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Rachel Bilson Dishes Fashion Advice to Job Seeker

Rachel Bilson Dishes Fashion Advice to Job Seeker

Rachel Bilson drops by CVS with a friend on Monday (November 15) in Glendale, Calif.

The 29-year-old style-setting actress recently dished some fashion advice in her monthly InStyle feature.

When asked what’s best to wear a corporate interview, Rachel told InStyle, “Wide-leg solid trousers and a silk blouse in a pretty color like magenta. You can add a shrunken blazer or a cardigan. If a feminine top feels too frilly, a simple striped button-down would work well too.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and a friend heading to CVS…

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rachel bilson cvs friend 01
rachel bilson cvs friend 02
rachel bilson cvs friend 03
rachel bilson cvs friend 04
rachel bilson cvs friend 05
rachel bilson cvs friend 06
rachel bilson cvs friend 07
rachel bilson cvs friend 08
rachel bilson cvs friend 09
rachel bilson cvs friend 10
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  • Jessie

    love her!!

  • max

    well christimas is right around the corner and jared has to make some extra cash so i guess we’ll be seeing more rachel posts in the coming weeks

  • Lake

    How the hell would she know anything about dressing for a corporate interview? Sheesh, the only jobs she’s ever had were handed to her no questions asked. She couldn’t do an honest day’s work if her life depended on it. People like her make me sick.

  • David

    She’s so cute!!! I can’t get enough of her.
    Thanks JJ

  • George W

    The blind leading the

  • ModestMouse

    Jared, sometimes you just the give the material to the people that don’t like her. The comments are going to be fun to read.

  • Joseph

    This Job less woman giving advise on how to dress for corporate interviews ……………….. Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahahaahaha

  • Maggie

    LOL! yea, JJ really walked her right into that one didn’t he? He does that a lot.

  • trish

    Tomorrow on Days of our Bilson…..Rachael gives relationship advice at the dry cleaners. Wednesday- stock tips while waiting at the ATM. Don’t miss Friday’s cliffhanger- haircare advice for the homeless while walking by a bus stop! I just can’t get enough of her!


    Good advice Rachel on what to wear to an interview. Business look but not overdone. Magenta is the perfect color. It is pretty and makes your skin pop. Wear a Magenta or berry colored lipstick to match and your looking good.

    You look great casual too Rachel. You go girl. F*** the haters. They are just jealous of you my dear. =)

  • Anna

    I miss BFF and Baby! I want to see more photos from the movie set and hear about how they ate lunch and did whatever they did all day! Maybe they’ll make a sequel- BFF and toddler, BFF and pre-teen, BFF and ????? This could go on forever! Yea!!!!

  • @10

    The advice is for whom..not everyone can wear Magenta or look good in it so the advice is one sided. Besides I have yet to see her look good in that color OR be seen at any interview where she wore it. She gives advice for things she doesn’t wear, use or do herself.

  • Nietzsche

    Magenta is hot pink, what kind of corporate interview you can wear such a bright color to, blouse or lipstick or anything?! For what position would you apply in magenta blouse? Is she insane?

  • Sam

    The people that defend her are amazing to me. You have all these talented actresses out there working and you defend someone who gets an acting job once every two years and who CHOOSES to get papped almost everyday or every other day doing absolutely nothing.

  • melissa


    You must work at Burger King. Who goes into a corporate job interview with magenta lipstick? Do you know what magenta looks like? lmao irl. And magenta doesn’t make everyone’s skin pop. Some people look horrible in it. Let Rachel dish out the fashion advice. She may be off the mark sometimes, but you’re way off.

    Magenta lipstick at a job interview……lol irl. It’s a corporate interview, not Forever 21.

  • JC

    Ask her what to wear when getting rejected for an acting role. She’s an expert on that.

  • bea

    Jared keeps on calling the person with Rachel “a friend” when he clearly knows it’s Rachel’s BFF Jill, aka Mrs. Josh Schwartz. Because all of Hollywood knows RB lands jobs through sheer hard work and her spectacular talent and not because of her connections.

    I bet Rachel and Jill are nagging Josh morning noon and night about her pilot with NBC. With the new bosses taking over NBC soon that project isn’t a sure thing.

  • JC


    And NBC is still laughing their ass off about the premise of ‘Ghost Hunter’ or whatever starring Rachel Bilson but they owe him a favor or something.

  • Nietzsche

    She looks like a little ugly rat next to Mila Kunis. She made a mistake taking a picture next to her. Mila is not that tall, which makes Ratchel look like a dwarf.

  • Status Quo

    What the F does she know about proper attire for a corporate interview!? Wow. You wear a suit. You don’t wear bright colors but neutral colors like black, brown, and gray. You don’t wear hot pink, blazin’ melon, nor eye squinting bright a$$ red. You tone that ‘ish down until you get the feel of the place. Some companies are extremely picky in what their employees can wear. Wow, I am complete in awe at the dumb things that come out of people’s mouths. I may be over reacting, but in t this sh^tty economy people are having a hard enough time as it is. Don’t give people crappy advice because some of them might fall for that. Hell, even if the advice is coming from InStyle magazine, people are desperate.

  • ChickenCoop

    Yeah, I’ll show up to my interview with Siemens with a magenta top, bright red lipstick, and a white cardigan. That’ll catch their eye alright….As long as I have those wide leg trousers, I ‘m totally going to get that job…..

  • http://twitter annie

    david u need glasses,she smells has no talent,no style except greasy hair over and over but i love hayden. ha,ha it not hate ,i hate no one but its sooo laughable. STYLE yeah,sure.

  • kiki

    @Status Quo You are so right! As a professional, I wouldn’t consider someone applying for a corporate position unless they were wearing a suit – a real suit in an appropriate color and NOT something trendy like ruffles and wide-leg trousers. Is this chick trying to get people rejected for jobs? This crap really annoys me. She has NO experience in this field and is in no way qualified to give tips on business attire. Stick to shopping Ms. Bilson!

  • sandi

    A starlet with a vocabulary under 500 giving tips on what to wear to a corporate job interview.

    I mean, have you watched her interviews? She is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LMAO!!! Who would ask this girl advice on what to wear to on a job interview?? OMG!! What’s next asking rapists for sex tips??

  • Brightside

    Very dumb advice! She really should learn to keep her mouth shut when it comes to things she knows absolute cr*p about! Rachel giving advice about what to wear at the opening of an envelope…fair enough…she’s done a lot of that! How to dress for a corporate interview! Not a chance! Her first advice should have been…do your homework….check out what the people who work there are already wearing! Some corporations are very conservative almost to the point of having an unofficial dress code so it’s best to tailor your dress style to fit in and no bright make-up lest the person interviewing you thinks you’re working for a local strip-a-gram company.

  • fitzroy

    Damn too sure that whoever would heed this imbecile’s so-called advice, he/she would be “denied/rejected at once” as basing her” jobless state’ for almost all the time.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Maybe her father can get her a corproate job at this company – since her acting career isn’t really working out!

  • Nietzsche

    She could be a hostess but no actress or a corporate anything.

  • Tabitha

    Funny how she is this so called Fashionista but she didn’t attend that CFDA event in NY last night. The party where all the top designers were at along with elite from Hollywood. Doesn’t she usually crash those parties to get her picture in he press. God knows she wasn’t working that she could not jet set her sorry self out there. But she feels compelled to give out fashion advice at her local CVS. Laa-ooossserr (finger of the L’s up)

  • Butter_Fly

    Do we really need to know when she shops at CVS? Weird how you can manage to turn a shopping trip to the pharmacist into a job interview report.

  • Ive Seen Everything Now

    I can’t believe this person, who never worked any job more than a couple of months and when she does wears the wardrobe they give her, has never ever worked in the corporate world, whose family never worked in the corporate world, whose idea of steady work is calling the papparazzi to follow while she shops, is giving advice on what to wear on a corporate job interview. I’ve seen everything now. The only thing she knows about the business world real people with talent and industry work at is off the soap operas she watches.

    Her longest gig is as a paid beard for one of the most terrified closet gays in HW.

  • Mel

    i love rachel bilson i really do but i agree %100 with the other 500 comments here. that was drastically irresponsible of her! she has NO IDEA what to wear to a corporate interview..shes never been in one!! you must must must wear a suit, she should have given tips like ” wear stockings!” or “wear close toed shoes” thats an important question and it makes me angry that she just made something up.

  • MissAnthropica

    First of all YAWN!!!! Second of all LMFAO here. Really her giving tips on what to wear at a REAL job interview?
    You have to be kidding me. Instyle is becoming more of a joke day by day with just her column alone lol
    I always figured someone else gave the fashion advice she just took credit for it. But her advice on what to wear was so stupid only Bilson could of thought it was a good idea.
    You dont wear flirty tops to interviews unless you want a boss up your skirt every five minutes. If you look cheap youll get hired cheap and treated cheap.
    Not that Rachel would understand that. Casting calls and couches require less clothing not more lol
    Horrible advice beyond childish really.
    You wear solid colors as to not distract your possible future employer and crisp clean sharp clothing. So you look put together and professional not like your looking to flirt your way into the job.

    All time pathectic fashion advice from her . Hands down.

  • MissAnthropica

    Hayden in LA November 11th without Rachel again.

    For a couple that is suppose to be back together and atleast one of them gets papped every single day they sure are never seen together.

    If they are back together you think they would atleast be photographed together within 20 yards of eachother lmao

  • Sherry

    @ Miss Anthropica Those photos are stills from the X17 Online video of Hayden with his manager from Nov. 11th when he was asked about the rumor of he and Rachel being back together. Rachel was working on BFF & Baby at the time it was taken. You should watch the video. he states he does not want to talk about his personal life. Hopefully, those who go to a corporate interview are smart enough to research what to wear to it, as well.

  • Yeah Right

    Mis Anthropica don’t even talk about how Hayden says he doesn’t talk about his private life. He certainly does, having recently gushed in detail to international press about how Bilson chooses all his clothes and is his stylist, about how much he loves her and can’t wait to get married, about the farm he loves (but almost never goes to and hasn’t lived on for any significant period for over 3 years) and etc. She talks endlessly about their private life and has been exploiting it for press for over 3 years. He has no private life with her and never ever will have any as long as she plans to use him to draw attention to herself. Look for pics any day now of them shopping, having lunch, getting coffee or something Bilson does every day, because this is a very public relationship. Even Prince William and Kate Middleton are a lot more private than Hayden and gnat-brained presswh07e Bilson. Its impossible to believe one word that comes out of Hayden’s mouth, who pissed on fans for almost 3 years about Bilson and insisted it was raining.

  • Karen

    Crying out loud why is she giving advice on what to wear to work when she doesn’t work LMBO!!