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Nicole Kidman & Sunday Rose: Windy Day in NYC

Nicole Kidman & Sunday Rose: Windy Day in NYC

Nicole Kidman and her adorable daughter Sunday brave the windy weather while leaving their apartment on Wednesday (November 17) in New York City.

Nicole‘s hubby Keith Urban followed closely behind as the trio made their way to the airport.

The night before, Nicole, 43, attended a special screening of her film Rabbit Role, where she signed autographs for fans.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, and their daughter Sunday leaving their NYC apartment…

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  • Shawna

    Sunday Rose is a beautiful baby! She is a good combo of both her parents.

  • Ckayed

    That is one beautiful little girl!

  • believe

    Shawna, I agree totally. A perfect mix of both Nicole and Keith. Adorable!

  • Doris

    Why can’t these celebrity parents bundle up there kids the way they bundle themselves up.

  • BRB

    omg what an ugly kid. nightmares

  • naomi

    she dresses her kid like a granny. lmao granny freeze with her granny baby

  • KNut

    Suri & Sunday Rose have something in common; mothers who don’t know how to dress them appropriately for the weather.

  • ellie’

    Sunday is so beautiful.. Love Nichole ..& Keith

  • Domino

    Oh wow, I don’t care about these two but now THAT is a gorgeous kid unlike that ugly fish-mouth Shiloh.

  • kizbit

    Sunday is gorgeous! Like a little china doll.

  • Rainy Day

    @Dorris and KNut.

    Actually it has been in the high 50′s low 60′s in NYC. Plus the pictures that Jared didn’t buy and show are that of them walking right out of the door to their apartment building to the car. Sunday was probably not outside for more than 30 to 60seconds.

  • KNut

    @Rainy Day: “Sunday brave the windy weather . . . ” 50 degrees is still 50 degrees!

  • Bunny

    To all the negative statements made, I just have to say you must be drooling buckets of green jealousy slime, the stuff that matches your faces. She’s an absolutely gorgeous child. Too bad your kids faces look like a pot hole.

  • rick999

    I see Nicole’s NY condo is for lease and it’s pretty swanky.

  • belou48

    Sunday is beautiful. She really is a perfect combination of Nicole and Keith.

  • LH

    Scarves and hats, but none for Sunday? If they are only walking from the apartment to a car, why are Keith and Nicole dressed for the weather, but not their daughter? It should be the opposite. Where is Connor and Isabella?

  • belou48

    Suri wears sleeveless thin dresses with no tights and no jackets in the fall. Sunday is covered up just fine for fall.

  • Victoria

    Such a precious child! She has her mothers gorgeous skin. Again, we are picking on a babys clothes just like Suri’s. Children do not get cold like adults do, and keeping clothes on them running from a vehicle to a store and fastening them in a car seat, is a nightmare. One recent picture showed Nicole throwing a big blanket over her, running from a Starbucks to their car, and placing her in her carseat. Those things just won’t fasten with a Hugh coat on, then they burn up practically. I layer with sweaters and caps, and blankets also, just like Nicole and Katie Holmes. A saleswoman At a large department store said the heavy jackets rarely sale anymore. Just let moms do what is comfortable for their own child. They know what is best, and the child will not freeze.


    Beautiful little girl.

    A mother who KNOWS how to dress a child appropriately.

    Clothing matched to the weather perfectly, the age of the child, and the place, from her hosue to her private jet ride home to Nahsville.

    Adorable clean, well groomed child.

    Cute little sweater and Winter tights.

  • Sheri

    Oh my gosh … little Sunday is even MORE the spitting image of Keith as she gets older! So pretty! And I don’t get all the snarky comments about her attire ~ she’s warmly dressed and looks fine to me. I was too busy anyway staring at Keith and how hot HE is :)

  • Chrissy

    Super cute!!!!! Luv her outfit, she looks well layered, if they were getting into a car, I think her parents know how to care for their child!!!

  • shelly

    If you can’t have Keith’s baby, criticize the woman that does – even if it’s for something as stupid as what the baby has on. It’s not winter time and it’s not like they were going for an hour long walk in the tundra. If it makes you feel better about yourself to criticize, you must be in bad shape.

  • wei

    Fabulous Sunday Rose !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Go Ask Alice

    I think their little one is a cutie pie.
    I think Nicole has her dressed ok.Iagree they probably went from apt. to car.
    I think a hoodie would have been a good choice.
    Their child probably has a onsie, the shirt,and then the sweater(wool)or thickcotton.
    She has on tights.
    Just a hoodie though. You see her hair blowing.

    I sure hope Nicole,who I am a fan of, does her movieslike one or less a year and only work for a few months when Keith can go with her.She needs to go on tour with him.,

    I would not like to see her and Keith end up likeTony and Eva.

  • Maya

    Sunday is such a beautiful little doll baby and her parents are taking perfect care of her. One thing for sure, he has a shot of growing up without the crazy COS baggage attachment.

    Thank God she was fortunate enough to born to normal parents like Keith and Nicole.

  • Piper

    Nicole had NO lip on top when she was younger. Now her top lip with injections looks so wrong. Sooo wrong. Please stop the lip injections Nicole.

  • ashley

    omg she’s beautiful like an angel lol

  • sue

    Domino What are you two grow the F up and I bet your not winning any beauty contest yourself.

  • Star Fox

    You’re disgusting, #9.

    Agreed, #18.

    They’re celebrities just like TomKat are, #25. They’re not normal.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    She looks like a blonde version of Adam Sandler’s daughter.

  • Mrs T

    Just love this Aussie family … Love all Keith is achieving in his career and life and that he reaps and sews all his blessing and that he and Nicole find time for each other and their family and even more so time for giving of themselves to their fans and charities … NOTHING MORE NEEDS TO BE SAID – just like the rest of us they too will be judged by a higher power then those meagre mortals who are hell bent on bringing them down and or ridiculing their life choices …

  • pleasant

    Sunday is so cute and she is growing beautiful!!Nicole is caring about her girl,and put more clother on sunday!Somebody who attact nicole does not know how to care her baby,i wanna ask you ,can’t you see sunday wear more clothes??

  • robert

    sunday is one most beautiful baby

  • hoa

    Thanks JustJared so much. I love Nic and Keith’s family. I’m very pleased to see their photos. Sunday Rose is so beautiful.

  • http://nicole Alice cutie

    Sunny is gorgeous,very pretty little girl!!!!

  • marta

    Nicole looks beautiful here! Sunday looks cute but she’s not beautiful child and she’s dressed ugly…

  • carolina

    wow there is a lot of hateful miserable people here go to perez hilton please!!! its really cuestionabe your mental health when you make bad comments about a kid, famous or not famous.

  • peppy

    Sunday Rose and Nicole look cute together. But why is it that I never see pictures of Nicole with her other two kids. I dont think its fair that they spend all their time with Tom.

  • marta

    @KNut:Suri and Sunday are not only two little kids who are always dressed thiner than adults. Many kids on the street are dressed like that, I think this is a good way to make them immune

  • My

    Euw, pale ugly kid

  • m

    @shelly: I don’t think many of people who criticize here would like to have
    Keith’s baby, especially baby who looks like this child:/

  • chaonaine

    It’s funny how Nicole fans react for a comments that her daughter isn’t good looking. Don’t you see that this child is the only celebrity baby who is commented badly ( not good of course, but it says something)
    You think that each child is beautiful, especially when it’s your idol baby but this is just not true, people say what they see, these opinions are so objective!

  • nono

    so so pretty!!! love sunday rose~

  • shelly

    #41 – don’t kid yourself. There’s nothing worse than a woman scorned. Jealousy is an ugly thing and is what prompts some pathetic people from focusing their energies on hatred for someone who has what they want. Nicole has what they want. Too bad. Get over it and get a man of your own. Keith doesn’t want you. Never did. Never will.

  • KNut

    @marta: I’m sure the New England Journal of Medicine would love to hear your theory on building up immunity by children not wearing jackets in cold weather. Ridiculous!

  • RAc

    The Baby looks like her Dad

  • omg

    Nicole looks happy with her life now, good for her, and her little lady “Sunday Rose” had beautiful eyes and skin like Nicole, as always Keith is a man for his girls.
    Beautiful family and both Nicole & Keith had success in their career, may God bless this family always.

  • Bella

    Sunday Rose appears to have the elegant and classy as her mother’s side, she is so gorgeous in her little sweater.

  • bertha

    Sunday is a beautiful baby! what a beautiful eyes!

  • Alison

    Beautiful little girl but perhaps a coat, boots and jeans would be more appropriate – not disimilar to how mama is dressed! Jeez moms, it ain’t rocket science!