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Kate Bosworth: House of Tailoring in Hollywood

Kate Bosworth: House of Tailoring in Hollywood

Kate Bosworth shields her face from the sun while leaving the House of Tailoring on Wednesday (November 17) in Hollywood.

The 27-year-old actress wore an H&M sweater, Chloe skirt, Maison Martin Margiela pumps, and JewelMint earrings.

Kate recently wrapped up production on her latest comedy, BFF & Baby, with co-stars Rachel Bilson and Krysten Ritter.

In case you missed it, check out some shots of Kate in her next film, The Warrior’s Way.

The fantasy action film also stars Geoffrey Rush and Korean actor Don-gun Jang.

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  • http://haha haha

    Kate is great!

  • ASkar

    My little lady is looking a little pale and ghastly,I’m surprised the sun didn’t burn her up into ashes.

  • Beige


  • Beige
  • JC

    I used to have a big crush on this girl back in the Blue Crush days. Her looks are disappearing as fast as her career. She just always looks really unhealthy and like she’s on something. Not attractive at all. A real shame she let herself get away like this. She used to be so easy on the eyes. Now I don’t even want to look at her.

  • George W

    That tight bun is not good for her receding hairline,she doesn’t need to be any balder!

  • i look better

    If this is as high as Askars standards go then I definately have a look in….geez give me a break she is so ugly and the clothes she wears are so dull and boring and OLD looking….raise your standards please Mr Skarsgard your ex’s have been sooooooooo much prettier, whats the deal?!

  • rude

    She looks like trash. A washed up “star” in one of the ugliest ensembles I’ve ever seen.

  • TrueBlade

    So paps hang out at the House of Tailoring? The vet’s? The post office?
    Suuure! Her Beigeness really doesn’t have them on speed dial.

    Btw, did they take taper her weave while she was there? They should have done something about prairie skirt she was wearing.

  • Brightside

    A walking corpse!

  • phat-ruley

    Yah she WAS once a promising actress w/ a few starring films & endorsement deals on the side plus she was also then w/ the just-sidekick-franchise actor Orlando Bloom. But when she & OB got dunzo, her so-called promising career flies out of the window too & OB never really make it big on his “own” outside those franchised movies.
    That goes to say “some looks” would only gets you somewhere but talent would make you stay “relevantly longer”.

  • challah

    Is the House of Tailoring a real tailor? And they let her out of their sight dressed like this? In a potato sack with a tea towel sewed together on top? What a fashion icon.

  • nicole

    Paps on speed dial=no class!!

  • Reality check

    “she WAS once a promising actress”
    I agree with you, but I won’t say she was promising. We’re no talking about a great lost talent. I think she’s just a one hit girl = blue crush.

  • Love

    wherever she goes, we dont care. don’t want to be mean. but it”s the truth.
    And i agree with “Reality check” i liked kate on blue crush, but that’s it. i liked wonderland too. but yeah…..calling the paps and being a famewhore is not really classy

  • R&M

    What’s with that hairstyle? Add a bone and she’s Pebbles Flintstone.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • pr 101

    I see she’s wearing her Jewel Mint earrings in this latest ad produced by Pacific Coast News.

  • pr 101

    The styling is interesting. Looks like Jewel Mint is trying to tap into the Sister Wife market.

  • pr 101

    The styling is interesting…Looks like Jewel Mint is trying to tap into the Sister Wife market.

  • Gab

    What the hell is up with this outfit and the hair? I swear she’s dressed almost exactly like my Polish neighbor’s grandma from the old country.

  • Wilson

    She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • cute

    cute girl. bad style.

  • Swedophile

    She has a stylist, right? Must have been her day off.

  • blonde lover

    The only time Kate looks good anymore is when she’s styled for an event. She looks like shit the rest of the time.

  • LisaM

    WOW!! BREAKING NEWS!!! Kate Bosworth leaves a store looking like a zombie bag lady!! She’s so disgusting!!!

  • slanted view

    There is no other way to say it – someone needs to tell her that the bun on the head or any attention to her f-d up face is a mistake of major proportion. What is going on here? I know we joke about her blah beige taupeness but does she not get a clue that she looks like cr*p in those colors?????

  • TrueBlade


    Her stylist, Cher is next to her. Both look mashed.

  • muppet show Is she spitting something in the third picture ?
    i think she wore this kind of trush because she wanted to give extra weight (weight ?? ohh sorry forbidden word) to her earrings!! she would do anything in order to advertise her Jewelry.


    She should audition for “The Walking Dead”

  • Lulu Guinness

    great post…It’s very useful for us..Thanks.

  • umm

    awful style…

  • Bridie

    Horrible hairstyle!!! Gawd…

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    WTF Is she wearing?

  • Ella

    This is not a girl who’s attractive when left to her own devices. Bad hair, bad clothing choices, all of it. And we’re supposed to buy she’s some kind of ‘fashion icon?’

  • Annie

    This is sad. She should go home, and I mean home and stop trying.
    She’s too old to be famous without talent. Does she have parents or sibling?

  • F@me M0n$t3r

    wow she’s dressed like a 1950′s homeless person.

    someone tells this chick to f.u.c.k off, useless overexposed betch.

  • She’s so Beige

    She’s much more boring than Taupe (Jennifer Garner) and no class at all. The bun is amazingly unflattering. The earrings are fugly. And once again, after 3 weeks of working, she’s unemployed again. The only person who’s on JJ more than she is and works a lot less is Rachel Bilson, who I see got a mention here because she pays Jared a monthly stipend to mention her name anywhere he can or run pics of her doing nothing in a vain attempt to seem relevant. Her former-and-now-current fiance Hayden Christensen does not oblige her by being seen walking the streets of LA or want to be by her side shopping or taking the dob to the vet, so she is hanging off of KB’s beige skirts.

    You know, they have wonderful looking wigs and partials now that can cover female pattern baldness very nicely. KB doesn’t have to look like that if she doesn’t want to.

  • Honest, Hate Free

    The more I look at Kate Bosworth pictures, the more I believe ASkars is gay and she’s his beard or something is very wrong with him.
    Kate doesn’t have sex-appeal and looks like an androgynous child. Ew, Alex must have some serious issues with women.

  • CMM

    Why does everyone hate Kate ? Seriously, she did nothing, but the only thing I see here is terrible comments about her.

  • Julie

    Please, given that there’s been daily or twice daily shots of Kate “accidentally” being papped for the last month, people can be forgiven for being very tired of seeing her here. Bosworth doesn’t even try and hide how much she needs and wants pap shots. Her stylist linked to this JJ post to flog the earrings Kate just so happens to be wearing. PR this blatant is not attractive.

  • Tanter

    She might actually be a nice person irl – who knows. The obvious famewhoring and desperate attempts to stay relevant makes her seem very annoying though. Also she’s really, really skinny again :O It looks horrific IMO.

  • slanted view

    Maybe Cher secretly really hates her. That’s why she dresses her like this. Because you can’t care about someone and send them out looking like this – you just can’t.

  • Julie

    She probably knows her target market is middle America for JewelMint and this is her version of a “mini-van American” outfit.

  • Olivia

    She looks like a complete train wreck, from head to toe. The hair up like that, with the big earrings that accenuate her not so tiny ears, is the worst.

  • Kate’s an Alien

    OMG the f’in Alien again. …run people..there is no way that Kate is 100% human …she should have her DNA tested lol…I’m surprised that the church of Scientology has not captured this creature yet!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oh my god

    OH my god she never even showed up to her own BFF wrap up party. what the f*ck is her problem she has no other problem sticking her boney body out to other public events. what’s wronge with attending her own wrap up party oh yes to low class for her.
    according to some rumor she only did the film as a favor because it’s alexander’s friends wife Kat Coiro who directed it. how pathetic can kate get!!! ah yes don’t tell me she is trying to stay all low key to impress her SUPPOSED BF ALEXANDER. and we are going to be delighted with another set of pics of the dead corpse for her latest failed film the warriors way premiere. lets see if alexander turns up

    amynadine Amy Nadine
    Junketing with Kate today for “The Warrior’s Way,” she’s wearing an amazing Isabel Mourant amazing dress with Tom Ford lip in Ginger Fawn…
    5 hours ago
    how strange isn’t tom ford one of alex’s favourite deisgners. now kate is using him

  • Molly Ringwald Called

    She wants her Sixteen Candles wardrobe returned.

  • I Don’t Think AS is Gay

    …but I do think he’s a troubled soul. KB is pretty undemanding for a guy with emotional issues. She just wants his fame and his money to promote herself and he can do to her whatever he wants and she won’t care. Look at her, so desperate, so weird looking and in beige she looks like a potato crossed with a banana.

    God she does look just awful, with receeding hairline and big ears with long ugly earrings dangling from them.

    Molly Ringwald does’t want the clothes back. She would wear them way better anyhow, even in the eighties when she was redheaded and prior to the boob job.