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Willow Smith: Mom and Dad Inspired Me to Be A Performer!

Willow Smith: Mom and Dad Inspired Me to Be A Performer!

Willow Smith takes a lunch break in a cute new photo for W magazine.

Here’s what the the 10-year-old pop sensation had to share:

On her musical influences: “I like the way Billy Idol sings. Mommy turned me on to him. And I like Lady Gaga’s songs.”

On still needing mom’s approval: “I can’t do whatever I want. Mommy has to say it’s okay.”

On having performing in her DNA: “Mommy and Daddy inspired me to be a performer. I get my flow from Daddy, my singing ability from Mommy, and the camera stuff from both. That’s just what happens when you hang out with the Smiths!”

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40 Responses to “Willow Smith: Mom and Dad Inspired Me to Be A Performer!”

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  1. 26
    Lalalove Says:

    too cute.

  2. 27
    JR Says:


    LOL…then you are indeed stupid…you have tears welling up in your eyes, watching Jimmy Fallon, pretending to be Neil Young, with Bruce Springsteen mocking the song?

    Do you not notice how hard everyone is laughing at the stupidity of the words “get my swag on”? or “keep the party jumpin?” Do 9 year old girls hop out of bed to get their swag on, and keep the party jumpin? LOL.

    An epic song? LOL…you are a total clown. It’s a disposable pop song, sung by a 9 year old, using autotune, that just repeats “I whip my hair back and forth” 100 times.

    You need to listen to some better music.

    They did not “play it straight”, you idiot…it was a *PARODY*. The whole thing was a joke…why else do you think Jimmy Fallon was *PRETENDING* to be Neil Young? That was the jyst of the humor and why the audience was laughing at it… that an artist as amazing and deep as Neil Young, would be singing such a shallow, stupid song with absurd lyrics, in such a mock serious way.

    Age bigots? LOL….oh yeah…she is extraordinary…her parents paid someone to write a repetitive, stupid, mindless pop tune for her, and she had to sing it using autotune. Laughable.

    Michael Jackson was extraordinary at 9. Willow, like her brother, is merely the beneficiary of rich, famous parents, who can afford to *MAKE* their kids famous, by buying them in to the limelight, then paying for and stirring up the hype.

    Go listen to some good music for a change, stupid….your views are laughable.

  3. 28
    good-one Says:

    @JR: I love talent. I thought I was listening to Neil Young, Jimmy Fallon was that good, and my ears and heart faked out my eyes. Rolling Stone has a fine article on the genesis of the performance. I love both versions of the song, the Willow Smith original, and the cover.

    Yes, Michael Jackson was extraordinary at 9.

    Just out of curiosity, JR, how would you answer the Proust Questionnaire, used by such notables as Inside The Actors Studio and Vanity Fair?

  4. 29
    marq Says:

    @good-one: Why didn’t you comment on Willow Smith on JJJr.?

  5. 30
    megg Says:

    She definitely will be an ICON of POP music.

  6. 31
    Erika Says:

    Love the picture XD

  7. 32
    danii Says:

    Very odd looking child…………………hardly cute at all.

    JJ places her on the main site because of the polarizing nature of a 9 year old being exploited by parents that are so divorced from reality.

    Stop responding to posts about this kid. Their publicity team is on this board and all others like it, posing as real people. That’s just the way it works in 2010.

  8. 33
    anonomys Says:

    Aww how cute ;) lol “mommy and daddy” …lol

    ok…….how the heck do you guys know if their parents were “forcing” them into show business?? Maybe they wanted to on their own, and their parents are supporting them… I swear every time a really famous parents’ kids start to become somebody and their own person, everyone starts hating and ASSUMING (because we don’t know, do you know them personally?) that the parents are forcing their kids into show business and taking their money…. We dont know for sure… we dont know them personally…. -_- … Anyway, can we cut the negativity for once?? -_- lol

  9. 34
    anonomys Says:


    well gee…. You’re polite….. -_- lol you can disagree with someone and correct them still in a respectful manner…. o wait you might lack manners… sorry… that’s sad… I’m not saying this is a tea party here and we’re all supposed to agree with each other lol but You can at least not act and sound like a troll….. -_-

  10. 35
    Zoe Says:

    she’s a little too much! their kids have been led to believe that they are some sort of child prodigies, when in fact they just have over inflated egos! :|

  11. 36
    Clear Says:

    omg – another contrived act / offspring from a hollywood couple, in this case a professional couple arrangment we all know – wink, wink!! She’ll make some forgettable downloads, then some bad movies before rehab.

  12. 37
    anonyme Says:

    OMG vraiment ces parent me tapent sur le systèm nerveux mais putain elle a que 10 ans elle fait gaur j’ai 20ans. non non désolé mais c pas comme ca !!!

  13. 38
    Kenni Says:

    dude really???? why is everybody hating on her!!!!!!! she’s nine and your probably what thirty??? i bet if your parents were famous you would be doing the same thing as her so back off she’s just a little kid. this just shows how sad the world is for grown folks to pick on a child.

  14. 39
    marq Says:

    @Kenni: Another clue is that hate posts seem to get high scores, Go figure.

  15. 40
    Andrew_81 Says:

    Isn’t there some law about when a child can start working? If she is saying mommy and daddy in interviews she isn’t old enough to work imo.

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