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Megan Fox Shops For Art & Antiques

Megan Fox Shops For Art & Antiques

Megan Fox wears a pair of green high heels and a tank top as she stops by the Regency Art & Antiques Gallery (accompanied by someone on staff) on Tuesday (November 16) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actress’ husband, Brian Austin Green, explained to Access Hollywood why the couple broke up in 2009 before they reconciled and got married. “I have an eight-year-old, he was two at the time, when Megan and I met. She helped me raise him and it’s a huge responsibility. There was a lot to it,” he said of his concern for Megan at the time she became famous.

“I didn’t want her to feel like she was stuck because she said she wanted to be in a relationship to begin with and we just never really went in different directions. We’d say, ‘Oh, let’s kind of take a break and see what’s going on.’ It always came back together,” Brian said.

15+ pictures inside of Megan Fox shopping for art and antiques…

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megan fox shops for art and antiques 01
megan fox shops for art and antiques 02
megan fox shops for art and antiques 03
megan fox shops for art and antiques 04
megan fox shops for art and antiques 05
megan fox shops for art and antiques 06
megan fox shops for art and antiques 07
megan fox shops for art and antiques 08
megan fox shops for art and antiques 09
megan fox shops for art and antiques 10
megan fox shops for art and antiques 11
megan fox shops for art and antiques 12
megan fox shops for art and antiques 13
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megan fox shops for art and antiques 15
megan fox shops for art and antiques 16
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41 Responses to “Megan Fox Shops For Art & Antiques”

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  1. 1
    yummy Says:

    who’s staff? thats the same male she went shopping with last month at a different store

  2. 2
    LastWord Says:

    I love this beach, she always looks sexy.

  3. 3
    cara Says:

    Her face look so weird, frozen and plastic-like. Whatever weird thing she did to her cheeks (injections? implants?), makes her look like she has an overbite now. She ruined her looks. And maybe why she is not getting any acting gigs. I wonder if she regrets that after all tha face work, she still can’t seem to book many parts. Certainly not A-list among her peer group. Her Jennifer’s body costar Amanda Seyfried seems to not have trouble getting jobs though, yet Megan gets offers to be in music videos. The moral here is dont mess with your face or you could mess with your career.

  4. 4
    Kriss Says:

    Talented, Beautiful, Sexy, Gorgeouse and 10 year younger than
    self promoted “humanitarin” Jolie

  5. 5
    jono Says:

    she looks great in everywhere………

  6. 6
    anonymous Says:

    Does she have buck teeth? I never noticed before but when smiles with her mouth closed it seems she does.

  7. 7
    babou Says:

    Woah, she needs to lay off the face work or whatever she injects. Megan now looks like the surgical cat-lady with all the work she has had done. Shame.

  8. 8
    mindy Says:

    she’s so easy to hate on but all the hate in the world still doesn’t make her any less smoking hot.

  9. 9
    haha Says:

    what’s going on in this picture?

  10. 10
    Beth Says:

    She looks stunning as always. Saw the interview that BAG gave with Access Hollywood very good interview people should check it out.

    He’s a decent man and a family man. They make one hot couple.

    Lovin BAG in Desperate Housewives.

    Ok, said my piece let the hate continue but their both winning.

  11. 11
    климатици Says:

    Megan is reeeeealy sexy!

  12. 12
    laverdadduele Says:

    What she should shop for is a new career.

  13. 13
    Lola Says:

    Megan used to b the sh*t before..i was all like “aww hell no that is my queen b right there!” these days she scares me…she on the road to meg ryansville as far as effin wit her face…please stop, no more! There still hope!

  14. 14
    From Paris with Love Says:

    She is sexy but her face looks fake now, there’s no denying. I wish some tv show host confronted her with before/after pictures just to see how this oh so badass-nonconformist-non-vain-and-superficial-non-appearence-obsessed girl would manage to give an answer LMAO
    Her eyes are starting to disappear… I hope for her sake she stops here. She is still sooo young i don’t get it that she doesn’t even tolerate any expression line on her face?! how will she bear growing old, when she hits 50 will she shoot herself? just as weird and sad as heidi montag.
    And this is NOT a question of being jealous, when there’s a beautiful girl in here, I’m glad to say so!

  15. 15
    MATT Says:

    How can she look SO HOT in even the most simplest clothes?! Wow, MEGAN FOX IS STILL THE HOTTEST WOMAN ALIVE!

  16. 16
    4 cm Says:

    I like brian in desperate housewives. he was great in smallville too.
    I don’t hate him anymore. bye

  17. 17
    ll Says:

    i want to see a sex tape of megan and brian
    and ryan and scarlett too

  18. 18
    S Says:

    She is so pretty! I just wish she didn’t have those ugly tattoos =(

  19. 19
    Lola Says:

    Even wit her weird plastic face, she still exudes more hotness than all the fake fame trolls crawling on all fours trying to b hot..just hope she realizes she doesnt need to eff wit herself so much. Leave it b already.

  20. 20
    Jake Says:

    her face’s swollen,plastic and ugly,her beauty is gone,she has droopy eyes too now,wow

  21. 21
    diva715 Says:

    #1 She is hot! Gorgeous

    To Cara: It’s not her botox that prevents her from receiving acting roles like Amanda Seyfried, it is her lack of acting experience, training and talent. You need to remember she was picked out of oblivion to be in Transformers. She’s not a trained actress. She’s like a super hot Maxim cover girl. She’ll do bombshell roles in film.

    To Kriss: Don’t get why you feel need to diss Jolie, she’s not self-promoted, lol, she’s the Amassador for the UNHCR for ten years. So its literally her job.

    I never thought she & BAG would make it. She’s been with him since 18. I would forecast she’ll bail on him sometime in the next 5 years. Or whenever she hits 29. Women take off at that age. Hope he prepares himself for that. It’s just what happens to every woman who marries her first love = Gone by 30!

  22. 22
    ale Says:

    You are doing publicist job on the site all the time,but nobody cares about them anymore.Brian’s patetic on Desperate Housewives,can’t wait him go away from Wisteria,there are many many ppl who don’t like him on DH.

    Jolie self promotes maybe but here there are Beth and other team ppl promoting talentless and insignificant BAG and MF.
    They aren’t even actors.

  23. 23
    sash Says:

    Doing here your publicist job as always?Nobody cares about them anymore,many many ppl don’t like BAG on Desperate Housewives,he’s mediocre actor,MF is talentless and waxy.They’ll go away soon even if you and their PR team working hard here,they can’t even be called actors,it’s ridiculous,Amanda Seyfried,Blake Lively,AJ are actresses,but you aren’t their publicist,right?

  24. 24
    lucy Says:

    she’s looking good again!

  25. 25
    jonhB Says:

    @sash ale
    agree publicists everywhere totally annoying

    megan doesn’t look as herself anmore,her new face’s weird
    what’s up with her right eye,is she going wonky as Paris?
    every celebrity who uses botox/injections has wonky eye,and now megan too crazy

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