffi

    Human trash

  • T

    this stupid bitch should not be holding wolf pups! she is fn murder! she aerial hunts them!

  • T

    @where: my thoughts exactly! stupid b*tch murder!

  • Michael

    Honestly, Jared. This is shameless. You must receive money from TLC for this bullshit promotion. I wish you the best, but I don’t know how you can sleep at night.

  • Dog Lover

    How dare Sarah Palin hold those puppies when she puts a bounty on their cousins, the wild wolves paws. I can’t believe she has the audacity to have this show.

  • Dog Lover

    @anon: Tina Fey didn’t become popular because of this woman, the other way around. As Halloween shows, ANYONE can do what she is doing. Sorry if that insults those with some intelligence doing it also.

  • yep

    i like her but don’t want her for president or vice president.

  • teri

    I’ll be watching it also. I see nothing wrong with a fun family outing.

  • teri

    WOW ALREADY ON THE ATTACK, YOU’D THINK SHE’S ALREADY RUNNING AGAIN OR SOMETHING. What’s next attacking her down syndrome child?

  • Zach

    If this were a parody of the mindless absurdity in television programming, it culd be a hilarious show… but Palin has no real sense of humor — narcissists rarely do — and TLC is dead serious about this one.
    Getting someone to host a show about the lovely natural world of Alsaka, when her chant is “drill baby drill”, as she promotes the rape of one of the most magnificant Refuges in the world, and whose idea of connection with nature includes the aerial slaughter of wolves, and gassing wolf pups in their dens, is agressively stupid,
    TLC may not feel the effects of their choice to give this opportunistic hypocritical grifter a forum right away, but this will come back around and hit them at some point.

  • Lauren

    This country has become so hateful. Shame. I love how people protest no hate, but hate so horribly toward others.

  • say what?

    Tell us Sarah, why did Kate Gosselin cut the scenes from her camping trip out of her show? Did she go off on one of her kids and have to be taken away? Are you using your show as a campaign tool?

  • say what?

    * Kate and Sarah went camping together with their families, where is that footage?

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Luc: I hope to God you never have kids or none come near upi. I particularly hope you don’t have a daughter. You are a psychopath.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    6 years to complete a BA in “journalism”.
    never reads papers.
    quit her post as governor.
    daughter preggers in high school.
    does not know bush doctrine.
    whoring herself and daughter for reality tv.
    believes rape victims and incest victims should keep their baby.
    sarah palin: mediocre, crazy, lunatic, dumb, opportunist, bimbo. perfect for teabagging repugnant trailer park sheep. they deserve each other.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    I wish this cow would leave innocent moose, dogs and other animals (including Bristol) alone! Stop killing animals FAILIN!

  • cheap sexy lingerie

    Sarah is so beautiful! :)

  • Palin is the Devil

    I’m amazed how she’s all anti Holly-weird and such and a “regular person” yet, she has a REALITY SERIES and her Daughter is on Dancing with the Stars (Of which, she isn’t one at all).

    Who’s really the media ho here?

    This country will burn if she ever is in the oval office. Please let her run…she is so damn stupid, Obama would eviscerate here in a debate. I am loving to see that. All those ‘you betcha’s’ and stupid winks wouldn’t help her then.

  • uffda

    You sad, ignorant people. Just keep on hatin’.

  • oy

    I’m looking forward to this show. I’m going to write the producers and suggest an episode where she goes hunting with Dick Cheney. I’d like him to be wearing a wolf costume at the time.

  • Ev

    Sarah Palin is amazing!! You go girl! What is wrong with you people! Obama has gone on more golf outing than any other president AND he has gone on soooo many vacations while WE pay for HIS payments thats a real help to the economy!! And has Obama helped us at all? Look at the polls and face the facts. Things have gotten worse and he cant even pronounce Marine Corps! Is he even born in America? Why wont he show his birth certificate?

  • http://N/A stevefoster

    Way to go baby keep on with the good stuff. you got my vote.