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Dina Lohan: 'Our Lawyers Are Sending A Letter to Glee'

Dina Lohan: 'Our Lawyers Are Sending A Letter to Glee'

Last night’s episode of Glee featured Gwyneth Paltrow as a substitute teacher who related to students differently from other teachers – including talking about what they were interested in!

But after Gwyn‘s character joked about Lindsay Lohan to get the McKinley High students to learn Spanish, Dina Lohan says she didn’t find it funny!

“Our lawyers are sending a letter to Glee,” Dina told Gossip Cop.

DO YOU THINK the remarks about Lindsay were out of line?

Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Lindsay Lohan on Glee
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  • Brooklyn

    Okay, I’m not a fan or Glee but I did happen to watch last nights episode. GET OVER IT DINA. Your daughter is crazy! Gosh.

  • ilia

    No, they were right on the mark, and funny as hell.

  • lina

    that’s redicilous !! leave lindsay alone ;she doesnt deserve to be a joke of that stupide cast!

  • Mel

    I really think that everyone knows what Gyneth had said on the show and if Dina is offended by it maybe she should have been a better parent….

  • Jennifer

    What the heck are they gonna sue Glee! for – the freakin’ truth? LAWL

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Seriously, she better not win this battle. Everyone talks about Lindsay and her stupidness

  • David

    @Brooklyn: She’s a drug addict. That doesn’t mean she’s “crazy” for your information.

    I wonder did they misspell her name on purpose to avoid any legal crap.

  • Kristin

    Yeah, she needs to get over it!

  • http://justjared B & A Rock

    Gywnnie Fishstix looks FUG!!!

  • Holly Golightly

    Dina’s overacting. It was a joke.

  • Dary

    Well, they weren’t lying! It is true!!!! Lindsay Lohan is crazy and God knows how many times she’s been on rehab!
    Not a single lie there!!!

  • jaye

    i don’t watch Glee, but I did watch that clip. Deserved or not, Lohan needs to get use to the fact that her daughter will be the butt of jokes for years to come. Her lawyers will be writing a lot of letters in her lifetime, but what can he do legally? Sue? You’d have to sue VERY one who’s made fun of Lindsay in the last 4 years. That’s a VERY long list. Instead of calling MORE attention to it, she should just let it go. No one expects her to like it.
    As for the actual clip, I didn’t find the content or the delivery funny. Not because it was about Lindsay, just because it wasn’t funny to me.

  • Dieter

    I just wanked and came on the ass of Gwyneth’s in that pencil skirt !!!!

  • tan

    I was a bit surprised Gwyneth Paltrow said the lines! After all, she and her husband have been talked about negatively in the media before! Where was Lindsey’s Mom’s concern when her daughter was entering into the world she lives in now? Oh, right- checking her bank balance on her IPhone while getting her highlights and nails done. *ick* I feel for Lindsey, I really do – my youngest brother is an addict and we do not even know where he is right now. Addiction is very very sad and destroys families and lives. BUT, Lohan lives in front of the paps, so she needs to understand you set yourself up through your behavior to be the punch line to a joke. She is over 18 and we have free press in America. Was it right to say those things on Glee- probably not. Was it funny- to me, heck yes! If it was about my brother- not so much. Because Gwyneth delivered the lines in Spanish it was VERY unexpected so at the time very funny. I did feel guilty after laughing, for what that is worth. Were the Glee writers already sitting by the phones waiting for the call from the Lohan lawyers? You betchya!

  • lis

    is it wrong if its the truth?

  • Diana

    My point of view is that Dina is fine which is angry that they are speaking ill of her daughter, and sincerely hope that mom does not get mad if their children are offending. Dina exaggeration to talk about it to his lawyer, because it is not something that is a lie about Lindsay. Another thing we must recognize that Lindsay is going well in rehab and it is not only his fault also of their parents.

  • lisali

    Lohans need to get a are a celeb,you are fair game. You love having your names in the media..guess what,its not always complimentary.
    Late night tv hosts, talk shows, glee,whatever..they make jokes at celebs expense all the time…grow up and quit being whiny weenies Lohan loons.

  • Tako

    There is no one else embarrassing Lindsay Lohan more then herself.

  • ashley.rose

    Who is going to pay those attorney fees Dina?
    You sure aren’t, and god know Michael can’t? Lindsay can barely afford her rehab.


    She must be running low on cash since her cash cow daughter is of getting all better, no thanks to her parents. Poor Lindsay never had a chance. With parents like she has I’m amazed she’s even still alive. The best thing Lindsay could do when she gets out of rehab is kick her parents to the curb and find some friends who want to be friends not hangers on.

  • http://SparkOfInsanity lizzie

    Dina Lohan is crazy for suing Glee…i think 90% of this country believe that her daughter is crazy and sadly it is the truth to an extent…At least right now Demi Lovato is trying to take responsibility for her problems

  • ugh

    Dina should be sued for lying on The Today Show to Matt Lauer about how many times Loco Lohan has been in rehab!!!

  • jabrpe

    How many times has SNL made fun of Lindsay and so many others? If you wanted your life to be private you shouldn’t have chosen to live a life in the public eye. There was no slander in this situation any more than SNL or every other celebrity website or gossip show or whatever had said the same thing.

  • Jess

    Gwyneth looked rough in that clip.
    I think Dina is taking it too seriously. It’s a joke.

  • juniper

    I like Gwyneth and do hope Lindsay gets it together since I think she has talent as an actress. Although I don’t think Dina should sue over this, I did not find it funny but rather inappropriate.

  • hello

    G.P.’s lawyers should send a letter to Glee. She looks old and fug. She should sue them for shooting her that way.

  • Caroline

    I actually thought it was funny. In the show, Gwyn plays a substitute teacher (Spanish class and later on for MrShue’s glee club when he gets sick withe flu) who would get her students involved with anything related to pop culture to hold their interests or whatever. She played the hip and cool teacher. lol Anyway, the delivery was awesome and I laughed also. And Dina needs to STFU b/c where were her concerns for Lindsey when she went on a downward spiral. She certainly didn’t mind going to all the entertainment media shows regarding her daughter’s issues. She’s just an opportunist who’s trying to capitalize on the success of the show.

  • ***

    NO. I don’t think the remarks were out of line, Lindsay Lohan IS Crazy with a capital ‘C’. Sorry, but when you’re a “celebrity” (HA!) and you don’t wan’t people saying s h i t about you, well, then you gotta stop doing stupid s h i t. Just a thought. Lindsay’s mom is her greatest downfall. Poor kid never stood a chance.

  • Hannah

    Hahahaha, when her daughter is a joke, what does she expect???? :)

  • http://Nonny_93 Nonny!

    Lindsay Lohan crazy? Is that a surprise? Hell no! Everybody thinks that!
    She´s in drug´s rehab? C´mmon lets say the truth..Glee just said the truth out loud!

  • ANon

    It was inappropriete, why kick her down when she she is down. They tease she and Britney on another eposide. They are both traainwreak along with Courtney love. Lindsay is not crazy , she is an addict who is fighting for to stay clean. There are tons of crazy celeb in Hollywood and we all know LILO is not carzy.

  • Samm

    haha, that was one of the best parts of the episode! I would pay a lot more attention in class if my teacher related to real life like that! Dina’s just upset that we all know how much of a failure she is for letting her daughter get as out of hand as she did!

  • nata

    So out of place. She is just bringing more attention to it than it needs. If Lindsay didn’t put herself in that situation, people wouldn’t be making fun of her. Just ignore them.

  • Cali Dream

    Haha its the truth, Love gwyneth but she’s looking like Charlize Theron from the movie “Monster” in this picture ahhhhhh

  • Marianne

    Maybe if Dina did a better job at parenting, there would be nothing to joke about.

    Suck on that Dina.

  • Polly

    Oh come on, everyone knows the Lohan’s are broke, the first chance they see to get money they jump on it. What would the world be if every star who was poked fun at in a movie/tv show/song sued? Ridiculous some people are.

  • Iffy Miffy

    I am sure Glee producers are shaking in their boots. NOT. Instead they are rubbing their hands in glee at the free publicity while the rest of us laugh with them about the general insanity of this family.

  • Erik

    If you do something stupid, then expect people to talk about it. Jeez, if your a public pit head, then this stuff shouldn’t really bother you. The were right on mark.

  • Ann_Howard

    Lindsay has exchanged her life and talent for parties and drugs. It’s the truth, and it’s easy to make fun of. That’s Hollywood – and that’s life. With or without this scene, thought Gwyneth was excellent on Glee last night!

  • Kay

    Anything to stay in the press.

  • Sheryl

    OMG seriously?! Dina get a life and tell your daughter to clean up instead of enabling her drug habit!

  • Terry

    I remember how snide she was when this was happening to Britney……Pay Back is HELL . And when she is always on national TV talking about her daughter what does she expect

  • Wondering

    Sorry a bit off topic but am I the only one who hates gwyenths voice? I don’t think it’s something I want to hear often. It grates

  • Juno

    Way to go, Dina. Set yourself up for more ridicule. If you and your brood would stop doing stupid crap OUT IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY, FOR EVERYBODY TO SEE, then stuff like this wouldn’t happen. It’s called reaping what you sow. Put your attention where it belongs, on getting your daughter better FOR REAL, keep her out of the public eye because she DOESN’T need to be there right now, and do some serious overhaul of your values and her goals.

  • Anon

    The subtitles misspelled Lindsay’s name the first time they mention her, but have it right the second time.

  • Lana

    @ilia: are you dina in disguise? lol it’s a joke. if lindsay wasn’t so troubled there wouldn’t be jokes about her in the first place. if anyone were to step in it would be lindsay herself. dina obviously seems like she just wants to get attention. why else couldn’t she answer matt lauer’s questions.

  • anna

    i don’t know how it works in the states, but in brazil they could sue for moral damage, and it’s up to the judge to decide what comes first, that or the freedom of speech. But come on Dina! It was a joke! SNL made fun of her countless times, and so did many other comedians! If she doesn’t like how she is pictured she should change!

  • Cami

    Gues that’s how Dina has to get money these days since her cash cow is not raking in enough for her.

  • Jokergurl

    Dina should be more concerned with how she messed up her own child, I know LL is 24 now but, she started very young and instead tried to be Lindsay’s buddy instead of her mother. Dina Lohan is an idiot, living off her daughter, she should be glad Lindsay’s being mentioned in pop culture at all with all the bridges that Lindsay has burned.

  • Hilarious!

    @lina:Lindsay Lohan is crazy, she did go to rehab alot it’s common knowledge- glee didn’t start rumours- they made a hilarious joke about an idiot! Her mum should also be the bud of jokes because she too is crazy- learn to parent and you wouldn’t be in this mess!!