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George Clooney: Ripple of Hope Awards with Elisabetta Canalis

George Clooney: Ripple of Hope Awards with Elisabetta Canalis

George Clooney and girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis hit the red carpet at the Ripple of Hope Awards on Wednesday (November 17) held at NYC’s Chelsea Piers.

George‘s dad Nick, a former journalist and anchorman, also attended the event, which is the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights‘ annual gala.

Earlier in the day, Elisabetta was spotted leaving her NYC hotel to go shopping.

For his next project, George, 49, may be teaming up with his Ocean’s Eleven and The Good German director Steven Soderbergh.

George is in talks to star in the movie version of the ’60s spy show The Man from U.N.C.L.E., according to Playlist.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis at the Ripple of Hope Awards in NYC…

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george clooney elisabetta canalis ripple 01
george clooney elisabetta canalis ripple 02
george clooney elisabetta canalis ripple 03
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Credit: Michael Loccisano; Photos: Getty, INFdaily
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  • caro

    I wish I was Elisabetta. FML.

  • Cami

    That’s nice.

  • anonymous

    Shame on you George for giving this skank more publicity. You have sold your soul to the devil.

  • Hotter

    Haven’t heard much news about George and Elisabeth. She’s so beautiful. And George is looking more and more distinguished with his age. Likes and props. =) But good to see that they’re still going strong. thanks for the update.

  • restraining order

    Skankly is still stalking George. He needs better security.

  • more than enough

    I can’t wait for the season finale of “Leverage” to air so that George will stop giving this cokewh*re fake girlfriend publicity and we can finally be rid of her ugly face and ugly soul for good. From the looks on the faces of Leverage’s cast in pics taken today, they feel the same way.

  • twotwo

    Madly in love with this man.

  • twinkle

    why does everyone hate her? i have no idea who she is

  • anon

    @twinkle: because she is a walking scandal and she poses naked all over the internet. She slammed jennifer aniston, she does cocaine and her acting is REALLY bad

  • one who knows

    @twinkle, she’s a D-lister from Italy. She has zero acting ability and has ruined the tv show Leverage on which George got her a small role as part of their mutual publicity agreement. She got fired from her presenting jobs in Italy and has only gotten more work in the last year because of her association with George. Most Italians dislike her and say so on Italian blogs. She has been implicated in a cocaine and prostitution investigation. For all her lack of talent and lack of personality, she behaves like she is better than everyone else. She has insulted George’s fans in interviews. She and her publicist insult George’s fans on blogs such as this one. She and her publicist also insult George’s friends, including Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. They’ll probably be commenting here soon, saying how she is so great and all American women are fat and jealous. She hates that we can see through her for what she really is. George hates having to do these photo ops with her and has avoided her since September. Leverage’s season finale airs in December, and George feels obligated to continue the publicity arrangement until then since he was the only reason she got the job on Leverage.

  • twinkle

    Oh wow. Well she sounds just like most Hollywood actresses! Lol

  • sunny

    Aww, it was bring your child to work today at the event.

  • one who knows

    @sunny, that would be funny if Canalis actually looked her age or younger. She actually looks about fifty. She has horrid skin. She does cocaine, which must be hell on the complexion if this is any example.

  • Chelsea


    Really who cares that she slammed Jennifer Aniston.. WTF..

    OH wait I forgot Aniston is the Madonna LOL

    Looks like George is letting his hair go dark.. hmmm

  • Ali

    I think he looks ill in these photos. Hope he is okay.

  • Anonymous

    He looks unhappy and conflicted, like there is inner turmoil and sadness in his heart. I think he’ll be very relieved when this publicity deal is over.

  • anonymous

    I’m sorry about my first comment. It was a gut reaction. I wasn’t expecting to see this sh*t again. Will open that bottle of wine that’s been sitting in my fridge and try to chill out.

  • buddy

    wow you guys are so jealous

  • Juno

    People rag on her for stalking George or wanting publicity, but really, if George is such a great guy and anti-famewhore, why would he even be in a publicity deal with someone like her? He seems to favor strippers and ladies of questionable occupation – what does that say about him? He stays with them for a while, pretends to help them along a bit, and then shows them the door. I question his character. He’s just a garden variety horny womanizer.

  • little debbie

    George teaming up with SS for another film that will flop. Why do people hire this smug bastard?

  • second that

    anonymous @ 11/17/2010 at 10:32 pm

    i agree, he’s sold his soul to the devil. for some strange reason, don’t ask me why, he wants to be with her. i just wish i knew what he sees in her. first of all she has those awful tattoos. i could go on but it would take forever.

  • http://justjared free bird

    George had some botox? His face hasn’t looked that smooth since his ER days.

  • Anonymous

    @anonymous: We drink tooo, veryy hard… hhhhhhh

  • Mia

    @twinkle: …because of obsessive jealousy !

    I like George Clooney but have no good or bad feelings toward her.

    I live in Italy and the press here is pretty harsh when it comes to scandals but I never heard most of the bad things written here.

    Elisabetta is not a Saint but don’t believe all the nasty comments made here.

  • lucy

    She never slammed Jennifer Aniston on twitter….
    A friend of her do. And that message compared in her Home page. So, everyone think so! But it’s not true.
    And also, Alessandro Cattelan, the guy that wrote that post say only that Jennifer Aniston, in a cover of Rolling Stone looks like Iggy Pop……
    so, if you think that her slammed Jennifer……………what do you think about people like Perez Hilton….and Why you do the same thing here with here?….

    I don’t understand what’s your problem…

    She’s gorgerous, George too….
    It’s their life……………….

  • ICU

    Her pants are unzipped. HA

  • lookin

    Dad and daughter

  • pink

    Pubblicity or not pubblicity I think He’s a very moron man! I’ll never see his movie again as I did’nt see the ugly “The American”.
    here horse-face is really ugly, emaciated, old, dried up, wasted, strong futures, bad skin in the face and the body (see her skinny legs)…cocaine has aged her very much!
    George looks very bad and unhappy too!

  • Helen Smith

    @pink: yeah right !!!! I bet you wish you looked half as beautiful as her! Don’t be pathetic.

  • whatever

    She never slammed Jennifer Aniston on twitter….
    A friend of her do.

    @lucy A re-tweet is saying that you agree with the original tweet. And, don’t bother with “she didn’t know what a re-tweet is about” She had quite a few re-tweets before that one.

  • Yep

    @Mia: I agree. Anonymous wants George for herself and she is very jealous of elizabetta . She reminds me of the brad loons

  • Yep

    @whatever: and? George is friends with two of anistons exes so maybe George and his lady don’t like her. It’s not written in the bible that George and his ladies have to like whoever u like.

  • lucy

    So, litterally She dind’t slammed Jennifer Aniston!
    And, I wrote this because here I ‘ve read a lot of message against Elisabetta that told she’s slammed American people…that is ridicoulus…

    And I don’t think that a re tweet is a good reason for all the shit that she receiveed in many message here!

  • Skank

    wow! a “Cocanalis fans” invasion here!
    staff Canalis what about the fact her name is in Police Reports Hollywood investigation as reported by major italian papers?
    what about her cellulite photos posted by #57 in the art.”Elisabetta Canalis: Gelson’s Groceries Run”?
    what about her ugly body in Hawai photos posted by #77 in the art.”Elisabetta Canalis: Gelson’s Groceries Run” so different from other recent photoshopped photos?
    what about her kisses with Davide Rombolotti photos (CHI gossip papers)?
    Staff Canalis have so many words to offend GC’s fans, italian and american people and no words to answer at our questions…

  • Helen Smith

    @skank: oh please that’s ridiculous …just because some of us here disagree with nasty comments like yours doesn’t mean we’re Elisabetta’s fans!!!
    I don’t like haters in general so regardless of the celebrity being criticized if I see unfair comments I will post against them. I’m not a fan of Elisabetta but I don’t hate her either. Your obvious hate, on the other hand, really seems out of proportion.

  • lucy

    I’m not part of the staff of Elisabetta, it’s ridicoulus…
    And I don’t know who offend George fans when says that she’s a gorgeus lady!
    I’m not a fan of her, but I dont’ understand the haters here…
    If she’s has ugly body……….why you hate her?????????
    You love only beautiful people, of your standard?
    it0s silly!

  • anon

    hey look ladies can’t we all just get along. Clearly he decided to be with someone that wants to milk him and if he doesn’t mind being milked then so be it…. Moooo. Funny now i want a piece of cheese :-)

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to purchase champagne for the season finale of Leverage even though I don’t even watch the show, as after that George can stop this ridiculous publicity contract with this nasty cokewh*re.

  • What’s the point?

    Give it up already, Canalis publicity team. I don’t know what you hope to accomplish here. Even if you managed to convince Americans to ignore the truth about the publicity contract and the kind of person Canalis is, what’s the point? She has no acting talent and will not be offered any more roles here. She is short, ugly, and with horrible skin, so she won’t be getting modeling offers. I find your strategy of making insulting comments towards George’s fans on blogs like this very odd. Canalis hasn’t endeared herself to anyone, and neither have you. Your insulting comments aren’t fooling anyone or accomplishing anything except reaffirming that Canalis and her associates are nasty people.

    Regarding the publicity contract, it’s common knowledge in the U.S. The tv show 30 Rock even did a funny parody about it.

  • doctor

    We all thought they were broke. Unfortunately not, nor will. George has 50 years, if not leave love Elisabeta. Young, nice body, Italian, good in bed. George is very tied to his mother, Elisabeta strongly resembles his mother. Photographs of her family, her mother and father only showed that the relationship is very solid and serious.

  • neigh!

    Why does she always toss her head up into the air like a horse?

  • neigh!

    @doctor “Elisabeta strongly resembles his mother.”
    Are you blind??? Canalis looks NOTHING like George’s mother. Nina is absolutely beautiful and looks like Ashley Judd. In fact Nina and Ashley could pass for sisters. Canalis’s bone structure is VERY manly, nothing like Nina’s feminine features. They don’t call Canalis “horseface” for nothing!

  • colina

    Who even cares who he’s with? He’s a womanizer. Who he’s with doesn’t matter because she’s just a warm body. When he’s ready for another one, he’ll let her out of the contract.

  • Helen Smith

    @What’s the point? : “Canalis publicity team” ???? What are you talking about????????? …Actually, I wish I was from Canalis’ publicity team ….I would probably be making more money than I am now. Unfortunatly for me, you and your silly conspiracy theory I can assure you that I am just the most common girl with the most insignificant job. So relax, nobody is paying me for my comments here!!

  • Helen Smith

    …it’s hilarious how some people see weird schemes in everything that surrounds them…relax people and live your life at best.

  • Helen Smith

    @neigh! : you sound SOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS of her !!!!
    …and common it’s ridiculous to say that the girl is ugly. But even if she was ugly what would the problem be? Is it a sin to be ugly?

  • lara

    Now, in Italy, she works less because she’s dating George Clooney and she doesn’t want to attract too much attention.
    In Italy she works since 1999 and now magazines and tv snub her.
    She could exploit this opportunity but she does not do this.
    If you hate her… you passed over and not read articles about her, but if she attracts your attention so be hating maybe the problem is only yours.
    I’m sorry for my bad english, but I’m not american :)))

  • Skank

    in Italy she’s on trash-gossip-papers all weeks! every day there are articles on the net! she makes fake paparazzed photoshopped photos! find on the net! she’ll make San Remo thanks to GC! before she met him she was nothing, only a coked Z list celeb/escort!
    @doctor: GC’s mother looks like yonger then Cocanalis!!! and much bettter, she has human features not horse features!
    #Lara answer to my questions at #34, please!

  • lucy


    why you hate her so much?
    I don’t understand?!
    I reapet, I’m not a fan of her…but I don’t understand, if you think all that things about her, you read article about her!

    I don’t understand what’s the problem if she’s ugly (I don’t think so) she can’t play a role, she has cellulite…
    No one in america likes coke? In Hollywood system?
    I really don’t know if she’s like it or not. But it’s not my problem………

    @What’s the point?
    Do you really thing that some agent or publicity team from Canalis or other VIP read a blog and comment???????????????

  • Skank

    “Do you really thing that some agent or publicity team from Canalis read a blog and comment???????????????”

    yes I think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!