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Gerard Butler & John Mayer: Birthday Duet!

Gerard Butler & John Mayer: Birthday Duet!

Gerard Butler celebrated his 41st birthday by singing “Mustang Sally” with John Mayer on Friday (November 13) in New York City.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor rented out The Darby in Midtown, New York for a crowd that included Adrien Brody, Kate Hudson, Bono and Jay-Z. Cabaret star Lady Rizo aka Amelia Zirin-Brown was the night’s emcee, who said, “Some of you know him as Gerry, other as Gerard. I know him as Mistress Butler,” according to Page Six.

Gerry sang the Oasis hit “Wonderwall” first, before asking John Mayer to join him onstage. John also ended up singing his hit “Who Says.”

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  • blair

    Maybe it should read “Birthday Douches”…lol.

  • The Doctor Is In

    He’s officially achieved GITdom.

  • a zimbo

    ewwww and they both f*!ked maniston …ugh

  • dianad1968

    @a zimbo:


    LOL, you beat me to it. I wonder if they had a conversation after the festivities? Can you imagine the chuckles? LOL.

  • Nuts

    So were JayZ and Beyonce there to see if he has the talent to do “A Star is Born” with her?

  • slr0328

    @Nuts: I would think it would be the other way around-Have you seen Beyonce act????? If acting is what you call it! The woman can’t even really dance well-she just gets on a stage and shakes her wiggly body parts.

  • cubedweller

    “The party looks like it might have been another paid endorsement deal. Page Six said the restaurant was not yet open. The list of celebrities there include the usual suspects when it comes to paid appearances and a sprinkling of a few others. It also lists “other guests at the dinner club” which didn’t sound like they were specifically part of his birthday party. It sounds more like a soft opening for publicity purposes than a private birthday party for a celebrity who loves to celebrate himself. Good for Gerry if he found a way to be paid to party on his birthday.”
    I agree with stupidfan’s comment from the last thread. This is a PR move all the way. A club couldn’t ask for better press before they even open. What’s he thinking, tho, associating with the likes of John Mayer? Bad move. Was it a calculated slap in the face to Aniston?
    Butler really should open his own club. He could keep it filled with karaoke machines, and barely-legal models. And he’d never have to leave. Add an espresso bar in the corner – he’d be all set. Any suggestions for names?

  • white rabbit

    I wouldn’t mind a remake of ‘A Star is Born’ with Butler, but leave Bouncey out of the equation. Are they really serious?

  • PsychoB

    The people you hang with are a direct reflection of who you are. Next Joe Francis? Ego is running wild right now with the Gman. Guess I am not good enough of a fan that having John Mayer at his birthday doesn’t make me want to hurl.

  • sunflower

    Jon Mayer and Gerard Butler! Two piggies! How fitting they were together. I hope Gerry doesn’t expect Jennifer Aniston to return his phone calls.

    He shows real bad judgement.

    I agree with stupidfans’ comment, too.

  • Gerrywho

    @cubedweller:…”Any suggestions for names?”…

    …Deep Throat?…BJ?

  • Hmmm..

    @PsychoB: Bono association to discuss Africa/mgp. Beyonce for A Star is born. Mayer to slap the Aniston crowd of smokers and friends. Pattern is Gerry may have some loyal friend but most are to be used to promote him.

  • gossiphound

    @cubedweller: Lolita………..Home……….The Factory

  • Cora
  • PsychoB

    @Hmmm..: please. Do you think Aniston even registers on Gerrys radar? And to invite John Mayer to shove it in Anistons face is wishful thinking.

  • Old Mia

    @Cora: John Mayer, gack. I cannot stand him and that goes waaay back before all his more recent revealing interviews. I’ve always thought he has an ick factor. I’ll forgive G this time; it was his birthday afterall. But it better not happen again! LOL

  • hellotheregb

    @interesting I left you a reply on the last thread re: model.

  • gossiphound

    @Cora: I have to say Kaiser is right on

    “The fact that Gerry is tight with John Mayer disgusts me, and if I didn’t love Gerry so much, I would say that it speaks volumes about his (lack of) character. Isn’t that weird? I can handle his constant trolling for strange, I can take the man-handling of blondes, I can take the finger-up-Aniston’s-ass, but John Mayer is The One Douche Too Far.”

  • Sharp

    Please. It’s either one or the other, it was a paid endorsement/soft opening for the club or it was his bday party and he invited John Mayer.

    Call me naive, but I don’t thing G is “tight” with Mayer. He may or may not appreciate his music. I also think he’s the kind of person who doesn’t pay attention to what anyone else thinks about the ppl he hangs with. You or I might thing Mayer is a douche. Doesn’t mean he does or that it’s even on his radar. Filed away with the rest of the white noise about his personal life. Is he also so tight with Lady Rizo that he asked her to “emcee” his bash? The band belonged to the club. I think it is possible he invited Eric Lewis to perform as G is a friend/fan.
    (Personally, I think stupidfans theory has a lot of merit for a number of reasons)

  • cubedweller

    @Cora: Judging by the comments, Butler has managed to outdouche himself this time.
    Watch for some sort of deflective maneuver soon. A cozy lunch with Mum perhaps? Outside, where the paps can snap away? Lolita frolicking nearby?

  • PsychoB

    @Sharp: actually it is both. celebs get companies to pay for their parties all the time. they are just required to put banners up and such. the companies don’t require them to invite people. did you notice the banner up on the stage? and of course a new restaurant is going to donate their food and place. but don’t be fooled those at his party are their for his party.

  • Rainy

    Maybe this is biast coming from a Mayer fan but how about we stop calling John a publicity whore, considering he stopped all the douchebaggery this year.
    Have you seen anything from or about him in the media apart from the obvious paparazzi candids?
    Unless you’re somebody who’s completely into the media and you’ve found a complete invisible interview with him that no-one actually knows about.
    Maybe he has said some stupid things before but he’s tried to move on from that and he sincerly apologised many times.
    If you can’t accept that apology, then I’m sorry that you’re very stubborn and ignorant.

  • Hope Gerard has better taste

    They might be bisexual lovers

  • Sharp


    I think you misunderstood my meaning. If I wasn’t clear I apologize, but I wasn’t fooled. LOL

  • Amy

    I hope john Mayer is having a good time..
    he’s an amazing artist..and for me he’s a beautiful & fascinating human being.. inside and out.. this beauty comes through his music..
    he might have done and said some stupid things in the past, but haven’t we all!!!
    it just happened that his life is well documented and he’s growing up in front of every body! besides, he admits his mistakes and learns from them..and that makes me respect him even more as a person!
    he’s one of the most honest celebrities i’ve ever seen.. no bullshit!! and i hope he never changes that quality about him!!

    miserable people just like to take aim at successful celebrities like him!

    those calling him douche should reconsider what they say.. it’s ok not to like him,,just think of how many douchey thing’s you’ve done lately..
    and BTW..
    this man is a FUTURE LEGEND!!!!! in spite of all haters!!
    hang in there john mayer!
    your fans love you! and we’re waiting for your return!

  • village person

    @Amy: Mayer is a legend in his own mind perhaps. He’s repulsive.

  • PsychoB

    @Sharp: I understand what your saying but the fact Gerry would even have John Mayer there is a bad move altogether. It paints him badly with the movie going public, IF the main gossip mags pick it up.

    I honestly don’t follow Mayer the only things I look at are his own words in interviews and the guy is a douche. I don’t think we should judge people on their past because every sinner can become a saint and every saint can become a sinner, but that doesn’t mean you should date Joe Franics or marry him(God help his new wife) if the man continues to be a big douche. And the last I heard about John Mayer he still is a douche(sorry, canceling your twitter account does not make you fart roses)
    So whether Gerry is just remotely friendly with John or is buddy buddy, wanting to be around the guy at all means some of Johns douchiness splats its way on to Gerry.

  • moldy oldie

    Butler’s night club names

    Lick it and Stick it
    Under Twenty
    What’s ur Name?
    One Night Only
    Point of no Return…….phonecall that is.
    5″ 10 only
    Rock n Rollher
    Free Clinic
    Pen G………….thats an antibotic

    :) hate friggin mondays

  • Amy

    @village person:

    No honey..
    it seems like your hatred made you blind..
    this man is a legend.. and he has all what it takes to be one!
    Talent, character, looks, & that timeless quality that all legends have..
    this might drive some people like you crazy!
    he’s a well respected award wining singer/song writer/ guitar player.. it just happens that the media likes to concentrate on the bad side of what happens to him..
    he is praised by living legends like BB King, Budy Guy and Eric Clapton, a lot of musicians wish for a chance to collaborate with him! , and a lot of new young musicians model themselves after him, just go to youtube and see how many young men are trying to be the next john mayer..
    his music is relevant now and 50 years from now it will still be relevant..

  • laverdadduele

    Funny to see these two doing something other than spreading STDs all over town.

  • Manny

    @moldy oldie:
    One Night Only!!!!! LMAO!!!!
    Might I add…
    Only the Good Die Young
    Do You Want Some Candy? (okay maybe that is too pedo)
    You’re Forgettable
    She’s Got Legs (use the ZZ Top song as their theme)
    The last is my personal fave.
    Favorite part of the report was “the random gaggle of models.” Happy Birthday Gerry! LMAO!

  • PsychoB

    @Amy: good when you meet him make sure you ask for the Chicago plate job I hear thats Johns favorite.

  • Douches

    They both discussed about the foreplays they prefer with Maniston :
    Urine showers and public fingering with the major finger instead of the thumb

  • opinion

    @Amy: John Mayer, beautiful? You’ve got to be kidding! Repulsive hit the nail on the head.

  • megg

    WOW I wish i could see that.. maybe is there somewhere a video of this? It had to be GREAT performance!! Gerrys GREAT and HUGE voice with JM sensitive voice – amazing ;)

  • riri

    good for them!

  • 1452

    good 4 them!

  • Nuts

    According to this Portuguese blog, he got a birthday boink from a new Brazilian VS model who was on the runway for the first time last week:
    (Anyone surprised…???) T

    Here’s a translation of sorts:

    Can anyone clean this up for us?

    Aaah…Gerry brought in his next year with a bang..

  • Gerrywho

    “…actor Gerard Butler was enjoying – a lot – singleness. Last Saturday, he assembled a team of friends to celebrate 41 years of age. The venue for the celebration was the restaurant The Darby, Manhattan, and the second column Page Six, “the newspaper” New York Post, said he received a lively crowd, the boy dropped his voice and sang all night in the company of John Mayer, Adrien Brody, Kate Hudson, Bono and Jay-Z.

    * … after that Gerard decided to make the club Chelsea Room. Surrounded by models and some friends, he danced and had fun as ever. The high point occurred at around 4 am when a Brazilian model, who paraded for the first time for Victoria’s Secret last week, left the club with the boy exchanging kisses and caresses. The two ended the night at his house, where a private party went late into the night …”

  • Chelsea Club

    Is this a celeb thing, to have an after-party after the party?

  • Nuts

    Thanks, Gerrywho!

    And, they may be lunching together today:

    So, lunch was at the Eatery today? hdumford Sitting two tables away from Gerard Butler, even with the beard he’s beautiful (@ Eatery) about 2 hours ago

    And this guy posted:

    ocionnaith: Off the bus two minutes and we bump into (well, ignore) actor gerard butler outside a restaurant. Bizarre #NYC about 2 hours ago via web

    Friend responded “he’s dreamy” and the reply was:

    @ococonuts as is the girl hanging on his every word

    Must be a model…dreamy and enraptured.

  • Nuts


    OR is she not so much hanging on his every word but
    is Brazilian and trying to understand his accent!?! hahah

  • Gerrywho


    …”actor gerard butler outside a restaurant. …”

    …actor?????…hahahahaha…..”socialite Gerard Butler…”

  • Nuts

    Gerrywho hahahahahahahahaha!

    And, this looks like the girl in one of the group shots at the party. She’s a VS model…19…and has a baby.

  • Merlin

    Oops Nuts.. so different from Gerry’s girls… This guy has a problem. I feel like he owns the Matrix, breeding the same kind of model over and over again… OMG
    *waves to Nuts, hey pal it was a long time!*

  • Nuts



    As for the possible Brazilian model birthday boink…and possible lunch date today at the Eatery…this gal is a new VS model and was in the show last week. She looks like the girl in one of the group shots at G’s birthday party:

    Model, Brazilian,…19…and a mother!

  • Nuts

    Hey, Merlin, missed you and the gal. RL has been insane but will be popping by Camelot soon.

    And, I double posted sort of. I thought my first message was lost because Mozilla crashed at the end of it.

    Anyhow…19…19…19…what does he discuss with them?

  • gossiphound

    Odd Eric Lewis indicated the gang headed over to 1Oak around 4 am which is another Ronnie Madra co-owned bar.

    Wiki has the lineup of models for 2010 show here

    Most are veterans so the newbies shouldn’t be difficult to pick out. However as we have seen in the past Brazilian gossip sites are no more reliable than North American.

  • gossiphound

    @Nuts: Good find, very Mistress Butler.

    Here is the name of all the Brazilian models in the lineup FYI

    Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Caroline Trentini, Izabel Goulart, Emanuela de Paula, Isabeli Fontana, Flavia de Oliveira Lais Ribeiro, Fabiana Semprebom and Gracie Carvalho

    It looks like a couple of those other names have never done the big VS show either, Gracie Carvalho, Fabiana Semprebom.

  • gossiphound

    Gracie also fits the protype and
    “Gracie Carvalho
    20-year-old Gracie Carvalho gets ready for her first time on a Victoria’s Secret runway.”