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Miranda Kerr: Baby Bump for Vogue Australia Cover!

Miranda Kerr: Baby Bump for Vogue Australia Cover!

Miranda Kerr shows off her baby bump as she rocks an Alex Perry dress on the cover of Vogue Australia‘s January 2010 issue, on newsstands Wednesday, December 1!

The 27-year-old model is expecting her first child with hubby Orlando Bloom early next year.

“It was an honor to shoot the first ever pregnancy cover for Australian Vogue,” Miranda told Australia’s Herald Sun.

“I’m definitely taking more time out to relax and be present to the whole experience of being pregnant,” she added.

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • Dani


  • ll


  • Really, Warrior’s Way?

    @ll: interesting Kate, we call you the same thing.

  • Addie

    That’s going to be one gorgeous baby. :)

  • LastWord

    @ll: Miranda Kerr is a model..How does taking pictures make her a fame@#$%^??? If somebody wanted to pay you to take pictures what would you do? Don’t be mad because Miranda looks hotter pregnant than you look normally.

  • nicole

    She looks gorgeous and when you are a model and getting paid to have photos taken you are not a famewhore.
    On another note: Somewhere Kate Bosworth just sh*t her pants….twice.

  • Jonne

    Lucky girl! If I were married to Orlando AND having his baby I’d get a tattoo!

  • Butter_Fly

    She looks great! Wish this was US Vogue. I absolutely love this cover.

  • BRB

    beard. fake marriage..fake child

  • http://. robert

    she most beautiful model and pardon she like a young girl

  • druw

    BaB why YOUR jealousy for this girl are you jealousy for your mather??? Is your mather evrething fake??! I think yes

  • Juno

    Yes, famewhoring extravaganza. “Hey everybody, look, I’m pregnant with Orlando Bloom’s baby. Orlando Bloom. ORLANDO BLOOM. Okay, WILL TURNER. Yes, Pirate’s of the Caribbean. No, not the new one. He’s not in the new one.”

  • leo

    adrobel miranda lucky orlando

  • lol

    She is wearing clothes, shocking.

  • your fake

    yes BRB is jeolusay for the parent’s with the baby

  • Courtney

    Miranda Carries pregnancy beautifully. I don’t think her and Orlando’s marriage is a beard though their not the first celebrity couple of any merit to have their marriage be called a sham what about Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward’s granted that was mainly from the jealous tabloids

  • http://deleted time over

    but she’s pritty like dremaing girl

  • Stephanie

    Beautiful cover, I will definitely be rushing out to grab my copy on December 1st!!!

  • natalie

    she looks great but I have to ask…. how can you not be present in your own pregnancy? she means paying attention right? she should have said that in a different way.

  • XYZ


    Couldnt agree more. Let the idiots dream its all true.

  • Marieme

    She’s stunning. I really love this couple and that baby is going to be gorgeous!

  • lar

    It’s a miracle she wearing clothes.

  • @BRB

    Fake child? She posed naked with her huge belly. Conspiracy theorists now trust their lunacy more than their own eyes? You may think you sound “enlightened” but you actually sound schizo

  • Juno

    Orlando Bloom is her bloody husband. She has more right to talk about him than you do.
    P.S. Thank God he’s not in the new one

  • Wishing them the best

    Such a pretty mama-to-be. Hoping the baby will be beautiful and healthy. Bet Orlando will be quite a doting daddy.

  • old george

    she is just another woman having a baby why the big deal lots of them
    have done it get over the hype you silly women

  • lovelydee

    I love her and her baby bump is beautiful.

  • @26

    But she isn’t “just another woman”.
    She is a top model who graces magazine covers around the world, married to a popular, heartthrob actor who is loved the world over.
    Not to mention the fact that:

  • LOL!

    You tinhats are so pathetic.
    You just can’t let your psychotic fantasies go, can you.
    When the baby is born, how are you going to explain that one?
    That they made it at home with a kit that they ordered on-line?
    Kind of like Sea Monkeys?
    You guys are always good for a laugh.

  • wow!

    She looks amazing!
    Their baby is going to be so beautiful it hurts!

  • ll

    well… look at the picture. she’s not selling the dress. she’s selling her belly…

  • @31

    She is a model. She is pregnant. They are celebrating her pregnancy.
    What EXACTLY is wrong with that?
    She is healthy, happy, married to a wonderful man, and about to give birth to her first child.
    If you see anything wrong with that, then maybe there is something wrong with you.

  • Moronda Curr

    Fugly mama-ho showing off again…… Surprising that she’s wearing clothes though!

  • tee-hee

    Poooor delphidiots.
    All of their insane conspiracy theories have been proved false, and now all they have left are the same, tired insults.
    Your board must be awfully lonely lately, with the sane members gone. Leaving only the most irrational to twist in the wind.
    Investing so much time in your hatred must leave very little time in your day to actually live your life. Oh, but that’s right. You don’t have lives outside of your sick obsession with lovely Miranda.
    Such sad little people you are.
    But still entertaining.
    You three remaining gals are always good for a laugh.

  • cathy

    Could she look any happier or more beautiful-don’t think so.

  • yes!

    She looks so radiant!
    I lover her!
    She and Orlando are going to make great parents.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    LOL @ Delphi loons.

  • Jilly

    What’s a delphi loon? And even though she looks beautiful in the W shot, I wish it was her better half that did the naked posing…
    Weird though, he’s always seemed fairly private, wonder what the thinks about all the naked and half naked posing. The again, he did marry an underwear model. Ah celebrities, who really knows what goes on in their crazy little lives.

  • Pretty

    She looks as pretty as ever!

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    Can’t wait to see little Orly LOL.

  • cool a little

    She is so full of herself like she is the only pregnant woman in the world. Just look at her eyes- victorious look, not only being proud and happy. Deutzen is pregnant too, and beautiful woman too, but she is much more private than Miranda. Miranda is talking about privacy but selling her pregnancy everywhere she can.

  • @41

    She is the only pregnant woman in the world who is married to a movie star and is appearing on the cover of Vogue.
    What is wrong with her talking about her pregnancy?
    And since when does a happy expression look “victorious”?
    I think that you have some serious issues that really need to be dealt with. You need help if you see anything but happiness in her eyes.
    She IS allowed to be happy, isn’t she?
    As for Doutzen being private??????
    Which model sold her wedding photos to the highest bidder?
    Oh, that would be Doutzen. And you call her “private”????
    She showed off her belly in her white (LOL) wedding dress, too, didn’t she?
    You are a hypocrite.
    The only difference is that Doutzen had to call the paps to get photographed while pregnant. Miranda is on the cover of VOGUE while pregnant.
    Oh, and that Miranda is married to Orlando. That’s the real issue for you, isn’t it?

  • @41

    What makes her “full of herself”? I don’t see her saying that her pregnancy is more special than anybody else’s.
    The “victorious” look you talk about says more about you than about her. As if you felt you’re in some kind of battle against her.

  • @41

    You know I do kind of see it. In some photos, although she looks happy, she looks happy in a “Look at me! I’m with movie-star Orlando Bloom and we’re having a baby!” kind of way. But in others I think she looks purely happy in an “I’m so thrilled to be having a baby with my wonderful husband” kind of way. And I don’t think that’s something you can fake.

  • saywhat?

    and the famewhoring of an unborn child begins… seriously, celebs that do this disgust me, no matter why you do it. your kid didn’t choose to whote themselves out for money, YOU did, so quit dragging others into that twisted lifestyle. although i admit that her being a model excuses her a little, but only a little because she’s not on a runway. i would’ve thought orlando would be more responsible than that…

  • Ha!

    What the hell? There’s no child being exposed as it is inside a womb and nobody can see it.
    I don’t understand all this pharisaic concern about the baby, many of Miranda’s haters don’t hesitate to suggest that baby is not Orlando’s, to call its mother things that no woman should be called and other slander like that. It’s a good thing that the only people who care about the crap they say only care to laugh at it, but if someone took them seriously they would hurt the baby that they care oh so much about.

  • @46

    Oh they are only pretending to care.
    Some of them have even gone so far as to wish harm or illness on the baby.
    They are a small, but sick, SICK group of bitter, hateful women who have nothing better to do with their lives than to stalk a total stranger on the internet.
    And what’s worse for THEM, is that the glow of pregnancy has made Miranda even more beautiful. I wonder if Melissa is still calling this particular pregnant woman “fat” ?
    And speaking of Melissa….
    Their lives are devoid of love, so they resent anyone who has found it. And the fact that Miranda has found love in the arms of Orlando Bloom REALLY p*sses them off.
    They aren’t normal.
    They should be locked away.

  • Kathy

    The Delphi board is despicable. I wish Orlando and Miranda all the happiness with their child. The Delphi board can go to hell. She looks pretty on the vogue cover. They deserve everything good and a healthy baby and make a lovely couple.

  • Time Will Tell

    We all thought Eva and Tony would make it.

    Clock is Ticking…..Time will ring True….One way or the other.

    Wishing them both the best either way.

    Just remember one thing…..There is no such thing as a perfect person, celebrity or otherwise….and if you believe there is….then you are sadder than the delphi idiots.

    Sickos = The ones who post how perfect these two are all the time.


  • @49

    Uhmmm, please point out the posts that said that they were “perfect”.
    I must have missed those.
    I only saw people defending her from horrible, irrational insults.
    It’s funny that you missed those.
    if you really thought that Tony and Eva would make it, you were betting against the odds.
    Big age difference, seperated constantly, his extreme youth when they first hooked up, her wanting to start a family, his wanting to party, etc., etc., etc.
    Orlando and Miranda look like Ozzie and Harriet compared to Eva and Tony.
    Look, no one knows if this is forever. no one CAN know, not even O&M.
    The only ones claiming to know ‘fer sure’ are the delphidiots.
    Of course, they were also sure that Orlando would never ask her to marry him. Then they were sure that even though they were engaged, they would never marry. Then they were sure that the pregnancy was fake and Miranda was lying because we had not seen a bump. Then they were sure that it was a pillow (LOL, that one still cracks me up) under her dress.
    They’ve ‘been sure’ about a lot of things. All of them wrong.
    Sickos = people who invest most of their days searching the internet for information on a total stranger, just to spew their venom on a woman that has never done anything to any of them. Well, except to have the gall to marry Orlando Bloom. She stole their imaginary celebrity boyfriend. And that sent them over the edge.
    Sickos = delphi