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Katie Holmes & Suri: Ballet Then Baskin-Robbins!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Ballet Then Baskin-Robbins!

Katie Holmes carries her adorable daughter Suri after grabbing some ice cream at Baskin-Robbins on Thursday (November 11) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old actress treated Suri, 4, to the frozen treat after picking her up from dance class.

Suri rocked a pink ballet outfit and braided pigtails. Cute!

Katie most recently filmed her latest comedy, Jack and Jill, with a cross-dressing Adam Sandler on the movie’s Los Angeles set.

FYI: Katie is wearing Tory Burch Eddie patent flats in purple.

For more pics, visit X17!

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  • Huh?

    Why the Hell does Katie keep carrying that kid like she’s a baby? No wonder she (Katie) always has such a sour expression. Can’t the girl walk on her own? IMO it’s pretty ridiculous. .

  • barron797

    Suri is so pretty. She’s going to be a big movie star when she’s older.

  • Suri Jackson

    These photos have been out for a few days. Tom must have made it clear to Katie that running through the streets looking like crap with Suri looking dishevelled was not part of the marriage contract.
    Suri’s hair is done, she’s eating a child size treat, and Katie even looks presentable. I don’t believe Katie woke up one day and decided to do all of this without prompting from her handlers.

  • zzzz

    If she can dance, she can certainly walk. I commend Katie for potty-training Suri and letting her wear shoes and big-girl pants. Now she needs to stop carrying her!

  • Theresa

    zzzz @ 11/15/2010 at 9:35 pm

    i agree there’s no need for Katie to be carrying suri. however, when it comes to this child you and i have no say. our opinion is worthless. the only one with the power is Katie.

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ why are you paying for pics of this child being stalked?? So pedophiles can have some new pics to wack off too??

  • jrfan

    Dude. She’s four years old. Kids get carried by their parents long after that age. Plus, she was probably tired from dance practice.

  • JC

    Still lugging that big kid around like some infant.

  • Suri Jackson
  • happy

    katie’s heavy again but looks happy

  • hate to ask…

    but can suri talk?

  • mona

    LOL….”looks happy” ?? You need glasses # 12

    They both look doomed. It’s silly…….Suri is half the size of her bimbo mom…and she is almost 5….and still being carried like a baby.

    I thought their cult religion believed in “treating” the children like “adults”???


  • dead beat dad!!!

    why does tom see suri one day four times a year? he’s the worst. just because his marriage failed, doesn’t mean suri should be abandoned.

  • ChickenCoop

    Seriously, she’s 4….wtf? I’m annoyed at the fact she is so spoiled. Too spoiled to walk? Wow…

  • annie

    There were a lot of pics of Katie and Suri, one lot coming out of the ballet class, going to their waiting car, where Suri was not being carried, and the other lot of pics coming out of the shop, so the paps must have been pretty close to them. Some of those pics were really nice, both gorgeous girls, but Suri is looking more like Tom now.

  • http://yummy yummy

    you people are pathetic, leave the kid alone

  • Jolie

    You idiots maybe shes scared of the papz, I would carry my kid too if they were following me. Shes so gorgeouszz they just need to feed her more.

  • Gab

    Despite how I feel about her crazy dad, I can’t help but say this little girl is beautiful.

  • belou48

    She should have changed Suri back into her regular clothes. This kid is never dressed appropriate.

  • siennagold

    She’s always being carried like a little baby. She’s already 4. Let her walk!

  • Star Fox

    Why, #5? What’s it to you?

    Right, #6.

    It’s funny how this offends people so much, #10.

    Of course she can, #13.

    No one has been abandoned, #15.

    Get annoyed at actual important things, #16.

    Why the big hurry to have her clothes changed, #21? They don’t care and neither should you. Let the PARENTS decide what’s appropriate.

    Get a life, #22.

  • betty

    Four years old in certainly not a baby but it is still a very young child that would still want to be carried. , , ,Nothing wrong with a mother indulging her little four year old by carring her. But I can tell you I am sure glad Suri has her hair combed for a change.

  • Jamanny

    Omfg. What parent in their right mind under so much media attention/constantly being followed by pappoz WOULDN’T carry their child?? Any weirdo can just grab your kid off the street. You know these guys have no problem causing a rutkis for photos.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Some of you people clearly aren’t regularly around young children. When I’m around my seven year old niece loves to be carried by me, foremost as a game, and secondly when we’ve been walking a long time and she feels tired. I’m sure Suri walks, but she’s still a very young child and many kids that age and older are carried around sometimes. Plus as someone said, there’s also the issue of safety with a crowd of strangers surrounding you, screaming and flashing pictures in your face.

  • lynn

    The kid is so cute and ppl I am not a fan of her parents either but LEAVE THE CHILD ALONE !

  • Disco Woman

    MANY other celeb kids her age are photographed walking regularly when many papz are around. In the case of Suri, she is such an over indulged child, very spoiled. Carried SOMETIMES is one thing, but she is almost always being carried and she is almost 5.
    As for Suri’s hair, who ever braided it did a sh** job! The part is crooked in the back and the there is still hair in her face. I guess it is a step up from the rats nest that it usually is!
    Also, once again she is eating ice cream. It’s either ice cream, cup cakes or cookies. KH might want to consider bringing a healthy snack along with her when she is out with Suri. I know, this is to much to ask of wackjob for a parent, Holmes! She is completely clueless! The spoiled brat diet KH has her on has Suri looking like a waif. Just look at those bony, twig legs of hers.

  • Suri Jackson

    I love it! I have somehow (I think we know how) disturbed the Tom Cruise minions to the point that Star Fox ignores my comments!!! This has gone on for several posts, now. C’mon Star Fox, why won’t you call me out for my judgemental attitude or insane thinking? The issue is not going away.
    It’s funny that the people that TC or the Scientolofreaks send out to watch the blogs has noticed me! Can I get free tickets to something? Really…I’m just a common person (with a realtively high IQ…well, not Peter Bishop level but definitely high compared to Star Fox’s under 100 IQ)…although it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Suri looks just like Josh. She has the shape of Katie’s eyes, but eye color, forehead, mouth, browline, and of course the nose are all JJ. How many years are they going to make us wait for that dna test?

  • ritchie b

    Anyone read the story a couple of weeks ago about Tom being furious because Katie went on birth control? I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! Has she tired of a sexless life and been looking for a man to take care of her needs? Didn’t Nicole take the same path, but she ended up pregnant outside of the marriage? Maybe Katie is trying to be a little smarter. She should have told Tom what my friends would tell their moms in highschool: She just wanted to go on the pill to help clear up her skin. :-P

  • Bear

    @Suri Jackson:
    Star Fox is a total loser dude who stalks the celeb web pages and plays video games all day! His delusional comments are that of someone who is not very insightful. It is beyond obvious that JJ is Suri’s bio father. Maybe Star Fox needs glasses?!

  • aml

    @ritchie b:

    Forget the birth control crap. Katie needs something for her herpes!

  • WoW

    Katie really needs to let the brat walk, almost 5! If Katie is going to lug the kid around, who in there right mind would carry there kid like this with photog’s everywhere? This is so wrong on so many levels!

  • bebe

    Are you guys blind? Suri is walking in half of the photos. You guys just needed something to complain about. typical.

  • marta

    These are old pics

  • Ginny

    You’ve been around for awhile. Are you really just figuring out that we can’t stand Tom and Katie? I’m hoping that they just pack up and move to Europe. Poor Suri will have to spend years in therapy to get over what they have done to her.

  • jellybean
  • jellybean
  • Connie R
  • Britt

    I don’t know how she still carries her. There’s no way that’s comfortable for a long period of time. I’m going to assume she only carries her when the papz are around but if she normally carries her around all day like she’s the princess of california, then she needs to let her walk.

  • Rachel

    Why Katie looks so pissed?? Doesnt Tom love her anymore?

  • Amber

    There is nothing wrong with carrying your child, Suri is four not 12! The photographers were probably in their face and it’s faster to get out of that situation if you just grab your kid and go. And hello, Suri is in her dance outfit because she just finished a DANCE class. Katie probably spontaneouly stopped to get ice cream as a little treat like a lot of parents would do for their child. These are all completely normal activities of a mother and child, they just got photographed doing them (not to mention we can’t hear the completely lame comments and questions from the photographers who try to act like they know them.)

  • prettiest

    @Amber: Amber, doesnt locker rooms exist in ballet classes? Maybe Katie doesnt want Suri to meet other kids because they are in a low level for them so they run away from ballet classes as soon as they can. But I think that she also wants us to see how her little pretty princess Suri looks with her tutu. Thats something we can see twice a month and its starting to get tiring.

  • jenn

    Suri is almost 5. Way to big to be carried, like an infant.

    Many other celebs have children who walk along side them, and they don’t carry them.

  • Shawn

    I can’t imagine that little brat, cooperating in a dance class.

  • Ishara

    @Suri Jackson: # 29
    In your dreams, get over your self & try get you are not that mighty LOL
    Get a freaking life

  • Annie

    I used to think Suri looked like Tom, but now I’m starting to think it’s more that she looks like Katie who sort of looks like Tom. She could also be Josh Jackson or Hartnett’s kid.

    And yes, almost 5 is way too old to be carried unless it’s just occasionally when very tired.

  • IQ

    Yes it is great how many ppl have enough time to talk how this kid should not be carried around. Last time I was here the same sad poster was talking dna and still is. Now this poster thinks she’s the middle of attention here and Tomcat have some ppl checking her blogs because of her great IQ brightness. A VERY BIG LOL for that!

  • Suri Jackson

    Yes. I admit it. I’m feeling very dejected by Star Fox’s decision to ignore me. As for my being a genius, on a bell curve, I’m a freaking Einstein compared to Star Fox.
    And…are you delusional enough to think that Tom does not have people who check out these sites? Stars like to say they don’t, but then you’ll catch them in a nail salon reading Star Magazine. I don’t believe that Tom acts purely for a love of the art. He has a huge ego and needs public adoration. If he’s not getting it, he’s going to try to find a solution (like getting Katie to sell him another man’s child so he can show that he’s a verile man and loving husband and father.)

  • IQ

    @Suri Jackson: You’re trying to hard. Stop crying.

  • Suri Jackson

    Did you mean that I’m trying “too” hard? See it comes naturally for some.
    I like to consider myself just one of many people inspired to call out Tom and Katie for their disgusting and immoral actions. I’m just returning Tom’s favor to the American public. He’s welcomed himself into our lives in ways that most actors would not attempt…judging us…preaching his greatness…teaching us that depression should not be treated medically.
    Now we want to share our wisdom with others on the internet…knowledge like “shoes are good”…”if it’s cold enough that you need a coat, then maybe your child should wear one too”…”there is a reason for the children’s menu”/”jumbo desserts may not be the healthiest choice for your child”…”a 4 year old should not be drinking out of a baby bottle”…”look at yourself in a mirror before you leave the house”…and, as all mom’s know, “you are so much prettier when you brush that hair and we can see your face”.
    This is a collabertive effort among many…I don’t deserve all of the credit.

  • jellybean

    @Suri Jackson: