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Eva Longoria Files for Divorce from Tony Parker

Eva Longoria Files for Divorce from Tony Parker

Eva Longoria has filed for divorce from her husband, San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker.

A rep for the 35-year-old actress denied reports that Tony, 28, had filed divorce papers in Texas yesterday.

Earlier today, Us Weekly reported that Tony had been sending text messages to a mutual female friend hundreds of times a month for almost a year.

Eva and Tony have been married since July of 2007.

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  • laverdadduele

    Oh no! I’m devastated…NOT! who cares about these two anyway?

  • Kirsten

    Is this actually real? If so, I didn’t see it coming. They always seemed so happy but appearances can be decieving.

  • KNut

    I have to say the denial by her rep yesterday was petty! Instead of denying the filing of divorce, they could have corrected the situation. It makes Team Longoria look foolish that this had to continue on for another day!

  • vinha

    It was confirmed this time?

  • Audrey

    Now what is the truth??

  • Sunja

    Sad. They were so cute.

  • Zoe

    They should make people takes a 6 month marriage course before getting married. What is the point these days. It’s ridiculous.

  • N.

    Boy, sexting is getting famous dudes in trouble lately, eh?

  • Brightside

    Another celebrity marriage bites the dust! But, then, don’t they all in the end. It’s almost impossible to achieve a lasting relationship in a culture that embraces narcissism, egotism, pride, vanity, selfishness, arrogance and lack of personal responsibility in any wrong doing. It’s difficult to emote to other people when a celebrity’s entire universe is centred around themselves and what’s good for themselves. I would not marry a celebrity. Give me a person connected to the real world any day of the week.

  • From Paris with Love

    Sad indeed. I like her. She is so pretty, fun and full of life. If he did cheat on her i’m glad she wants a divorce.

  • sexist

    It was Eva’s fault! I’m so sure!!

  • Year of the breakup

    Hollywood couple should be BAN from getting marriage because they do not know the true meaning of marriage. Aall o ftheir marriages ends in divorce. Have they heard about working on the marriage? He is a young guy, He is clearly not ready to settle down.

  • lillyb

    Not that looks really matter, but she is way too pretty for him.
    Men are such dogs, I don’t understand what they want.

  • sillyme

    What good would six months of marriage counseling do, Zoe? I don’t think any amount of marriage counseling before marriage is going to stop a guy from cheating on his wife a few years down the road (assuming that’s the reason they’re breaking up), if that’s what he’s going to do. My opinion? The guy just married too young. I don’t think guys should marry until at least in their thirties. AT LEAST.

  • angel

    Brightside nailed the downside of celebrity.

  • saf

    WHAT!? I thought they would last the longest!

  • blair

    @Brightside….totally agree…these celebs change partners like they change clothes….why bother getting married at all?

  • blair

    @Brightside…I agree…all these celebs do is change partners as quickly as they change clothes so why bother getting married.

  • ll

    who the hell cares?? everything has an end

  • olithee

    OMG! They seemed so happy together.
    Mariage is hard, love is definetely not enough.
    You struggle with your work, your ups & downs, your health/money issues. Being a couple is a huge challenge, so things like that happens unfortunetely.
    Wishing them courage.


  • lucy

    that’s it.. i don’t believe in love anymore!!

  • Sheryll

    Can’t stand her – who the hell cares.

  • BaBy Perfume

    sO IS THIS TRUE OR FALSE? yesterday JJ retracted the Divorce headline and editted the post with (..) divorce allegation denied by rep.

    Now same photo of Eva & Tony , re-posting the same in less than 24hrs , can we trust your reporting JJ?

  • Rainy Day

    Upwards of 90 percent or more of sports players and actors and musicians cheat on their partner. Why is this a big surprise? If you are going to marry into one of these categories you can expect to be cheated on. To not be cheated on is NOT the norm. Most likely she is divorcing him because things became public, not because she cares that he cheated.

  • ohno

    Tony has always been a player and might have been cheating with her from the very beginning of their marriage. I remember about that news of a model claiming Tony met him for sexcapades in Paris. Now, the picture is clear. He’s a scumbag.

  • laverdadduele

    @lillyb: Men are not dogs, they’re the most wonderful creatures on earth. What they want is to be #1 in their wife’s life, nothing can be more important than them. They want all your time and attention, nothing wrong with that. Forget about your stupid friends, career, etc. and make him your all. You can’t get that from a self-absorbed creature like most of these celebrities are. Plus you have to be a s.l.u.t. in bed to keep them happy.

  • Mariana

    This is a really sad news!! :(
    They looked so happy together!

  • Ky

    She is a stupid female she should know better then
    marrying a baller. These men who play sports are known for their sexual prowling. These guys got free rides in life, a lot of them gots passes through school because they could play ball. Making a bunch of ignorant scumbags out of these jocks. Move on Eva & get a normal man whose not in the spotlight like Christina Hendricks, now that’s a smart trick!

  • jonsaman

    see gays? it’s wonderful unions like this and the fine institute of marriage that you would be spitting upon if you were allowed to get married. straight marriage is perfect and clean and without reproach.

  • cam


  • groundcontrol

    Parker was sending hundreds of texts every month for a year to some woman? So this marriage didn’t even last 2 years?
    I agree it was a lame gesture for Longoria to have her reps deny that Parker had already filed for divorce. A little grace in the face of adversity goes a long way.
    I really don’t know how relationships or new marriages can grow and deepen unless a couple is wiling to make some sacrifices to actually be in the same place at the same time for long periods of time – long distance relationships rarely work. Your priorities usually reveal your real desires.

  • LastWord

    Finally Eva got sick of his a$$. Maybe she figured out she aimed a little low with Tony Parker.

  • Steph

    tp9network It is with great sadness that after 7 years together, Tony and I have decided to divorce. We love each other…

    This is true!

  • kuriouskitty

    @lillyb: it seems like men want to marry their fantasy. Its funny though, some men do and they still stray…ive learned that men get bored quickly, just like kids do:)being married taught me alot

  • Remember the Vows

    @ Olithée

    “You struggle with your work, your ups & downs, your health/money issues.”

    That’s why the vows say,

    “For better for worse. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health.”

    If you do not love someone unconditionally, you most definitely should not marry them.

    The marriage vows say that you love this person despite all their imperfections.

    Believe it or not, even celebrities have imperfections….personally I am getting a little sick of reading comments about how perfect certain celebrities are, Orlando & Miranda, Brad & Angelina, etc…

    I do wish them both the best. I thought they would last because they did seem to be genuinely in love with each other.

  • Me

    HMM this is stupid

    1: She married a baller, didnt the marriage counsellor let her know that cheating in lala ball land is normal

    2: She is friends with the biggest cheat of all times, Mario Lopez…what does she expect for herself after condoning his behaviour towards previous gfs

    3: she was team Brad, lets see her break out the T shirt she had previous that said ” I will ahve your baby brad”…Manniston must be laughing maniaclly all over hollywierd….

    4: You reap what you sow!

  • 4 cm

    she needs an older man

  • madmax

    this is a shame. They looked so happy when they were on Ellen not too long ago :(

  • cal


    It’s called PR.
    That’s how it works, welcome to Hollyweird honey ;)

  • kate

    quote “It is with great sadness that after 7 years together, Tony and I have decided to divorce. We love each other deeply and pray for each other’s happiness. “

  • Well,

    @Brightside: I agree with you totally. All that you said is true. Unfortunately, when a non celeb marries a celeb, they are smitten, and too become a celeb in their own right. Or the public makes them a celeb. Sad is our social construct of values

  • sash_ale

    like her ,don’t like him

  • anon

    wow, 5 years longer than i thought…i am so not shocked about this. He either couldn’t keep it in his pants or she got bored. All in all…who the heck cares??!!!!

  • Brangie4eva

    And then piple still wonder why the most beautiful couple *BRAD n ANGE*dnt wana get married*SMH*,thas a marriege curse in hollyweird,if u nt married u last longer,if u get married u divorce!!!

  • Josie

    Tony, Erin, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian should all spend Christmas together.


    … you know he cheated on her. Basketball players are the absolute WORST when it comes to cheating and partying and orgying. Blech!

    However, I’m not too surprised. She seemed to be too controlling in the relationship. In fact, it seemed to me that she pursued him more than he pursued her. That’s a big mistake for a woman to make. He seems sorta quiet, so maybe she thought she would be able to control him. But, these guys come across beautiful every day, women who offer them things freely. Even a shy guy would have the most difficult time saying, “No.”

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Why do people look down on people who are NOT married? What is the point when so many divorces happen? I remember the wedding so well – lavish and expensive now a divorce. WTF?

  • qwerty

    Cheating when you are with The Beautifull Eva ???
    i want to see the other woman ;-) !!

  • Elvira

    Never saw it coming..

  • me

    @anon: a lot of hollywood couples spend five years together and they split