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Eva Longoria: 'Great Sadness' about Divorce

Eva Longoria: 'Great Sadness' about Divorce

Eva Longoria has sounded off on her Twitter about her split from husband Tony Parker.

“It is with great sadness that after 7 years together, Tony and I have decided to divorce,” Eva wrote. “We love each other deeply and pray for each other’s happiness.”

The news of Eva and Tony‘s divorce was confirmed earlier today. Rumors of Tony‘s texting another woman throughout the past year were also reported.

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  • ModestMouse

    Surprised she didn’t confirm with People, the same magazine she paraded her lavish wedding in.

  • sars

    what the heck? why did they deny it yesterday to just confirm it today? makes no sense

  • T Pain

    Not suprised. I remember watching interveiws and she seemed more into him than he was…She always gushed about him. Never saw that from Tony. Oh well, life goes on.

  • sash_ale

    For real or publicity stunt as always?

  • rustic

    If you have a good memory in the beginning of their marriage there was a girl who claimed to have had something with Tony and she showed text messages sent from him. All that was said to be a lie from that girl.

  • brr

    i dont understand it, everybody is very happy, deeply in love, but they divorced… not so in love

  • ThE HoBBiT

    exactly my thoughts! love deeply??? where did all the love go when he was texting..and is Tony dumb enough to save the texts on his phone? This whole cheat-eration and divorce make no sense

  • anon

    wow, that lasted 5 years longer than i thought…not a shocker at all.

  • Clay

    Sorry Eva.

  • jaye

    Love goes where it always go when there isn’t deep commitment on the part of EACH person; it dies. Any marriage can lose its ‘freshness’ but there has to be something more than physical attraction that is holding you together. Common interests, support of each others career, religion, pet projects or whatever it might be. If it’s important to your spouse, it should be important to you.
    In too many cases people expect love to sustain itself; it doesn’t. You have to nurture and maintain that relationship; spending long periods of time apart doesn’t help and lack of communication seem to be a common feature in a lot of marriages. They lose the bond that they once had and then the door is opened for someone else to walk in.
    People need to get to know their spouses; that doesn’t stop once the marriage license is inked. Better still, really get to now them BEFORE you commit to marriage; if something worries you then, it’s not going to get better when you’re married. Where there’s smoke, there usually is fire.Be honest. People are sometimes afraid of honesty and real intimacy beyond s*ex. Yeah, intimacy involves more than s*ex. Whatever the reason for the breakup, I hope they’ve both learned from it. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’ll be crazy to keep making the SAME mistake.
    This is Dr. Jaye signing off for Today. Join me tomorrow when we will discuss why some men sabotage relationships and how women help them or I’ll teach you how to make soup.

  • Jasmine

    You people are a*sholes. I loved them together, she seemed so happy. This makes me sad.

  • WBPfan

    I looked at her twitter page for tweet and the sad thing is that the background is still her wedding pix — with Tony’s face and cufflinks. Made it a little sadder still.

  • Alison

    I really feel for her, why do men cheat? I really don’t know, it’s the ultimate unanswerable question. But I remember before they got together Eva had a few guys in her life and she chose Tony, because of the privilege and security of being married to a basketball player. I don’t blame her for doing that because I know I might have done the same. However you do have to accept the consequences of that decision, knowing that athletes are notorious for cheating.

  • ANon

    These women should know that these altheles are cheater. Most altheles are cheaters , this is not a new story. Most of them marry these men for the lifestyle. from He is very young too and he is not ready to settle down. Their wedding was beautiful though.

  • Lj

    That’s sad poor Eva, he looks like such a idiot…

  • karmaback

    Why are they making such a big deal about the sexting.. The bottom line is was he sleeping with this woman for over a year..

    That should be the story.. not the text.. The text make it sound more like phones*x and not what it actually or maybe was. The statement about loving each other I don’t buy. She knew about this weeks ago, yet I believe she was seen with him a while ago… saying how happy she and he were.

    Call it what it is.. he either cheated or not. Those messages must have been very detailed and explicit.

  • julliett.

    Just saw EXTRA.. and Mario said they Eva and Tony are going to spend Thanksgiving together.. WTH..

    It is not like they have kids so why all this double talk. They said she is going undercover and staying out of the media.

    Maybe she should have done that all along.

  • runnergirl

    French men are not into fidelity.

  • House of Tokyo

    It is becoming a trend in this modern age, especially in Hollywood, for couples to divorce after many years together.
    It is truly unfortunate and sends the wrong messages to the influential minds of the younger genenrations.
    What happened to Love?

  • Gloria

    It’s a pitty! Where is true love in Hollywood?

  • anna

    wow..already? I can’t beleive it! I pictured them having kids soon!

  • Lisa2

    I wonder if Tony will meet with Kobe Bryants jeweler. Seems Vanessa got a nice ring when they reconciled. hmmmmm?? I think she will take him back, personally I don’t understand what they have in common, but she married him afterall so their has to be something?

  • Hotter

    totally didn’t see this coming. It’s sad, they looked like a cute and really good couple. Who is the hotter one? Eva or Tony:

  • Go Ask Alice

    I think Eva is ok.
    Not a fan one way or another.

    Too bad but these Hollywod things do not last.,

    One big reason is because the people involved might be legally married, butnot really married.
    Meaning,how can one be married if you are together every once and a while and live like roomates.

    Marriage is being there.Living together.
    Cheating happens .That is the final straw and really ugly.Why not just divorce and then move on.
    Tony Parker got lonely and cheated.But did he cheat if he saw his wife on the tv and in the mags. He lives inSan Anotnio and she lives in CA.
    When were they together?
    I amnot for cheating,the cowards way out and which hurts the other person.

    Just sayin’, after they have the glam multimillion dollar wedding affair and sell the pics, they hardly see each other.

  • offtheproperty

    He cheated on his celebrity wife with the wife of his teammate. That is lousy.

  • Claire


    Im a french girl and I have to say this is stupid to stereotype french men with fidelity or not. ALL men in the world are the same…don’t you know that????

  • Laurie

    Why cheating ??? you always get caught !!!! you have to be some kind of a fool to think it’s not going to be revealed. Tyger woods wasn’t enough of a good exemple for you Tony come on !

  • ****

    Maybe you should have prayed to your sky wizard to make you less of a bietch, then maybe your husband wouldn’t have left you.