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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Leave Los Angeles

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Leave Los Angeles

Halle Berry stays close behind boyfriend Olivier Martinez while they make their way through Los Angeles International Airport on Monday (November 15).

The Dark Tide co-stars, both 44, arrived at LAX in the afternoon to catch a flight out of town.

Over the weekend, Halle grabbed lunch at Mirabelle Restaurant in West Hollywood before going on a grocery run at Bristol Farms.

FYI: Halle is carrying a Fay grey Virginia sheepskin coat.

15+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez leaving Los Angeles…

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Photos: GSI Media, AKM
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  • J

    She’s preg

  • 718ttk


  • Candy21

    omg she looks like a used up old woman and he is a cancer stick. goodby douch bags. i want go see that movie, they say it is really bad.

  • Ali

    she should get into therapy. this feels desperate – how will it ever work out for her. and what is happening to her daughter mind in the process. she should get help.

  • OP

    When the women in hollywood get old why do they wear white powders, yes I am sick of looking at her also, she don’t do anything but run around shopping, that’s not news, Halle you know you are burn out overexposed, seen to much, your are not a real A-lister actress, just don’t have the acting shops. know one cares anymore. Please this lady is a has been in my books. Next, move on.

  • lisa

    Does he own anything besides that grey shirt and those tan pants??

  • lily

    why does the same troll keep posting hateful comments under different names? get a life.
    p.s halle looks gorgeous as usual.

  • Meredith

    She morphs into who ever she dates…changes style…probably why she goes thru relationships

  • Tasha

    Somebody is jealous of Halle’s beauty and accomplishments. She looks great as usual. I bet you’re just jealous that this 40-plus year old woman looks better than your 20-year old faves. They make a good looking couple.

  • clay

    I just saw Halle’s new movie ‘Frankie and Alice’. Halle really does well in this movie. This is the one she should win for. Not that Monster’s ball movie.

  • nuckingfuts

    Olivier Martinez’ boots have two inch heels. Pretty pathetic if your boyfriend has to wear heels just to look like he’s taller than you.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Their child would be beautiful. Saw Unfaithful again this week: wow is he hot!

  • cara

    Why does she ALWAYS feel the need to color coordinate with the man in her life or her kid???? It’s so odd.

  • Annie

    I love laughing at the funny comments, they make me laugh so hard. Especially the one that says does he have any other clothes besides that gray shirt and those tan pants.

  • Annie

    Is this a long distance relationship? I wonder has he met Gabriel or her daughter?

  • earl

    who cares who cares, whoopi goldberg for oscar, happen is the number one worst actress ever. whoopi goldberg, janet jackson

  • 4 Annie

    @Annie: Doubt it on both counts-if he has met Nahla-very limited.

    Don’t buy the lame tabloid reports from InTouch saying that Gabriel approves of Olivier because he speaks French–how lame. Me thinks Martinez may have flown back to Paris while Halle’s in NYC on business.

    Funny, how you don’t see them attached at the hip like the first were–guess Halle’s disappointed that it didn’t really attratch the attention she wanted. Think he like Aubry, will appear when she needs him to, if that?

  • reply

    @Annie: @4 Annie: For the both of you, Olly doesn’t seem like the kiddie type. Don’t think I would want my kid around a drunk and washed up actor—no wonder Nahla has been looking more peeved lately over the last month or so–with Olly around and Halle working more.

  • wrong

    @4 Annie: Nope he’s there with her-check Google for the other site/s

  • louisvega

    to find yourself is to be your self.learn people.let her be herself,she also will learn.

  • beetlejuice

    @4 Annie: Let’s see Annie weighs about 250lbs, 5’4″ and hasn’t had a date since 1999 and that was a fixup with her childhood friend’s brother’s friend. They didn’t hit it off. Funny because Annie when she shaves that slight mustache and bathes sorta reminds you of Mama Cass (old group the mamas and papas) …but I don’t really think her childhood friend liked her going out with her brother’s friend…not that she minded Annie getting out of the house away from the computer once in awhile, but she was afraid Annie would get so whizzed over the guy, she might stalk him again like she does celebrities. Annie got in trouble once and was required by the court to stop sending dirty emails to a guy…so I guess she started sending them to Halle Berry.

  • beetlejuice

    @reply: Annie is the fat girl nobody dates …the girl with no life, who has taken up “Halle Berry Stalking on line” Girl has a real problemo….hear her talk about Halle’s daughter as if she knew her? REALITY BLAST FOR ANNIE FANNIE…honey you do not know these people. You are not part of their lives…YOUR LONGING FOR A MEANINGFUL LIFE WILL NOT GET FULFILLED SNARKING ON HALLE, HER CHILD, HER MEN, HER FAME OR HER BEAUTY… girl, for real……get a life and lose some weight!

  • beetlejuice

    @cara: Probably no more than your need to watch her every move and make a comment on it when what she wears when and with whom really is none of your beeswax…but you 12 year olds have yet to learn boundaries…I mean does the fact that you pimp celebrities lives to get off…is it a thing you have always done or it it a new trip for you CARA? Tell us honey, prying minds want to know?

  • beetlejuice

    @nuckingfuts: Well guys who have to come online and pimp celebrities lives to get their rocks off is pretty pathetic too…futs? But that hasn’t stopped you has it?

  • beetlejuice

    @Meredith: Hey Sweet Cheeks, forty year old women with money beauty and fame really don’t have to morph into anybody. Been there done that!…But I guess you guys who are all up in Halle’s life remain a bunch of sk_anky jealous beeches who try to run numbers of her dating habits cause you don’t have any….dates, that is..

    By the way, a little advice…do your home work .beech!..go back in Halle’s life ten years…she has always loved leather, Gray (for those of you who are fashion challenged is the hottest color for the past two years) …a light bulb time…for women who have to dress to the hilt most of the time. leisure clothes with little color are a relief…it’s called down time.

  • beetlejuice

    @J: So’s your mother? What’d she say when you told her?

  • beetlejuice the doppleganger

    @J: So’s your mother… What’d she say when you told her?

  • beetlejuice the doppleganger

    @OP: Stop lying Beech…you are on this forum talking smack about the woman and out of the other side of your A…you talk about being tired of looking at her….You sad sick idiots don’t even have a clue when you contradict your ownselves…In case you haven’t a clue…you are.pimping Halle’s life cause you got none of your own…you go girl….spew nasties….and if your karma is working, maybe it will come back and smack you in the mouth…here’s hoping!

  • beetlejuice the doppleganger

    @718ttk: 718…honey you are hardly worth wasting 15 years on….but at least you’re honest, though dumb as a stump…you come on to get your fix….no life either huh? Not popular in school, a little weighty problem too? Talk to Annie Fannie, who still eats her cupcakes, but feels better about herself when she talks smack about Halle’s life….pimping celebrities to get a little fun in your life …so early? Ah, to be 15 and completely stupid again!

  • beetlejuice the doppleganger

    @Ali: Ali…puleeze girlfriend…Halle needs therapy? You are the beech on here pimping a celebrity and trying from afar (a computer/online) to dissect and define her life? You idiots have played one too many video games. Guess what Sweetheart…Still pictures and videos on a entertainment website does not tell you anything about people that is truly relevant. Thus it is a joke for you or anybody else on here to try and define anything about these people. Geez, how sad your life must be to have to come on here and make nasty about a person you don’t even know, much less ever seen in person…It is a reach kid…Your post is sorta like talking to a Gap ad….but hey, stupid is as stupid does…go to it stupid!

  • beetlejuice the doppleganger

    Brava Halle,
    You look gorgeous and your new film “Frankie and Alice” is quite brilliant. Your daughter is lovely and Mr. Martinez is a great looking, hugely talented actor and I wish you too the best. I hope you get time from the prying eyes of the PAPS..

    As for the idiots who come on here to talk smack…honey consider the source…a bunch of tired, lame, jealus wannabees whose mamas and daddies were clearly absent when it came to raising them. Geez, if they are such a bunch of losers, wonder what their parents are like? YUck!

  • true blue

    yall pissed bettle juice off, dont let them haters get under ur skin.