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Rachel Bilson: MOCA Los Angeles Gala with Mila Kunis!

Rachel Bilson: MOCA Los Angeles Gala with Mila Kunis!

Rachel Bilson slips into a chic Chanel dress and rubs shoulders with Black Swan actress Mila Kunis at “The Artist’s Museum Happening” MOCA Los Angeles Gala held at MOCA Grand Avenue on Saturday (November 13).

The event, which was sponsored by Chanel Fine Jewelry, was also attended by Rachel‘s super stylist Nicole Chavez, Rachel‘s BFF & Baby co-star Kate Bosworth, and actress Malin Akerman.

Black Swan, which co-stars Natalie Portman, is a ballerina thriller set to open on December 3rd.

WATCH: ‘Black Swan’ Trailer

FYI: Rachel is wearing a pair of Camilla Skovgaard Chain Cross Strap Sandals, while Mila is also rocking Chanel Resort 2011!

25+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Mila Kunis at the MOCA Los Angeles Gala

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Credit: John Shearerg; Photos: Getty
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  • Annie

    For someone so z-list Bilson sure looks smug.

  • Again

    What? Another famewh0re KB was there and JJ posts about Bilson 1st. I guess RB pays more to JJ than KB.

  • padme

    Jared, please don’t insult Natalie by posting her name in the same post with this worthless fame whore Bilson!!!

  • oy

    Mila Kunis is an actual working actress and yet this post is all about the one whose existence is pointless.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Really JJ – Mila is one of the stars of a movie with Oscar buzz and yet you promote Bilson?? We know she pays you to post this non-stop stupidity but come on??
    I wonder if Mila even knows who Rachel is?? She probably thinks she posing with a fan!!!

  • soooo sick of Bilson

    Rachel Bilson is a Natalie Portman WANNABE. RB snagged Hayden becuz she knows that Natalie is the one woman that Hayden really wants but can’t have b/c NP is out of his league.

  • Alias

    @7 – NP is out of his league???? Isn’t Nat the one working with Ashton Kutcher???? STFU already!!!

  • Alias

    @7 – NP is out of Hayden’s league????? Isn’t Nat the one working with Ashton Kutcher???? LMFAO, STFU already!!!

  • @8

    And HC worked with RB so what’s your point you can’t fault a actor for who he works with the director makes that call not the actor. If they want the part and it looks good to them they work with who they work with. And I do agree NP is way out of either of those two leagues and I feel HC knew this but I still think he adores her secretively.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Excuse me but Kutcher must be doing SOMETHING right b/c his movies make money and he keeps getting jobs!! If his films weren’t making money – well he’d be Rachel Bilson – constantly unemployed!!!

  • Really?

    why is she always posing like that?? doesn’t she have other poses?!

  • yep

    rachel is so cute and petite.

  • i love her

    she looks great! – f*ck off haters.

  • i love her

    @lexy hates bilson: Uh actually honey Rachel guest starred on That ’70s Show, so yeah I’m sure she knows who she is.

  • Alias

    @11 – Let’s see What Happens in Vegas starred Cameron Diaz and Open Season was an animated feature so his lousy acting wasn’t on display, Valentine’s Day had the other stars to cover up for him, and Killers actually has box office gross higher than the budget but actually lost money based on Hollywood accounting. Other than that his movies stink!!
    So wth are you talking about?? Seen Spread, not that many people did! LOL

    @10 – working with Kutcher isn’t exactly a badge of honor, so Nat could’ve chose not to be in that movie. And Kevin Kline is also in that movie No Strings Attached, and he worked with HC in Life as a House, now tell me again about Nat being out of HC’s league?

  • Brightside

    Ugh…the dress is disgusting! A truly nasty looking dress! I can’t believe that anyone tries on a dress like that and, despite the evidence of their own eyes, think it looks good on. It doesn’t.
    Actually I think I saw a similar dress on a German doll that was featured on the Antiques Roadshow and it didn’t look good on the doll either.
    With her tatty hair, dress, lipstick and smirk Rachel would have made a very good stand in for that rather ugly German doll. All she needs is a pair of white stockings and a little white pinafore.

  • erika

    Two brunettes. Both started off in television.
    One has a thriving movie career, is rarely in the tabloids and keeps her private life fiercely private.
    The other one has almost zero legitimacy as an actress but is better known as a serial dater of her costars and for her near daily paparazzi photos engaging in the most mundane activities on the planet.
    Who is the first and who is the second?

    Ya think Rachel B. knows the meaning of the word mundane? I doubt it.

  • Somebody

    I think Rachel looks great actually. Her dress is cute.. personally I wouldn’t like the neckline on myself but it looks good on her. The funny thing I wanted to post about though.. she makes everybody look fat!!! She must be SO skinny in person! Mila is skinny and so is Kate Bosworth, but Rachel’s arms are twigs compared to theirs, lol!

  • Susan

    Time for a new hairstyle, Rachel.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Uh honey – Rachel was in ONE episode of That 70s show many years ago – she did not STAR on the show. She should have “known” Allyson Hannigan b/c she was a guest star on Buffy but she never mentioned that – guess AH didn’t find her too memorable.
    Again, Alias – SOMEONE thinks Kutcher is bankable seeing as he keeps getting jobs and his movies can actually make it to theaters!! Oh and let’s not forget his endorsement deals. At the end of the day he keeps getting jobs – even if you don’t like him!

  • RB damn her hair!

    Look at RB her hair looks dead compared to MK’s one. They both have the same kind of wavy hair but one got ratty fried hair with a very unflattering color for her olivish skin tone whereas the other one looks healthy (kunis).

    Now JJ is calling mrs chavez “super ” stylist…..well she should tell her friend RB to stop with this nasty highlights/ either go blond or stay with her dark hair with greasy roots.

    The cut of the dress is fine though on short legged bilson. Make her look more proportionate in this area.

    The pinkish lipsick isn’t really flattering with yellow teeth, better get either a darker one more red or brown.

    Funny I find Chavez more attractive (face and body) and more classy than her fav client!

  • Katy

    OMG, Mila makes Rachel look so plain. I’ll never understand how anyone can get those two “mixed up”. Mila is stunning and Rachel looks like any other Socal girl who hangs out in the local mall. But I like Rachel’s dress a lot. And her shoes. Her hair just screws up the whole look though.


    Oh how did we know hater Lexie would be back. Your ugly NP is on another thread. Go give the one in the ugly purple toga dress some love and STFU. It is obvious how much you hate Rachel and so jealous of her. Post on your beloved NP then. We are sick of hearing your SH** already. You sound like a broken record.

    Actually, I love Rachel’s dress! I just love it. It looks like a vintage dress. Not too many people can squeeze into small vintage size dresses. So the ones bashing Rachel’s dress are jealous!! Rachel looks great and her hair is pretty. Go away haters!

  • http://twitter annie

    ilove her rachel,someone is pretty stupid. love nat and mila.

  • i love her

    @lexy hates bilson: Yeah.. I believe that is exactly what I said… she GUEST starred on That ’70s Show. You know, it’s quite funny how you constanly have to comment on her posts and have to have your name has ‘lexi hates bilson’ – yet, you still know pretty much everything about her. Hmm, the jealousy is really pathetic sweetheart. :)

  • lexy hates bilson

    Yeah, I’m sooo jealous of Rachel – heaven forbid I be “jealous” of someone successful – like say Natalie Portman or Hilary Swank or Marion Cortalnd. Heck even Paris Hilton – she’s more successful than Rachel!!! LMAO!!! Dream on sweetheart!!

  • RB Looks Like 13 YO Mallrat

    …next to Mila Kunis.

    Why does she always stand with one leg crossed over the other like she’s dying to pee but has to pose for the cameras first? I know she used to do it because she had fat saddlebag thighs and zero muscle tone so it gave her a better line in photos but it looks like she had them vacuumed out. Now she looks like she should be raising her hand and asking teacher if she can go to the bathroom.

    The short dress with the frills looks better than many of the really awful dresses she’s worn to overhyped non-events like this but the narrow candy stripes looks like she’s wearing a bird cage. Its not unflattering but it does nothing for her. But she’s about 4’9 or 4’10 and possibly auditioning for possible parts in kiddie p07n0 films since she’s mostly doing straight-to-DVD parts now. As if that stupid derivative Ghost Angeles pilot will ever get off the ground that Josh Schwartz just gave to her at the nagging of his wife, Bilson’s BFF Jill.

    I wish Jill would wake up and realize that Bilson is just using her the way she uses everyone to promote her puny little untalented person.

  • i love her

    @lexy hates bilson: Whatever makes you feel better honey. :)

  • Jessie

    @lexy hates bilson: Lexy, the only reason you don’t like Rachel is because Hayden is dating her. You really think if he wasn’t with her your going to get him? Or if your that stupid that you just want him with Natalie Portman, heres a news flash – THEY NEVER DATED. Obviously if he was in love with her, he would be with her..but he’s in love with the girl you don’t like, and the girl you don’t like is completely beautiful and amazing. Which by how much I see you commenting on JJ – your not.


    Yeah…You love Natalie Portman so much but, she has 23 posts and you are giving Rachel more attention. Rachel has more posts then Natalie. Yes..your jealous..You actions and all your hate just speak legions about you. =) Keep on with you hate then. Your only giving Rachel more hits and more popularity and it shows just how jealous you are and what a total fool your making out of yourself. You cannot even see what a total jealous heap of a joke you are. LOL! Keep it up. You good for a laugh or two.

  • Shanda

    @@8: Agree with you with some are what you say. But hayden is still out out are Rachel league too.@soooo sick of Bilson: I don’t think that natalie think that she is better than hayden. They both do the work that is best for them.Natalie has made bad movies too. And haven’t gotten awards for them.Both can act and both don’t have bad feeling towards each other. Hayden is just as smart as natalie. But no one ever ask what other things he can do. He can play the piano and other things as well. He’snot dumb

  • ari

    The Rachel fans can’t stand the criticism directed towards Rachel because it’s valid. They can’t shoot down the message because it’s essentially true so instead they shoot the messenger.

  • sidony

    Douchel looks like a “dressed-up barmaid”!
    Truly a mini messy FAUXshionista.
    Her new BFF Kate is far more popular that her’ she got “more” hits on a faster note LOL

  • lori

    i used to think rachel bilson was cute but standing next to mila forget about it!!! mila is really an absolute natural beauty and a great actress rachel needs some major help

  • amaranth

    LOVE Kaiser from. Celebitchy… alongside Brightside & Lexy Hates Bilson (lol)
    Here’s Rachel Bilson, wearing some kind of TABLECLOTH you would find at a family-friendly establishment. Of course she showed up! Because she’s the opposite of famewhore, and she doesn’t just go wherever there are cameras.

  • bea

    Nice to see that Celebitchy, a site that used to love Rachel, can’t stand her anymore as well.
    Just like Lainey.
    Lainey used to be a cheerleader for Rach. But these days whenever Lainey mentions RB it’s in a negative context.
    People are finally seeing the light. PR fakeness sans real talent can only get you so far.

  • bea
  • sidony

    @36 – Douchel looks like she’s wearing her “granny’s undershirt” in there!

  • ATLqueen

    Guys enough about the dress already. You’re not insulting her you’re insulting a very important designer (chanel). Not only that, but her designer is the one that advised she wear it. The joke isn’t on her.

  • Lisa

    mila Kunis has done a nosejob, Bilson is natural!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Yes, that’s it – I don’t like Rachel b/c I’m in love with Hayden! LMAO!! Some of you need to stop watching Oprah and get real!!!

  • AlTL Queen is a Moron

    @40 Yes it is on her if she wears the dress that looks like nursery school curtains because she’s attempting to sell herself as both a fashionista and a designer. It might look good on someone taller and with an actual body also some personal flair. Lady Gaga could wear it and give it humor and irony. Maybe Madonna as well or Beyonce. Bilson just looks poor and tasteless like she doesn’t own a mirror and if she does she needs glasses. Bad. Quit defending her. She has no defense. Everyone in the gossip press that she caters to says she an obvious papparazzi tipping famewh07e who goes anywhere there are cameras and she can get in– and if there aren’t any she calls the media to get some. I’m still waiting for the photos of her in the ladies room pulling up her skirt. That’s literally the only thing we haven’t seen.

  • Bridie

    Jeez, not her again…horrible hair, horrible dress and so on!

    Mila looks great though. Love her whole outfit!!

  • Gwen

    Jared is going to be plugging this BFF and Baby crap movie until it comes out on dvd

  • You’re A Moron

    @ #43
    Before you start calling someone else a moron you may want to check the spelling of ATLqueen first. You spelled it AITL Queen! It is ATLqueen you idiot!
    You don’t have to like the dress but, it is probably a “vintage” Chanel dress Rachel is wearing. From the color and hem of the dress I would say it is a Vintage Chanel from the 1970′s era. If, you know anything about fashion you would know that! =) You try to sound like the fashion expert but, you don’t know sh**. Vintage dresses usually run a little smaller in sizes. Rachel is petite and can get into a lot a vintage and does I noticed wear vintage clothing. Something you cannot comprehend or probably would never be able to wear youself. ;) Much less get into. ;) I happen to like the dress Rachel is wearing. The one’s that hate her dress are obviously screaming jealousy. The jealous haters just speak legions about themselves. Jealous haters I swear have nothing better to do.


    Rachel’s dress is Chanel Resort 2011 line. Your close @ #46 at it being or looking from the 70′s era but, it is not a vintage dress. This Chanel Resort 2011 collection is a throwback to the 1970′s style. This seems to be the perfect choice for Rachel who is inspired by 70′s actress Diane Keaton whom is her idol. I say her dress not only looks great on her and it is refreshing to see something different for a change. It is also ingenious also of Rachel the way she presented the dress in full fashion. Scale down to the last model on the page on the motercycle with the guy. She is wearing Rachel’s dress.

  • ATLqueen


    Completely missed my point. Basically, I was saying Chanel is IMPORTANT. You don’t have to like it on her. But dang, think about who made the dress, MORON!

  • eb

    Mila is photogenic.. THATS IT. she doesnt look that great super up close… seriously she has hair growing out of her face… She has nice teeth and it it wasnt for a couple facial features…(from afar) shed not have much left , not her hips not her butt not her breasts.. not her persona, because her persona only works cuz of her face is photogenic, otherwise it sucks. She spread her legs to JT.. who has herpes.. Im sorry who would want herpes infest JTS mouth anywhere near their crotch.. Milas movies are B movies and suck. But Ive also noticed up close she has weird red spots on her mouth like she has some kinda either lip injections or herpes herself.

  • Buby

    OMG, sooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!