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Ian Somerhalder: 'Sexiest Man Alive' Feature!

Ian Somerhalder: 'Sexiest Man Alive' Feature!

Vampire Diaries hunk Ian Somerhalder has been named “Supernaturally Spectacular” in People’s 2010 Sexiest Man Issue (with Ryan Reynolds on the cover).

“Human beings love things that are sexy but scary,” says Ian, 32. “[I feel sexiest] first thing in the morning, when I’m most relaxed. I have three animals in the bed, and there’s fur everywhere in the sheets. It would be a little weird for me to say that I feel sexy with all my kitties. I would be ‘that guy.’ ”

See who else made the Sexiest Man cut at!

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  • Cynthia

    He seems so…small?

  • Sarah

    OK,he lost a vote with the fur thing…….

    But I lovee himmm!!


  • yassss

    damn, another hot guy who should just not speak =/

  • Iffy Miffy

    Now he is sexy!

  • TXpert

    PEOPLE mag jumped the shark a long time ago with this campaign.

    Reynolds IS handsome…BUT not sexy. There’s a diff. JON HAMM …OR Joe Manganiello…are sexy..TO ME.

    But this campaign isnt about sex appeal…it’s about popularity. Reynolds has new movie coming out and they’re hyping it.

    PEOPLE loves..loves..POP culture…thus Kim-K hosting it’s Sexiest Man Alive show.

  • Pati

    As TXpert said, it is more of a popularity contest than a who is sexiest contest. That said. with this being a big year with shows like “Lost” having their final season. Why is that none of the actors from the show made the list. I mean can you say JOSH HOLLOWAY!!!

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    …i would kill for those eyes.

  • Vanessa

    Being an animal lover is always sexy in my book!I wake up with 3 pets in my bed too. Its nice to know that ppl like him do the same thing!

  • Elisilla

    I also have 3 cats! I like him even more! He is sexy! but that pic, mmm I don’t think it was the right one to choose.

  • Tracy

    @TXpert:Completely agree. It is about who is popular right now. With Ian Somerhalder yes he is good looking but sexy, come on. He just has alot of fans and he knows how to talk to them. Feel bad for the guy though, he has a beautiful and very intelligent girlfriend. His fans went crazy when they found out so now he has to make it look like he is single or dating his co star Nina. All because he doesn’t want to lose his popularity. After reading this alot of his fans will say he broke up with her. He hasn’t he just knows they’ll go crazy.

  • jules

    aw hes so hot <3

  • Maria

    BOOO! Ryan is cute but not sexy nor the best looking! People got it WRONG!

  • jessica

    Sexiest Man of 2009 year Video

  • Stacie

    There are NO words … He’s just so Damn Beautiful .I love to just stop and stare at him . Love You Damon/Boone.

  • itziar

    he is sexy but i dont like the dark hair on him.

  • kimi

    @10 I hope it’s true that he is with Meghan! They looked like a cute couple. Some fans were nasty towards her on Twitter and I would do the same thing if I were Ian. He decided not to talk about his personal life in public and in my book that’s a good idea.

  • Sue

    I love animals and i LOVE Ian Somerhalder! He’s so gorgeous, HOT, sweet…………<3<3

  • Veronica

    Love Ian… I didn’t know he was a fan of cats… My kitty sheds all over the bed, I never thought of it as sexy… but I never had Ian Somerhalder on my bed with kitties… so that is totally different. So sweet thought a guy cuddling with his 3 kitties…

  • emma

    so hot :X

  • pup

    Soooo good looking.

  • http://shirarose1 Shira

    You found one Salvatore brother feature, but missed the other one — there’s a stunning picture/feature of Paul Wesley aka Stefan in People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue — don’t know how they ever got past Ian & Paul to even look at Ryan Reynolds . . .

  • Tippi

    He`s for me definitely the sexiest man alive!!!

  • zzzz

    Yeah, Jonathan Rhys Meyers BELONGS there, as well as Josh Holloway, and, of course His Hotness Ian. The other two were excluded because their shows have finished, silly reason.

  • Blah

    Haha really? I dont get it personally. He seems so cheesy.

  • Isaure

    Anybody who calls Meghan Auld beautiful must be blind!!Seriously she’s average at best.I’m not saying anything about her personnality that would be stupid since I don’t know her but one thing is sure: she has not been genetically blessed in the look department.

  • xxy

    Even though he is intense and sometimes seems too serious, he is also quite camp/fancy-frivolous and funny in real life, I always thought he was gay yknow :) I wonder if he is.

    Anyways, he’s quite hot even if he always takes the same type of pics.

  • Jade

    Erm…and why is it exactly that Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki never make these kind of lists? Are the dear people from People Magazine not watching Supernatural? These two guys are so much hotter than most guys on those lists.

  • kiki

    HE should have been on the cover, not Ryan. Ian is SO hot!!!! Love him! And he loves animals, awww so sweet – I have 4 cats that I share the bed with too so this makes me love Ian even more :)

  • kiki

    Now HE totally should have been on the cover instead of Ryan. OMG he is so hot, those eyes….. And I love that he loves animals and shares his bed with cats, that is so sweet, it makes me love him even more. And I share my bed with my cats too so I am used to fur covered sheets….hello Ian?

  • sarvenaz

    @Tracy: Ian isn’t like that though. he isn’t stupid or a egomaniac, he is smart and real. he wouldn’t say he broke up with someone just to not loose his popularity that’s just dumb, he did break up with her but no one knows why because that’s his business and whoever he dates is his business. Whoever is dating him is lucky because he is awesome and true to himself and he adores his fans. He should be the one on the cover.

  • Dee

    Ian is extremely hot and sexy, but also has a kind heart. He loves his fans and is very engaging and accessible. Truly wish he was on the front cover and was number one.

    As for Meghan Auld, Ian has made it very clear she is his
    “ex” girlfriend. They are NO LONGER together. As to whether he is with Nina Dobrev, if I were a betting person I would lay odds on their relationship. They are very very close……(friends)…..

  • Bridie

    He’s got amazing eyes!!

  • michelle


    I agree!

  • Ginger

    OMG! I know what he’s talking about when he says his kittens!! HAHAHAHAHAHA… OKAY, I’m just kidding… He is a sexy man! Now that’s he’s older and not a younger kid, he makes me drool!!!

  • jen

    @Jade: agreed. They are gorgeous, especially Jensen. I do love Paul Wesley and Ian, but I think Jensen and Jared should be on this list too, they are hotter. Ryan Reynolds is not as hot, yet he gets the cover?

  • Seprah


  • uma

    This is so stupid. To say Ryan Reynolds is not sexy is ridiculous. He is sexy to some and not to others that’s the reality. It’s just like how some people like Johnny Depp and think he is sexy and all the other sexiest men alive. It’s all an opinion just like looks in general. Sexy is the same thing it’s an opinion just because YOU don’t think he’s sexy doesn’t mean he isn’t, just as even if he’s on the cover doesn’t make him sexy for everyone. It’s just pointless in arguing who should be on a sexy cover when sexy is different to everyone. There won’t be 100% of people satisfied with the cover. The fact of the matter everything in life is really just based on what you believe.

  • Seprah

    @jen: i love jensen but i don’t find him to be hotter than ian. he’s hotter than paul but not ian. jared is cute not hot and sexy like ian.

  • brenda

    For me Ian somerhalder and Johnny depp are the best ,those are really sexy guys!!

  • rachel


    Oh my God! If you don’t find Ian Somerhalder sexy you must either not be all that familiar with him or you are dead from the waist down. He just exudes sex. Watch The Vampire Diaries and I think you will get it.

  • rachel


    Oh my God! If you think Ian Somerhalder is not sexy then you must be totally unfamiliar with him or you are dead from the waist down. Just watch The Vampire Diaries. Ian just exudes sex appeal. The dangerous eyes, the expressions, the voice, the smirk, the smile. You certainly can’t tell from a picture. You have to see the man in action!

  • Rita

    he’s so handsome!

  • YUM

    He is most definitely the most attractive man that I have ever seen, and that I will possibly ever see. He deserves to win “Sexiest Man Alive” every year.

  • suzzzzer

    DROP. DEAD. SEXY. enough said….

  • rozana brazil


  • lea

    i don’t know anything about his popularity and his girlfriends…i’m not his fan….i do not even watch vampire diaries BUT ian somerhalder for me is one of the sexiest and hottest creature ever. i don’t say that he is the most beautiful but if we talk about hottest men…come on…he is really stunning and nothing to do with that:>>>and he gets hotter with the age. his look is FGHUJKLMNJBHGVHUSDVLSD o____O