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Daniel Craig: 'Cowboys & Aliens' Teaser Trailer!

Daniel Craig: 'Cowboys & Aliens' Teaser Trailer!

Check out the first teaser trailer for Daniel Craig‘s new movie, Cowboys & Aliens!

The 42-year-old actor stars opposite Harrison Ford, Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde in the adaptation of Scott Mitchell Rosenberg‘s graphic novel of the same name.

Here’s the summary: “In Silver City, Arizona, Apache Indians and Western settlers must lay their differences aside when an alien spaceship crash lands in their city.”

Cowboys & Aliens hits theaters nationwide on July 29, 2011!

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Photos: Universal Pictures
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  • to 200

    hahah! Everyone? You and your siblings? You know nothing, we’re sitting in the same boat. You can give me nothing.
    ‘but for now they are over’, who are you to say that? stinky blabber..

  • Daniel Fan

    Ok I know we can all speculate about what’s going on between Satsuki and Daniel until we are blue in our faces because we simply do not know anything. But have they ever NOT been photographed together for this long before? And aren’t they usually very good at “making a statement without making a statement”. You know whenever there are rumours about them splitting our that they’ve had a fight or something, it hasn’t been long before they were papped walking together, holding hands and sometimes even smiling at each other :O
    Just sayin’…….

  • Guinness

    Hi DF and DIH, and Fio…
    I agree with your statements DIH and DF…to DIH: I just read what I posted last night and I do apologize because it was incomprehensible–I have been under a lot of strain, pain, and stress lately!!! thank you for still being my friend under those cirumstances…. I would feel better if I could have some of your hairspray flavored drinks with you and the gang!!!

    Fio–thx for the Bond Thanksgiving article!! I forgot about the marathons!! Yes! It was written well—and i loved he watched the scene with his grandmother!! I cringed and skipped scenes in the GWTDT watching with my MOM!!! (the sexxxy scenes too-not just the bad icky scenes). AHHH–good trivia I just thought of!! Which actor played Bond when he DID marry and she died? I can see them driving in a car, but can’t remember who played Bond….ahhhhh.

    And the manly movie of Aliens and Cowboys? Too bad they dont have French Maids, a reallly hot tart(wow–he crushed Olivia’s hotness rating), monkeys(men love monkeys), a car chase, and some good ‘ole drunken bar-boob room- crashing scene, then they REALLY would be walking out a man after watching that movie!! goofy boyz!! thx fio.

    oh, DF– Imma gonna agree with your post…the two always got papped after some huge controversy came out with them not being with each other….so, it has been a while. And her country (here) has this big holiday and I thought if anything , he can see the Macy Day parade from his loft room. The separation can still be a 50/50 chance of being true.

    Hi Mendel. I would have bought my tix online for Harry if I could—-we are freaking out! can;t wait!

  • Guinness–GASP!
  • Dan’s Fan City

    Q: “Which actor played Bond when he DID marry and she died?”

    A: George Lazenby

    Your welcome.

  • Dan’s Fan City

    My glib remark makes me look like a dumba*s! lol

    correction: You’re welcome!


  • Mendel

    Hi tired Guinness

    tired too, and cold. It’s freezing here. Not Freezy, frrreezing! DtM might already have moved into a snow house…

    “i would visualize him Riding out the rumors…with me….on happy hump day…”


    Riding would keep us warm here…and a certain soon-to-be Peer talked about the middle classes not breeding enough – now is our chance to keep warm in this cold spell!

    “did the dvd of the hornets nest release date come out”

    The film is coming to our cinemas next week! I’m going to see it even if I still haven’t seen the first one!

    to Daniel Fan

    Oh, thanks for a great dose of Daniel Fixation!

    to Fio

    “Manliest Man Film Ever”

    Love it! :)
    So manly!
    Manly Dan!

    to Daniel Fan

    “But have they ever NOT been photographed together for this long before?”

    No. Like you said, a smiley pap shot of them usually crops up sooner or later…

    to Guinness

    “Hi Mendel. I would have bought my tix online for Harry if I could—-we are freaking out!”

    Have a brilliant time! You deserve it, girl!!!

    Love the caption and the info about the play. Wow.

    Must get some sleep. Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble!

  • Toronto

    He’s in Toronto now!

  • second that

    Toronto @ 11/26/2010 at 12:31 am
    cool!! any photos of him there. and is he alone??

  • Daniel Fan
  • to 208

    how do you know?

  • Fio

    Hi, Mendel
    “and cold. It’s freezing here.”

    I returned my home yesterday. OMG, bloody cold!!!

    “Why do people always use the words ‘ride’ and ‘Dan’ in one sentence;) This is from the Lainey article: “Both are rather private, especially Craig, and he may have chosen to simply ride out the rumours, true or not.” Maybe he really does…ride…*grin* out the rumours!”

    Hit the bull’s eye! lol
    We always have a fancy and particular liking and desire for Daniel.
    IMO ‘Daniel’ and ‘ride’ are very ideal combinations! Like the name of Einstein is closely associated with the theory of relativity. Now people associate violent demonstrations with education :(

    Hi, DF
    Thanks for the QOS/melt a stone pics. Look at the second pic from the right! Waayyyy too cute! Aww my resistance is ‘melted’ under his smile :)

    “And aren’t they usually very good at “making a statement without making a statement”.”

    I like your phrase…making a statement without making a statement.
    Yeah, for circumstantial evidence, that’s plenty. But we must respect the presumption of innocence :)

    Rachel needs a sensible decision

    Exclusive Details on the Split Between Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky

  • Fio

    Bond. James Bond.

    Happy Thanksgiving, America. If you would like to take some time away from football and gluttony, I’d like to talk to you about another Thanksgiving weekend tradition: James Bond movie marathons.

    Thanks to cable television, I have seen every official James Bond movie ever made. I’m not an expert by any means, but since when does not being an expert on something mean one can’t enjoy it?

    In honor of my beloved Thanksgiving tradition of Bond mania, I’d like to give you my picks for the Top 3 best films in the James Bond franchise.

    3. Casino Royale (2006)

    Okay, I might get some shit for this, but I love this movie. I hated Quantum of Solace, though. I was really disappointed that the continuation of the storyline from Casino Royale turned out to be such a piece of crap. Regardless, this film features another reboot in the Bond franchise. Instead of Commies, Bond is now fighting terrorists! And he does it by playing poker! Amazing.

    •Daniel Craig is awesome. And not just because he can rock a speedo like no straight man ever has before or since.
    I admit, I was highly skeptical of the casting decision when I found out some Aryan man had been cast. My mind was changed before the opening credits rolled. Craig plays Bond true to the novels. He is cold and calculating, the complete opposite of Connery’s Bond. However, he pulls it off very well. And, oh man, just look at that bulge. I think I just fainted a little.

    •The first scene in the movie shows us how James Bond earns his license to kill. It is shot in black and white and it ropes you in to the movie immediately. From there, we see an unexperienced Bond who has to learn the tricks of being a Double-0 Agent and the responsibility it brings.

    •Holy shit, Eva Green is bangin’! I am a straight woman and I am very, very sure about that, but I would hook up with Vespyr Lynd. Who wouldn’t? She’s smart, she’s sexy, she’s classy as hell and oh my God why wasn’t I blessed with a rack like hers?

    •The World Series of Poker has nothing on this movie. Nothing.

    •It took me awhile to get used to the theme song (You Know My Name by Chris Cornell), but the opening credit sequence is gorgeous. Those graphics are sexy. I love the entire concept of it.

    So there you have my [late] Thanksgiving Day post. I meant to put it up this morning, but WordPress decided to be terrible at life and delete everything instead of saving it as a draft like I asked it to. And then there was food and pie. I love pie… for realz. Have a great weekend, everyone.

  • marufemon

    For more hot celebrity news visit

  • Toronto

    @to 208:

    There have been sightings of him but no photos. He was with a male friend, bodyguard perhaps?

  • to Toronto

    how do you know that there have been sighting? No tweets or blog entries anywhere!

  • Guinness

    Hi! The movie was NONSTOP awesome. I covered my 9yr olds’ eyes when i knew it was intense…the first scene was intense ffs! Ron was the best. And my cougarness goes for Harry! but my womenliness goes for DANNNN!!! there was NOT a C&A trailer. wow was i disappointed… i like the guy in the green hornet though–i will probly rent that one.

    Dan on a plane again? A plane? Againe? the Rain in Maine stays mainly in the mou-tains!
    whoa, sorry, he ain’t doin no ‘enry ‘iggins!!!

    um, does he have to get all his body cavities and batteries checked everytime he gets to flyin? yikes. good thing he isn’t gonna have any more babies! And if i were manning the x-ray machine? hey–did you know yhou can stand behind the person with the x-ray machine and watch everything that comes up on that? Like the peoples’ bodies that just went thru? (we dropped hubby off and was watching him go every step until we couldn’t see him anymore and we got a good look at the monitor) not that I was doing that….i felt like a peeper and dint’ do it after i figured out that it was that easy to look! jhc!!!

    anyway, i wonder if you can get a limit on how many x-rays you can have in one week….really now.

    so, ok, DIH–is the Dan Van out front at your place? or the “Snow Cat”…we had some ground cover today…

    Hi Mendel-be safe, it takes only a second. or a centimeter….

  • Guinness

    oops-forgot. Thank you Fio!! I remember being home all day watching those hunky men…(and then the star wars marathons the next day….we had to drink everytime one of them said “fully operational” as in, the “death star”). anyway, on the Bond ones we had to drink everytime someone died, and shots when the name “Bond” was said.

    cheers Fio.

    yes, my life has improved and I have grown up…….. some may say.

  • If

    If a man really loves someone, REALLY LOVED someone, then he would never let these rumors stand,. period.
    The action is the truth.

  • Even

    However, Tiger……………….Nobody can control the rumor.

  • 200

    Do not know if he is still with the G/F but if he is he will make sure a pic appears soon. They have been together just over 6 years. Some marraiges do not last that long. Maybe she has got fed up with waiting, maybe she wants children. But considering he has just taken the step of wearing a ring it would be a huge turn around. Lainey obviously knows something but is not saying. Leads me to believe they are just having one of their breaks. But if I have the dates right and I’m sure someone out there will correct me, his daughter has just celebrated her 18th birthday and you would have thought that the G/F would not want to miss that one

  • to 221

    are you 200 yourself?
    was it meant “to 200″? Gina?

  • 200

    no I’m not Gina. Do not assume because someone does not agree with your point of view that they are automatically Gina. If you read the post and go back over a year you will see I have posted on and off

  • @223

    yap, the same was with noomi, until she was really gone. seriously, there are enough trolls for everyone, it can’t be just one person.

  • to 223

    is 200 your handle(name)?
    on this thread, 200 is second that.

  • Fio

    Hi, Guinness
    “there was NOT a C&A trailer.”
    Ugh, that’s too bad…It seems to depend on luck whether you can see the trailer of C&A. The blogger saw the trailer in Canada.
    So the trailer comes to be seen in my place as well :)
    Jon Favreau: The trailer will be on a different film internationally. I will keep you informed. RT @danielkstanedam: Is the trailer only in US?
    4:55 AM Nov 22nd via Echofon
    “I remember being home all day watching those hunky men…”
    There is the man making fun of the hunky men…Craig Ferguson!!!!! lol

  • Fio

    Cowboys & Aliens

    Hollywood is in love with alien invasion movies lately. Skyline premiered earlier this month, and the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles is now previewing in theaters. It seems like there’s a veritable invasion movie renaissance happening right now. However, what those two movies have in common – hostile aliens invading modern-day L.A. – is probably the biggest thing that sets it apart from next summer’s big close encounter flick, Cowboys & Aliens, as the name so clearly gives away, these aliens make their run at earth’s domination in the wild, wild west. With a premise that has B-movie written all over it, this Steve Spielberg-produced, Jon Favreau-directed film looks to be an A-list blockbuster of the first kind.

    The trailer opens up with Daniel Craig awaking alone in the desert with no memory, and a strange other-worldly metal bracelet on his left wrist. He proves to be a wanted man, and lawmaker Harrison Ford wants the rights to him after he’s captured by a local posse. All standard practices in any western, oh, but then I forgot about the alien attack. Spaceships come down and start tearing up the frontier town, and you can officially kiss your traditional western goodbye. Ford and Craig team up, Olivia Wilde plays the beautiful girl, and that bracelet on James Bond’s wrist proves to be the only weapon that can stop the unfriendly visitors. So far, so good.

    How this movie has kept such a low profile while in production is beyond me, but from this first look, it looks to be a lot of fun. It’s great to see Daniel Craig team up with Harrison Ford who, aside from the phenomenally disappointing return to the Indiana Jones universe with Crystal Skull, hasn’t been in a legitimate action movie in years. It is going to be incredibly fun to see Ford in a serious action role again, for despite its silly premise and steampunk cues, Cowboys & Aliens takes on a more serious tone. With a feel of the recent War of the Worlds remake (the sights and sounds are very reminiscent), we’re in for a thriller of an alien movie, with one hell of a twist.

    The people you can thank for that tone is Worlds director Spielberg, and Favreau, who after proving he can bring box office gold with Iron Man, has gotten quite the clout as big-time director in Hollywood. It’s clear that as producer, Spielberg’s got his fingerprints all over this, and he’s got quite the track record with alien films, with Worlds and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. But let’s not forget who was responsible for that completely misguided fourth Indian Jones film, and despite Favreau’s recent success, unfortunately we remember the last time he visited space with 2005’s Zathura. Both director’s have hits and misses when it comes to science fiction, but with Spielberg they’ve proved rare, and hopefully Favreau can continue to ride this high.

    So, will it suck?

    No. And I say that as objectively as I can. Yes, I love Steven Spielberg; yes, I’m a huge fan of both Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig; yes, I’m in love with Olivia Wilde, and I’ve been rooting for Favreau since Swingers came out in the 90’s. But viewing this trailer, you’ve got two things going on – you’ve got the Old West-meets-aliens thing going on, and you’ve got a smirk-free, straight-faced take on it. How easy would it have been to be tongue-in-cheek with this one? I mean, remember what happened with Wild Wild West? We praise the person who proposed this movie, and after studio execs had a good chuckle, said “No, I’m serious.” Aside from the great casting choices, the thing that’s making this movie work for me is that fact that Favreau and Spielberg are taking a good idea seriously, no matter how ridiculous the concept may be.

  • sucks

    No new pix? Everybody was like, when he’s in Canada we will know what’s going on. Nope. Where is Rachel, where is dan?

  • Daniel Fan

    Is he really in Canada? I thought he wasn’t going there until mid-December.
    Here is a daily dose until we get new pictures:

  • to sucks

    Rachel is still filming in London and Daniel will not be in Canada before the 6th December. At the moment he’s back in Schweden up in the North. It was mentioned on SVT24.

  • truth

    200 @ 11/27/2010 at 7:47 am 0
    Do not know if he is still with the G/F but if he is he will make sure a pic appears soon. They have been together just over 6 years. Some marraiges do not last that long. Maybe she has got fed up with waiting, maybe she wants children. But considering he has just taken the step of wearing a ring it would be a huge turn around. Lainey obviously knows something but is not saying. Leads me to believe they are just having one of their breaks. But if I have the dates right and I’m sure someone out there will correct me, his daughter has just celebrated her 18th birthday and you would have thought that the G/F would not want to miss that one


    What ring? He wore it all for about a second and then it was gone. This relationship is over, it has been over for awhile, since April of 2010, that’s right April, they agreed to part ways back in then, He agreed to buy her a condo in New York. that was part of her settlement. Along with some cash, jewelry and art, the last time they were pictured together was May, 6months ago, I don’t know about you but that sounds like a permanent break. And if he was going to have pics taken with her, it would have happen when the gay rumors hit, right, nothing! There were all sorts of buzz that Daniel and Rachel are together, if this was not true he would not have allowed a friend contact the telegraph and state Daniel and his GF they were no longer together. I think you people are really pathetic , you all thought she was going to turn up in NM, nothing, then you were quite sure she was going to turn up in Sweden, again, nothing,. He has been photographed in several places alone. Like it or not that is his statement, and he is saying it LOUD AND CLEAR. WE ARE DONE.There was a blow up in July, they were trying to remain friends (or she was trying to remain friends) when he found out they she was behind some of the rumors that were floating around the internet, He finally had enough of her and her B U L L S H I T.

  • Dan’s Fan City


    Thanks for the scoop ‘truth’!!! Hadn’t heard about the blow up in July!! But the rest of your timeline is right in line with what a few of us have been thinking all along!!! The cinderellas continue to hound us on this board when we say anything negative about the ex gf so just don’t bother anymore. Don’t they know there’s ANOTHER place they can go for that??

  • Great posts 231 and 232!!

    @Dan’s Fan City:
    It is about time the ‘real truth’ came out and in full view! Many Many Thanks to posters 231 and Dans Fan City. We knew this all along.
    To poster 231, brilliant post! So can you tell us more about the July 2010 blow up? Something to do with rumors on the internet and who started them?

  • Dan’s Fan City

    Was the ex gf behind the gay rumors?

  • Great posts 231 and 232!!

    @Dan’s Fan City:
    Good question D’sF.C. I would like to know that too. All the Roosterfish gay rumors, and if the ex girlfriend was behind those, she was most definitely behind all of the marriage/engagement rumors too.

  • second that

    truth@ 11/27/2010 at 7:16 pm
    why thank you, western front, for your comments.

  • to truth

    truth/western front, you’ve said some wild and crazy things; some of which were actually funny. now you’re claiming that the former GF was behind some of the rumors on the internet!! where is your proof?? wait let me guess, it comes from the supposed friend you have working at TMZ!

  • to 236 237

    western front (?) or not, 231, 232, 233 are all correct.


    Dan’s Fan City @ 11/27/2010 at 9:35 pm

    Was the ex gf behind the gay rumors?

    Great question, I would like to know this too.

  • Daniel Fan
  • to 238

    It’s a rule of thumb that when tabloids cite unnamed sources for a showbusiness “exclusive,” most people assume the story isn’t true. Fair enough. The fact is that many of the more disreputable tabloids simply make up their stories and add credibility by adding a quote from a fictional source. Other times, reporters have no choice but to quote unnamed sources because they are often fed the juiciest stories off the record. It is a frustrating fact of life for entertainment journalists that people won’t be quoted for controversial stories for fear of reprisals, blacklisting or being cut out of the loop

    But there is no gf behind the gay rumour. Daniel really went to this gay club and the rest is made up.

  • Fio

    Awesome Fan Art! Daniel looks really manly and has testosterone oozing from every muscles :) And love this comment! lol – Syncwinnipeg: Both Hairysun Ford & Daniel Craig are shown holding their BIG BELTS.

    Hi, DF
    Thanks for the vid/pic.
    Great vid, but Sienna was NOT just a friend…lol And as for pic, I LOVE the suit which Daniel wore in the last scene of Layer Cake. His blue eyes looks very attractive in that blue shirt :)

    to to sucks

    Thanks for the info. And Naomi is promoting her movie now, so they must be very busy, huh? I guess the reshoot is the awkward situation if the movie crews are alive to the moods of Dan/Rachel. But they are a professional whose work is consistently of high quality…barring anything unforeseen everything should turn all right. Yeah, he always lands on his feet :)

  • Fio

    “Daniel Craig and the Future of James Bond”

    There has been a great deal of talk about how EON Productions will take the James Bond character in future movies. Many have also speculated on how Daniel Craig will approach the character – especially in the upcoming BOND 23. I have no idea how the Bond character will be treated in future movies, but I do a few things to say about Daniel Craig as Bond.

    First of all, I do not believe that “CASINO ROYALE” and “QUANTUM OF SOLACE” were unique in being the only Bond films that seemed like a slightly realistic spy thriller. Before Craig’s two movies, there was “FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE”, “ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE”, “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY” and “THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS”. We also had movies like “THUNDERBALL” and “OCTOPUSSY” with plots that seemed very probable in the real world (nuclear threats in the name of extortion or/and political manipulation). And there was “LICENSE TO KILL” that was gritty, but seemed more like a revenge story than a spy thriller. But I do believe that “CASINO ROYALE” was one of the best movies in the franchise. I also believe that “QUANTUM OF SOLACE” was an exciting and gritty thriller, although not as well done as “CASINO ROYALE” In fact, I feel that both movies were well-written thrillers with complex and three-dimensional characters.

    As for Daniel Craig, many have criticized his Bond for acting like a professional and experienced agent at the beginning of “CASINO ROYALE”, despite being a novice. I have to point out that in this version of “CASINO ROYALE”, Bond WAS NOT a novice spy at the beginning of the story. He already had experience as an intelligence operative for the Royal Navy and as an agent for MI-6. At the beginning of the movie, he had simply been promoted to the “00 Section”. He had already been serving with MI6 for some time.

    Although I have enjoyed the performances of all six (or should I say eight?) actors who have portrayed Bond, Daniel Craig’s performance has appealed to me a lot stronger than the others. I am not saying that I believe that his Bond is the best. I simply prefer his Bond a lot stronger than I do the others. So far, Craig’s Bond has not been tinged by Connery’s lack of humanity, Lazenby’s inexperienced background, Moore’s cheeky humor, Dalton’s heavy angst factor or Brosnan’s mediocre scripts. This latest manifestation of Bond is a ruthless and athletic man with a sardonic sense of humor, a taste for good living, a penchant for taking chances and allowing his ego to go uncheck. But knowing EON Productions’ reputation for sometimes screwing up a good thing, who knows what will happen?

    I have heard comments that Craig’s Bond had fully become the iconic figure of the last 44 or 45 years by the end of “CASINO ROYALE”. But others have pointed out that the character who had shot Mr. White at the end of the movie had become the same man who had chased Mollaka in Madagascar. I am more inclined to believe the latter. As his next film, “QUANTUM OF SOLACE” seemed to have attest, I believe that Bond’s character had slightly regressed, due to the heartache he had suffered over Vesper’s betrayal and death. Somewhat. After all, Bond did manage to bring down Mr. White without allowing his emotions, ego or trigger finger to get the best of him. He barely managed to keep his thirst for revenge in check. Although his refusal to face his feelings for Vesper formed a cloud over him. Hopefully, EON Productions will allow the audience to see Bond develop beyond the cold-blooded and brutal man that used women to avoid emotional attachments. I hope that by the time Craig shoots his last Bond film, his character will develop into a somewhat mature man who has learned to balance any emotional attachments he may have formed with the ruthless agent he has to be in order to do his job.

  • Guinness

    DF—do you have those colored shirts too? He does have some backround in color coodination I believe, :) Thank you for posting all those wonderful pics. And i love the “Dan-with-friends”-post…. I would love to do that for my funeral…with all my friends. wow. He looks so happy with all of them. I love his smile, so disarming. and charming.. and alluring…and sometimes decieving….it’s all in the eyes I guess.
    Hi Fio: thx for the reading material. And it is crazy that C&A isn’t shown in all the theaters HP plays in….not fair!! I can’t wait to see that 2 story PFA in chaps!!!

    Soooo–Dan and the cast are in the middle of Sweden’s beautiful winter landscape? Is it like Siberia? Well, he really has been in this kind of climate lots of times–that Russian vodka he got as a gift would do mighty fine I bet right now. You could always call me for a “guinness snuggly” too DAN!!!! (ohmygash, snuggling. all over body snuggle. Dan needs to keep warm!)
    Hi Mendel!

    Does hangin’ or being friends with geah guys/girls make you geah? No, it just increases your chances of employment, tolerance, friendship networking, intellegence, and party invites!!

  • Guinness

    Fio–awesome post again! Big belts for BIG GUNS!! Wow. I love how he leans one of his legs to the left or right…just pops his azz muscles to the left or right…ooooo he knows what he is doing–pow! I don’t think he ever looks bad to me, oh wait…I have to confess. I never told anyone this before…but i loathe the pic where he is holding the 2 from CR in his white shirt and it looks like he has a bib on. But that wasn’t his fault. I am tottally looking for Blomvkist garb….that is my fav outfits…and that leather from Layer cake. I think i want to watch that again.

    babble babble surry.

    Keep em coming Fio! Hi DF.I loooove that capture of him and Harrisssson. thx

    Hi mendel–you waking up soon?

  • Fio

    Wow, Daniel is in Northampton now?

    Anyone guess who this legend is? Happily got him tickets and handed over my shirt!
    16 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

    Hi, Guinness!

  • bianca

    to 200, second that
    wisecomments @ 11/25/2010 at 9:01 am
    or Gina.
    haha. so that “or Gina” ? you would rather ask who posted as wisecomments than think it came from me.
    but by the way I believe that Daniel dumped Satsuki so you dont need to convince me about it but you would convince “poster of wisecomments”.
    What interests me is why actually Daniel dumped her or never married her and if other woman would be more successful than Satsuki.
    Satsuki has been in relationship with Craig for 6 years+few months and was engaged to him after 4 years and last two years were funny for them.
    i have to laugh when i remember at the video as he was running away from his “fresh fiancé Satsuki” in Panama 2008, how he ignored her in Ukraine or he ignored her look at him at the red carpet during Oscars, thats the most strong thing to see it how their interaction actually work. at MET Ball or as they walked through Manhattan they looked unhappy. but you can expect that they can reunion.

  • to Fio

    that pic was taken on Friday when Northhampton played against London Irish.
    He’s back in Sweden, it was reported yesterday on Swedish TV. They said he will leave on 2nd December, he will go London and one week later to Toronto.

  • to Fio

    sorry, should spell Northampton of course:-)

  • to 247

    interesting, Rachel is shooting in London..

  • to Gina/bianca

    and if other woman would be more successful than Satsuki.
    What a banal question!
    an unquestionable truthーRachel is Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress

    She is beautiful, and what is more, very talented.