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Taylor Swift's Thanksgiving TV Special -- FIRST LOOK!

Taylor Swift's Thanksgiving TV Special -- FIRST LOOK!

Take a look at this exclusive shot of Taylor Swift rehearsing on a NYC rooftop for her upcoming NBC special!

The rooftop performance is only one of four concert locations that will be featured on Taylor Swift — Speak Now, which airs on Thanksgiving (November 25) at 8 p.m.

The 20-year-old pop star will be performing her hit song “Mine,” “Sparks Fly,” “Story of Us,” “Enchanted,” and “Speak Now.”

The TV special will treat fans to a behind-the-scenes look at Taylor‘s life, everything from working in the recording studio to autograph signings — even some paparazzi dodging!

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  • Gab

    I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but she’s about two clicks past overexposed now.

  • dollhouse

    She’s becoming irritating.

  • Ashley

    Joy, all the world needs is more Taylor Swift. Can we seriously move on and find someone who can actually sing?

  • Ahhhh!

    I love her. I just know that my family will more than likely take over all of the TV’s in the house and I will have to watch it later.

  • Amber

    There are plenty of people who are famous who have absolutely NO talent. Taylor’s a great songwriter and a good example. It’s nice to see someone who is grateful to be living her dream and displays no sense of entitlement or arrogance. She loves her family, she’s not trashy and has handled her success so well plus she’s fun and full of life. Perhaps you don’t like the WAY she sings but she can sing. If she was my daughter, I’d be SO proud of how she turned out. We’ll be watching her Thanksgiving special as a family because it’ll be wholesome and entertaining. Love love love Taylor!!!

  • hohum

    this girl needs to rest and stop being in love with love. how many albums does she have now, 3? that means she has written about 30 boys. and now she’s into jake g. again? can’t she make other songs not dealing with her immature love. she keeps falling in love with guys as fast as she changes her undies.
    it’s crazy. by the time she is 25 she would be with 20 albums of 200 different guys.

  • LastWord

    It’s time for Swifty to write about things people her age go through and not 14 year old girls. If you didn’t know her age, by listening to her music, you would think she was no older than 15. I like her but she needs to throw away the heartbroken formula.

  • frucht

    @hohum: i’m just laughing about your comment and how immature you are! bhaahaha… this girl is cooler than you ever will be. swallow that.

  • Speak Now

    People who bash her have no heart whatsoever. Swifty can write about whatever she wants because everybody writes about their exes.

  • eatyourheartout

    Goddess. You people need to get your facts straight. She has plenty of songs what are not about love or boys. Media drags sensation and clicks…what is better for it than songs about her high caliber relationships? I suggest you listen to “Tied Together With A Smile” “Change” “Long Live” Never Grow Up” etc.

    And of course she is being exposed…she just released bestselling first week album of the last 5 years.

  • eatyourheartout

    btw…look at the catalog of your fav artist. I`m willing bet your knickers that it is full of songs about love.

  • Terry

    @Amber: She is unbelievable. How she has learned so much by age 20 is amazing. She didn’t win at CMA, but she stood up and clapped with those long arms over her head for the winner.

  • q8yGirl

    you have a point actually ;) i’m a fan but it’s the truth i guess :/

  • Giovanna

    Didn’t Beyone announce that she was having a Thanksgiving special on ABC…Like 2 weeks ago? this will be B’s second straight year having a special on Thanksgiving. Sorry Taylor, you’re cool and all but It just seems to me like NBC is jumping on the money train and in all honesty I’ll be watching Beyonce instead.

  • hohum

    @frucht: you are entitled to your opinion and so i am.
    this girl really needs to get to know the guys first and enjoy her life. not to fall in love with love and later on write like a cry baby because the love didn’t work out. how can it work? because she does not take enough time to know them, and like in the John song, she disregarded her mom’s counsel and chose to “fall for a douche.”
    i mean comeon, we criticize Miley for being some sort of a “renegade” but we chose to close our eyes to a supposedly “good fickle-minded girl” who falls in love like she’s jumping on a trampoline!

  • hohum

    @terry: if you come down to it, she didn’t really learn much. her songs go from one heartbreak to another.

  • Anna

    @hohum: She has not been with thirty guys, she has multiple songs about each guy she has been with and the different emotions she went through being with them. Don’t judge if you don’t know

  • Jase


  • goodgrief

    Multiple guys? exactly the point hohum made. I bet this girl is scarred for life but she doesn’t know when to stop.

  • Mel

    All you negative people obviously were never young and had relationships that didn’t work out then, I suppose? You weren’t ever heartbroken? And whether she got to know people properly is a pretty personal comment to make – you weren’t there, you don’t know how well she knew her boyfriends. Break-ups happen to everyone of every age and regardless of how well you know someone. That’s just an ignorant thing to say.

    I might also point out that she is a huge celebrity – how many celebrities (most of them older than her) go through relationships like hot dinners? Practically all of them! It’s not the best lifestyle for a relationship which is why there are so many Hollywood break-ups.

    Personally, I’d much rather listen to songs with stories and real life situations that EVERYONE can relate to, rather than songs with no meaning at all being “sung” (and I use that term loosely) by slutty 18 year olds who are really selling sex and themselves, not music. At least Taylor is musically talented and is all about sharing music, not other money-making c**p most “singers” are about today.

  • goodgrief

    everyone can be and has been heartbroken but would rather not go through it. in most of her songs, she gets heartbroken because she was stupid, i.e. about john. the theme has been going on and on.
    she’s become more irritating and she really can’t sing that well. her voice cracks all the time when she sings live.

  • Shallow

    She is shallow and hollow.

  • Shallow

    She is gullible and fickle.

  • Jasper

    yes! thanksgiving will be awesome! the whole family will watch the special. we all love taylor.

    haters, say all you want as if she mind them lol
    actually, if you just research on her, she have songs who are not about love…god, i can make a list for you. and she can write on whatever topic she likes…that’s the perks of being a songwriter. if you don’t like her then don’t listen…it’s just common sense really!

  • JRandy

    i can’t wait for this! haters, there are songs that aren’t about boys lol i can state examples: change, tied together with a smile, the outside, fifteen, the best day, long live, never grow up, a place in this world.

    i’m glad there’s someone famous for the right things, have a good attitude and always gracious in everything she gets. she deserved everything she worked hard for since she was 14.

  • Tianna

    overexposed and overrated! ENOUGH!

  • gooey

    her songs are so mundane and her voice is mediocre. twenty years from now what kanye did will not be seen as it was perceived, because he was right. she is so irritating.

  • eatyourheartout

    stay mad haters…”and the critics were outraged, this is absurd…” from her song “Long Live”. i picture you doing that pathetic helpless scream in this. lol

  • lol

    sorry but taylor is here to stay! overexposed then don’t watch lol

    i know ‘eatyourheartout’ they will be doing that pathetic screaming hahaha


  • lol



    haters gonna hate!!!!

  • what?


    i can relate to her, i’m not a teenager anymore and many of my age loves her. so i don’t know what you are talking about!!!

  • haters




  • LMAO


    Then go watch Beyonce instead lol didn’t enjoy last year so i’ll pass this year.

    might give Ms. Swift a shot!

  • boohoo

    i got a good title for her next album – “itch now”

  • boohoo

    or maybe: “itch now, song later”

  • Kensi


    Well your just a little mean don’t a think
    why do you care that all she writes about is love if you dont like don’t listen to it !