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Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: Fur at Fashion Fund Awards

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: Fur at Fashion Fund Awards

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen cover up in fur coats at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards on Monday (November 15) at Skylight Soho in New York City.

Also attending the event: British model and TV host Alexa Chung.

Alexa, 27, is in the running to be named London’s style ambassador at the British Fashion Council’s annual gala on December 7. Some of her competitors include Emma Watson, Stella McCartney, and Tilda Swinton.

Last week, Ashley and Mary-Kate, both 24, came out to support their Full House dad Bob Saget at the Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine Gala.

10+ pictures inside of Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, and Alexa Chung at the CFDA Awards…

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Credit: Ben Gabbe; Photos: Getty, Just Justin Campbell
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  • Fruttel

    For Ashly and Mary-Kate Olsen :

    I DARE you to open évery link on this site and take a look at the suffering animals go trough so YOU can wear your fur-coats.

    There are só many kinds of artificially made ‘fur’, which keeps you warm júst as well as a real fur-coat.
    But I guess you are snobs, who couldn’t béar the thought of other people noticing you’re nót wearing réal fur. How pathetic and sad.

  • fag

    they’re looks like a two big black birds. wtf?

  • lexy hates bilson

    Is that real fur? I can’t imagine these 2 would wear real fur. Either way they look like 2 bear cubs!!

  • Radio Gaga

    Yes Lexy, it is real fur. They have always worn real fur. Disgusting people.

  • Brightside

    It disgusts me that, in this day and age, there is a stupid brigade of truly brain-dead and evil, yes I use that word, EVIL women who still think it’s acceptable to wear REAL fur when there are so many cruelty-free and fashionable items on the market. Made by high-end designers, too.
    I can’t express my disgust enough at these two. They disgust me. I find them nasty and offensive little people.

  • Erika

    Alexa looks good as always!!!! I HATE THE FUR THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many animals died to dress those fug stick insects??????

  • annie

    Someone should skin alive these two frustrated trolls.

  • Cindy

    I like that annie. lol

  • Brightside

    @lexy hates bilson:
    No they don’t! Bear cubs are cute, they are nature’s natural cuteness! There’s nothing cute about these two! They are unnatural, amoral and have no respect for the natural world if they support killing beautiful animals for their fur, just so they can look oh-so-special. They make me sick.

  • Marg

    The make-up of MK is very…. ugly.

    Ashley is very cute in fact !

  • julie

    The twins are the same age as Lindsay Lohan. Just goes to show ya what having smart, loving, thoughtful parents in your corner will do for a kid. Congrats ladies on a life well lived. Also, congrats to their parents you must be so proud of your babies.

  • julie

    PS: I don’t wear fur myself, I do wear leather. (shoes, jackets,belts,hats, etc.) These women have not broken any laws. This is America. We value our freedoms. . These freedoms allow Mary-Kate and Ashley to wear what they want and enable so many people to voice their nasty remarks of sites like this. Just my opinion, but wanting someone made in God’s image dead is a far greater sin than wearing fur.


    I agree with julie #13 but I think they should educate themselves on what happens to the animals that they wear. I bet they have pets. They should know better.

  • laverdadduele

    The disgusting trolls are wearing fur again. I would love to get my hands on them and skin them alive.

  • brenda

    What is with the stupid lips on these 2 clowns.

  • Fruttel

    Julie, I fully agree with you: those women haven’t broken any laws. America is a free country and luckily so are the Netherlands, where I’m from.
    It’s just becáuse we are free countries that I wanted to give the Olsen girls a CHOICE at deciding whether they will go on wearing fur. For the same reason I mentioned the fact there are véry good fur-substitute fabrics, júst in case Mary-Kate and Ashley weren’t aware of this fact.
    And yes, I gave my opinion on what I think of them wearing fur, thank God we live in free countries where opinions cán be given and where we can agree to disagree.

  • Brightside

    And just what makes you think that a group of hairless primates, no matter how big-brained, are more in ‘God’s’ image than any other animal on this planet? We have no moral or religious right to kill other creatures! There can be no justification! Predators kill to ensure their survival and that is the natural way of things but no animal other than the human one slaughters other animals solely for fashion. If I believed in God (which I don’t) I would say that the human image has more in common with the Devil for it’s arrogance and pride in assuming that it is made in God’s image and that justifies it doing anything it wants. Including destroying the land, life and seas of the only inhabited planet we know of. We have nothing to be proud of….we should be ashamed.

  • Jokergurl

    I’m surprised PETA didn’t try to spray paint them or something. No seriously I am they dumped something on Lindsay Lohan one time.
    @ Brightside, yeah humans keep screwing everything up, one of these days we’ll keep digging up the rain forest, killing off endangered species, or drilling in the seas and find something that eventually just wipes out mankind entirely.


    I agree with you completely. They look like they escaped from the zoo.
    They are heartless and gross girls. They are so greedy and contribute to the demise of beautiful wildlife. There is a video on
    advertising their crap line of fashions with animal fur as a prop covering the entire bed at the start of the video. It is just absolutely disturbing and grossly disgusting. There is absolutely nothing special at all about their fashion line. Their fashions will only take away from someone’s desire to look attractive and fashionable. These girls do not belong in fashion magazines or at press events for the fashion
    industry. They should be placed in a zoo. That is where they belong.

  • Nicole


    I APPLAUD YOU!!!! I write the same messages when I see pictures of them wearing fur to events. It’s sickening, they should watch a Chinese fur farm video and see all he poor innocent dogs and cats and other animals who are skinned ALIVE and tortured as their fur is ripped off. WEAR YOUR OWN SKIN TROLLSENS!!!! Sick is a good word for people who wear fur…there is no need for fur, the whole idea that “fur is fashionable” makes me sick. No respect for animal life whatsoever so how can they and others who wear fur claim they love animals? No I am not a hypocrite, I am a vegetarian so no one come back with “You probably eat meat” because I don’t support any cruelty to animals but the fur trade industry has to be the utmost worst case of not even cruelty, it’s barbaric murder.

  • Nicole

    Satan the devil is behind the barbaric treatment of humans and animals. This world can’t get any worse, when I see people wearing fur it makes me wish these people would be forced to know where their “fashion” comes from. It’s beyond words. WEAR YOUR OWN SKIN PEOPLE. I saw an older lady wearing a huge fur coat yesterday, a rude old hag not surprise, I told her to wear her own skin instead of the dog she was probably wearing, she had no defense. ….All I can say is neither did the poor soul that die slowly for her to buy its skin.

  • http://- sarah

    i cant believe that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen is really really big,i love them the most ,before 10 minutes i was seeing SANTA GIRLS MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY they was too small and really really cute

  • connie

    Sad….so rich and all and not caring…just very sad.

  • connie

    Wow, Julie. You are so empty inside. It is not about American freedoms. It is about decency, right and wrong and not about PETA ,. It is that these 2 girls live in a very hight knowledge of what it means to wear fur that has benn slaughtered with alot of cruelty. It says alot.