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Brad Pitt To Create Chilean Miner Movie?

Brad Pitt To Create Chilean Miner Movie?

Brad Pitt‘s production company, Plan B Entertainment, is in negotiations to buy the film rights to the rescued Chilean miners’ story.

A lawyer for the miners told a publication in Santiago (via TheWrap) that Plan B has made a multi-million dollar offer and that there’s potential for several of those rescued to be cast.

The lawyer added that there have been an average of ten offers per day to buy the rights to the story, but that the miners want to form a holding company to split profits evenly before they sign with a producer.

UPDATE: A rep for Plan B told EW the reports are a “huge wave of nothing. We have shown potential interest, but there have been no serious discussions.”

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687 Responses to “Brad Pitt To Create Chilean Miner Movie?”

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  1. 51
    lylian Says:

    Great to see Plan B making a bid for the miners story. What an inspiring story that is. So glad to see that the strong bonds forged between the miners by their near death experience and their incarceration in horrible conditions remains as strong as ever on release. Hope the guys get paid well and don’t have to go back to working in the mine again.

  2. 52
    not true. Says:

    Another fake story.. Beside Plan B has a lot of interesting projects in the works .. This does seem more Made for TV.

    Rumor Control: Brad Pitt Not Making Chilean Miners Movie

    November 15, 2010
    …..there have been reports floating around today that Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B is planning to make a film about the formerly trapped Chilean miners. But EW reached out to the company and was given a simple response: the whole story is false.

  3. 53
    worth Reposting Says:

    @Homewrecker Jen Maniston

    #240 previous Angelina thread


    David Arquette is blaming his wife’s best friend Jennifer Aniston for ruining their marriage of eleven years. Incidentally, I blame Jennifer for ruining her own marriage to Brad Pitt five years ago, but that’s neither here nor there. Nine MSN says:
    The 39-year-old phoned Jen after his split from Courteney Cox, telling her, “You never liked me from the start.”
    He also made a quip about the Friends star at the premiere of his new movie “The Legend Of Hallow Dega.”
    “The film was shot in Courteney’s home state of Alabama,” said David. “Actually, while I was there I came across a town called Anniston. I should have known that was an omen.”
    Jennifer can’t be happy unless everyone around her is as unhappy as she is, a behavior pattern that is usually indicative of some type of mental unbalance, be it Histrionic or Borderline Personality Disorder. Am I getting too technical here? Let me put it in layman’s terms, then: if David’s marriage were a Stephen King novel, this would be the part where he wakes up tied to a bed in a cabin and Jennifer Aniston is standing over him with a sledgehammer. Courteney’s HERS now, ya hear? LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!
    source :

  4. 54
    AWHODAT Says:

    @ Susan……..this sentence in your post @ #36 is what i was going to comment on:
    “….I think what drive these trolls nuts is the amount of devotion they have for one another, when their husbands or boyfriends ( if they did not run them off with their nagging) don’t do anything to help them.”
    Youre right about the questionable, in fact, what appears to be the completely loveless relationship with their Significant Other that is the reality of these biitches’ lives.. I have seen posts on the FF-mothership where those psychotic biitches, in criticising Brad and Angie for being on each other’ movie sets, for example and for generally being together so often, I’ve heard those pathetic creatures actually boastingly say “if my husband (as if! lol) ever do this or that or t’other, he’d get the cold shoulder from me for weeks!”
    Or, ive read posts where one or more of them have said if they ever tried to kiss their husband (lol) in public or in any way show affection in public “he’d kick my asss.”
    I kid you not. This is how these biitches reveal their trailer park-sad, pathetic lives. And they have the nerve to be criticising their betters. But it had always been like this: the dregs of society with a humungous chip on their shoulder about their betters.

  5. 55
    lylian Says:

    I had to, I just had to duck into the Gerard Butt-fingerer and Johnny Peeboy Mayer thread. I gather it’s NO COINCIDENCE that they know each other well enough to serenade each other?
    Both have been up Dedn’s A R S E multiple times.
    Imagine being the insect under the sofa when Buttfinger and Peeboy get drunk together and reminisce on the one they got away from ….

    Nothing like starting a day with great laugh!!

  6. 56
    MS.COPY CAT ! Says:

    Look at me ,look at me !

    l am NOT a STALKER , Just a COPY CAT !!!

  7. 57
    Susan Says:

    @an oldie: Man even in Chile they’re using Brad and Angie to drive up the price for this disaster. Usually when Brad is dealing with a project, most of the time you hear about it when it is a done deal. When the Lawyer/ paper in Chile was saying Brad was offering MILLIONS, I was a little suspicious, don’t you start low and go higher?

  8. 58
    csw Says:

    Who are the other contenders?? If Brad Pitt spits we read about it. Gosh enough is enough.

  9. 59
    isa Says:

    Hai people, does anyone know what is going with JJB yuku, since I wanted to lurk in that site but they kept asking me to log in first? usually I just can come so easy without log in, wonder :(

  10. 60
    Theresa Says:

    Elisilla@ 11/15/2010 at 4:02 pm

    then don’t go and see the film. theoretically, you are an adult so make your own decision and allow the rest of us to make our own.

  11. 61
    gracie Says:

    Haters who criticise Angie for her fashion sense should be congratulating her instead, at least her biggest admirer Anuston knows Angie has great taste when it comes to fashion — she is on her copycat stalking again. MS.COPY CAT — #56 link is showing her stealing Angie’s style again(Booth and sun glasses). Always have to wait for Angie to do all the hard work and she comes out and shamelessly steals her style. She can steal it but she is no Jolie and can never wear it as SEXY as Jolie.

  12. 62
    Theresa Says:

    cheeeezy @ 11/15/2010 at 4:24 pm

    oh,don’t be stupid!! hate to break this to you but this story has the potential to a very good film. just for you, idiot, there are some big names in Hollywood who are more than interested in this film and i’m not talking about just brad. some of these people have oscars attached to their names. now please go away troll

  13. 63
    Theresa Says:

    not true.@ 11/15/2010 at 7:43 pm

    and you believe what EW says? let me put it this way, if i were you i wouldn’t bet the bank the statement “whole story is false”.

  14. 64
    Shar Says:


    Funny after months of no sighting, 3 weeks before the opening of “The Tourist” and she pops up in NYC, where coincidently, Angie’s movie is suppose to premiere. Damn, can this woman ever do anything outside the box?

  15. 65
    REEVEN Says:

    # 6
    If there’s a disaster the JP’s will be there pronto to capitalize on others misery.

  16. 66
    JJthread Says:

    Oldie no offense but why are you always commenting on JJB items on JJ?. If we wanted to read JJB we would. Some of us are on JJ to avoid going to JJB. And as to always crediting, JJB, anyone with a computer can google, just because some JJB posters live on the thread and get a thrill from reposting items doesn’t mean they discovered the news — they just repeat what’s on other blogs, press releases, news items.

  17. 67
    an oldie Says:

    I have the same problem. Hope it will resolve soon.

  18. 68
    gracie Says:

    correction #61 —- boots not booth. Typing error.

  19. 69
    CLINIQUA Says:

    …weird. last comment is on moderation. I wonder if JJ has outlawed m a n is ton too, like Perez. lol
    Okay, let me try another comment: was watching ET tonight, because I was an unwilling captive, and saw that J-Simp is engaged, their segment had to do with her annoucement then they crudely speculated whether she’d get a pre-nup. They slapped up what she’s worth, and what her free agent baller hubby is worth. Cynical much? Right. So…guess what shocked the SH* outta me?!!
    They said Jess’ assets were A BILLION dollars. That’s right, with a B. Said 400 mil is her clothing and shoe line.
    SAY WHAT????!!!!!!!
    Shouldn’t she be ranking on FORBES every year?? Shows you just how much they’re in the pockets of certain people’s PR. They’ll put Manny and her 14 mil up, where they count her perfume, her bottled water, her TV resids, basically the kitchen sink to get her there…and J-Simp is ROLLING in dough, to the BILLIONS…and isn’t on it????

  20. 70
    NAN Says:

    He he he,Ms.Opened just thinking thoughts if she copy cat Angie’s style,maybe she can leaves the market soon ,she’d been on the shelve for 5+ years still NO The Buyer only The Poker ,he ha he ha ha ha. ha ha haaaaaaaa !
    The Birthday Duet !
    JM said ” l gave her my D + PEEES+POOOS ”
    GB said ” l gave her only my Finger Not my D “

  21. 71
    Grandpa freeze Says:

    Botoxicand his pr team releasing every possible movie Idea he might be involved with haha

  22. 72
    gracie Says:

    sheesh @ 11/15/2010 at 5:08 pm

    And whatever the next story will be, I’m sure you will be stalking Brad’s thread trying to jump in before real fans get a chance to post. He owns you —- SUCK IT LOSER!!

  23. 73
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Oh, in short what I said about Man in the moderated post…..
    That she apparently missed a few cheek filler and restylane appts while down in Georgia. I guess she didn’t want to go to some Atlanta plastic doc and get snapped by the papz coming out.
    …and w/ regards to David Arquette’s little diss? I’m loving that man more and more – my hope is that he’ll reveal the truth about ‘the 6-year long pity party,’ and what really went down with ‘Brad and Jen’ and just what a depressing nag head case she is. If she’s not on his good side, she better get on it. He seems to be busting at the seams to lay it down.

  24. 74
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Oh, don’t be surprised, if after a few more ‘slips’ from David, implying he’s willing to ‘tell most if not all,’ we suddenly hear he’s being represented by Stephen Huvane to shut him up. LMAO

  25. 75
    1 point for brangie fans Says:

    Boots check

    a large version of Vivienne jolie-Pitts baby biker jacket. Check Lmao

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