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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Two Kohl's Lines in the Works!

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Two Kohl's Lines in the Works!

Jennifer Lopez is fashion forward in Gucci as she and husband Marc Anthony attend a Kohl’s press conference on Thursday (November 18) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 41-year-old entertainer and Marc announced their newest venture – two contemporary lifestyle brands – with Kohl’s at the press conference. A press release explains that the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony brands will begin with apparel and accessories before branching out to include shoes and products for the home.

Look for the lines in Kohl’s stores and on beginning in the fall of 2011!

FYI: J. Lo finished her look with Gucci shoes and Gray jewels.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony at a press conference…

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jennifer lopez marc anthony kohls 01
jennifer lopez marc anthony kohls 02
jennifer lopez marc anthony kohls 03
jennifer lopez marc anthony kohls 04
jennifer lopez marc anthony kohls 05
jennifer lopez marc anthony kohls 06
jennifer lopez marc anthony kohls 07
jennifer lopez marc anthony kohls 08
jennifer lopez marc anthony kohls 09
jennifer lopez marc anthony kohls 10
jennifer lopez marc anthony kohls 11
jennifer lopez marc anthony kohls 12
jennifer lopez marc anthony kohls 13
jennifer lopez marc anthony kohls 14
jennifer lopez marc anthony kohls 15

Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • elle

    what’s going on with her hair? it looks like a wig

  • KimKardashian

    Oh great!! All the crappy ,cheap ,plastic you ever wanted stuff in a store near you. Added bonus Marc’s Skeletor line for the metro-sexual ,weekend coke- snorter ,zombie man line .Yeah!!…. can’t wait for the twins to come out for a fashion line too.That would make it them the Trifecta of publicity whores.

  • anonymous

    Her face looks weird lately.

    Well I guess when your latest music and movies fail and your career is going nowhere like JLO, you have to put out perfume and crap product because something has to pay for the expensive houses, nannies and lifestyle when the career has dried up. JLO and her team know her big paydays for acting and or singing are done. First A-I gig and now this, yep, the JLO ship is sinking.

  • Anna

    What happen to her face she looking less and less like she used to whatever she doing I wish she would stop.

  • lexy hates bilson

    It’s sad that people will spend their money trying to dress like these losers like J-Lo & Lauren Conrad. Neither would be caught dead wearing anything from Kohls – as we can see from J-Lo showing up wearing Gucci! Kohl’s isn’t good enough for her and her kids but buy HER crap for yourself so SHE can wear Gucci

  • feelingood

    She looks so fake in these pics even without the wax statue expression.

  • Boston

    Ew. So ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    She is wearing her lace front wig. Bleached skin, nose jobs, butt pads, ugly Heroin addicted husband, no talent, no career, has-been, laughingstock!

  • d

    She looks horrible.

  • jackie

    Her clothing line tanked so no high-end store like Macy’s, etc. is going to risk selling her clothes again so she has to step down to Khol’s. Skeletor is not popular in the mainstream, so she’s using HIS NAME to get the Latino/Spanish community to spend money on their crap at Khols.

    That $12M from American Idol is not near enough with Skeletor’s salary to add long-time support to the lavish lifestyle they live. So why not use Skeletor’s name and pimp the Latin/Spanish community. The more money, the more Gucci and diamonds for those two creeps.

  • She Stinks!

    Who is going to buy her nasty rags at Kohls? Macy’s ditched her because no one would buy it. Would anyone buy home accents? I can’t imagine how ugly and tacky it will all be.

    JHO continues to go down market and doing anything for quick cash. She truly is a worn out used up HO that no one wants. Give it up, the world sees right through you!

    This will flop also. Just like all her other ‘projects’! The world continues to laugh at her !

  • Masoud

    She is one fierce bitch! Look at her style, my god!

  • Mikee25

    Jlo is amazing!! Stop hating and if you dont like her, then dont waste your time reading about her and making rude comments!! What are u 12?? I work with teenagers and they act exactly like this!! Grow up!!! Stop all the negative energy!!!

  • lucy

    she looks good and fresh!
    love her hair!

  • jasmine

    In reality, JLO’ real hair is receeding and thinning on the top of her head and that’s why her forehead looks so big and those long
    lace-front wigs she wears look like they are about to slip off her head.

  • Is-Gollum-in-Harry-Potter-7th?

    Seems that Skeletor and Jlo have achieved the balance in their relationship and Marc has accepted her for what the individual that she is..J.Lo is back to flaunting her style and doing projects she loves..the first few years in their relationship, i looked like Marc was oppressive and J.Lo’s personality and style changed drastically..she was not herself and no wonder the divorce rumours surfaced,but i guess they attended counselling and I’m a happy fan if she’s making it work and growing up from being everybody’s bride/fiance every 10 minutes!!

  • stacy

    Why so much hate against the women???? What has she done to you guys? If u guys hate her so much why bother reading about her?? Yeah you guys are pathetic. Just dont buy her clothes simple as that. and she is not poor people this is one of her many projects.

  • Lisa

    OMGF she is fighting her aging!!! Her face is different and weird! She has obvioulsy done an eyelift, eyebrow lift, cheek injections, botox nosejob etc!!! Lol at her eyes and streched face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    LOL she has done nosejob!!! Look how small her nose is, when it used to be so big!!!!!!! Now it’s teeny tiny!!!! LOL. Nose and eyelift, botox and injections, she wants to look young!!! Lol at her nose

  • NoseShranker

    omg! her nose … !! what happend with her nose??

  • See a falling JLo :(

    Her nose doesn´t fit in her big face anymore … is she going to shrink her butt too in a few days? dont think that this will get her movie- or singerjobs again … so sad to see an old star falling again :(

  • JWig

    it is so sad, that she has to wear a wig in fall of years. I saw her witout wig these days … she got her her hair together and it looked like she was BALD !!!! omg. what is the matter with her?! what is gonig on there in her “lucky” life? it is really such a pity ..

  • Gen

    And her face as well, what’s going on? She looks like a plastic doll!

  • Gen

    I like her! I am just saying that her face looks weird when it usually doesn’t! You, Stop taking it so personaly, it’s so freaking annoying all those idiots like you, who do not even know her, speak to her or whatever call people haters because of that! What are you…12???

  • gia

    stop hating on her she the best ,envy is a very ugly thing.