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Bar Refaeli & Giorgio Armani: Yacht Trip!

Bar Refaeli & Giorgio Armani: Yacht Trip!

Bar Refaeli shows love for designer Giorgio Armani in this shot from Harper’s Bazaar.

The 25-year-old model joined Giorgio on his yacht, Main, and chatted about everything from lifestyles to Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Oh, [Leo]‘s good,” Bar replied. “He’s jealous I’m here.”

“I’ll bet!” Giorgio replied.

As for why he loves his yacht, Giorgio dished, “It’s hugely satisfying. This is the end of my life. The ‘end,’ let’s say, quote unquote. So I need to spoil myself.”

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Photos: Frederike Helwig
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  • MlleF


    He’s jalous…right right naïve big ego girl…

  • AnonymousDiva

    Wonder how much Bar’s mommy paid for this latest PR stunt.

  • ilia

    Oh no, the old man feet; disgusting…

  • ;)

    Isn`t it interesting that her famous cash-cow … sorry, boyfriend is a huge Armani fan and friend of the Armani family? Apparently it`s still not enough to get her an actual campaign… Only a yacht ride. Like Leo`s recent visit to Israel wasn`t enough PR for her. Good timing, mommy!
    Armani and the yacht steal the show from her so this is just another typical Refaeli modeling job. LOL!

  • guest girl

    Ewww, she looks like a cheap and creepy version of Heidi Klum! What’s the point of this whole shoot? Her? I doubt. Armani and the boat? That sounds more interesting! The Leo reference is rather pathetic and speaks volumes about the source of her “success”.

  • K$

    he looks like a mummy

  • tal

    she’s stunning

  • Ruth

    AnonymousDiva @ 11/18/2010 at 3:04 pm +3

    Wonder how much Bar’s mommy paid for this latest PR stunt.

    Are you for real? Do you think a man of Armani’s stature would do PR?

    If you are really a fan of Leo, then you should care enough to want him to be happy in his private life. The man is obviously in love with Bar and it isn’t a stunt – it’s for real. Perhaps it won’t last but that will be their decision and no one else.

    As for work, Bar earns more than any of us put together even if she isn’t a super model!

  • GG

    I don’t get all the hate..

  • @Ruth

    Let`s be honest here. She wasn`t picked to do this shoot with Armani because of her talent, charisma or because she is the best model out there. What do you think it was? Or who do you think the reason was? A PR stunt in her case is not too far fetched even if it involves Armani or not.
    `The man is obviously in love with Bar and it isn`t a stunt – it`s for real.` Sure. Typical Bar fan.

  • ohgoaway

    lmfao! she cant even get the campaign? but only these boat trips with a listers, laughable. seriously laughable. she is just another paris hilton, not a model!

  • Brett

    ew god she’s ugly! and fat. who is she?

  • Not Jealous

    I doubt Leo is jealous that she’s there. He’s probably GLAD if anything!!! lol Leo is jealous that Barfie is on a boat! Yeah right!!

  • ahh

    Just Jared members= 90 percent haters. Gotta love em lulz

  • What is the point??

    I dont think Leo is jealous. He tries hard not to be seen with her in public. By the way when was this “yatch trip” and what is the point?!?! I mean is she modeling something or is she just “servicing” Armani! I wouldnt put it past her.

  • George W

    Is that Mickey Rourke???? lol



    goto for pics !!!!!

  • Guest

    It’s weird how a 25 year old girl can look as old as heidi klum, who is 35 and has 3 children! or should i say : it’s amazing how heidi klum can look as young as a 25 year old girl? i don’t know, but i think Bar really looks older than 25…I love her smile though!
    Btw, Where are her last vacation pictures in Israel with Leo? (that what i was expecting instead of this Armani thread); has she really spent quality time with him as her fans claim?it would be nice if JJ post some pics of Leo; his fans miss him very much..!!! please J2!

  • @17

    In your dreams. First of all post the link to the actual photos ( if they really exist ). Second of all as far as I know Leo is not Jewish so how could he marry her in Israel? Plus I highly doubt he would get married without his father being present and he clearly wasn`t there.

  • whoring

    Oh god!!!!!! She had sex with Giorgio Armani !!!!!!

  • here

    he’s not Jewish and according to the Jewish law no one can convert for the sake of just marriage…. he has to believe in JUDAISM from the beginning to the end to be called a Jew… simple!…

  • ;)

    One way to promote a website…

  • here

    and… i don’t even want to THINK what these two did on the yacht…. it should be clear to everyone…. hey! bar / herflies…. explain what is this called????…. and don’t u dare say MODELING!… coz it’s NOT!!!!…. it’s no longer about Leo…. it’s bout her now…. and i’m glad that she / her mommy reads these threads…. so they know what the general public thinks of her…. TZIPI!!!…. it’s not nice to use ur own daughter like that!….

  • #17 is malware infested SPAM

    Do a system check if you clicked on the link.

    Armani is an artist who has contributed much to the world of fashion.Even if you don’t appreciate his work, he is an elderly man being loyal to his friend. He deserves respect.

    She is ignorant, deceitful, and untalented. She deserves to be ignored.

  • here

    @MAZALTOV: post the actual pics… or just SELL them out… u’d make TONS of CASH on those….

  • Halli

    Ewww. Close your legs old man

  • she looks like a witch

    all she needs is a broom!

  • Not Engaged

    I think this trip was for publicity. Too bad she looks like a w9hore.


  • ;)

    @28: Good point. I said it before award season is coming for Leo and a trip to his long time girlfriend`s homeland is good for his `mature` image. Even without photos and tons of security it was pretty much in the know that he was there. There was an article posted on a site and it said Leo could have made an effort to make public appearances in Israel. NOT for the paparazzi but he visited some places ( some eco thing and the Rabin center ) but he refused to be photographed. Tons of security and he stayed in the hotel a lot. His first visit was a disaster because of the media so on one hand I understand it but I totally see the point of the article as well.


    jealousy people is still here! She’s flawless, perfection!

  • Jessica

    wow Bar is stunning!!!!!!

  • sincerelyyours

    Bar looks so gorgeous. She has a really beautiful smile!!

  • Engaged

    I think leo and Bar are secretely engaged and are keeping it a secret!

  • pretty

    Cool how leo was jealous that BAR was there. That is so cute. They make a gorgeous couple though. I heard Leo went to Israel and spent time with her family. That is sweet.

  • pretty

    Cool how leo was jealous that BAR was there. That is so cute. They make a gorgeous couple though. I heard Leo went to Israel and spent time with her family. That is sweet..

  • crazySue

    Bar looks so glamourous. She is a classic beauty.

  • Jeisa

    Bar is way overrated. I do not one bit see her appeal. She’s chunky fat and all she has is those boobs she bought at the store. She only got so much attention because everyone loves Leo… Her time is over….and I’m glad with about 90% of the rest of the world. Leo will NEVER marry her, NEVER..he’d be a fool and he’s not….he’s a smart guy and his Mom would never approve of her ways. She’s not runway and she has even lost most or all of her campaigns. She’ll get work again when her Mommy gets it for her……period.

  • hahaha

    Armani looks scary lol. Bar is very beautiful though.

  • hahaha

    Armani looks scary lol. Bar is very beautiful though!

  • Genna

    I agree Bar and Leo make a cute couple! They got to spend sooo much time together in the middle EAST!! That was probably a birthday for Leo to remember!! He went there in the first place so that he could be with Bar since Bar could not come to the States! iSN’T THAT SUPER CUTE??!!!!! :) ;)

  • Andi Chimeria

    what do you want from a(25 year old adult) person who so Brainily said “The only reason I am a model is because I have BIG boobs” exactly where did they go ? they aren`t making an appearence in this photo? In fact they look more like her overweight naturally FLAT chested mother Tippzi.

  • Sarah Young

    She is extremely gorgeous. I’m so jealous lol. She seems to have the best life. Gorgeous supermodel, gets to work with Armani/Harper’s Bazaar and she’s dating LEONARDO DICAPRIO. I want her life lol.

  • Genna

    @Sarah Young:

    ahhhhhhhhhhh omg i totally agree!!!! You rock!! lol. Bar has the best life it seems!

  • GreekGirl

    Hey Bar, if you’re good friends with Giorgio, couldn’t he at least get her an ad campaign or something?Maybe open his runway show?
    Oh wait, i must have forgotten. You’re a terrible model.

    Sorry babe, reality bites :P

  • guest girl

    The Looney Tunes is on again featuring the exact same bar fan using different names posting every minute!
    Apparently even ‘scary’ looking people like Armani have more successful careers than bar! LOL!
    Is it really her? I mean this model is wearing clothes and clothes are not bar’s thing…

  • muah

    Yeah i read that Leo went to Israel to spend time with Bar and he brought his mom. I’m a huge leo fan and it makes me happy to see that Leo has found the perfect girl for himself. He would never have gone back there unless he really loved Bar. The reason is because that was one of the only ways he could see her. Plus it’s obvious he wanted to spend his birthday with her. I love following this couple because they seem so adorable.

  • here

    @#30: J??.. WE?.. of WHO?.. HER????… c’mon!… gimme a break!!…. i’m not even J that her bf is a celeb so what else has she got?.. no! not her.. sorry.. not her.. not her bf.. not her mommy… not her career.. i’ve been offered modeling by one of top designers of my country… also known internationally… i’m his client btw…. so not like i’m missin out on anythin BIG here to be J of… the difference -> ME! turned down the offer, even when he still keeps insistin that i should take it up as a full time career… SHE! would do anythin for a single SHOT…

    i’m MBA ‘marketing’…. but, plus is, i look only 19… so maybe i would.. i mean, i think i might…. let’s see how things turn out…. wish me luck TEAM-LEO….

  • yellit

    Bar is in the big leagues!

  • wow

    That girl has got such a beautiful smile

  • J.

    She is the poor man’s Gisele.. although I kinda like the fact that she doesn’t starve herself to look like the other models, which is probably (one of) the reasons why her career is in the shits. But who needs a job when you’re dating Leo DiCaprio?! being his girlfriend is her main job, plain and simple.. and s long as she is with him, people care about / hire her.