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Daniel Craig: 'Cowboys & Aliens' Teaser Trailer!

Daniel Craig: 'Cowboys & Aliens' Teaser Trailer!

Check out the first teaser trailer for Daniel Craig‘s new movie, Cowboys & Aliens!

The 42-year-old actor stars opposite Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde in the adaptation of Scott Mitchell Rosenberg‘s graphic novel of the same name.

Here’s the summary: “In Silver City, Arizona, Apache Indians and Western settlers must lay their differences aside when an alien spaceship crash lands in their city.”

Cowboys & Aliens hits theaters nationwide on July 29, 2011!

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  • to Guinne-Ass
  • bianca

    DANIEL CRAIG, you homewrecking .s-lu-t who,re royale! Who knew Daniel Craig had a certificate from Sienna Miller’s Community College of Bulldoze Fuuecking hanging on his wall? Daniel has been with that Satsuki Mitchell chick for years, but I guess he handed her an empty cardboard box and relieved her of her duties.

    Now, I haven’t seen Darren dick situation (click here for Daniel’s), but I can still say with full confidence that this definitely lands under the UP-FaUC-KINkG-GRADE category. However, that ass-to-ass scene still makes cameos in my nightmares from time to time so Darren has that going for him. I’ll spread my cheeks and sit on the fence on this until the dic!k situation part gets cleared up.

  • to Guinne-ass

    DANIEL CRAIG, you homewrecking s!ut wh()re royale! Who knew Daniel Craig had a certificate from Sienna Miller’s Community College of Bulldoze F.c.k!ng hanging on his wall? Daniel has been with that Satsuki Mitchell chick for years, but I guess he handed her an empty cardboard box and relieved her of her duties.

    Now, I haven’t seen Darren d!.ck situation (click here for Daniel’s), but I can still say with full confidence that this definitely lands under the UP-FC..KIN..G-GRADE category. However, that scene still makes cameos in my nightmares from time to time so Darren has that going for him. I’ll spread my cheeks and sit on the fence on this until the .dic.k situation part gets cleared up.

  • to Guinne-ass
  • bianca
    Daniel Craig would be a great bald-headed Lex Luthor, haha.

  • to Gina

    well those comments on dlisted just show the intellectual standard on that site…..WOW couldn’t imagine it could get lower than here, but it can. And I’m enjoying it LOL Thank you!

  • bianca

    JJ put pic of Dream House with Barbies, serious art.

  • bianca

    Daniel has been with that Satsuki Mitchell chick for years, but I guess he handed her an empty cardboard box and relieved her of her duties.
    ah……….. that sounds great like a movie.
    if they made the movie about the chick Satsuki and Daniel who handed her empty cardboard box and relieved her of her duties so I am gonna surely spend my money at the cinema, watch and re-watch it thousand times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that would make good results at box office!!

  • bianca

    Daniel has been with that Satsuki Mitchell chick for years, but I guess he handed her an empty cardboard box and relieved her of her duties.
    aaah……….. that sounds great like a movie.
    how relaxing…… really, uf. thank you too.
    if they made the movie about the chick Satsuki and Daniel who handed her empty cardboard box and relieved her of her duties so I am gonna surely spend my money at the cinema, watch and re-watch it thousand times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that would make good results at box office!!

  • Mendel

    to Fio

    thanks for all the great finds! Love the trailer breakdown!

    to Daniel Fan

    do you know if the Swedish papers still cover the filming? Any new pap pics?

    Hi Guinness

    “Birds of a feather flock together or they find a Duck, huh?”

    If it quacks like a duck, it’s most likely one ;)

    “i want to see it NOW, but i think i have to go by myself…boo hoo.”

    The film is so good, you wouldn’t even notice if Dan were suddenly sitting beside you *grin*

    “ah, that is how i sign my emails. oops. interesting brain faux pas my friend.”

    Hahaha, does it mean I have to sign my posts with ~G now?

  • second that

    to Bianca/Gina

    again with the numerous posts, one after another. do you like talking to yourself? i have to ask, just how old are you anyway? ten or eleven perhaps.

  • to psychosis

    Don’t post same post twice over.

  • miserable

    to gina aka bianca
    you do not understand the film industry though you try to look down on c&a by his ass. the pr is a great hit. pitiable girl….you are always doing a misguided efforts.

  • Daniel Fan

    Hi Guinness, yes a lot of lakes and rivers and other bodies of water here in Sweden. I wish Daniel could have shot Dragon tattoo here in the summer, then maybe we could have had a good look at that PFA too ;)
    Speaking of that PFA I don’t think that was meant to be the focus of the poster but you know Bianca there are people like you out there who make it all about the a*s. And of course the trailer isn’t funny, it’s not supposed to be funny duh! It’s been shot as a serious cowboy movie with sci-fi elements. If you (and others) don’t understand that, then it only says something about your lack of intelligence.
    Hi Mendel no sorry I guess the novelty of having a movie star on our grounds here in Sweden blew over pretty quickly, so no media cover at all :(

  • I’m happy

    I am glad to hear Gina criticize C&A!
    That is, i am sure C&A/DH/TGWTDT will be a blockbuster because things head in the opposite direction in fact when Gina “prophesies”.
    But i am often afraid Gina feels a strong attachment for Bond.
    Oh please, you must not say anything about Bond! LOL

  • Fio

    to 142
    Umm, I never thought it was a negative article when I posted that article (NY Post). Sorry, I don’t know what you suggested. When I read the article, totally agreed to it. Yeah, they spent a lot of time and energy on his ass, but so what? They made his ass stand out as part of PR – their wishes. Thank god, they spent big money on the Dan-ass-project! Yeah, we have to thank for Favreau!!!!! In a sense, his ass of C&A are the one such as like his blue trunks in CR. EYE CANDY :)
    Hi, DF
    Wow thanks! So I googled Björkvik. I saw some pics of fields or open country, and it looks like all quiet and peaceful in the country :)
    Hi, Guinness
    I’m sure you’ll get along with her!
    Hi, Mendel
    I know Daniel is very busy. He is too busy, so it’s hard even to play Bond. I was disappointed a bit, but…I like another Danny too! :)

  • Fio

    They went to the Harry, and got excited by the trailer of C&A. Everything turned out just as Favreau/C&A team has wished so far, huh?

    Oh, and I thought I’d mention one of the trailers we saw (twice) before the movie. Cowboys & Aliens. Oh snap! (SNAPE!) I am THERE! Daniel Craig wearing chaps, and Harrison Ford as a law man on a horse, and they also give me science fiction in the form of ALIENS with that mix! I am so on board!

    (3) Everyone burst into applause at the beginning and the end of the “Cowboys and Aliens” preview. I want to go see that movie entirely because Daniel Craig looks very hot in it.

  • Daniel is Hot

    I have a bad head cold and it is cold and snowy here so that trailer warms me up to the core. Thanks Daniel and all those who keep posting the trailer. It’s going to be a great movie, but all his movies are great. What is all the fuss about his as*, we always know he had a great a*s. Hope to see Harry Potter one day soon. Great this DC’s trailer is shown with the HP film. Good move on the director’s part!

  • Daniel Fan
  • Guinness

    Are you kidding…i would feel him before he even sat next to me my friend… it’s electric! And it looks like all the action is nonstop…as would be in our seats if that dream ever came *smile* true!!! Thank you for that thought. I love that Ron gets to “explore” his darker side in this–looks like he did a brilliant job!
    And brilliant signature idea…we can play it off on each other…. just follow my lead if i think about it. ;)

    Fio–thank you for the “Roland” post. You remembered, awwww! that is a great point. I will think “Dark Tower” throughout C&A. (buy the cliffnotes Mendel) But he will be transitioning between Blomvkist and Roland and C&A and Bond won’t he, if he signs all the said contracts…hhhmmm. Probably not Roland then…if Bond comes along. He should at least post his schedule for us fan-atic fans if not for himself!!!

    DF–those blue eyes of yours are Swedish? You could have been in the movie!! oh, and btw–i was looking at his back in that shot, not his PFA*yeah, right*!!!

    Mendel….what caption would you suggest for the “gun-shot” capture? hhhmmmm….i may post it tonight if i have a minute to myself again. probly not. does anyone have a nurse/maid willing to work for free? cuz i have about had it. Thx for the fixation post too.

  • Guinness
  • Mendel

    to Daniel Fan

    “I wish Daniel could have shot Dragon tattoo here in the summer, then maybe we could have had a good look at that PFA too ;)”

    Yes, I suppose swimming is out of the question now… ;)

    to Fio

    Shame about the Sweeney, but you’re right, Dan’s so busy, and unlike a certain Dark wizard, he can’t split himself into seven…

    to DiH

    “What is all the fuss about his as*, we always know he had a great a*s.”

    Exactly *grin*

    Hi Guinness

    “And brilliant signature idea…we can play it off on each other…. just follow my lead if i think about it. ;) ”

    You’re on :)

    Love your caption, lol!
    (and what a big gun he has…)

  • Daniel Fan
  • Fio

    I think it was spoiled all by closing remarks…’Forest Gump’
    What do you think of the Casino Royale film?

    Casino Royale is the best Bond film ever. It really turned the Bond franchise on its head. I don’t think the audience appreciate hyper reality action sequences anymore. I am sure Bourne Identity was the inspiration for Casino Royale. The series had become stagnant, the action sequences were predictable and the invisible car in the previous film with Pierce Brosnan was just stupid. Daniel Craig is perfect as the new James Bond. You really feel that you are watching a human being with extrordinary capabilities rather than some idiot with annoying smirk and nice gadgets. Considerably beefed up, Craig at least looks the part of somebody who can defend himself. He is also a lot smarter than the other Bonds, who were so good at getting themselves caught in the line of duty that you wondered if they were mentally on the same level as Forest Gump.

  • Fio

    Indiana Jones and James Bond fight an invasion in Cowboys and Aliens

    JOE’s Trailer Park returns to showcase the trailers and clips from Hollywood’s latest, including Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig teaming up for Cowboys & Aliens.

    James Bond and Indiana Jones taking on aliens in the wild west, from the director of Iron Man? Sold, sold – a million times sold. Perhaps you can sense an overwhelming excitement in JOE towers for the below teaser trailer for next summer’s Cowboys & Aliens, based on the 2006 graphic novel of the same, yet we do believe Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford’s sci-fi/horror/cowboy movie could be the antidote to next summer’s glut of sequels and superhero movies.

    Set in 1873 Arizona, Craig stars as a loner named Jake Lonergan who awakens with no memory of his past and a mysterious shackle around his wrist. He enters the town of Absolution where he learns he committed many crimes he doesn’t remember and is wanted by many people, including Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford), a harsh leader who rules the town with an iron fist. But Absolution soon faces an even greater threat when mysterious forces attack the town from the sky (the “demons” mentioned in the below trailer), sparing no one in their path. While Jake’s shackle holds the key to defeating them, he must align himself with Dolarhyde and other former enemies to make a stand against this mysterious and more powerful new foe. Sounds fun, right?

    With The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo also arriving next year, Craig is on the cusp of becoming a bona fide A-lister and removing the shackles of the Bond franchise, while it’s great to see Harrison Ford playing against type and playing a contemptuous character for once. Due for release in late July 2011, let’s hope Cowboys & Aliens can remove the bitter taste Wild Wild West and Jonah Hex put in our mouths and place westerns firmly on Hollywood’s radar once more.

    Cowboys & Aliens: The Greatest Crossover Movie of All-Time?

    There’s a certain delight in the crossover movie; films like Alien vs. Predator (2004), Freddy vs. Jason (2003), and, of course, Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus (2009) give us the answers to the late-night, who-would-win-in-a-fight arguments that we’ve had with our friends over the years.

    What has me curious about Cowboys & Aliens is that the teaser trailer is very serious: the first half of trailer makes Cowboys & Aliens out to be a strong, but run-of-the-mill modern Western until you see a beeping, metallic wristband on Daniel Craig. After the arrival of strange noises and earthly explosions, Craig shoots down a flying saucer with a laser projectile from his wristband, and in complete earnest, raises his head to stare stoically at a realistically shocked, yet calm Harrison Ford. The title screen immediately follows, leaving me with the following revelations: “Hey, Daniel Craig looks good in a Western,” “it’s about time Harrison Ford got more villainous roles,” and “Is someone really making a camp-less movie about cowboys and aliens?”

    The third revelation, of course, is the most important, as the seriousness of a movie about cowboys and aliens facing off is more novel than the novelty of cowboys fighting aliens; from this premise, I wonder: “How are they going to address the advantages that alien technology has over that of 19th century cowboys?”

    I also feel like this movie is headed for a tongue-in-check, anti-National Treasure (2004) moment, where it refuses to provide exposition for the mythology of Roswell, New Mexico and Area 51. Cowboys & Aliens looks refreshing for its meta-humor: being funny by being serious, and in the crossover genre, that’s a welcome change.–aliens-the-greatest-crossover-movie-of-alltime-

  • bianca

    @I’m happy:
    am glad to hear Gina criticize C&A!
    That is, i am sure C&A/DH/TGWTDT will be a blockbuster because things head in the opposite direction in fact when Gina “prophesies”.
    But i am often afraid Gina feels a strong attachment for Bond.
    Oh please, you must not say anything about Bond! LOL
    You started first about Bond.
    How did I say it before?
    that Dragon Tattoo “would be” postponed because of 23.Bond, Right?
    from imdb:
    “Daniel Craig originally turned down the role of Mikael Blomkvist due to possible conflicts with the next James Bond film Bond 23 (2012). After production of the film was suspended Craig’s schedule freed up and retook the role.”
    so that if they didnt suspend Bond because of MGM problems so he would work on Bond and soon come appear at bond premiers and Dragon Tattoo would start next shooting year as Sony and Rudin originally planned.
    Its for me surprise that Daniel refused a part of Blomkvist, that time he still didnt know what is going with Bond, then EON announced suspended Bond and he took a part in Dragon Tattoo.
    If he made Bond so he would not be Mikael or maybe they would wait for him as he will be done with work on Bond.
    Why there are no news from Dragon Tattoo set?

  • D.C. Girl

    Thanks Fio. Nice finds with regards to the reviews. I’ve always been impressed with the roles that Daniel chooses for himself. While all of his movies may not be great hits, you can tell he really likes to broaden his reach, and hone his craft. Not only is he fine to look at, he is a tremendous talent.

  • bianca

    they planned to make Dragon Tattoo next year during winter time and come with the movie in the summer of 2012, so Daniel calmly could make Bond this year as it was orginally planned and he could also calmly make Dragon Tattoo next year as it was oginally planned.. well, it could be perfect for him.

  • Fio

    You know QOS was ‘bullied’ badly. This review will buck Daniel up!
    Thanks for the opinion from some points of view, Lawrence :)

    The 007 Chronicles: ‘Quantum of Solace’ — Anatomy of an Under-Appreciated Bond Adventure

    [Ed. Note: This is the first part of a series that will run every two weeks in this slot and examine each of the James Bond films individually. Many, many thanks to Lawrence for agreeing to take this on, but after reading his defense of "Quantum" I had to ask -- JN]

    Certain movies take a second viewing to really appreciate their depth. Such is the case with Quantum of Solace, the under appreciated second film to star Daniel Craig as James Bond. I initially had a lukewarm reaction to the movie. I wasn’t crazy about the story or the surprisingly short length (99 minutes, compared to 120 or more for most Bond adventures), I felt the editing was choppy, and the climax predictable. Critics felt that, as the second in a trilogy, is was merely marking time, and I felt the same. Ugh, and that title!

    I watched it again on Blu-Ray and I’m pleased to say that the film has a lot more to it than meets the eye. Some may argue that if a film doesn’t have the intended impact on its first go-round that it hasn’t succeeded, period. I disagree. Every time a viewer watches a movie, the circumstances differ while the film remains a constant. Therefore, the viewing experience will differ. The degree of change depend upon which variables are altered. In my case, it was mostly the transition from movie theatre to home theatre.

    I think what both I and critics missed on a first viewing, is that Quantum is a revenge film. Audiences simply aren’t used to this theme in a Bond film, save License To Kill, an under-appreciated offering with Timothy Dalton’s Bond from 1989 that also starred Big Hollywood’s own Robert Davi. However, Quantum is most definitely a Bond film, one that simultaneously deepens our understanding of the character in both an immediate and historical context.
    Character Counts

    The big difference between Quantum and Casino Royale, and their predecessors is a focus on character more than plot. The central relationship concerns the issue of trust between Bond and M, who must wrangle the talented but explosively unpredictable agent.

    Viewers of Casino Royale will recall that Bond fell in love with Vesper Lynd, who was forced to betray Bond to save her boyfriend. She was being blackmailed by the mysterious entity we still only know as QUANTUM, but which is likely to be revealed as a modern-day version of SPECTRE. Vesper kills herself at the end of the movie, and while Bond is shaken, we don’t see how deeply this set of events has wounded him until Quantum of Solace. Remember that Quantum picks up immediately following the end of Casino Royale, so we have not seen Bond process Vesper’s death.

    In the scene where Bond delivers Mr. White to M in Siena, there is a brief exchange that sets up Bond’s motivation and actions for the entire film, and presses the trust issue (begins at 2:10):

    M: “I need to know that I can trust you.”

    Bond: “You don’t?”

    M: “You’d have to be a pretty cold bastard not to want revenge for the death of someone he loved.”

    Bond: “You don’t have to worry about me. I’m not going to go chasing him. He’s not important. And neither was she.”

    Watch Craig’s delivery. He is angry at the professional affront, but the subtext is that Vesper was important to him, but there’s no way he’ll admit it.

    From then on, every step of the way, Bond kills everyone that might offer a lead, just as he did in Royale. After being told by the Prime Minister to pull Bond in because he’s “running wild”, M confronts the agent (begins 5:22):

    Bond: “I’m disappointed.”

    M: “You are?”

    Bond: “How much oil did the Americans promise you?”

    M: “This isn’t about oil.”

    Bond: “That’s good. Because there isn’t any.”

    M: “It’s about trust. You said you weren’t motivated by revenge”

    Bond: “I’m motivated by my duty.”

    M: “I think you’re so blinded by inconsolable rage that you don’t care who you hurt When you can’t tell your friends from your enemies, it’s time to get out.”

    And, indeed, Bond learns he has mistakenly killed a member of Special Branch at the gala. This scene is capped with his discovery of Fields’ body (in an homage to Goldfinger) – an innocent sent to round up Bond, who he routinely and oh-so-casually seduced simply to keep her out of his way.

    The death of Fields and the Special Branch agent are the primary motivators that alter Bond’s quest for revenge. Add in the death of Mathis, and Camille’s confession that her revenge killing of the General did not bring her solace, and Bond has learned his lesson. This revelation translates into action. Bond does not kill Vesper’s duplicitous boyfriend when he finds him, instead turning him over to M.I.6. He admits to M that she was right, and then leaves Vesper’s necklace in the snow. He has found his quantum of solace.

    There is also considerable depth afforded to Camille’s character, a direct assault on the expectations we have of a traditional Bond girl. She expresses the emotions which both she and Bond carry, but which Bond represses. There is also some solid emotional heft associated with Bond’s discovery of Mathis’ execution.

    Emotional moments are not hallmarks of Bond films. I suspect detractors were caught off-guard and rejected it because it didn’t conform to their expectations.

    Action and Editing

    The action scenes and editing are unsettling on a first viewing, particularly the first two sequences. Dan Bradley was hired as the second unit director, who also did second unit on the last two Bourne films. These films began the trend of shooting and editing action scenes in extremely clipped form, making it impossible to discern the scene’s geography. The stylistic intent was to immerse the audience in what the experience would truly feel like. While an admirable experiment, this approach has always frustrated me. Part of the enjoyment of a great action sequence is to marvel at its very execution. Recall the car chases in Frankenheimer’s Ronin. These are, I believe, the best car chases put on film, with crystal clear geography, extraordinary choreography and no CGI:

    The opening chase sequence in Quantum is thrilling, but there are significant geography problems for portions of it. I will say, however, that the entrance into the scene is unique and compelling. As the music builds, the film cuts between Bond and the villains, visually deconstructing what we are about to see in full – eyes, a ream of bullets, tires turning, shadows and light flickering across each shot — before the editor slams us into the action amidst roaring engines and gunfire:

    The second action sequence – Bond chasing M’s bodyguard Mitchell – initially suffers from the same clipped editing and confusing geography. However, in a throwback to earlier Hollywood style, the scene is cleverly crosscut with a running of Palio di Siena, a biannual horserace, providing an aesthetically pleasing visual correlative to the footchase. The two scenes then literally collide, as they should, as both men emerge from a manhole in the crowd and the chase continues outdoors. From this point onward, the sequence’s geography stabilizes.

    The subsequent pursuit across the rooftops is daring, thrilling, and more importantly, shows the cold determination of Bond. He takes a physical beating in this scene, which climaxes inside a building under construction. Then there is a clever foreshadowing and visual correlative as the men race up a flight of stairs, knocking aside an old woman, causing her to loose her grip on a rope pulley – sending a basket of cherries crashing to the ground. Moments later, the two men themselves are on a rope pulley, swinging back and forth, crashing into the sides and ceilings of the construction site. Viewers are also treated to Bond’s (and the writer’s) intelligence just before – as he chases Mitchell to the top of a bell tower. Bond yanks the bell rope, sounding the chimes loudly so as to cover his entrance into the tower. This kind of subtle character moment is easily lost on the inattentive viewer

    However, a second viewing of the film allows one to follow the geography of these scenes more closely, and I felt a greater appreciation for their execution and choreography. Take notice also of David Arnold’s score. Although it cuts back significantly on the James Bond Theme, the composition is just perfect for the action – underlining the tension without being on the nose, tossing in the appropriate riffs at particularly daring moments, and relying heavily on horns as Bond movies are wont to do.

    Interestingly, the remaining set pieces provide much greater geographical clarity. I’m mystified as to why this is the case, but the film is immensely aided by it, particularly during the dogfight sequence.

    Comparisons Are Inevitable

    Viewers will inevitably compare Quantum to previous Bond films. I find comparisons problematic because the films have been around for 40 years, the series has shifted among six lead actors, and across significant changes in cinematic aesthetics.

    For viewers longing for the traditional Bond trappings involving Q, gadgets, cackling villains utilizing sci-fi technology, and eccentric nemeses like Jaws, let me suggest that they have become anachronistic. Bond films were always one step ahead of the latest cinematic innovations – whether they be stunts or special effects. Now, however, every film seems intent on pushing the envelope. How can Bond compete with Avatar? To survive, the Bond series had to reinvent itself just as Star Trek did.

    Rather than go bigger – how much bigger can you get than a car driving through a melting ice mansion? — the logical choice was to strip Bond down to its essence. The innovations had to be in character, not in special effects or stunts. This makes perfect sense, given that Bond had previously been more about characterization than character. Short of seeing Bond’s vulnerability in his doomed love affair with Diana RIgg in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, or with Sophie Marceau in The World Is Not Enough (a direct homage to the former), he is presented more as icon than human.

    Given the shift in action (and horror) film aesthetics towards presenting material more realistically, and that the reboot’s intent is to examine how Bond developed into the more iconic character we know and love, the new milieu is entirely appropriate. We would naturally expect him to be rough around the edges and undisciplined. That approach alone calls for a removal of the expected Bondian elements.

    Those critics who claim that Bond is barely Bond in Quantum, but instead a more generic action hero, miss this point entirely. Their expectations sabotage their enjoyment of the film on its own terms – terms that are perfectly logical and innovative.

    I hope viewers and critics will give Quantum of Solace a second look. It is not a perfect film, but it is a darn fine one that is more deserving of praise than has been presently heaped upon it.

  • Fio

    “We spent a month and a half with him and Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde just sitting in a room and talking over scenes again and again and again.”

    What a dreamlike scene it was!

    ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ challenge: Putting a new hat on Harrison Ford

  • Fio


    Guinness, what do you think? IMO remove their name from the list…Tommy Lee Jones and Ray Liotta.

    Hi, DiH
    Hope you’ll get better soon. Surely you will get well soon when Daniel arrives at Toronto :)

    Hi, Mendel
    Imagine that there are not Harry but seven Daniel, wow! Take whichever you like. lol

    Hi, DF
    Thanks for the link/pic. For me, any man that wears a suit is sexy. Daniel looks very manly with his suit! As for Favreau’s trailer commentary, it’s interesting the idea for the alien technology shackled to Dan’s character’s wrist was Steven Spielberg’s idea.

    Hi, D.C. Girl
    I totally agree!!! His co-star feels admiration for his talent. Daniel has a natural awesome talent, but the question is whether he can use it or not. I think he has succeeded by virtue of his constant efforts. I can’t help admiring it!

  • erica

    Hi Fio thanks for all the great articles. I really enjoyed the one about Q.S. I agree that it’s not as great as CR, but if you really follow the story line and have watched previous Bonds you know how big the change is.

  • Mendel

    Hi Fio! and Erica and DF and DC girl. yes, thank you for all the great linkys!
    Tom Jones, I mean, Jon is so gracious to his fans and concerned about getting the work done to the best of his ability…seems like a perfectionist–a good trait for a director!!!! Can’t wait! And yes, Guinness, Olivia can travel the world with those bags under her eyes!!!! LOL, and tomorrow is “hump-day”…its all down hill from then…have a great week–you deserve it considering all the nursing, the cleaning, the dishes, the laundry,the taxi driving to and from schools, the grocery shopping, the icky champagne you have been doing—damn gurl, go see Harry with your 9 year old–she will love it!! (Dan can still sit and fraternize with you!). You should also come up with a caption of when he instantly sits up and he is all dirty and those eyes look piercing….and those chaps….wow, would i have loved to be an extra sitting behind him….i would be staring and imagining how those would fit in my, um, yeah. I am sounding like you Guinness!! wow.

    anyway, keep posting my dears….love to see the trailer over and over…love his chaps…and does he “keep” his accent for the movie? sounded like he has a little…damn that’s a hot man.

    Hi Guinness! anyone else still here?

  • Guinness

    to Daniel Fan

    thanks for the link – had a carp day, oh carp, carp, carp – I really enjoyed Favreau talking about the trailer.

    to Fio

    thanks for all that digging, keep digging girl! :)

    “With The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo also arriving next year, Craig is on the cusp of becoming a bona fide A-lister and removing the shackles of the Bond franchise”

    Can’t wait to see more of Dan – roll on 2011, and I roll in the…I mean, aaargh, rolling with Dan, rolling and riding…can’t stop now…ugh!
    Surry, not my blog…

    “Hey, Daniel Craig looks good in a Western”

    Not just in a Western, and best nekkid *grin*

    to Fio

    “Guinness, what do you think?”

    I think…hey Freezy, leave Curious…Freezy hold on…Freezy…what…argh…what are you…my champaigne…Freezy…Freezy!!!
    Must go and chase cats!
    ~G (or do I sound like ~M?)

  • Daniel is Hot

    “Hi, DiH
    Hope you’ll get better soon. Surely you will get well soon when Daniel arrives at Toronto :)”
    Thanks Fio. I would feel better if I lived in Toronto (I live in the West) but I am happy to know that DC will be back in Canada. This will be our time to find our what happens between DC and RW. Great article about QoS. I too liked CR better but QoS did not deserve all the negitive comments.

  • D.C. Girl

    Fio, I agree about the review of QOS. The first time I saw the movie in the theatre I was a bit underwhelmed after Casino Royale. However,when I brought it home to watch with my husband who is quite the fiilm buff, he said he liked it alot as did I after a second viewing. He even prefered it to CR which he liked. Maybe that’s understandable being that it had less romance and more revenge based action – very testosterone driven if you will…
    Anyway It was a well writ review and sums it up nicely. Thanks for sharing And I agree about what he says about the car chase in the movie Ronin. Side note – Ronin also had an amazing soundtrack.

    And hello to Mendel, Guinness, DiH and Daniel fan. Off to bed as I need a good nights rest to gear up for cooking massive meal for Thanksgiving Dinner.

  • Fio

    Vote! C&A trailer is keeping ‘pole position’ now! :)

    MOVIE POLL: What movie trailer released this week was your favorite?

    Gosh! Mendel, Guinness! Are you trying to be funny? lol Well, You are good at imitating the words of another person! Wow.

    “I mean, aaargh, rolling with Dan, rolling and riding…can’t stop now…ugh!”


    His motion is more strenuous than Rodeo-boy! To control him, you have to float your waist so keep being in a half sitting posture!!

    “I think…hey Freezy, leave Curious…Freezy hold on…Freezy…what…argh…what are you…my champaigne…Freezy…Freezy!!!”

    Alright. Freezy must be more sexy than him if you recommended Freezy as Roland :)

  • Fio
  • Daniel is Hot

    Lainey is being very careful isn’t she? As she said we will have to wait and see. But they will be in Toronto soon, so I guess we won’t have to wait too long.

  • Guinness

    Hi you two! Ah, yes…you are correct DIH–as soon as they are together they would get papped. Wierd that the paps in USA didn’t know about it or pap it. Really wierd. Maybe they hooked up, then decided to cool and just do text/phone until they could meet again… or maybe they just hooked up, then didn’t. And they KNEW they will see each other agian for the premeieres and such. or maybe it is just a pack of lies and he IS gonna call me!

    Fio—YOU are a cheeky girl. It is more difficult than i thought to impersonate and it is kinda scary to have oneself reflected back at you from Mendel–that was enlightening. I am not sure I will do it again!! Mendel’s was hysterical. I do sound like an old alcoholic fart with some sexxxxually deprived tendencies!!! hhhmmm–it is a very interesting psychological experiment–would you like to join us Fio?

    I think Harry’s movie will do fine without us voting for him–i would choose C&A definitely for the trailer of the week. AND–to play Roland–my first pick is always Dan, but damn–my first cowboy was Poncho and Cisco in black in white(ohhh Cisco! Ohhh Poncho!!), and my second cowboy was Clint (is he gonna be ok in the heat?). My hunny picked Hugh first, then Tommy Lee… Hugh Laurie will always be in tights and a British wig to us–Black Adder Prince George…not a doctor or cowboy!!

    4 day holiday!! yey. and i am taking my 9 year old to watch Harry friday!!! yay! check back later everyone! happy hump-me day. ~G

  • Fio

    I love his barrel.

    Ray Winstone wants to play James Bond

    Ray Winstone wants to play James Bond.

    The British actor – best known for his roles in ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll’ and ‘The Departed’ – believes he would make a “great” Bond but worries he could not compete with the physical standards set by current 007 Daniel Craig.

    He said: “I think Bond will be back soon. I’d make a great Bond wouldn’t I! You know, he’s a Londoner, he’s a killer and a lover! I’m a killer lover!

    “Mind you Daniel’s alright in the Speedos, he’s got the eight-pack hasn’t he? I’ve got the barrel.”

    The 53-year-old star claims working with legendary director Martin Scorsese on ‘The Departed’ was a personal career highlight because of the talent involved.

    He told Christian O’Connell’s Absolute Radio Breakfast Show DJ: “If you’re a footballer that would be like playing at Wembley, if you’re a boxer it’s like playing at Madison Square Gardens – it’s your Cup Final. It was for me – surrounded by that talent – Jack Nicholson, Martin Scorsese.”

    Hi, erica

    Exactly. His Bond was markedly new and radical change, but some people are resistant to any change. Doh!

    Hi, D.C. Girl

    Yeah, Bond thirsted for revenge, and became wild for revenge.
    Desperate Bond often went too far. He was unwilling or unable to forgive or show mercy, but resolute in the face of pain and danger or adversity. And that’s why I love the last deeply meaningful significant scene.

    Hi, DiH

    “But they will be in Toronto soon, so I guess we won’t have to wait too long.”

    Yeah, you’re right. As you know, Lainey lives in Toronto, so she will see something ;)

    Hi, Guinness

    “would you like to join us Fio? ”

    Aww I can’t shake off your seduction. lol

  • Mendel

    to Fio

    “Gosh! Mendel, Guinness! Are you trying to be funny? lol ”

    We were *grin* well, trying to!

    “Well, You are good at imitating the words of another person! Wow.”

    I was scared of how well Guinness knows me!!!

    And I love your Cowboy Cat! Guinness, can Freezy beat that???

    Why do people always use the words ‘ride’ and ‘Dan’ in one sentence;) This is from the Lainey article:

    “Both are rather private, especially Craig, and he may have chosen to simply ride out the rumours, true or not.”

    Maybe he really does…ride…*grin* out the rumours!

    Hi Guinness

    “It is more difficult than i thought to impersonate and it is kinda scary to have oneself reflected back at you from Mendel–that was enlightening.”

    It certainly was. You had me nailed with that first sentence – when I read the post, I thought for a split second that I had just posted and didn’t know how that had happened!

    “I am not sure I will do it again!! Mendel’s was hysterical. I do sound like an old alcoholic **** with some sexxxxually deprived tendencies!!!


    “i am taking my 9 year old to watch Harry friday!!!”

    Brilliant! Enjoy the film!!!

    “happy hump-me day. ~G”

    HAHAHAHAHA! Wishing you a very good hump…yeah!

  • Guinness

    Hi! I am tired. Tomorrow I will show my girls the pic of the cat-cowboy Fio and yes, Freezy will be one rrrrrandy mate!!! (we have a 4 day holiday yeee haw-can’t travel-hubbby still convolescing and really can’t walk or do much of anything from down there—-HOLY CARP-CRAP–’my” Dan now has the same scar on his abdomen as DC does!!! freeeeky) Jeezzus–who are the people that come up with those ideas…oh, wait–that would be me..omygash!

    Hi Fio! Mr. W from your post….his barrel has nothing compared to Dan!!! JHC—i thought everyone has seen the tub scene!! or just look at the C&A trailer—his “barrel” has become true-to-form!! *fainted*

    ok, i am ok. the girth of hss barrel has me fai nting… ahh.. keep digging Fio–i may help you dig for news tomorrow if i get a break from cooking thxgiving dinner…*yeah right*

    And Mendel–the first sentence was all I thought i got you on…you hit my mind much better. yikes!! I am afraid of what Fio would do to my “character” if she ever gets the notion!! (you were kind!!!) And yes, i would visualize him Riding out the rumors…with me….on happy hump day…because my cowboy is on “sick leave” and all this talkin of Dan riding and –booo hoooo!!

    I am so looking forward to Harry on friday!! yey! thank you. did the dvd of the hornets nest release date come out? guess i could check-dah.

    ~talk tomorrow…have a dreamy dan night. i will.

  • Daniel is Hot

    Guinness, I must be tired but I did not understand a word you said except for Dan, Freezy, Harry and hornets nets. Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating it!

  • Daniel Fan
  • Red Light Special :)

    They performed to 2 Bond songs and won Yeahhhhhhhh!
    Canada’s Battle of the Blades
    I love the look of love perfomance

  • wisecomments
    To all the split theorists:
    All of you must be very naive to think everytime Daniel and Sats step out they are photographed. How many times do they go somewhere together in the past and haven’t been?
    They go out, they go to lunch, dinners, they go to friends’/relatives’ places, they go to airports, they go places in general.The paps don’t get them all the time. For example, Daniel was in London this weekend. Was he papped? No.The times they aren’t papped outweigh enormously the times they are. So they’re not seen together in a picture since the Met Ball in May.
    When Daniel goes to Toronto to re-shoot in December with Rachel and if they are ‘together’, you think they will show us then anyway? No but great PR for a move.

    One thing for sure, Satsuki will be there in full glory proving everyone wrong.

  • Fio

    Manliest Man Film Ever

    Right chaps, this film is was made for you. Yes all of manly-kind. Cowboys & Aliens is more manly than having a stick specifically for stirring paint. A cock-shaped stick. With tits on.

    Forget the stupid name, we know it’s crap, like they’ve mashed two genres together and hoped that someone else would have a good idea. But look, it’s got James Bond and Indiana Jones in it! Would you like to tell them you don’t like their films?

    They’re really tough and they’ll beat you up with whips and special devices to cause you absolute agonising man pain. Thought not.

    Every man needs to see this film. It’s got Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in it, which can only be a festival of moody looking off into the middle distance followed by outrageous stunts and intense violence. It’s directed by John Favreau [I read that as 'John Fashanu' which would be a very different film - Ed.], the guy that did Iron Man. Yeah. Tony Stark made you feel inadequate too didn’t he?

    You need to man up. Watch this film and maybe you’ll learn something.

    The trailer doesn’t give much away, but we are expecting a mysterious start in a dusty Western setting which would make Ol’ Clint feel at home. Then someone starts pouring testosterone on the script and Craig gets all punchy, then arrested, then all moody and tries to outscowl Indy.

    And then stuff starts blowing up.

    Because spaceships arrive.

    Yes, we know how that sounds. Rubbish. But have a look at the trailer, it’s awesome. They don’t go overboard with the aliens, the fight scenes are all the more brutal for their realism and Craig’s bracelet/WMD becomes all the more awesome with it’s increasing weirdness.

    Ford and Craig’s blossoming friendship is not an on-screen reacharound like most ‘buddy movies’, there’s some woman involved but she’s neither token tart or drippy damsel. She’s a manly woman. Or something.

    Summer 2011 can’t come around quickly enough. This could be the perfect cocktail of movie genres, intense action, old school tough guy acting and flatout coolness. It’s got the classic “man with no friends/name/past/morals” western storyline and adds in the “blowing stuff up is really cool” element of sci-fi and action.

    This film is going to become a right of passage for future males. Along with the first shave, passing the driving test and losing the V plates, Cowboys and Aliens will become one of those moments that make us dewy eyed as old men.

  • Fio

    Turkey Dinner: Shaken, Not Stirred – CASINO ROYALE (2006)

    Ah, Thanksgiving. To most, Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, to enjoy the company of family, and wear elastic waistband pants. To me, Thanksgiving means one thing: the James Bond marathon on Spike TV (which has been switched to the Syfy channel this year because Spike decided Gangland was a better way to celebrate Thanksgiving? Spike. C’mon). How this became an annual “thing” I’m not sure, I really don’t know what British spies have to do with the most American tradition to date. Nonetheless, I find that every year my attempt to kick back and enjoy an epic 007 marathon is thwarted by the people who want to sit across from me and eat a giant turkey. Well. In attempt to get my Bond fix in DESPITE this alleged holiday called Thanksgiving, I decided to do a movie review of Casino Royale. Why Casino Royale? You might ask. It’s recent, it’s controversial, and it happens to be one of my favorite Bond movies. Groan. How unloyal of me to enjoy a Bond film that didn’t have the God of all Bond, Sean Connery, in it, right? Well, I will not disagree with you there. Sean Connery is THE James Bond. However, I think the last two Bond movies have something very interesting going on in them that really switches up the entire franchise as we know it.
    We’ve seen it happening to other movies. Batman Begins (2005) is a great example. Do we remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger was Mr. Freeze, and not in the cool Terminator way, but in the Campy McCampster way? Or Adam West, the most hilarious and most schizophrenic Batman yet? Christopher Nolan took a sudden and extremely dark and serious turn with Patrick Bateman’s heavy growl and angsty forehead. Tis the season for dark and angsty, and 007 picked it up right away. Despite the range of opinions on Daniel Craig’s portrayal of James Bond, one thing is for certain: he definitely changed the face of 007 from here on out, and it’s not because of the blonde hair. Casino Royale is dark, grimy, and deadly. Gone are the cartoonish (though classic) villains like Jaws and the near superhero Bond who drove invisible ice cars (good f***ing riddance). Instead, we have a Bond who’s actually human. The opening ten minutes literally demolish every Bond that’s come before. Bond is sloppy, Bond has origins, Bond is devilishly clever instead of all out muscle. And it’s like falling back in love after 20 years of marriage.
    Granted, I’m extraordinarily biased. I could see Daniel Craig as Bond the second he was cast, thanks to Layer Cake. I know there are a lot of people who have multiple problems with him, some of which I can’t disagree with. Yes, I did miss the constant witty quips of the previous Bond movies, though they did make a real effort to toss them in there now and then. And yes, maybe Craig has a hard time smiling and therefore smirking arrogantly, which no Bond can be without. Nonetheless, I stand by him and hope to see him in many more Bond films to come. Also, Craig has voted for a gay Bond scene. I would literally die happy. Possibly in my theater seat.
    Craig aside, the movie had a lot of great perks. Case in point, Vesper Lynd, played by the extraordinarily gorgeous Eva Green. She was a classic Bond Girl–sexy, sexy, and sexy. She also happened to be extremely clever and a nice counterpoint to Bond–both with her humanity and her willingness to constantly challenge him. Speaking of “origin” stories, it was nice to see a sort of…pre-Bond Bond. A Bond who developed trust issues with women thanks to a certain Vesper Lynd. Sure, he has a heavy petting session with Caterina Murino, but who wouldn’t? Bond has a heart, to the point where he almost gets married. And not in the awkward On Her Majesty’s Secret Service way. In a way that we go “Ahhh…now we understand where the womanizer comes from.”
    For some noteworthy moments, we got Jeffery Wright as Felix Leiter, which was a great choice. He’s gruff, but has a great brotherly chemistry with 007. And Judi Dench, of course, returned as M. I hope that woman never leaves–there is really no other M. for me. Who doesn’t love Bond bleeding some Mommy issues? Lastly, Le Chiffre. Overall, he’s not so intimidating. He’s clearly just a man who got himself in a bad spot and is currently paying hell for it. However, he does bleed blood, and that’s f***ing great. It’s a little nod to the comic book style Bond of simpler times.
    Lastly, some great moments. The card game was riveting, which is extraordinarily hard to do when it’s…you know. A long card game in the middle of an action film. Also, the torture scene was great. Again. Never before has Bond had his masculinity so…well. Beaten. But he took it like a sport. I had the joy of seeing this scene with my grandmother. I’m pretty sure I traumatized her for the rest of her days.
    I could go on. Bond has a very special place in my heart and there’s little I love more than ranting about it. However, I will just leave with a bit of advice for the next movies: Please, God, PLEASE give me Miss Moneypenny and Q back!!! You can reinvent Bond all you want, but they’re classics. And Judi Dench, never die. That is all.

  • second that

    wisecomments @ 11/25/2010 at 9:01 am
    or Gina.

    Daniel and Satsuki are no longer together and have not been for months. Everyone calls her the former GF. he obviously has moved on; some say to Rachel. now, it is possible, i will give you this, that daniel could decide to go back to Satsuki at some point. but for now they are over.