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Katie Holmes & Suri: Ballet Then Baskin-Robbins!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Ballet Then Baskin-Robbins!

Katie Holmes carries her adorable daughter Suri after grabbing some ice cream at Baskin-Robbins on Thursday (November 11) in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old actress treated Suri, 4, to the frozen treat after picking her up from dance class.

Suri rocked a pink ballet outfit and braided pigtails. Cute!

Katie most recently filmed her latest comedy, Jack and Jill, with a cross-dressing Adam Sandler on the movie’s Los Angeles set.

FYI: Katie is wearing Tory Burch Eddie patent flats in purple.

For more pics, visit X17!

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  • Torino

    @Suri JAckson: What distusting and inmoral actions are you calling Katie for? Please tell me sth that it is axctually true and proved, not some random idea that comes to your mind. You are as judgmental as you are accusing Tom of being. YOu know nothing factual about Katie Holmes, so just leave her alone already.

  • gimme an I gimme a Q

    @Suri Jackson: Soak in your own misery, fatso. Oh and Jackson says thanks for the support meme and you don’t have to be ashamed for being a stan of Jackson.

  • Amber

    @prettiest: I can’t say what Katie’s motivations are but I’ve seen kids out and about in their karate outfits & dance outfits plenty of times. It’s not that unusual. Jennfier Gardner’s daughters wear their dance outfits outside of class as well. Is that because she wants to parade her girls for attention? Doubtful. Maybe Suri likes wearing it, again not unusual for a little girl if that’s the case.

  • tps reports

    Katie is the biggest push over! Suri and nut job Tom run her life! Katie needs to grow a pair and run for her life! Take the brat too and enroll in some serious parenting classes! It’s not too late!!!

  • Lavito

    @Suri Jackson:
    Ms Suri Jackson,
    I couldnt agree with you more. These photos were posted days ago on another celebrity news website. Photos of these two make my skin crawl, they aren’t special people and don’t deserve the attention they get. Katie is a horrible mother and Suri is a spoiled rotten brat, why should we care about them or have to see their photos, read about them.

  • AR

    OMG, would you ppl STFU? I don’t see all this bitches and moaning when Holina is carrying Zahara or Shiloh big asses around. That is Katie’s child. If she wants to carry her, it is her business. She was probably tired for dance practice anyway. All the nice comments about these two get rated thumbs down; but, the ones bashing them to hell and back are getting rated thumbs up. Idiots.

  • tps reports

    OMG, If Katie wants to carry her child till she’s 20 that’s her business and our comments are our business, you need to STFU!
    Furthermore, you referring to Angelina as ‘Holina’ is a bashing comment as well as referring to her children as ‘big asses’ …another bashing comment. Who the he** do YOU think you are? As for Suri being tired, oh please! Get a clue AR Suri is a certified spoiled brat thanks to her wackjob parents! Get educated!

  • City Girl

    It’s clear that Suri is going to really tall!! It makes sense since Katie is like 5-8 or 5-9 and Joshua is over 6 feet tall. How tall is Tom without his lifts?

  • British Latin American

    She is a gorgeous child, and with Tom Cruise as a stepfather anything is possible.

  • lisa


    Maybe she is trying to move about quickly because of the photogs . It is easier to move around if you just pick the child up

  • look at

    Suri Really is starting to look more & more like Tom

  • Jokergurl

    It would be nice sometime to see this little girl around other children, I think they’re isolating her too much from other kids, which is not good for her social development.

  • annie

    you keep on hearing about Suri not being around other kids, but she goes to ballet classes, where there are other kids, you saw her playing on set with the little girl who payed Carolyn Kennedy, there’s been pics of her with Sadie on the set, she hung around with Balie Maddison, and Bailee said she goes and visits Katie and Suri at their home and they do arty things together. Katies friend and design partner Jeanne Yang has twin girls who I’m sure play with Suri , not to mention the Beckam boys, all Toms nieces and nephews, and Katies too, and for Halloween they spent it with their writer friend and his girls, there pics of that, so all in all Suri seems to have quite a little social network, not to mention the other 99% of her life that we don’t see.
    The thing I like is, that they don’t take her to the park to be seen when they are in LA, because her backyard looks heaps more interesting than the park, from what I’ve seen ,and I’ll bet anything that a lot of little kids spend a lot of time there.
    She also gets to see a lot of the world, and has been photographed in many different parks. Those pics of her in Melbourne , Boston, and Germany parks , were paticularly delightful, and while in Melbourne she was photoghrahed at the Fish Aquarium. The pics were not taken by the paps , but bystanders at the aquarium .
    I think, little Suri Cruise is doing great!

  • Suri Queen


  • booboo

    ugh people!

    Who cares if the paps are taking fotos, etc……Katie and Tom chose to be in the entertainment world. I don’t pity them. They are getting exactly what they asked for. Idiots!

    Tom and Katie will be ancient history as they don’t any longer have the star quality. They are just jokes now. It will only become worse. They better get their act together and raise their brat…..she can easily become a serious diva, yikes!

  • Doll

    How is it that you know there are other kids at the ballet class? Being so ‘gifted’ in ballet etc. according to Katie it’s possible Suri has a private lesson. Suri is also home schooled, a teacher is with her at all times so there is no structured class room with other kids her own age. Many other celeb kids are seen going to school (Violet Affleck is one example). As you stated, she probably has a ‘little social network’ but not a normal social network with kids her own age like other celeb kids.
    How is it that, as you say, ‘little Suri is doing great’ when she is still using a bottle and was recently (September) seen in diapers/pullups? She is almost 5.
    Over the years, MOST pics of Suri are of her shopping, getting ice cream, cookies and cup cakes, playing ALONE at the parks you mentioned in party dresses, being carried around with a blanket because she wont wear a coat, dressed in nightgowns and slippers or barefoot, wearing high heels and makeup! We hardly ever see Suri smiling and looking happy. I don’t see how she is doing great, as you say.
    Suri is a lonely little rich girl who calls all the shots which make her a super spoiled little girl. This has become so obvious to many. I believe the quote, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We don’t have to know Suri to know that she is very spoiled, does and gets whatever she wants, has very few friends because she is bossy brat. Her parents are to blame and will have to deal with the heartache when she turns out to be like bimbo, jailbird Paris Hilton or drug addict jailbird Lindsey Lohan.

  • Ahlan
  • are u blind?

    @look at:
    How can you say Suri looks like Tom? The only feature remotely close to Tom are the eyes, and Suri happens to be out in the some making them appear squinty. Her eyes are the shape of KATIE’S. Flat on the bottom, round on the top and slanted at the corners. Quit trying to pull at strings to find an imaginary likeness to Tom.

  • For Suri Queen !
  • are u blind?
  • are u blind?

    @are u blind?:
    “sun” not some. I have a cold and am medicated, but obviously not enough.

  • annie

    @ Doll
    You don’t know Suri is a lonely little girl, because, the truth is, you and I both, don’t know what happens in Suris life other than the 1 minute that we see her. Personally I don’t share your opinions you sound a bit spiteful, there is no need to call a child you don’t know , a brat.
    I wrote things that I have actually seen , the kids that she been pictured with. She hasn’t worn a diaper for a very long time, even tho you want to believe she does.
    It seems to me that there are a few people here who like to believe that Suri has something of a miserable life, but you hear the loveliest things about her and her mother from everybody that Katie has worked with and become friends with. Malin Akerman even said how lovely Katies mother is. The problem is, you don’t want to believe that Suri just might have a lovely life, it pleases you to think of the negative, and calling her a brat. It’s your perogative to believe whatever you wish, but I don’t agree.
    Just don’t forget that everyone spoils their kids, and the more money you have the more they get, and that’s not only with Suri.
    I don’t know how many times I ‘ve seen pics of the Brangelina kids come out of toy shops with heaps of bags, the same with the Beckam boys. Yes they are all spoiled, why single out Suri!

  • marta

    @Suri Jackson: You believe in what you want to! Look closer and maybe you’ll see that Suri has Katie’s eyes, face shape and mouth but eye colour and nose is Tom’s. If you see Josh in Suri is only because his face shape looks similar to Katie’s and he has big nose just like Tom, but comparing Suri to Tom or Josh it’s clearly obvious she looks like more like Tom!

  • taxgirl

    Suri definitely doesn’t have Katie’s mouth. Katie has a very distinct shape to her upper lip. Suri has Josh’s mouth. Eye color could be Josh or Tom, but the nose is definitely like Josh’s (even if you look at photos from before Tom’s nose was broken).

  • Doll

    It’s obvious you don’t get it and I’m not about to sit here and explain it again.

  • Suri Queen

    to #65,#68,#69…

  • Star Fox

    There are plenty of pics of her walking, #26.

    It’s scary and laughable how badly you want her to be overindulged to justify hating her parents.

    I ignore your comments because they’re dumb ravings not worth responding to, #27.

    Don’t believe everything you read, #28.

    What HAVE they done to her other than be loving parents, #34?

    What is your offense with her being carried, #38? Why does anyone care?

    Do you have any idea how paranoid you sound, #41?

    Holmes doesn’t care about what others do, #42. She’ll raise her kid how SHE sees fit.

    How could you possibly know all these things about Cruise, #47?

    I don’t work for TomKat and I’m not a Scientologist.

    Right, #51.

    Exactly, #56.

    You’re no one that needs to see her hanging out with other kids her age and it’s dumb to assume she;s being isolated from them because of a lack of paparazzi photos, #62.

    Great response, #63. These judgmental people need to shut the hell up.

    It’s just an educated guess that she’s with other kids at her ballet lessons, #66.

    Being home schooled is NOT a recipe for anti-social behavior. That’s a misconception that’s been proven wrong tine and time again. Stop knocking something you know nothing about and quit comparing kids. Both Katie Holmes and Jennifer Garner are fine parents.

    Most pics we would see of her outside by the paparazzi would be things like shop[ping and sight seeing and she would be eating a treat. How do you know she doesn’t like wearing coats?

    There are tons of pics of her smiling and laughing. She doesn’t need to be seen doing it it all the time for you people to know she’s fine.

    You don’t know her! You just WANT her to be lonely and a brat so you can bash her parents. Yes. You DO have know someone before you make an opinion about a person. You can’t possibly know she;s a bossy brat and you have no idea how she’ll be like in the future.

    She looks just like her father, Tom Cruise, #68. Suck it up already.

    They actually don’t care about anyone’s well being, #72. They just want more ammo to bash her parents.

  • lindsay

    suri gets more and more gorgeous the older she gets. look at her face! she is a BEAUTIFUL child. seriously.

  • Torino

    Anyone read what Rihanna said about the haters? Thats all I have to say to some people in here.
    No matter how you put it, KH is a winner. Some people in here, I doubt so.

  • srimage

    Question: Has anyone ever seen a child out n the streets like this?? I live in one of the largest cities in the country and have NEVER seen the likes of this!
    Many other examples out there, but this is just insane. KH is desperate for some parenting skills
    2 ads and then video starts. Worth watching!

  • tps reports
  • Star Fox

    Don’t believe everything you read, #81.

  • tps reports

    @Star Fox:
    That goes for you too! Since you don’t know them, where do you get your information? Educated guesses, the web and mags, right? Except, you still don’t get what most of us CLEARLY see.

  • tps reports
  • Star Fox

    What information, #83? I haven’t spouted any information. I don’t know TomKat.

    The video is messed up, #84. Describe it to me.

  • Susana

    @Star Fox: Arent you a party pooper. Tell me something, do you get something out of being here, apart from all the thumb-downs? I mean, you don´t know Tomcat but still you think you know everything so much better than others.How is that?

  • WakeupGetreal

    Are you guys actually retarded? asking the same questing again and again?
    ”Why does Katie carry her like a baby?”
    she carries her because she is a small child followed by rhe press, I have a 4 year old daughter that hates “normal”crowds, so I pick her up! Come on use some common sense with your comments as to why they don’t do quite the “norm”.,,,,,,, do you have flashbulbs and crowds when you take your little one out????? Would you want that??

  • tps reports

    Star Fox is seeking any kind of attention, since he is a lonely creep. Negative attention is better then no attention, right Star Fox!

  • Hani

    let Katie carrie Suri like that.. I think there is no wrong about them. Suri is the only one daughter she had. I believe if Katie have a baby soon she will not be able to carry Suri again. And then Suri will grown up like a sister then.

  • 猫猫