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Daniel Craig: 'Cowboys & Aliens' Teaser Trailer!

Daniel Craig: 'Cowboys & Aliens' Teaser Trailer!

Check out the first teaser trailer for Daniel Craig‘s new movie, Cowboys & Aliens!

The 42-year-old actor stars opposite Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde in the adaptation of Scott Mitchell Rosenberg‘s graphic novel of the same name.

Here’s the summary: “In Silver City, Arizona, Apache Indians and Western settlers must lay their differences aside when an alien spaceship crash lands in their city.”

Cowboys & Aliens hits theaters nationwide on July 29, 2011!

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  • Gina’s creepy

    Has Gina really went mad? I do not know why…

  • second that

    Gina’s creepy@ 11/18/2010 at 10:07 pm

    no, she just wants attention

  • to Gina

    I don’t know where you get your 95% which are not going from.
    Read the boards where they really discuss movies, not those where they are going to bash them anyway. I’d said more than 90% was positiv. And keep in mind many people are only posting when they have something to bash, sad, angry and loney ones like you.
    This will be megahuge and it will get a good mouth to mouth, too.

  • to 103

    Gina should study over again a method of calculating the ratio.
    Gina said that Dream House would be postponed because filming Bond23 would start in this spring.
    Gina said that Cawboy&Aliens would be postponed because filming Bond23 would start in this summer.
    Gina is saying that The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo will be postponed because filming Bond23 willd start in this winter.

    Who takes notice of her seriously?

  • Daniel Fan

    I am really looking forward to this movie.
    Not only for this special dose of Daniel ;)

  • Fio

    When I heard Daniel booked to play Jake in C&A, I was a bit skeptic.
    What? Aliens? Cowboys and Aliens?? But I enjoyed really really seeing the trailer. Now I see why he wanted to star in C&A! It’s still a mystery who Jake is though Favreau gave us some hints…so my curiosity was aroused. Surely, he knows well the riddle excite curiosity!!

    “Cowboys & Aliens” Wins Trailer of the Week Amid a Heavy Field–Aliens-Wins-Trailer-of-the-Week-Amid-a-Heavy-Field-108729284.html

    Color us giddy. The first clip from “Cowboys & Aliens” is here and we couldn’t be much happier.

    Daniel Craig awakens in the desert with some weird “Space Ghost”-esque weapon strapped to his wrist. Olivia Wilde is the insanely hot chick in the saloon. Harrison Ford chews scenery as a nasty old sheriff. And spaceships shooting lasers come swooping out of the sky! Give us another 120 minutes of that — stat.

    Directed by Jon Favreau, produced by Ron Howard, Brain Grazer and Steven Spielberg and with a script by Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, and you’ve got pedigree for days on this adaptation of the beloved 2006 comic book.

    There’s been a pantload of new trailers out over the past 48 hours — “Green Lantern,” “Red Riding Hood,” “The Mechanic,” “Cars 2″ and “Winnie the Pooh,” among others — and none has us more stoked than “C&A.” And not because it’s a Universal picture, we swear.

    “Cowboys & Aliens” arrives July 29, 2011.

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    Here is the interview article of Native American Adam Beach. Well he woked with Daniel in C&A.

    Hollywood star Adam Beach moving to Island

    Hi, DF
    Thanks for the pic! Awwww look at his waistline! Find out just how sexy he is! And…’Wedgies aside’!!!! lol Ugh, I have excess fat around the waistline…

  • Fio

    The Awesome Cowboys & Aliens Trailer: Heavy on Cowboys, Low on Aliens

    After the soul-crushing awfulness of the trailer for Green Lantern, it’s nice to know that at least one summer movie in 2011 won’t be a total disappointment. The trailer for Cowboys & Aliens — which will get some serious placement in front of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part I this weekend — has premiered online and it’s nowhere near as silly as the title might have you believe. In fact, it looks pretty harrowing. Well, for a movie about cowboys fighting aliens.

    Daniel Craig (and his butt) stars as Jake Lonergan, an outlaw who wakes up in the middle of nowhere with some sort of alien bracelet on his wrist and no recollection of his past. Yikes! After disposing of some generic western baddies, he heads to the nearest town to reunite with the girl he doesn’t remember (Olivia Wilde) and the sheriff who wants him captured (Harrison Ford). Things look bleak for our hero until the alien bracelet lights up and aliens attack. Cue explosions, some other first-act shenanigans and plenty of concerned stares.

    You know what? This thing looks fantastic. Everything from the mood to the mystery to the way it doesn’t actually reveal the aliens feels just right. Jon Favreau, you’re forgiven for Iron Man 2. And Zathura.

    VERDICT: Yee-haw! (Sold.)

  • bianca

    Dream House would be postponed because filming Bond23

    Cowboy&Aliens would be postponed because filming Bond23 would start

    The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo will be postponed because filming Bond23 willd
    I said that Dream House will have problems and now this movie is really postponed. and as MGM solves a debt so 23 Bond starts quickly so Dream House will be postponed for more long time.

    Cowboys and Aliens will probably need reshoot because most of people in forums dont like the trailer. just read forums. The set of C&A will wait for busy Daniel like the set of Dream House.

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo will be postponed for other reason and it just gives room for 23.Bond. Just wait 5 months for it.

    you supposed MGM to crash and be sold but I said MGM will stand its own feet and investors will come not to buy MGM but finance the movies and pay a debt. That had happened according to this scenario.
    Then I said some investors will contact Babs Broccoli to ask if they can fund 23 Bond and really they contacted her.

    Months ago, I said that on this November Daniel will not be with Satsuki. He is not with her anymore…

    23 Bond was planned to start this summer and I said it but nobody believed it. Then they really confirmed they planned it. Then I said 23 Bond has still a chance to start at the end of this year or in the beginning of next year.

    So Dream House is postponed, C&A is very bad and got bad reviews so they will improve it. Dragon tattoo – its question of time what happens on the set. give it more time and you will see. I hope Daniel will never finish reshoot of Dream House but he will do.

  • Blast from the past

    All these comments are from almost 2 years ago. Some quite telling.

    21 @ 01/27/2009 at 6:08 am 0

    I have actually seen them in person at the New York premier for QOS. I got pretty close actually.
    You definitely look twice when you see her, but not in a good way.
    She is striking only in the sense that you are struck at how strange her looks are.
    She is very, what is the word, gawky, that’s the only word I can think of.
    I’m sorry, but I heard people standing around me commenting about the same thing. I heard one guy say “what does he see in her.”
    I heard another couple talking about how they couldn’t believe how “ugly she was in person.”
    I hate to break it to you, but when you see her up close in person, she’s really, and I mean REALLY, not attractive.
    Her wrinkly skin is even more pronounced when you see her up close. Her skin really does look leathery, which is such a shame at her young age.
    And believe it or not, they are not that affectionate when the paps aren’t shooting them. They were walking apart a lot when their pictures weren’t being taken.
    I heard several people comment after they went inside about how they don’t even look like a “couple.” My husband and I were really surprised. We actually thought that she would be more beautiful in person, but she actually looks better in pictures, and I guess that isn’t saying a whole lot, since she doesn’t look too good in most of her pictures.
    We were also surprised at how distant they were with each other when not posing for pictures.
    Like I said, I don’t have any stake in these two, and I don’t care what they do, but seeing her and them in person, up close, was kind of disappointing.
    Like I said, I was expecting her to be beautiful in person, and she was kind of the opposite, and my husband and I were both expecting them to be really close, but they weren’t.
    I know I’ll probably get attacked for saying all of this, but hey, I just thought I would share my experience in seeing these two personally at the premier.
    It was really disappointing. But we liked the movie when we went to see
    pyschic @ 01/27/2009 at 2:52 am 0

    I feel very strongly that only two or three hours ago he checked for a response from his new friend.
    He sent her a message but no response yet.
    I feel very strongly that she will respond tomorrow.
    This woman will not run to him.
    I sense he is restless, she is so different than others.
    I am hearing unsure. He is unsure how she feels.
    This is new for him.
    I am hearing loud voices.
    I do not know what this is. It is not clear.
    Just loud voices.
    So much negative energy.

    ———————————————————————————————–9 and Gay @ 01/27/2009 at 3:27 am 0

    There are actually a LOT of people who believe he is Bi and that’s why he won’t marry her, they believe he has a boy toy on the side and she probably knows and goes along with it.

  • bianca

    people arent looking forward to see C&A and give a dollar at the cinemas. they are saying about trailer on youtube:

    “This doesnt only look bad, it also looks bad without being even funny.”

    “is this a comedy bec it doesnt seem to funny?”

    “Wow Jon Favreau has relly pulled out all the stops with this one. Not sure that long black hair and bikini top suits Daniel Craig too much.”

    Then says:

    It’s not that the trailer is bad. It’s serviceable, and does a good job at introducing some of the elements in play in the movie. But seeing something put to film and hearing a plot description of that film is two completely different things. Well Cowboys & Aliens being in the same movie sounds great on paper, seeing it put to film is a little jarring. Obviously we knew it would be, but the reason this trailer is only “serviceable” is because the film shows no fun whatsoever. The trailer is played serious, but this movie should be anything but. Campy and ridiculous would fit much better then an uber-serious sci-fi film. Because let me remind you; IT’S COWBOYS AND ALIENS!


  • bianca

    @Blast from the past:
    Yeeeeeee ….. I loved this story about green eyed lady! I wish it continued. Now when Daniel finally dumped Satsuki so he has a chance to meet the green eyed one! Hopefully Daniel ended it with satsuki DEFINITELY!! and I hope Satsuki will not run to him!


    search the tweets for C&A
    People were cheering and applauding when the trailer ended.
    I saw it and people just went nuts.
    This will be HUGE.

  • bianca

    yes I send you many other links in which people SIMPLY dont like it.
    You wanna see it?
    Its THEIR opinion and decision what they like or not.
    You cannot change many sites and forums in which they say the trailer is not funny for them.
    it will be a HUGE of minus dollars at box office. Just wait for months for results at box office and you will see. as C&A will be too postponed, so please, dont forget to post the link!!


    go and take your meds.

  • bianca

    Producers of the movie C&A surely expected first reviews for the trailer and now they can see how people called it not funny or they just expressed boredom. I am wondering what this makes with the producers and if they will want to change scenes and make more “funny trailer and movie for people.” I think they would do it if they want people’s dollars to come into their pocket.

    NOW I am expecting reviews from the biggest film critics what they say about the trailer and the movie that they watch during unofficial screening. They are the ones who decide if the movie goes through or needs to reshoot. Invasion did reshoot and still failed at people’s eyes. Dream House has the need of reshoot as well and from the beginning people said they dont go see it. Now C&A is in hands of film critics…………………….

  • bianca

    I like the article of that surprised author who asks how C&A could get greenlit and what people say about Daniels assexy.

  • bianca

    Hey, Satsuki, you dont already touch it??

  • Guinness

    see ya tomorrow…Nice fixation Fio–thank you.
    cheers with my champagne to you for going to the Harry Potter movie—give me your opinion…how may stars out of 5?

    i want to be comfortably numb. workin on it… safe. G

  • second that

    to Bianca/Gina

    you’re back; this time 7 posts. what exactly is your problem. first off, gina, james bond 23 has been scheduled for release in November 2012. that means filming will not start until sometime in 2011. just because you want otherwise is not important

    C&A is coming out in July 2011, Gina, so therefore it can not be in the hands of the critics. that being the case, how the critics give either good or bad reviews of the film. the trailer may have gotten some bad reviews but that will not stop C&A from coming out on schedule. the number of bad trailers are, i bet, numerous; yet each time the films all came out on time.

    Dream House has been put back until September 2011, so what? it’s not the first film that has had to have scenes reshot. i don’t think it will be the last. Dragon Tattoo is also on schedule. Look, Gina, i understand that you want Daniel to make Bond 23 and he will.

    but you have to understand that as an actor he will make other films while waiting for bond filming to begin. you may not like the roles he has chosen but guess what he does not answer to you. also, Gina, they are not going to hold back Dream House, C&A, and Dragon Tattoo until after Bond is released in 2012. now please, deal with the realities.

  • poor girl Gina

    Gina looked for very few negative comments desperately and posted it. What a difficult work it is! In fact, her efforts is pathetic…..

    how silly an ardent and unsuccessful wooer can be especially if he is getting on in years- Dashiell Hammett

  • to 110 Western Front

    those poster are you, eh? you had spoken about that poster here before.

  • to Gina/bianca

    I said that Dream House will have problems and now this movie is really postponed.
    Bulls*it ! Don’t pussyfoot around the issue!!!!!
    You CERTAINLY said that DH would be postponed because Bond23 would be filming in SPRING.
    You should re-read your posts.
    We all who are here know it.

  • to Gina#117

    you indeed love the celebitchy! however, people believe the NY post/mag/ specialized movie site more than cerebitchy. too bad…..

  • Daniel Fan

    Latest news:
    Johan Lagerholm
    Avslutade veckan med kundbesök inkluderande ekonomisk sammanställning av 2010 och en stunds tittande på Daniel Craig som sprang fram och tillbaka utanför fönstret och försökte få till en scen till The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
    för 14 timmar sedan via iPhone
    Johan Lagerholm
    Ended the week with visits to customers including financial summary of 2010 and a brief viewing of Daniel Craig who ran back and forth outside the window and tried to work out a scene of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
    14 hours ago via iPhone
    No pictures though :(
    So this will have to do.

  • timezone

    i wonder why gina did not appear as before at 4:00am. it was crappy time zone – all morning

  • to timezone

    No. Gina still keeps coming in morning.
    It’s her.
    yea @ 11/14/2010 at 4:10 pm
    yea @ 11/15/2010 at 3:41 am 0
    @here it is:
    I am afraid its rumour or if its really true so Satsuki will run back to Daniel soon. She is not stupid or Daniel will miss her because he hates to be alone. Or they just needed pause and agreed on that.
    But yes, the green eyed woman still can come, I bet she will appear between “reunioned” couple Daniel and Satsuki. Maybe she too pushed on him to marry her so he went away and now he could feel alone so he could take her back and again promise marriage..
    to 401 @ 11/17/2010 at 9:19 am
    etc etc……..

  • bianca

    well, what is time now?

  • Daniel Fan
  • Mendel

    to Daniel Fan

    thanks for all the beautiful Dan fixation :)

    Hi Guinness

    “cheers with my champagne to you for going to the Harry Potter movie—give me your opinion…how may stars out of 5?”

    Five! Brilliant film!

    “i want to be comfortably numb. workin on it… safe. G”

    Did you succeed? And did you have a roaring headache today? You might want to chill out in the cinema, as I said, it’s definitely a 5!

    to Fio

    “Daniel Craig (and his butt) stars as Jake Lonergan”


  • to122

    No. look at the post

  • heyo

    Hey guys, what happend? Still arguing? Is Daniel with Rachel now
    or single? I guess he is still in Sweden. No recent tweets? Whats going on?

  • obsession

    having good memory

  • Fio

    JJ didn’t work for a long stretch of time yesterday. JJ seems to have lost data. Maybe… some kind of trouble of CTU or UPS ? Or did celebs attack the web server of JJ? lol

    Hi, Guinness
    Have you already seen the C&A trailer at a movie theater? Awwww jealous! BTW…which is correct?!

    myanimator: @Jon_Favreau saw Harry Potter last night (8pm show) and there was indeed a Cowboys and Aliens trailer in front of it at the Arclight!

    ML4NKOTB: @Jon_Favreau Say WHAT?!? We didn’t get a #CowboysandAliens trailer at the Arclight! Granted, I watched it online, but still…

    MetalGirl4Life: @Jon_Favreau We went to the Arclight in Hollywood… We didn’t get the trailer. :-(

    Hi, DF
    Thanks for the info and the hottie pic :) His hair style is like a chick a bit. lol Cute<3 Where is Daniel shooting now? Maybe…Malmö?

  • Fio

    My mixed parentage gives me freedom: Darwin

    How did you bag the role in “Casino Royale”?
    It was through a pretty extended audition process. I finally got the job after an eight-hour audition. Once I got selected, I had to learn how to fight, handle weapons and explosives. I had to be part of a 10-day camp in Prague where I learnt the basics with the stunt team. I shot with Daniel Craig in the first week of principle photography. It was thrilling to be part of such a historic project. Martin Campbell, the director, is an extraordinary guy. He invests his tireless energy in the film and had a lot of faith in me. I think, he reinvented the Bond franchise.

    How was it to work with Daniel Craig?
    Everyone asks me this! Daniel Craig is a really solid, real actor. But, he is a private person. He is warm, caring, kind and extremely talented and made my introduction to the movies a wonderful experience.

  • Fio

    I LOOOOOVE this witty saying. Funny!
    Trailer Breakdown Cowboys and Aliens

  • Fio

    I’m sure C&A poster is the best poster of the year 2010 :)
    Your Poster is Cool | The 3rd Week of November

    This week in Your Poster is cool we’re going to be talking about three teaser posters for upcoming genre fare. Read more to see which poster takes home the prize this week. First up Chicago director Rob Marshall takes over the Black Pearl…
    The best teaser trailer for a summer film released this week was without a doubt Jon Favreau’s Cowboys and Aliens. Check out my thoughts on the trailer here. At my screening of Harry Potter last night the teaser got everyone’s attention very quickly and the general mood was one of excitement as it ended. The teaser poster furthers the tone we see in the trailer by playing with the archetypes of the old west, while giving then a modern infusion. The Lone Hero (Daniel Craig) stands with his back to the viewer and is ready for anything, while his alien tech gives us just enough “wow” to get our attention. This in my opinion is a great poster, that utilizes simplicity in a more effective way than say the Pirates poster above. It gets my vote for poster of the week.

  • Daniel Fan
  • guinness

    Fio! You go gurl. thx for your posts again. Um. Olivia looks really un-made-up in this. With bags. wow. I guess she looked better in the Tron movie? And those captions were spot on! I was just reallly dejected they didn’t get to my fav shot….you know it. Hey…i am going to go get it for editing…….

    Damnstraight I got a damnbig headache–took 2 gatorades for me to get into a shower mood. I love bubbly stuff–and you called it cheeky monkey–you knew what i was in for—hhmmmm…Birds of a feather flock together or they find a Duck, huh? . AND i am reading everywhere Harry was a hit…it looks fanfukingtastic… i want to see it NOW, but i think i have to go by myself…boo hoo.

    And, so much water in Sweden! wow…is that where they are fur real. what is there? I hope he makes a great scrap book…anyway, Hi DF, thx for your posts too. i hope this posts too!! ~M

  • guinness

    ah, that is how i sign my emails. oops. interesting brain faux pas my friend. ~G

  • bianca

    why did they retouch Daniel’s sexyass in that poster??
    in real his sexyass is ..much bigger…

    fans are saying:
    “You know someone had to photoshop his Even if he had a phenomenal, which I suspect he has an awesome tush. Why wouldn’t Bond?
    But you know even if it was perfect Hollywood would want it retouched. So someone spent the day photoshopping an “How was your day hunny?” lol.

    “So what’s the promise of this movie? Gay techno-cowboys fighting aliens with antiquated shotguns?”

  • bianca

    I’m sure C&A poster is the best poster of the year 2010 :)
    Yeeah, so you are sure… read this:

    “The first official poster for director Jon Favreau’s “Cowboys & Aliens” was released today and while the two warring factions are well represented (by the old school weaponry on the right and the high tech thingamajig on the left), I can’t help but act a little surprised there is no mention of stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford or Olivia Wilde anywhere on this puppy.

    But the big question rattling around my brain right now is, how much time do you think was spent tinkering in photoshop with the very shapely bottom on this cowboy? Seems like a lot of time and energy has been spent there, no?”

  • bianca

    I am really looking forward to this movie.
    Not only for this special dose of Daniel ;)
    Now seriously………….
    at first sight C&A would seem to be a great movie but watchers said the trailer is not enough funny as the title of the movie sounds.
    Then photos and poster show sexyass of Daniel and fans are joking about his back now.
    and seems like that his sexyass would sell the movie. Did not he say that he wants to do serious arts? what then that sexyass in poster? his is that serious arts? hm….. well.

  • bianca

    The James Bond star has a “need for some serious art”.

    “He needs to fulfill a need for some serious art so might turn to the stage,” a source said.

    “The one thing that fires him up is work. He’s earned a lot of money but doesn’t have the respect he deserves — he’s a phenomenal actor.

    “He considers himself an artist first and a celebrity a distant second.

    “He’s a pretty reserved guy. Sure, he’s got an amazing lifestyle but he’s not at all boastful. The one thing he really wants is to be respected as an artist.””
    yeah, he is a phenomenal actor “respected for his phenomenal”

    to be honest, “cowboys and aliens is not serious art”…….eh?

  • bianca

    so according to fans the trailer is not funny and his is photoshoped…. what they say next time, wau.

  • TO Gina

    Bond is no serious art either.
    And I’m really bored by all “the source said”.
    It’s pretty clear that he’s enjoying what he’s doing right now. And he was and is foremost an actor then a movie star, so he’ll do some stage work from time to time, just like other actors are doing too.
    Look at the last years season on Broadway. There have been “movie stars” en mass on stage and no doubt he will do that again.
    And in the meantime I’ll enjoy his ass.

  • bianca

    And in the meantime I’ll enjoy his ass.
    Wau this link! haha!

  • guinness-nice “tooVA-Gina”

    fuukin a right!

  • bianca

    “So I can’t really recommend Flashbacks of a Fool–unless you’re a Daniel Craig fan and wish to check out his fine assets. I was never bored during the film, but the story is one we’ve all seen before. I give the movie a C+–and the + is for Craig’s divine cheekiness.”
    well, so the movie was not really good and the only thing what Daniel showed was not a serious art but his
    unfortunately his did not sell FOAF well….
    do you think that poster with his and the trailer will convince fans to go to the cinema? as they are joking about his photoshoped and not much funny trailer….

  • to Guinne-Ass