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Daniel Craig: 'Cowboys & Aliens' Teaser Trailer!

Daniel Craig: 'Cowboys & Aliens' Teaser Trailer!

Check out the first teaser trailer for Daniel Craig‘s new movie, Cowboys & Aliens!

The 42-year-old actor stars opposite Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde in the adaptation of Scott Mitchell Rosenberg‘s graphic novel of the same name.

Here’s the summary: “In Silver City, Arizona, Apache Indians and Western settlers must lay their differences aside when an alien spaceship crash lands in their city.”

Cowboys & Aliens hits theaters nationwide on July 29, 2011!

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  • Masoud

    Looks good!

  • elise

    @to elise: I agree, the man can wear some pants!

  • GeekDad

    Awesome!! Man. C&A treiler is streaming good enough for the serious movie buff.

  • fanpop

    that trailer is really exciting, and daniel craig is so gorgeous. YUM

  • Guinness

    Yes, I too, will be ” trilled” my friend.(nah, nah–it must be that open-shirted shot). His stance is just magnificant. wholly gun placement batman. Damn… I jusst aboutt sturrrtterd when i saw THAT capture…damn, i gots to get me that pic for futuer referenc.e… i cna’t type… that is just sooo–wow. I love the stubble, the stance, the chaps, the guns, the eyes against the dirt, the hat, the wow. wow.

    tommorrrow. Fio–you are an animal!!! keep diggin’ digg digg diggin”

    Thank you everyone and good night! (see you on the other side Mendel…i did watch one trailer, but can’t catch up till tomoroorrwo. aahhhh beautiful)

  • Guinness

    this si what i an talkin bout…. i cna’t type… this is outa control hotness…an dd dammmm. wow.

  • Matt

    I want to see Daniel who mount a horse..C’mon Favreau!!

  • Great post Dan’s Fan City!

    @Dan’s Fan City:
    HA! Thank you for that D.F.C.! She even admits she is ugly and boring. Who cares where she goes, as long as she goes far far away,but it will never be far enough!

  • Deb

    He has the characteristic of being strong enough to withstand intellectual challenge. I really, really, really want Cowboys & Aliens to be good.

  • C.soda

    The trailer looks pretty f***ing cool as well as Daniel. Sick.

  • awesome

    crap @ 11/17/2010 at 2:07 pm

    he looks so old and thin. i think this role doesn’t fit him.
    no way. this role suits daniel just fine. i can’t wait to see the film.

  • to people

    thank you for the link.
    a lot of people are excited in anticipation by the C&A!

  • MashUp

    Heroics are for those epic films they make in Hollywood. however, not that Jake is hero. LOVE IT.

  • Linka

    Who is Satsuki? He is even with she ? Have broken their relationship? :(

  • Kalle

    @61 – so right. he might not be Bond buff (and why would he be?), but look at that chest and the shoulders. Nothing to complain I’d say. Seriously looking the part and they eay these pics suggest it, Fav is going to show off his assets – not like f***ing Forster .

  • Fio

    Hi, elise
    You know Daniel and Favreau had rehearsed the play several times in LA before shooting C&A. In perfecting his role, I think they didn’t choose the cowboy of macho type. Yeah, Jake Lonergan have lost his memory, and is a brutal man.
    Hi, Mendel
    “Love the dark feel of it and the stunning visuals.”
    Honestly, it’s a movie that is far more serious than I have imagined.
    “and that mysterious cuff really does stand out!”
    Daniel manages a gadget with ease ;)

    Cowboys & Aliens Trailer: Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford Go Gunslinging

    It’s the newest trend in moviemaking: Reinvigorate one moribund genre by mashing it up with another. Still, before Pride and Prejudice and Zombies director Mike White has his shot at mixing Jane Austen costume drama with the flesh-eating undead, Jon Favreau has beaten him to the punch with Cowboys & Aliens, a Western where the taciturn heroes team up to take out extraterrestrials, not Native Americans. If the poster sold a lot of Daniel Craig’s backside (which some of you didn’t mind at all, clearly), the new trailer gives the rest of him plenty more to do; most of the action depends on his face, craggy and hard, and his wrist, encircled by a high-tech bracelet that proves useful for shooting down aggressive UFOs. Toss in Harrison Ford (ornery) and Olivia Wilde (comely), and Favreau may have found something unique enough to survive summer 2011′s impending bloodbath.

  • Guinness

    Once a p0rn star, always a p0rn star. if he were a woman–he wouldn’t be as successful. Imma just sayin’.

    Hi Fio–check you later ~taters! He should wear the chaps for the premeire shindigs. or at least the hat. or nothing. *yep, Mendel–thoughts of you*

  • Linka

    Who is Satsuki? They arent together? I fell sorry for her. :( She is so in love !

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    Ah…I’m very sleepy now. I feel so sleepy that I can hardly keep my eyes open…

    They’re calling it a teaser trailer but at two and a half minutes long, it provides more than a hint of what to expect from Cowboys & Aliens, next year’s summer multiplex bait. The promo introduces us to Harrison Ford’s Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde, the man who holds frontier town Silver City, Arizona in a vice-like grip. And to Daniel Craig’s Jake Lonergan, the outlaw who might just have the key to the town’s survival.

    The supporting cast includes Sam Rockwell, Paul Dano, Olivia Wilde, Keith Carradine and Walton Goggins. Here’s the trailer, which comes courtesy of Yahoo.

    While the mix of sci-fi and Western tropes might be disturbingly reminiscent of Barry Sonnenfeld’s Wild Wild West, there’s nothing goofy about this film at all. In fact, at first glance, it’s all rather po-faced. But surely Craig’s taciturn Jack Lonergan references the strong, silent heroes of Western genre classics, with a bit of a twist: he seems to have undergone some sort of alien mind-wipe, and his silence may be indicative of mental blankness. But last year’s summer comic book/western adaptation, Jonah Hex, provides another grim example of how wrong things can go, even with a solid actor (Josh Brolin) fronting the proceedings.

    Speculating somewhat, it seems as though this first look might only encompass one-third of the players. The plot apparently sees the titular cowboys teaming up with Apaches to combat the alien menace. But this trailer features no Apaches and only a glimpse of alien tech, so perhaps future trailers will introduce them and open up the story.

    Still, I can’t say I feel that enthused so far. Favreau has experience in the creation of successful blockbusters having helmed Iron Man and its sequel but the films were arguably carried by Robert Downey Jr’s charm and the very fun toys that commandeered so much of the screen time, with action set-piece proving a wee bit of a letdown. Interestingly, RDJ was initially slated for the Daniel Craig role in Cowboys & Aliens before pleading scheduling conflicts, and we can’t help but wonder how he would have managed those protracted periods of silence without the urge to ad-lib a few quips.

    One last question: why do extra-terrestrial invaders always seem to favour blue tractor beams? Perhaps it’s a fashion thing.

    Daniel Craig fans based in the UK can watch him in Love is the Devil and Love and Rage, right here on the site, absolutely free.

  • Emi

    Looks really awesome!

  • Brooklyn

    I am buying Daniel instead of RDJ because he’s the most rugged, masculine guy.

  • Dee

    Great Trailer!
    Looking forward to this…

  • Rully

    WOW, I LOVE the mood of the trailer. Looks pretty f-ing cool.

  • He

    This movie is gonna be awesome

  • list

    Fine, C&A is my must see for next year.

  • Vories

    cant ****ing wait!

  • Zomnia

    Fantastic! Harrison Ford is great. This will be worth every penny I spend on my ticket!

  • tapped

    oh, looks better than I expected!!! hope to see more trailers.

  • Sharp beak

    Harrison Ford, he seems like such a grumpy old guy. Daniel Craig looks dark, edgy….wow, perfect casting right?

  • Carla

    Can’t wait yehh!

  • Jokergurl

    COOL! I didn’t know Harrison Ford was in this, it looks interesting, Ford, Craig, Spielberg, Jon Favreau, Ron Howard, I’d say it’s already promising. :)

  • elise

    @awesome: What? He has a perfect cowboy look, ruggedly handsome, bad ass (really bad ass, look at that poster)!

  • vale

    harrison ford is here? hahaha really xd

  • they said

    “Somber much? That trailer was no fun…”

  • they said

    “My thought as well; wrong tone. Playing it so straight and earnest is a mistake. Though counter-intuitive, that actually makes it more ridiculous.”

  • they said

    “Wow, second bad trailer of the day…

    Less is more folks. What happened to all the good trailer editors?”

  • they said

    Uh.. I don’t get it.
    And with all the names involved, I WANTED to love this trailer.
    But this doesn’t make me want to see this movie at all.

  • they said

    “They must have been in a real hurry to get this trailer out — they didn’t even clean up the rigging on the either the cowboy or the girl that gets ’swept up’ … unless of course those aliens were throwing down ropes with harnesses which some how happen to wrap around and hook onto the cowboy and the girl….”

  • they said

    “I’ve always loved this title and eagerly awaited the movie. But this looks just plain silly. for the movie to take itself so seriously was a gigantic mistake. I laughed out loud at this trailer. And not in a good way.”

  • they said

    “damn. with that title I thought it was going to be a lighthearted romp, not this somber exercise

  • they said

    “That ridiculous wrist contraption gave me some unwelcome flashbacks to “Wild Wild West.”

  • they said

    “Not digging this. Ford looks wooden, stale, the whole thing looks stupid.”

  • they said

    Trailer looks good but you can never trust them. Most movies look good in the trailers, but most movies suck.”

  • they said

    thank you for the link.
    a lot of people are excited in anticipation by the C&A!
    yes in this link people were really excited so that is why they wrote this what “they said”.

  • they said

    95% of people have said they dont go to see C&A and only 5% of them give a chance to this movie.

    there are many sites in which people dont looking forward to see it.

  • to they said

    Okay, Sats we get it your pissed he dumped you.

  • to they said

    Okay, we get it, Sats your pissed he dumped you!

  • Guinness

    ~’night Mendel….let me know if you get any good things to post, it seems like we need some positives here now. But they wont’ stop me from seeing it. somewhere i read a good point: I was kinda wonderin’ if there were any Indians in the movie cuz it was all ’bout Dan. interesting, and I am not complaining about seeing his wonderfullness. funny–I have a native american friend and he insists on “Indians” being the politically correct word now for native americans…i incredulously harrrrasssed him for it, and then told him my fav Homer Simpson episode where he goes thru the casino sayin’, “hey- how are ya, hey-how are ya, hey how are ya” in a indian chant voice. priceless.

    what about where he is now, who is he with and is he going to Toronto for X-mas? he may be in NYC too for the holidays!(call me dan–i will warm all of you) Harry opens tomorrow here….yeay. probly won’t see it for a while, hubby just had abdominal hernia surgery. i am living my own personal hell, but use this for distraction as always. aaaaahhhhhh. keep writting. keep posting. may the force be with you…live long and prosper…keep your feet firmly flying in midair!! yikes…wish i was with you—cheers Mendel…..cuz i know what you are doing usually on a thurs!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness,

    “wholly gun placement batman”


    And you are so right, it’s the perfect (product) placement ever!

    to Kalle

    “look at that chest and the shoulders. Nothing to complain I’d say.”

    Not at all :) And Dan is a Cowboy, and they are lean because of all that riding *grin*

    “Fav is going to show off his assets”

    Bring it on!!!

    to Guinness

    “what about where he is now, who is he with and is he going to Toronto for X-mas?”

    No new gossip has emerged…(it’s still all Kate and Wills here)

    “Harry opens tomorrow here….yeay”

    Yes, I am going to see Harry tomorrow (today actually, since it’s after 1am)

    “hubby just had abdominal hernia surgery. i am living my own personal hell, but use this for distraction as always. aaaaahhhhhh.”

    Oh heck, that’s awful! Hope he gets better soon!

    “wish i was with you—cheers Mendel…..cuz i know what you are doing usually on a thurs!!!!!!!!!!”

    Hehehehe, one day, one day :)

  • second that

    re posts 84-95

    gina, what is wrong with you? was it necessary to bore us all with those posts. we all know how you feel about C&A. now go away!!