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Olivia Munn: Men's Health Cover Girl!

Olivia Munn: Men's Health Cover Girl!

Olivia Munn grabs hold of a power tool and crawls through the sand in this sexy new shot for Men’s Health magazine’s December 2010 issue – she’s also the cover girl!

The 30-year-old actress chatted about what she likes in a guy.

“Look, it’ll always be unbelievably sexy to watch a guy drive a golf ball straight down the fairway 300 yards and hit the green,” she dished. “That will never change, in my opinion.”

Olivia said she loves gamer guys, too. “It’s also sexy to watch a guy take down Call of Duty 4 without breaking a sweat,” she said. “Having mastery over anything is hot.”

Mark Wahlberg is also on the flip cover of the December issue — pictured below!

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  • LD

    she looks like a dog popping a squat

  • David

    She seems to be “Master” herself too

  • sammi

    I’m not trying to be rude but what exactly does this girl do aside from being on numerous magazine covers half naked. Why is she famous? Serious question. Can anyone tell me what she does for a living because I’m confused as to why shes always on this site…

  • Alison

    If they’re going to use photoshop they should try to be a little more sublte about it… her leg looks like plastic

  • Butter_Fly

    Oh, No! It’s the “lady” Munnster! Run! Run before she starts spewing her mediocre talent everywhere, which can cause permanent blindness! This is actually getting to be kinda fun.

  • Lola

    The munnster photoshopped to oblivion. Anyone who follows this site knows her gross legs do NOT look like that photo..fakew****

  • Huh?

    Why is she crawling around with her butt up in the air while holding a drill?

  • Lisa


  • XYZ

    Boring already, pls…

  • Jules

    Shes an opportunistic famew****. that y she keeps popping up everywhere. Eonline posted a little blurb how she was spotted out again wit c.pine recently. She makes sure everything gets leaked. Perfect name for her.

  • Candice

    Why is it that whenever a starlet does a “sexy” photoshoot, they always have her crawling around on her hands and knees like a animal in heat? It’s really starting to bother me. :(

  • Butter_Fly



  • jules

    @Butter_Fly: yes, that what i said too! in the awful truth section, the b****back section. supposedly someone from tmz saw them out at Pace last week…

  • LastWord

    Olivia Munn is so overrated. I don’t understand why magazines are obsessed with her. What does she act in???

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …`pooping dog.

  • Lola

    @LastWord: She “acts” on the daily show..if u can call her stiff delivery acting. Oh that and she a total starf***er.

  • J

    The gaming community is by far the most eases community too impress as a female. All you need to do is say ” I love video gamers” or “I play video games” and you’ll have a flock of fan boys surrounding you in no time. No talent or skill require, just ask Olivia Munn.

  • George W

    Put the drill to your temple and pull the us a favor…

  • Ugh

    Dumb as f**k picture.

  • awalker

    Just one simple question. If none of you like Olivia Munn why would you click on a link about her?

  • an answer


    Most are commenting on the tasteless picture. No one said we have to like her to comment on her.

  • awalker

    @an answer:

    Tasteless. She’s in a bikini holding a power drill. What’s tasteless about that? If you don’t like her then why take a second to even comment on her?

  • tvcon


    acutally that was told footage and an old story. they haven’t been seen since january. chris pine has said very codely he hated being with her.

  • Dee

    I don’t know if this story is true! .. But I don’t doubt that the lady keep trying, right? … especially now that CP is definitely being considered “A-list” in hollywood! … and he says “single” but not dead! … and he likes girls like “the lady”! .. and I think he found her in Hollywood should not be difficult, especially if she is wanting it! … but he did not take it seriously before! I doubt he would do it now! … Unless he wants the papz back! .. LOL!

  • Jules

    @tvcon: I thought that too but then i clicked on the twitter page of chick who spotted him and she posted that last wed. I would Think cp had learned his lesson but guess not. It sure ended up on eonline real quick! Coincidence, NOT.

  • Dee

    I think when she did this interview she was thinking of JTimberlake! .. If I’m not mistaken he enjoys playing golf, is not it? .. and she loves to give these clues. … Remember how she talked about CP on Twitter, but never directly of course! … only hints! .. but it also seems that with the “JTimberlake” did not work!

  • Butter_Fly


    She probably went out with a guy that looks similar to him and the poster thought it was him. I seriously can’t see him lowering his standards again! Lol. Or she was paid to twitter it. Hah! Ya never know!

  • jules

    @Butter_Fly: well somebody wanted to make sure it ended up mentioned on eonline thats for sure. because not even tmz (where the twitter chick was from) posted it. just seems like “munnster” leaking info again…that’s all she does. maybe she saw him out and about and went up and chatted him and made sure peeps saw them. she’s obvious like that. however, cp is a man and sometimes men just dont think. lol. he can do so much better these days…he’s alist now! step up ur game cp. leave the fame trolls for the timberlakes and mayers…

  • Gab

    @awalker: It’s so that Jared and everyone else who reads this story will know that most of the general public is not down with this sh*t. I don’t know why people are still trying so hard to turn her into a sex symbol. Give it up! Find another gig for her! Isn’t she supposed to be funny or something? She just looks so awkward and so uncomfortable doing these shoots. Like in this one, she looks like she’s about to let out a big fart. And her face! She’s not ugly but don’t get me started on her dead-in-the-eyes expression!

  • t
  • S@n

    Last week I saw her pictures on a site in front of a nightclub (not identified), seemed to be accompanied by a female friend!
    Nothing prevents that they have met there, after all he was in LA promoting “Unstoppable”!

  • Lisa


  • S@n

    On second thought! why not papz photographed him if he was there too?
    She was definitely posing for papz!
    Whatever it is I don’t care!
    I prefer to believe that he is a smart guy!
    But the guys don’t say no to a girl flirting, right? LOL!

  • awalker

    @Gab Sorry to tell you but most of the general public thinks Olivia is a beautiful woman. That’s why she keeps getting on the cover of magazines.

    @Lisa So your trying to say the world by playing juvenile name games with someone you’ve never meet on gossip blog?? OOOOOOkay. Ask a stupid question get a…….. well you know the rest.

  • Butter_Fly


    Haha! If you worked for a gossip sight like tmz wouldn’t you want to post what you saw, knowing it causes some stir? Lol. And we all know she has connections with E! This definitely sounds made up now. Gosh this is like a never ending Thomas Kincade puzzle. A complicated piece keeps popping up and trying desperately to place it! Lol. He needs a new gf and end all this crap!

  • LDC

    Awalker is prob munn or sumone in her him/her no mind.he sole defender of the munnster. Beautiful?! Looking like a crosseyed tranny is new def of beauty now?? Go look @ pics of rachel mcadams, natalie portman, angelina jolie, for real beauty…

  • Butter_Fly


    You replied to yourself! Lol

  • tvcon


    whose twitter page? i checked on eonline after i saw your post and found nothing about them being seen together.

  • http://yummy yummy

    that’s her pose in job interviews

  • awalker

    @LDC Lol, it’s funny how if someone disagrees with people here there automaticly a planet. Noone can have a different opinion with everyone here because you all are the pulse of the people. Sorry to disappoint you but i’m just a fan. Just because you don’t think Olivia is beautiful or talented doesn’t mean she isn’t. It’s just an opinion. No matter how may times you type it on this blog or how many insults you clever words you come up with it will not make it any more then that.

  • Jules

    @tvcon: Carolyn fenton twitter..posted it on nov 10 or 11. Sumone mentioned it today on awful truth bback section. Just thought it was interesting. And awalker the girl knows how to work the game (hence all the overexposure) but anyone who watch daily show can clearly see shes lackin in the talent dept. Unless by talent u mean what she does behind closed doors.

  • tvcon

    @awalker just stop it and admit nobody likes her. if you wanna be her fan that’s fine but just stop it.

    @Jules I actually found it through some digging after i posted that. There are many girls in LA that look like munn trust me. Until I see pics of them together out I’m not believing it. He was on Ellen and said he was single.

  • awalker

    @Jules Again that may be your opinion and your welcome to it but there are alot of other people out there that think she’s hilarious on the show. Also if mean by “working the game” you mean she worked her ass of for 4 amazing year on attack of the show. Got recommendation and job offers from Jon Favueru, Tiny Fey, and Jon Stewart. Wrote her first book that became a new york times and la times best seller and becoming the first women correspondent in 7 years of the day show then yes she knows how to work the game. Hence the exposure.

  • awalker

    @tvcon I will admit no one here likes her but that’s about it.

  • tvcon

    @awalker let me say this. I have nothing against her, I wish everyone well. To me just tries way to hard to be liked. Unlike most her I dont think she’s talentless. I just don’t think she an actress. I think she’s a good host of a television show. I personally think that Olivia is to damn overexposed.

  • Mary

    She tries way too hard to be sexy,she is a pretty girl but thats just too much. Its like she always says/poses to what she THINKS people want. lame.

  • awalker2334

    @tvcon That’s fair. Its nice to see at least one person here can express an opposing opinion on someone without throwing insults or resulting to childish name calling.

  • oh

    She looks like a demoralized preying mantis. Hath she no shame…Dignity doesn’t matter these days to some but it does to others.

    As for her with Timberlake, who cares? Him and his whatsherface girlfriend always flatline on covers…Snoresville. He probably wanted a little Munster for media attention.

  • Genie

    Tramp Alert!!! Munndane Munnster trying to be sexy, hilarious. Cross-eyed and confused. Airbrushed way too much to hide all her cellulite, LOL!!!

    Did anyone notice she’s actually on the back cover of Mens Health…not the front. Saw it at CVS today and nearly laughed my face off.

  • edub

    Olivia Munn is natural beauty!
    Her looks are refreshing, and Olivia has loads of charm.
    What’s with most of these comments? Sounds like a bunch of unhappy and hateful pre-teens. If one doesn’t like Olivia ( if that is even possible) then fine, but why all the hate? Most of the media feeds us so many plastic and ugly (inside and out subjects) that so many people admire, that they don’t know how to react to something as legit as Olivia.
    Viva Olivia Munn!