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Sarah Palin: I Could Beat Obama in 2012!

Sarah Palin: I Could Beat Obama in 2012!

Sarah Palin has been crowned one of Barbara Walters‘s 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010!

The 46-year-old former Alaska governor and Vice Presidential candidate reveals she is seriously considering a run for the White House and believes she can beat President Obama in 2012.

“I’m looking at the lay of the land now,” Palin says. “[I'm] trying to figure that out, if it’s a good thing for the country, for the discourse, for my family, if it’s a good thing,”

When asked if she ran for president, could she beat Barack Obama?

“I believe so,” replied Palin.

Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People will air on Thursday (December 9) @ 10PM ET on ABC!

DO YOU THINK Palin could beat Obama in 2012?

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Credit: Lou Rocco; Photos: ABC
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  • yassss

    f-ck u, u $lut!!!

  • annie

    Please, please for the love of god go away Palin!

  • http://www Mocha

    Is she taking some kind of drugs? Regulary…of course.

  • ilia

    Oh my goodness… What is this delusional woman on?

  • nohemy

    Is she on something? Please go away lady. Do us all a favor.

  • MlleF

    lol Thanks for the laugh !

    I guess sometimes dreams can help getting out from a depression when you know that you’ll never do anything of your life…:)

  • Ko

    GOD!!! I can not STAND this woman!!!! Who is really going to take her seriously. With a reality show, her daughters being out of control, and her displaying BLATANT racism towards Obama, this country is doomed. To quote Tina Fey; “If she is elected, I’m leaving to go to Mars!!!”

  • http://Eviboo Evi

    Sarah Palin has two decades of accomplishments. The unfortunate situation she faces is the media has focused on aspects that no other politician has ever faced. If ppl took the time to look into what she has done in Alaska and especially for Gay rights you will actually see that she governs with the US constitution and puts aside her own principles. So she isn’t a member of the elite Washington circle. That makes her more fascinating and relatable. At this point Obama is better off traveling the world cause he has no legislative or executive experience. He was again a community organizer before he was elected to the senate and served less then two yrs before he began his campaign for president.

  • second that

    oh God!! please sarah go away

  • smokeyvera

    She must be delusional. She needs to take her meds. God help America if she ran and won.

  • Halli

    Put away those flabby arms grandma

  • Mr Police

    Time to hop back onto the sled with your family and ride off into the snow back to Alaska

  • jaye

    With the nutty Tea Party crowd ( The Party of Fear) and lack of action by liberals, she might do it. It’ll be a sad day because we’re be even more of a laughing stock as a nation. Can you imagine this uninformed, narcissistic woman talking to world leaders and giving them the ‘wink’ lmao.
    Ya’ll might want to thank John McCain for this mess. Palin was only a backwoods hillbilly ( giving a bad name to hillbillies at that) before he inflicted her on the world. He must have had an Alzheimer’s moment when he chose her for his running mate. This woman is all about herself. Politics follows popularity, not commonsense, so there you have it, your new President, Sarah ( gosh, by darn!) Palin.

  • RAc


    Didn’t Palin run out on Alaska to follow money and fame? We don’t need a quitter running for President!

  • Ms. Cleo

    You don’t quit your governorship before it’s over and then talk about possibly running for President. Does she think it’s some kind of game? She probably thinks she can be President for a few days and then go back to Alaska fulfilling her duties.

  • Mr Police

    You don’t quit your governorship before it’s over and think you can run for President.

  • kae

    The majority of American’s dislike this woman. The more she is in the media the more people dislike this woman. Yes, even some republicans who smile in her face. She will lose terribly. McCain lost because of Palin. We should lock his butt up for finding this freak.
    Good luck if she runs!!!! LOL

  • TruthBeTold


    You are as delusional as this idiot is. Go away teabagger.

  • Cory

    I would never vote for Palin over Obama. Now, I’m not saying I wouldn’t vote for someone else over Obama, but definitely not her media attention whore ass. Bristol and her baby daddy will never get a chance to have sex in the White House. NO!

  • J.Taylor

    Everything about Sarah Palin makes me feel ill. I feel like we’re on a episode of punked with this lady and half the country doesn’t get it! Anyway.. didn’t B. Walters put Palin on her 10 Most Fascinating last year? For cripes sake we get it already ABC, you’re trying to get the tea party psychos to watch your network. blah.

  • kae

    Trust me…. The liberals, democrats, independents and some republicans will vote to keep this nut out the white house. The tea party will lose.

  • Kirsten

    Sarah…lmao. Who could ever take her seriously?

  • Uma

    She really is incredibly stupid.

  • Halli

    Sarah Palin endorsed and supported Joe Miller for Senate in Alaska and he LOST to Lisa Murkowski. A Republican Sarah trries to trash time and time again on twitter and facebook like an immature teenager.

    Guess what? Lisa WON in Alaska. Even though her name wasn’t even on the ballot. Alaskans wrote her name on the ballot and put a check mark next to it and voted for her. The first time this has happened in over 50 years! This all happened in Alaska, Sarah’s own backyard. Looks like Alaskans aren’t to keen on this quitter trying to tell them who they should vote for!

    If Sarah is such an embarrassment in Alaska, no way she will beat Obama. But I hope she runs and wins the Republican ticket. It will be the first time in history a sitting President won’t have to campaign to keep his job! ahahaha!

  • I Am

    Incredibly stupid is not the word…this nit-wit is a domestic terrorist, racist slut!!
    She is only interested in one thing! M O N E Y

  • Jane

    You sorry @ss b*tch. You couldn’t governor a sparsely populated Alaska. Because it was too hard for you, according to Levi.

    You had to quit half term.

    And you think your sorry@ss can beat President Obama. YOU ARE DELUSIONAL, B*TCH!

  • boston61

    Can we please put the Palins and the Kardashians on an old ship and sink it somewhere where there are lots of big sharks to feast on their useless carcasses?

  • Deb

    That racist b**** could not win as PTA president….LOL

  • laverdadduele

    I can understand why liberals are so intimidated by Sarah Palin and hate her so much. She represents everything they despise: liberty, morals, family values, and patriotism. She would stand up against the tyranny of the Marxist-progressive agenda.

    President Obama is taking our nation down a dangerous path, and we must protect liberty, American sovereignty and our values before it is too late. Its time to reclaim America and return to our First Principles as the Founders intended. This country definitely needs a good dose of right wing conservatism

  • dem


  • jj22

    This woman is nuts!

  • bought and paid for HO

    She’s nothing but a corporate stooge/HO who calls herself a Republican and Tea Party member.

  • Karla Rove

    Obama is a Marxist haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! He’s a conservative Democrat…..lay off the Rush Limpdick Crack Republicants and think for yourselves.

  • Ko

    @laverdadduele: Morals!?!?! HAHA Thanks for the laugh!! She preaches about teen abstinence, and what does her daughter do? She goes and does the “grown-up” and gets KNOCKED UP!!! Moals!!! Thank you for that, it really made my day!! LMAO!!!!!!!!

  • sammi


    Your country had a dose of right wing conservatism…eight years of it. The U.S. became involved in two wars and entered into one of the worst depressions since the stock market crash in 1929. And before you try to put the blame on the Obama administration, please note the recession hit while Bush was still in office and an economic crash this bad won’t have any resemblance of recovered for at least eight years. So no, I really don’t think you need a good dose of right wing conservatism. Especially from a former governor quitter whose lack of knowledge regarding the political system was an embarrassment to the Republican Party in 2008.

  • Me

    Tea party men hate themselves and therefore hate gays

    Tea party women are stupid and should not be allowed to have children to indoctrinate

    Together they are bigots and they suck

    Dont forget to vote or hand over your voice to these teabaggers

  • Stephanie

    Can people stop being negative for once?? seriously? Why is everyone so negative towards her?? You guys are actually more funny than this article… You are so intimidated by her.. Scared that she’ll run or that she might even win… :) & thats because most people in this country could probably care less on morals and family values…. like Obama is any better than her?? Look at the financial rut we’re in because of him….Lets see if she actually decides to run……

  • Proud Canadian

    HA! Thank GOD I live in Canada. I would hate to have somebody as stupid as her representing my country. What an embarrassment.

  • Stephanie

    & how the hell is she racist???????? just because she wants to run against Obama??? No need to turn this into a race thing…. People just want another excuse to hate her…..

  • laverdadduele

    Liberals…the enemy within.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Category five moron.

  • Brightside

    America is not ready for a woman President and certainly not this woman. Bad, bad, bad idea. She simply does not embrace the qualities that a world leader should have, plus being a bad mother and raising her children to be d-list white trash. Is this the kind of woman that America wants to see in the driving seat? I think not!

  • Me


    Intimidated not…its a shame to have a president who cannot read or understand the constitution …ask her how long it took for to even get a college degree..when it got too hard in one college she found the next one

    when it got too hard to govern becos alaskans suddently woke up to the terrorism they committed by voting her into office, she run

    A quitter is always a quitter !

    I guess when it gets too hard to talk to world leaders, she will quit on American too, because we certianly know that world leaders TOLERATED Bush and to give the world someting worse its just sheer terrorism on the part of americans

    Who is the terrorist now!

  • Oye Vey

    Pyscho-b!tch. Are people really stupid enough to believe the cr*p coming out of her mouth?

  • lyn

    HAHA…funniest thing ever. Does she know that her voice annoys all of America? She couldn’t even beat McCain and she thinks she has a fighting chance against Obama.


    She is so annoying. sh eneed to go away because i am sick of she and her family. Why did John Macccain chose this woman? when will her 15 min be over? I M SO SICK OF HER. SHE IS SO DUMB TOO.

  • Cheryl

    I’m Canadian and if she runs for President and wins, I’m getting the f*uck out of North America.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sarah Palin running for President and being the Republican nominee in 2012 would be a HUGE early Christmas gift to the ENTIRE Democratic party handed on a nice silver platter. I would LOVE for her to run so she can have a reality check. WHy are the most confident and cocky people always the dumbest???????

  • -

    2000-2010 : a republican and a democrat went joyridng in a brand new SUV down the street. The republican was driving of course, broke all of the traffic laws ignoring the rules of the road, cut off other drivers, amongst many other offenses, resulting in a couple of altercations, and ended up off the road, stuck up to his axels in a muddy ditch. He spun his wheels for a while, overheated the engine, then quickly hopped out and got into the passengers side, pushing the democrat over into the drivers side before the cops came. After a while the democrat got out and pushed, asking for help, while the republican sat on the bumper criticizing his every move,and saying “it’s your fault, you’ll get no help from me, & when and if you do get it ouit, I’m driving again” .

  • Masoud

    Oh god, I hope not.