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Blake Lively: 'Green Lantern' Trailer with Ryan Reynolds!

Blake Lively: 'Green Lantern' Trailer with Ryan Reynolds!

Ryan Reynolds dons his superhero suit in this shot from the official trailer for The Green Lantern, which was just released!

The pic is about a test pilot (Reynolds) who “is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe” (via IMDB).

Blake Lively stars as Carol Ferris, the Vice President of Ferris Aircrafts, which employs Ryan‘s character Hal Jordan.

The film is set to hit theaters on June 17, 2011!

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively: ‘Green Lantern’ Trailer Premiere
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  • Canlı Skor

    im so exciting for blake lively

  • kizbit

    Sexiest Man Alive! HAHA! They should have used that goofy picture of him in that green suit!

  • frazzle

    wow… that movie looks pretty bad.

  • Juciy

    Blake looks beautiful as a brunette,her cant is bad tho

  • Juciy

    Blake looks beautiful as a brunette,her cant act tho

  • Butter_Fly

    I’m sorry but that just looks stupid.

  • Gaby

    He my be cute, but Ryan is dfinetly NOT a good actor. He works better as a comedy actor than an action one… Grenn Lantern isn’t the best “heroe” ever, so the actor who would play him should have more charisma and be more expontaneous (and also learn how to be serious).. Reynolds isn’t like that in this movie.
    Also, that purple alien is just pathetic. Come on!

  • Monroe

    Whas this an attemp to make ‘Green Lanter’ as COOL as ‘Iron Man’? This rock soundtrack or the ‘rebel’ character try to transform Ryan into something like Robert Dwoney Jr. But there’s a huge difference…

  • Cristobal

    Hm. We’ll see how this goes

  • dddd

    YES. this looks great. And in regards to anyone’s apprehension over the effects. This movie is 3 months into a 9 month post production process. Give it some credit for having this much done.

    Reynolds looks great. and blake too lol.

  • WTF

    OMG this seriously looks bad. I’m sorry Captain America better be good because this looks bad. I keep saying this, why does Ryan look funny in the Green Latern suit. His body shape it’s not like that?

    Brian Austin Green should have been the Green Latern PERIOD. Blake that’s some serious bad acting there too but a pretty girl.

    Oh well, see what happens. Maybe a second trailer will improve this.

  • M

    they didn’t even include much of Blake in the trailer because her acting is so bad. and even from those two bits we can see how bad her acting is. I bet the director has been biting his elbows since day I of filming when he realised you can’t make anything with that Blake Lively material no matter how hard you try…..

  • opinion

    This is going to be awesome! It’s fresh and unique. I love it!
    I’m not familiar with this actor but he’s great in this trailer and
    this movie looks exciting! I can’t wait! I always love it when it has
    something to do with alien lifeforms. Grreat! can’t wait!

  • Sadie

    Blake Lively only offers a blank stare- she cant even speak without muttering.

  • Cass


    Reynolds is definitely not a good actor? Watch “Buried” and think again. He was really good in that one. His acting in Smokin Aces or Fireflies in the Garden wasn’t that bad either. He CAN act, he just needs a good script and better dialogues (like most actors) to show his skills.

  • DC

    Ehh this movie doesn’t suit Ryan or Blake at all. Casting fail.

  • Elena

    honestly this movie looks really bad
    are we supposed to believe that Blake is a pilot? seriously?

  • sanjaya

    not a good trailer. like seriously?

  • http://yummy yummy

    Bad acting from Blake……Shocking!

  • Emma B.

    Hahaha, “I know, right?!” xD

    I’m actually looking forward to this. A lot.

  • Matt


    I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised and I was going to give this a chance but no thanks. I’m much more excited for ‘Deadpool’ it suits Ryan better.

  • Matt


    I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised and I was going to give this a chance but no thanks. I’m much more excited for ‘Deadpool’ it suits Ryan better.

  • Matt


    I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised and I was going to give this a chance but no thanks. I’m much more excited for ‘Deadpool’ it suits Ryan better.

  • Jenn

    Is Blake Lively seriously trying to be a bad actress? We all know she can act. I’ve seen her acting before, this is just…, what is she doing? the first line she delivers sounds like she’s reading off a prompter.

  • Aylin

    I didn’t thought before Blake was such a bad actress. But the way she deliver that line “This test today is important” was just awful. Anyone could act like that.

  • Tess


    I hope this is also a HUGE wake up call to Christopher Nolan for the new Batman movie….DON’T CAST BLAKE LIVELY!

  • b-harper

    if a movie fails the woman always gets blamed. ryan cant act to save his life. seriously……..he looks like hes mentally 5 years old.

  • Jay

    Awful acting of Blake. Terrible, actually.
    And the movie looks incredible stupid.

  • dee

    wow a lot of haters here, what did Blake and Ryan ever do to u guys? and that’s just from a trailer.

  • http://JasmineWaltz Jasmine Waltz

    this is the worst acting of Blake’s career

  • dieselpolo

    this is going to be regrettable. shame, bc Ryan Reynolds seems like an affable guy.

  • ****

    That looks like a fan made trailer edited together with old clips from Gossip Girl, Van Wilder, Buying The Cow and random ’90s sci-fi TV shows. Horrible.

  • AJ

    As much as I like Blake, I just don’t think it would be believable for her to be a pilot, when she delivered her line, she sounded so innocent, which I like, but it’s not good for the movie. And Ryan Reynolds doesn’t do for me anymore. I guess it’s just another superhero movie which focuses more on visual effects and humour rather than acting and storyline…

  • disha

    wow..blake is Horrible, she cant act, she not even pretty, she cakes on make up and wears all the high end model gear to look even somewhat worthy to look at. All the pictures of her are airbrush and photo shop. The only thing she has going is her legs. Her fake Breats are not attractive when she flashes them to get attention…coming from a family where her parents are in entertaiment business as talent managers should have been able to see there is NO talent there…. ..she really sucks. Leighton meester rocks!! hope Leighton gets more films!!

  • Slick Mittens


    Hollywood is running a glut of superhero movies right now, and if you think it’s already overloaded, just wait until the Avengers movie comes out. But in the meantime, we’re getting the comic book backpages. Sure, “Superman” and “Batman” were naturals, and okay, “Spider-Man” and “The Incredible Hulk” proved their worth as popular 70’s TV shows, but along the way someone got greedy. We got a Catwoman spinoff directed by a guy with one name, Ghost Rider starring an entirely too old Nicolas Cage and some fake hair, and not one but two Punisher movies, only one of which had Thomas Jane. And let’s not forget that Daredevil starred both Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell (shudder – possibly the worst offense of all). But while we keep getting movies made about superheroes that barely anyone outside of a comic book convention has ever heard of, should we immediately write them off as quickly made cash grabs? I mean, the best part about last year’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine might just have been the five minutes Ryan Reynolds was onscreen as the relatively unknown “Deadpool.” It left you wondering, could Reynolds have the charisma to carry an entire movie about a comic book character that 90% of the populace has never even heard of? Well, wonder no more, as Green Lantern opens up next summer, and we’ve got our first glimpse at the trailer.
    Reynolds plays Hal Jordan, a daring test pilot who flies by the seat of his pants both in and out of the cockpit, and Blake Lively plays his by-the-book partner who seems like she could be a real uppity one. After having to ditch a plane mid-air, it seems like Jordan’s life couldn’t get any worse, but then he finds an alien that crash landed to earth, who informs him that he has been chosen by a very special ring to join the Green Lantern Corps to protect the universe, and anything he can dream up in his mind, the ring makes happen; a very exclusive job for only the most fearless. After playing around with the ring for a bit, a very big-headed Peter Sarsgaard proves to be a threat to society, and a CGI suited Green Lantern must stop him from doing….something.
    This movie has been getting buzz since it was announced Reynolds would be taking the role, rather than a much-expected Deadpool spinoff, and then over the summer, Entertainment Weekly released photos of the all-CGI suit that would be used in the film (that’s right, the entire suit has been painted on in post-production), that started debates about how real the entire thing could possibly be. But now we get the trailer, and by the looks of it, all five seconds, we don’t have any reason to complain about the suit….yet. In fact, we don’t have much to complain about at all. Reynolds seems his normal, charming self, and aside from a more sci-fi tale than your normal superhero movie, as we visit alien worlds and see alien versions of other Green Lanterns, the whole thing looks to be really well put together.
    But, there is one gripe I have, and that’s in Blake Lively. She seems fine on “Gossip Girl”, and in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and she wasn’t the worst thing about this summer’s The Town, but acting next to Reynolds, who just seems like a natural in front of the camera, is proving Lively to be a liability in the couple seconds we see of her in the trailer. On top of that, we just have to question how the director is going to play the whole “anything I see in my mind, I can create” scenario, as the only real power we see so far is in the form of a giant cartoon fist knocking out three bad guys in a back alley. Will they take a knowing nod to the comic book art of the golden age, or is this going to get kiddie and campy real quick?
    So, will it suck? No. Reynolds has just been fun to watch, starting back in 2002 with his big-screen breakout with Van Wilder to the guy’s version of a chick-flick with 2008’s Definitely, Maybe. He’s relaxed, charming, and funny, and yes, we might just have a movie crush on him. So expect him to carry the movie, much like Robert Downey Jr. did with Iron Man. The major question comes in the form of the graphics – what will that suit look like in action, and how cartoony will the ring’s special powers actually be? From the looks of it, we aren’t worried, as the suit seems to come off with a surprising touch of reality, and that “giant punch” looks more like a clever in-joke for comic book fans, that will probably be played up minimally in the film. Summer seems far away, but from what we’re seeing, in our books, “green” means go.

  • Crystal

    @Jenn: Not everyone knows she can act. She gets as much criticism for her acting as her Gossip Girl co-star Chace Crawford does for his. Unfortunely for Blake and her PR team, her being a bad actress is a very popular opinion.