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'The Walking Dead' Ratings on the Rise

'The Walking Dead' Ratings on the Rise

The Walking Dead aired its third episode last night, pulling in a very healthy 5.1 million viewers. It was a great episode with more solid acting!

The ratings are up from last week, which raked in 4.7 million viwers.

AMC’s new zombie drama has already being renewed for a 13-episode second season. Only three more episodes of the first season, don’t miss them!

WHAT DID YOU THINK of last night’s episode of The Walking Dead?

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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …seen it for the first time last night and it was ok, good show. not sure what all the buzz is about though.

  • Chris

    This show is pure brilliance.

  • Butter_Fly

    Glad to hear this is doing so well! Zombies rule!

  • GoBaby!

    Someone told me about that show and recommend it. I was like “Okay, Zombies – the new vampires? Oh please, heck nooo.” But I gave that show a shot and I was really surprised but…. I love The Walking Dead! So good stuff. The actors are brilliant and it deserves good rating numbers! I can’t wait till next week!

  • J

    The show is great so far. The plot line is interesting, and the story so far hasn’t gotten silly, sense these zombies flicks can get kinda stupid at times. The main characters and their development is great. I can see this show going for about 3 more season before it gets boring, unless they get creative with the zombies. Like running zombies in 28 days. :D

  • GG

    Love this show almost as much as Dexter. Sucks there’s only 3 episodes left this season.

  • Cher

    This is my new favourite show. It has everything really. It’s a show about people forced to find their humanity in the face of extintion. Without rules and culture – their no better than the “walkers”.

  • George W

    Best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justin

    The best tv show I have ever seen. I love those geeks!! I hope the show lasts a long time.

  • Rebecca

    It’s about time someone acted on the idea of putting together a zombie series! Every good zombie movie I see feels too short. The Walking Dead is brilliantly written and acted. I’m very disappointed that the 1st season is only 6 episodes, but I’m so excited that they got renewed for a 2nd season!

  • Flo

    Such a great series! I love it. Whats this about only 3 more eps this season?

  • taylor

    the walking dead is absolutely amazing!!! love the show!!!

  • Sue

    Love the zombies but I’m also liking the storyline with the officer and his wife and his “supposed” best friend, who told his wife he was dead and then hooked up with her in his absence. The officer, Andrew Lincoln, is cute-I really liked him in Love Actually with Keira Knightley.

  • knackered giraffe

    Pretty solid show that seems to be getting better. Got a strong cast with everyone pulling their weight in the acting chops department. With Frank Darabont at the helm, I can see this one going on for quite a few seasons. Their approach to focus on character development is really working. That’s the key, I think. Well, that and to “keep it simple, sh*thead!” The strategy works for a reason. A lot of shows would do well to pay attention. Looking at you, True Blood. It’s still early in the game, but so far we haven’t seen convoluted, ridiculous, pointless plot lines, stories run amok and overrun with chaos, uneven pacing, glaring inconsistencies in writing, side stories carried on way too long, incidental characters held front and center far past their shelf life, mailed in performances or leads who couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag. Not to mention, the scope and special effects here are near “big screen” quality and are trouncing most shows out there right now. Win/win. Overlooking the fact that TWD & TB’s seasons run in opposition, I’d say I’ve found my replacement show. Ranks right up there with Dexter, IMHO. Good on ya, TWD! Like what I’ve seen so far. A lot. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

  • Lisa

    Love that show and ANDREW LINCOLN IS AWESOME

  • ChickenCoop

    This show rocks!!!!!! I love zombies!

  • ha

    undercover had bigger numbers and less support & it was cancelled. this show is even worse & you’re supporting it. i see you jj…

  • Ken

    The actress who plays the character Lori has raw talent. I am loving this show and hoping for more of its success.


  • boston61

    I can’t stand Andrew Lincoln’s weak little voice. They should have cast an AMERICAN in the role not a Brit.

  • Mary


    ^ I totally agree with you!

  • barbiedollspimp

    way longer than 3 seasons. read the comics. you’ll see.

  • GreenCAT

    LOVED IT! I’m sad that there’s 3 more episodes! :( I want more!!

  • Everdread

    I do not think alot of viewers understand that this is being made straight from the pages of a graphic novel, the series did so well in paper form because it is more about the people and how they are dealing with the situation more so than “oh look another zombie jumping out from the shadows” point of view. The show is doing a great job so far and I just cant wait to see the climax of this season. If you want a head start or just enjoy the program I would suggest picking up the Walking Dead graphic novel series.

  • Lee M

    @J: Guessing you haven’t read the comic yet because it never gets boring. Kirkman does a great job. it just gets more insane and you never when a major character will die.

  • WHAT!?


    28 days later didn’t have “ZOMBIES”… just crazed people who’d throw up on you/beat you to death. PLUS they weren’t dead. Running zombies is PATHETIC!!!! Having fresher zombie’s being able to scoot for a while until they start to decay is one thing. BUT like the Dawn of the Dead remake.. having a rotting corpse that’s been dead for months being able to run a 4.3 40 is STUPID!!!!!! That would make it sillly.

  • WHAT!?

    OH YEAH!! If any of you like this show you should pick up a copy of Max Brooks’ “World War Z” which is being made into a movie. This is a phenominal show but WWZ is the greatest thing ever created for this genre. Soon to be a movie also.

  • WHAT!?

    OH YEAH!! If any of you like this show you should pick up a copy of Max Brooks’ “World War Z” which is being made into a movie. This is a phenominal show but WWZ is the greatest thing ever created for this genre.

  • Creste


    Another brain dead fool

  • Creste


    Bitch, the show sucks!

    I’m starting to get tired. Correcting all the dipshits is hard work.