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Tabloid Reports Eva Longoria Splits From Tony Parker

Tabloid Reports Eva Longoria Splits From Tony Parker

New reports are surfacing that Eva Longoria and husband Tony Parker are reportedly calling it quits.

Although a rep for the 35-year-old actress refuted claims of a divorce yesterday, Us Weekly reports that Eva recently learned that Tony, 28, has been texting a mutual female friend hundreds of times a month for almost a year.

Eva is heartbroken by the betrayal,” an insider tells the mag, adding that Tony admitted to the behavior after Eva confronted him.

People reports Eva will file for divorce as early as today. Tony married Eva in July of 2007.

DO YOU BELIEVE the Eva Longoria/Tony Parker break-up reports? They were/are such a cute couple!

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  • blair

    Here we go again….Tiger Woods, the sequel?

  • Thai

    The divorce is near anyway.

  • madhatter

    Is the family friend male or female? There have always been so many whispers about him…

    I never have any clue- my Gaydar is nonexistent.

  • WTF

    Not buying it until they both officially say so i.e. coming out of their mouths.

    In an hours time you will be saying Us Weekly and People got this wrong. Best to hold off on stories until 100% fact.

    It would be a real shame if true.

  • KNut

    Like I said yesterday on here, she made a stab against professional athletes saying they can’t be trusted on DW!

  • Ladyb

    Victoria Beckham will convince them not to split..she went throught the same thing years ago, and her marriage to David is stronger than ever…. As for me, I think sport players have tendencies to cheat. Women be very careful when you get into relationships with sport players. The temptation is great for them and they can get away with it since they travel to city to city a lot.

  • African Queen

    Really? For texting???? If that’s the only thing he’s doing, she should be grateful. Besides, men should be allowed to have female FRIENDS without being given the big “D” (DIVORCE!) threat every time the phone chimes. I keep my friends close and my boo’s female friends EVEN CLOSER. They can text him, but they can’t have him.

  • Someone

    what the hell is wrong w/ men.REALLY?

  • lenny
  • Shawn

    African Queen @ 11/17/2010 at 10:27 am #7

    Really? For texting???? If that’s the only thing he’s doing, she should be grateful. Besides, men should be allowed to have female FRIENDS without being given the big “D” (DIVORCE!) threat every time the phone chimes. I keep my friends close and my boo’s female friends EVEN CLOSER. They can text him, but they can’t have him.
    I agree, African Queen. You are one smart lady.

  • hillary

    the thing is… celebrity couples seem to file for divorce whenever they face any hardship at all in their relationship.. they cant be like normal couples everywhere and just deal with the problem..

    come on.. i mean.. texting?? divorce is going overboard.. forgive + forget

  • rhymes

    It probably wasn’t just the texting, allegations of cheating have been following Tony for awhile. Remember that French woman who had text messages as proof sometime last year. This was probably her last straw.

  • openminded

    @Ladyb: Victoria Beckham is another story, she’s nothing without her husband David Beckham. Eva Longoria is an established actress so dont be so innocent.

  • clarise

    clarise @ 11/16/2010 at 4:41 pm -4

    She didn’t seem ok in the ema’s so it must be true. I think it’s his fault because she’s old enough to establish herself and ask for kids.

    Read more:

    AAAHAHAHAHA I was right and you thumbed me down. What? Am I crazy? AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • mimi78

    A**hole. Why get married if you can’t leave it in your pants(or for your partner)?

    This is why I respect people like Hugh Hefner. Personally, I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole, but at least he’s honest to himself and others. He cannot be monogamous. Simple as that.

    People just love drama.

  • helene


    They are so cute together. Tony is french … so a gentleman seriously, he never can doing this. I’m sure that is all bullshit !

  • Sand

    sorry to stay that but you got it all wrong
    don’t like Victoria that much but we have to say that David is cute, but not clever enough and he will be nothing without her. he started to be noticed only by dating her, and she did all the job by makin him looking good.
    marketing is her thing, not his..
    anyway, hope that Eva & Tony will get through this if it’s true. normal she’s is mad at him at the moment. but I hope they will find a way.. he is stil a young man to, so.. he acts like it.. :/

  • Lucy

    Agree with African Lady: if it is only texting then it is ridiculous to break up. Marriage seems to be only an opportunity to have a big party and then they get divorced, marry another, get divorced etc. I don’t think it could only have been texting or else she wouldn’t take to such drastic measures as she was so clearly in love with her husband. In any case, she is beautiful and very funny and very rich and any man who is lucky enough to get close to her will think he hit the lottery. As for Victoria Beckham: She is the one with the brains in that relationship and she was and still is very big in Europe. I don’t think anybody would remember David Beckam’s name if it wasn’t for her.

  • jonsaman

    ladies when are you going to realize that most or ALL men cheat??? if for some reason they don’t act on it, they certainly WANT to. it’s biology and there’s nothing you can do about it. men are absolutely driven by their penis and they want to stick it in as many things as possible.

  • SoulFly

    Obviously it wasn’t just “texting”. Come on people…don’t be so guillble. It was probably something more seriously like “sexting”. Which pretty much alluded to the fact that he cheated…. So typical. Men are so gross these days.

  • lalala

    @blair: TRUE

  • lalala

    @African Queen: @Shawn: well good luck.

  • jackie

    @openminded: ‘nothing’ but filthy rich and good looking enough to find herself another beckham:-D

  • DarkEmpress

    @rhymes: @Ladyb: Victoria and David had kids! Also you dont know what else is going on in the marriage. Maybe it is not the first time. People are just plain different, some are able to forgive and others arent. Once you taint a relationship with dishonesty it is hard to get back the trust.

  • c

    men are f****ing pigs

  • DD


    Get your facts straight before making a fool out of yourself.
    You got it all wrong. Victoria’s much more famous than David. She’s in the Spice Girls and they ruled the world. If it wasn’t for Victoria, David would never be as big as he is now. She turned it look all around and made it so much better. It was her, not him. I love both of them, but people don’t get the story wrong

  • Jokergurl

    I hate to say this but I kind of saw this one coming.