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Jessica Simpson's Engagement Ring Revealed!

Jessica Simpson's Engagement Ring Revealed!

Jessica Simpson signs autographs for fans at an in-store signing at Dillard’s on Saturday (November 13) in Overland Park, Kansas.

While meeting fans, the 30-year-old entertainer showed off her brand new engagement ring!

The ring is by Neil Lane and has a central ruby flanked by two diamonds.

Jess‘ engagement to former NFL player Eric Johnson was just confirmed to via her rep. The pair has been dating since last May.

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Credit: Jamie McCarthy; Photos: WireImage
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  • Dubya Bush

    It’s only been like 5 months. That guy must be trying to secure his meal ticket.

  • Allie

    First, that ring is ugly. Second, whaaaaaaaaaaaat??!! It’s been five months! Just because Katy Perry did it does not mean you can too Jessica! Third, of ALL the men she’s been with, this is the one she’s engaged to? And conveniently just DAYS after Nick’s engagement? I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the one who proposed…

  • okay

    marriage is serious and should not be used for one upmanship with your ex…….sites like these just continue to show me that most celebrities are out of their damn minds!

  • Alias

    She probably bought her own engagement ring, or he did with the allowance she gives him each week

  • Shelly

    Very happy for Jess and I foresee a baby within a year. Ring very pretty not huge like Carrie Underwood or Hilary Duff. Very irionic that Eric proposed so close to Nick but who cares

  • sillyJess

    That’s a forced marriage!! I bet her family and her had to convince Eric because she was going crazy, hysterical and crying her eyes out because of Nick. That marriage will never last much.

  • tubby

    After the mean skank works to steal all Nick’s genuine happiness she will start planting the pregnancy rumors. It would be hilarious if this Eric loser actually knocked up this beast’s man genes, what a fat pig she would be then. Poor child though, if it looked like her.

  • Ashley

    That ring is SO ugly! It looks like he picked it up in the bargain basket. I can’t believe she even said yes with that ring though she most likely proposed to herself. Next up she has to beat Nick to a wedding. She’ll prob get married on Christmas. Such losers these two!

  • sillyme

    Well, she tried to marry a big celeb and kept getting dumped, so I guess she realized her only chance at happiness would be to get with a guy who’s not as big. I just hope he’s in it for the right reasons. Does he even have a job?


    thank God for her that Nick did get engaged while she was with John Mayor…with John’s ratty mouth, he would have defected on Jess with the press how she proposed to him

    Meanwhile, Nick & Vanessa is laughing all the way to the alter..


  • SOS

    Does anyone know what this guy does for a living ??

  • okay

    @SOS: he works as her boyfriend, seems like a full time job to me LOL

  • Ashley

    @SOS: He’s her part time bodyguard/boyfriend. lol

  • Eliza

    Why all the hate on Jessica? She seems harmless enough, not really someone to hate on. However, I do agree that the ring is horrible. Yellow gold with a ruby in the middle and diamonds on the side does not go at all.

  • Angelina

    I feel sorry for Jessica too!! Shes fat, greasy and looks like trash. I dont knowwww!!

  • Haters Suck!

    What the hell did jessical do to you people? Why do you gotta act like stupid b!tches? Honestly get over yourselves.

  • DarkEmpress

    I like the engagement ring. Ruby is the traditional stone for marriage. Rubies are more rare than diamonds. Diamonds were just marketed very well by the diamond industry,most notably De Beers! Diamond prices are artificially inflated by the diamond cartel.


    Is it from K-Mart?

    It looks like it.

  • okay

    @Haters Suck!: there is no hate here, but a lot of young people (for some crazy reason) look up to celebs and agreeing to marry someone after only 5 months is NOT a good idea. Young women need to love themselves more and sometimes being by your damn self, not jumping into a marriage.

  • Bobbie

    There are many women like Jessica too. Probably they take these comments personally.

  • DHR

    very bizarre engagement. it’s almost like aniston announces she’s engaged the same week brad and angie does… though jessica’s and nick’s engagements are not quite as sensational a news, of course. it’s totally something aniston would do too.
    if jessica’s engagement is indeed a genuine one (which i doubt), i don’t see why she couldn’t wait to announce it. just wait, you know, to reduce the embarassment of making it seem like she’s trying to prove something. my guess is that she’s trying to draw the attention from nick back to herself.

  • Butter_Fly

    Dang. She didn’t waste any time to show it off did she?


    Engaged and fatter then ever. Next!

  • Carrie Underwood

    My ring is better.

  • yajaira

    dating for 5 months? already to married?

  • hello

    Of course she is engaged, and when Vanessa falls pregnant 3 guesses who’ll be up the duff straight after she is.

  • fat GAY queenie

    Newleyweds was a funny show – Jess made rude comments about the size of Nick’s peeny and then laughed at him when he played her a song he recorded. He would just roll his eyes at how spolied and lazy she was and look at her like she’s stupid when she made idiotic comments. I miss that show and knew they would not last!

  • isis

    Wow that ring looks cheesy.

  • I Heart Newlyweds

    all this wouldn’t have happened if jessica had stayed with Nick..

  • Again

    @Dubya Bush: Agree! And she is engaged just a few weeks after her ex’s engagement. I don’t think it’s coincidence.

  • Kayla

    The ring, the outfit, the hair, the make-up – the whole look today screams cheap mall rat. Ouch. She’s never been able to pull off classy, but lately she’s been looking especially low rent. That ring looks like something you would get from a high school boyfriend. Doesn’t look like the real thing.

  • Pretty Jess

    I like Jess and wish her well. We don’t know JS just a few tidbits here and there about her personal life the rest is all crap from tabloids.

    If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all
    why don’t you try that uh!?!. Maybe one day somebody will say you are a nice person and mean it,. Ontill then PFFFFTTT.
    What a waste.

  • nkenk

    How convenient she gets engaged right after her ex….

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    i think it’s like PAYBACK to Nick for getting engaged. lol. She is pretty. Her former foooball player fiance, so so.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …ahahahahahaha …it’s going to be sooo fcuking funny when they break up. stupid celebrities. ahahahahahahaha

  • Go Ask Alice

    Knew it!! Caled it and posted here that she was geting engaged next on the thread about Nick and Vanessa…AS WE ALL DID, LOL!!!
    Jessica probably asked him.
    Hey,he has NOTHING,andI mean nothing to lose.
    It is all up from here for Eric.
    A baby will definitely be up right after the wedding and of course her dad is pitching a bid out to OK! mag and People mag for the biggest pay for cover story.Also,he getting ready with Jessica Simpson Signature line of maternity wear.

    Look, I sort of like Jessica. I was a big fan of her with Nick, but what and how it went down and how she and her dad wanted to make a fool of the guy and expect hm to take his clothes and go and disapear ,allfor the sake of her and her career, was just bad.
    Plus, her dad and the country cd thing was too pushy.
    Now, she has a nonfamous,nothing, jobless, nonrich guy, may they make it last.

    Question is who will last?
    LeAnn and BoyEddie?

    Nick and Saucy Vanessa?
    Dean? and Sarah the photographer?

    and Jessicanand nobody fmaous or rich or with a job,Eric?

  • LadyB

    This looks more like an over reaction to Nick and Vanessa’s news to me. She must have been pretty sad and the guy thought proposing will cheer her up. The guy just got out of a marriage and he dosen’t even have a steady job. And am I the only one that thinks that ring was picked out in a hurry. It doesn not even look like an engagement ring.

  • longchamp

    so i predict she’ll read Web comments about how low-class her ring looks, throw a tantrum to get an ‘upgrade’ after 2mos. of marriage, her man will decide he’s had enough, and that’ll be that.

  • Go Ask Alice



    Heis obivously a smart guy being a Yale grad and was accepted to Wharton.
    He was a mediocre NFL player
    He did not eran milllions or tens from being in the NFL.Most players don’t. Only the big palyers and realy big players get that in reality.
    Add Eric’s then wife did not walk away with bus fare in their recent divorce.

    Jessica has really settled. Maybe it will work with a nobdy,notrhing,nonfamous guy.
    Her dad will set himup with a job for JS Signature line or a Hollywood gig.

  • Juleanden

    Why did you have to draw
    to Aniston, when she has acted class act the entire time , even facing the embarrassing situation of her HUSBAND cheating with the mentally derailed Angelina Jolie. Please look at her “very” interesting past(Angelina Jolie that is).

  • helen

    yuck, don’t like the ring at all!

  • Shawna

    First of all, most of you don’t know how to count. If they started dating in May they have been together for 6 months, not 5. Second, if they like the ring what difference does it make to you. Maybe it is a famil heirloom. Third, they are not getting married after 6 month, they are engaged. They may wait to get married for awhile. Fourth, my husband and I got engaged after dating for 1 month and were married after 13 months (we had a 12 month engagement) and we have now been married for almost 12 years and have 3 beautiful children. When you know it’s right then you know.

  • Amazed

    5 months Jessica???
    Why so desperate????

  • jenny

    the ring is uglt&this screams “I wanna get even with my ex who got engaged 3 days before me, so *I* asked MY bf to marry me* #LAME

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s so pathetic. Nick gets engaged so she had to run out and get engaged. She probably bought the ring herself or got it free in one of her goodie bags for attending all these events.

  • don’t be dumb jessica!

    This guy has hit the jackpot. Now he gets to mooch off Jessica for the rest of his life. Hopefully she gets a prenup.

  • don’t be dumb jessica!
  • lisali

    Bought and paid for by Jessica herself! Does the hanger-on even have a job?

  • Babs


    Thank you so much! I keep reading these mean comments about this woman’s ring, and I don’t understand them at all. It used to be the norm that a women received an engagement ring with their birthstone, and Jessica Simpson’s birthstone is, indeed, a ruby. Not only that, but rubies are rarer and more valuable then diamonds ever will be.
    Honestly, the De Beers advertising campaign is what brainwashed American women into thinking that diamonds were valuble and that they HAD to have them. If you really look into the issue, you will find that the De Beers people are evil. Have you ever heard of a blood diamond, FFS? Ba!

  • Bridie

    Most ugliest ring I’ve ever seen!! I wouldn’t want to be caught dead wearing something like that…and as an engagement ring at that. Come on, Jess, you can do better than that!